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Both photographs represent a sort of achievement, it be a feat, like in the
first one (a group of mountain climbers which have reached a high peak), or
an academic graduation, like in the second one. Nothing in attaining a goal
matters quite as much time is required, but the great deal of effort, the sort
of psychological and physical strength to take over the specific difficulties in
your path. It’s for that reason that both situations should be regarded
separately. Climbing brings out a feeling of companionship, stressed by the
fact that several persons become fairly coordinated. It makes the mental
break down unlikely, since they back up each other. They seldom show their
weakness, even when weather conditions and an all sorts of adversities,
even gloomy circumstances, might become overwhelming.
On contrary, the collaborative work is rather less necessary in the second
case. Studies involve an effort extended along several years, overcoming a
great deal of tasks and subjects, and possibly as many failures as victories.
But it is a lonely path. Even when a student is supported by their classmates
or teachers, his own decisions affect anyone else apart from himself. That is
why a lot of students, frequently suffering lacks of self-confidence, tend to
consider backing out of their entire careers at halfway. During a graduation
ceremony they express satisfaction for a well-done work, a strength that
nobody knows as deeply as they do. Every cloud has a silver lining, and the
inner world of doubts and fears comes to end.
The last difference —but not least— depends on how we consider
achievement in both cases, so to say: an ending or a beginning. Climbers
conclude —symbolically— their voyage when they place a flag in the peak of
a mountain. Unlike climbers, most students don’t consider themselves at the
end of a path when they graduate. In fact, it is quite usual they face
hopefully the future, and consider it as a beginning. If you prefer so,
education could be represented not as a destination but a road which
lengthens beyond whatever forecasting. It is just a stage to broaden the
horizon of your life.
What are the adventages or disadventages of living in different places?
Both photographies represent sorts of modern cities and urban layouts, and
they mirror fairly well the differences between them. The first one: a coast
city with quite a bit high buildings, contrasting with the sea and shore
spreading out widely. The second one: a middle-class neighborhood possibly
placed on the residential outskirt of a city. Obviously, functions and way of
life in each case involve different outlooks. Living near the sea implies
accepting the overwhelming growth of population in summer. Unlike most
people think it is difficult to deal with such amount of tourists, because it

might be scattered or far away from us. and open-minded. The city get almost empty at the end of the summer. Precisely because they are the main tourist breaking out their life routines. and a simple award a source of proud for your entire life. worried. the sea is undoubtedly a beautiful landscape that makes it worth. Obviously a prize won in younghood doesn’t matter from an adult outlook. These are disadvantages. the lack of time and joyful places. because life circumstances. The organization of this kind of urban layout is thought to live. snapshots carried out a foremost function: making reminders —images which appeal to people’s thoughts and emotions. the second photograph is quite so much special than the other. Houses are evenly distributed and public services proliferate. near the places of work. exhausted. On contrary. specific moments. in the second picture (these girls recently awarded with a medal by their musical talent). and schools. and it is not by chance that the first photographic plates were known as a “mirror with a memory”. and the main inhabitants often have no tasks to carry out during the rest of the year. since the stream of life doesn’t stop from dawn to dusk. the own fluency of people in the coasts brings out a great deal of international activity that makes inhabitants cities fairly sociable. population in this kind of neighborhood full of hard-worker only decreases in summer. as for instance in the first photography (the child about to win the race). regarding the second and the fourth photographs. side by side. but it rather takes us to a time when we’re as naïve as fairly enthusiastic. but quite a bit variety of feelings associated with an age. From time to time we can go back and find those who. Little do we know all these photographs keep up not only events. mother and son. attentive. Nevertheless. Whereas people in interior cities often feel stressful.determines the economic plan and the own social services of the city. . This picture appeals an affective link which has no comparison in the whole human sphere. the systematic schedule. joyful. a simple musical competition might be the most important tryout in their life by far. is the portrayed subjects. 3. here it is. 4. since their life turn around tourism. All these are advantages. and people from different social classes could handle it. It is the perfect scenery to think it over. a woman holding his baby tightly on her side. to some extent. Walking along the shore or the port in winter is quite relaxing and most people find peace in that. Why would people keep these photographs? Since a great amount of portable cameras were invented. It shows an image of motherhood. Photographs are devices that let us be taken back to the past. usually friends or family members. such as nurseries. Which photograph is the most special? As far as I’m concerned. What’s more. So. Another reason. hospitals.

on contrary. with some stages of your life. asking any question. Images like that lead us all through the meaning of life. communication. she probably asks for an opinion because her couple will live there as well. a simple doubt. asking is not a matter of knowledge but of taste. indeed. The woman is customizing a room. Why is it important to ask questions in these situations? (School/ homefurniture) It is a well known fact that not mainly patience but curiosity.showing us the natural cycle of life. even if it may have been thought rather insignificant. no matter how absurd it could be. is the mother of the science. will probably make a student to fall behind. Asking is a demonstration of confidence. like in the second photograph. It is not unusual this kind of photographs give us a bewildered look when we take them out of drawers at ages. A birthday has to do with children reminiscences. A feat accomplished in common by a team may make you proud of your strength at your adulthood. but at the same time it is quite easily reversible. Students that never keep into their doubts are likely to become clever and insightful. A wedding. and harmony. In the second photograph. sacrifice. when your personal development reaches at heights. . Besides. Thus. 5. undoubtedly is an important commitment. That is when you become conscious of that odd thing that time is. In my opinion. the own choice represents what a relationship is: a balance between people’s wishes. to be in tune with him. making the decision of what ceiling paper should be used. She is looking for a decision in common. and hope. not by chance motherhood is a universal symbol in which all of us recognize quite a few powerful values such as love. improves student’s capacities for solving problems by their own means. And this is why teachers say questions are quite as much important as answers. To some extent. However.