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JANUARY 27, 2016
VOLUME 54, NO. 4

accident. The bats don’t do this on purpose.”
Martin said the St. Anthony’s staff
has recently improved its relationship
with the bat population. The bats, once
whacked with tennis rackets, now are
captured and released.
Staff at St. Anthony’s open a window
and let the bat fly into it. Then they call
“What I do is put on some gloves and
catch the bat in a towel,” he said. “Then
I’ll take the bat and release it in the attic. Then he knows where he is going.”
Martin said he has become fond of
the bats over time.
“I think they are interesting,” he
In the first place, he said, the bats
This will be a relief to St. Anthony’s should not even be there.
Spirituality staff and visitors.
The Wisconsin Department of NatuSometimes, said Martin, members of ral Resources says that the big brown
the big brown bat colobat’s natural range mostly
ny will take the wrong
excludes central Wisconsin.
crevice to get outside
The species, which is offiand wind up disturbcially threatened, is genering human beings on
ally limited to southern Wisthe building first floor.
People skurry into
For some reason, the big
offices and shut the
browns found a home in the
doors behind them, he
140,000 square foot brick
spiritualty center nestled
St. Anthony’s
Martin said the bats
within a wooded parcel adjaSpirituality Center
are not trying to hurt
cent to the Big Rib River.
any people.
Martin said the big brown
“They just get lost,” he said. “It’s an bats can be fearsome, especially when

St. Anthony’s volunteers hope to
move rare colony this summer
build dozens of one-way bat exits in
cracks, as small as one-quarter inch,
in the St. Anthony’s attic. Such an exit
can be a curved PVC pipe that the bats
can fly out of but be unable to crawl
back into. A piece of screen nailed at
the top can also serve as a bat exit.
Martin said the plan, if successful,
will empty the St. Anthony attic of
bats and the chocolate colored flying
mammals will take new residence in
the nearby bat houses. Each house can
hold up to 50 bats. Outside, they will
continue to eat bugs, moths, beetles
and wasps. Next fall, they will find a
different hibernaculum for winter residence.

See NEW BAT HOME/ page 5
We welcome you to stop in and
see the updated showroom
with the latest samples.



t. Anthony’s Spirituality Center,
Marathon, has a problem.
It has a colony of approximately 110 big brown bats (eptesicus
fuscus) living in a second floor attic.
It used to try and take care of its
problem with an
assortment of tennis racks propped
up against the
hallways in the
nearly century-old
former Capuchin
No longer. It
has a new plan: it
wants the colony
to take quarters
tin, building and
ground supervisor
for the former Capuchin monastery,
said the strategy will be to move the
bats to new housing outside this summer.
Last year, spirituality center volunteers and Marathon Boy Scouts built a
dozen 21 by 32 inch wooden bat houses
and hung them high in the air. The
houses, which measure four inches
deep, are attached to a beam held up by
telephone poles installed by Wisconsin
Public Service. Six of the houses were
built in the shade, while the other halfdozen were exposed to full sunlight.
This summer, Martin and a crew will


901 Allen St., Athens, WI 54411


Make us your one stop for all
your building and home
improvement needs and, as

HOURS: Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Now Open Saturdays 8 a.m. - noon

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January 27, 2016


Something vs. nothing


hould government be accountable? And transparent?
Of course.
That’s why we want to applaud Marathon County corporation counsel Scott Corbett for releasing on Monday a redacted
sheriff’s department report that was the subject of a county board
closed session last week Tuesday.
The sheriff’s department report regards a juvenile in crisis denied service by North Central Health Care (NCHC).
The released report edits out any identifying information, including the person’s name, age and gender. The report is liberally spotted with black marker, covering up clues to the juvenile’s identity.
A photo attached to the report was not released. A letter written by
the juvenile is kept secret, although its contents are summarized.
Yet, a heart-rending story of hurt emerges from between the
black ink splotches.
The young person, prescribed medications for psychosis and
depression, had taken to using a razor blade to make body cuts.
The juvenile spoke of suicide. The minor said life was not “worth
living” and that the “stress and responsibility of life” was hateful.
A sheriff’s department deputy sought a mental commitment for
the young person at NCHC. He took the juvenile to the Aspirus
Wausau Hospital and, once there, a NCHC staff person performed
an assessment. The staff person said NCHC did not have any open
beds for this person. The deputy contacted the county’s secure detention facility. There, staff was short and the inmates were rowdy,
the deputy was told. The juvenile could not be brought there, either. The deputy wound up transporting the minor back home.
The county board, hearing this report and other tales of people
unable to get crisis services, agreed to consider withdrawing from
North Central Health Care and, possibly, starting up its own human services department. Board members agreed to cast a vote in
A decision by Marathon County to withdraw from NCHC will,
effectively, end the 40-year-old agency. Eight hundred and fifty jobs
will be thrown in jeopardy. So will $60 million in services to approximately 10,000 clients across three counties.
The decision to either stay or leave NCHC is the county board’s
biggest decision in a generation.
We appreciate, then, Corbett’s efforts to make sure that the public
understands, as state and federal law allows, what might convince
supervisors to trade NCHC for its own human services department.
We want to contrast Corbett’s efforts with the response from
NCHC. Asked for a copy of the same sheriff’s department report,
Jessica Meadows, NCHC communications officer, said the federal
Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA) forbids her
agency from releasing any medical record of any patient to the
public. She said no report from any other agency, as well, could not
be released. There would be no disclosure, she said.
We don’t know whether the county is wise to pursue a county human services department. We need more facts. Could the county really improve mental health services? Would fewer people actually
fall through the cracks? What about finances? Is Marathon County
able to find the money needed to enhance services to vulnerable
populations? What about the state funding NCHC enjoys because it
is a regional, not a county agency? And what about the jail? Building a bigger jail would be a financial disaster for the county. It
makes sense, then, to find mental health services for the one-third
of incarcerated people who say they suffer either from mental
illness or drug addiction. But NCHC’s psychiatric hospital lacks
facilities to deal with dangerous people. What will it cost to beef up
security at the psychiatric hospital?
It will be up to county supervisors to think through and discuss
all of these and additional questions over the next several months.
It is vital that the public be kept informed of the discussion, kept
abreast of the debate.
Again, we don’t know whether a county department should succeed NCHC.
But we do know this.
Government transparency is good. And when we asked Marathon
County to release a report on NCHC service to a juvenile in crisis,
we received an edited report and a three-page letter explaining in
legal detail why a full report was not provided.
From NCHC, we received nothing.

Wisconsin economic
“comeback” isn’t real
Governor Walker gave his State economy and a state budget surplus
of the State speech. Declaring that of nearly $2 billion. Wisconsin has
“the Wisconsin comeback is real,” followed the opposite course, so it’s
he lauded his budget surplus and not surprising that our economy has
laid out plans for new investments in experienced very different results.
higher education grants, broadband
Despite the Governor’s enthusiexpansion, and other iniasm, it’s clear that his politiatives. Two days later, the
cies of cutting our public
schools and universities, alFiscal Bureau gave its relowing our roads to crumble,
port on the condition of the
and neglecting our state’s
state’s general fund, and it
investments in job creation
became painfully clear that
in favor of giving tax breaks
the Governor would have to
to big corporations simply
rethink even these modest
haven’t worked. As their
poll numbers continue to deThe Fiscal Bureau recline and the legislative sesported that the balance in
sion nears its end, Governor
the current biennial budget
Walker and legislative Rewould drop by nearly $100
publicans have put forward a
million, from a previous
number of piecemeal proposestimate of $166 million to
als in hopes of convincing
just $70 million. The prinvoters they really care about
cipal cause for this precipiissues like job creation and
tous drop is an estimated
college affordability.
decrease of $158 million in
Yet even these modest protax revenues. This shortfall
posals, that serve only to nibSTATE SEN.
causes me great concern
ble at the edges of these very
for a number of reasons.
real challenges, are threatLASSA
To begin with, it is one
ened by the budget shortfall.
more indicator that Wis- (D-STEVENS POINT) It’s difficult to see how the
consin’s economy continstate can make significant
ues to struggle. Tax revnew investments in higher
enues are falling because people and education grants, expanding job
businesses don’t feel safe making training programs, or creating a new
new purchases and investments. Wis- small business loan program when
consin has also lagged the national declining revenues make a budget reaverage in new job creation through- pair bill a real possibility.
out nearly all of Governor Walker’s
Democrats have long proposed havadministration. Last year was the ing smarter tax policies and optiworst year for mass layoff notices in mizing the return of our federal tax
Wisconsin since the peak of the Great dollars so we can invest in strengthRecession in 2010. According to a re- ening our state. We have introduced
port from the Pew Charitable Trust, proposals that would deal with our
people in Wisconsin are falling out workforce crisis by reinvesting in our
of the middle class faster than any schools and addressing our teacher
other state in the nation. And average shortage. We put forward ideas to help
folks are feeling the pinch: in the lat- Wisconsin’s struggling middle class
est WPR/St. Norbert College Survey, families be more financially secure
61 percent of Wisconsinites said that and balance the demands of life and
our state’s economy was either not so work. And Democrats have advanced
good or poor.
legislation that would spark the new
Wisconsin’s situation looks espe- industries of tomorrow and help Wiscially discouraging when we compare consin’s economy grow. These are the
it to our neighbors in Minnesota. priorities we need to pursue if we
Thanks to wise investments in educa- ever hope for a turnaround in Wistion, infrastructure and economic de- consin’s long economic malaise.
velopment, Minnesota has a booming



but how. ATTENTION MAIL SUBSCRIBERS DID YOUR NEWSPAPER ARRIVE LATE? If so. I like the work. a bit of writing and some thinking. a farm supply store and a shoe store). Minnesota and the Dakotas look like they might as well be Canadian provinces on the wrong side of the border. If you work really hard. and you can prove this stereotype is accurate simply by trying to untangle the mess of nations in the Balkans. Campaign accusations without chance of rebuttal will not be published the week before an election. These days. We Americans are often mocked for not knowing where anything is outside (or inside) our borders. That’s not true. Identifying capitals and other major cities can be a lot more difficult than you might expect. I have served as Village of Edgar Planning Commission chairman for more years than I can remember. we. Iowa. Linda made me close my laptop and go to sleep. Service Martha Ried Proofreader Sharon Kelly Administrative Assistant Gale Schreiber Advertising Manager Kelly Schmidt Advertising Consultants Phil Greschner. I did not get a 100 percent on my first time taking the quiz. Office hours: 8 a. I’m sure states like Wisconsin. geography the other night. Some of the jobs are paid. WI 54405. I’m an educated man. the Edgar commission sent out an eight-page citizen survey as a preliminary step towards rewriting the village’s comprehen- sive plan.S. in so many ways. humiliating I don’t know exactly why my wife and I got on the subject of U. BY This awakened the long-dormant KEVIN O’BRIEN geographer inside EDITOR me. as community planners. you think all your effort is wasted. discouraged. $42 annually for residents of Illinois. Michigan and Minnesota. but I bookmarked the site so I could come back and see if I will ever be able to identify all the island nations in Oceania. 2016) was mailed at the Post Office at Abbotsford. Lots of things identified in the Village of Edgar’s comprehensive plan 10 years ago. though. The New England states. Marathon and Stratford.m. or Asia for that matter. 2016. on the one side. We Midwesterners always love to turn up our noses at coastal dwellers who can’t find our states on a map. WI 54405 Phone 715-223-2342 FAX 715-223-3505 E-mail: rr@tpprinting. We each had our respective laptops out. Or a church council member. Somebody gave me a faded Village of Edgar community development plan written by Short-Elliott-Hendrickson. business people and rank and file citizens. Subscription rates: $36 annually for Wisconsin residents. Lori Totzke and Joyann Chilson Accounting Carola Buehler Pressroom Supervisor Kevin Flink Press Operators Clint Boettcher. P. WI 54405 for all residents on Wednesday. But. you can make the stars dance. incorrect guesses. Jan. A one month subscription will be deducted with change of address provided through the post office. but it is not easy to find satisfaction as a planner. USPS 4579-40 . I suppose. Moving? Send change of address to The Record Review. There was the 50 states quiz. In my case. It’s like a mutated version of New England. I rub shoulders with local leaders. $48 for remainder of the United States. it is easy to lose perspective as a planner. the more I stumbled around the globe making wild. We just recently have received the completed surveys and are processing the results. I thought to myself. Abbotsford. but with every name ending in the letters “ia. Other jobs go unpaid. Page 3 W I T H OUT WORDS The Record-Review How to reach us 103 W. of course I can. This prompted a Google search. though. Box 677. The work of a small town is never done. especially Delaware. I have to admit. In December.” The thing is. weekdays. clothing store.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. Your Name and Address: (tape your mail label here) ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Date Received _______________________ Signed __________________________ *POSTMASTER . People were forthright in stating their opinions. Abbotsford. decade after decade.. aimlessly scrolling around the Interwebs and waiting for sleep to come. made stellar progress in some select areas. a few streets and a thousand and one-half jobs to do. Maybe you are the person who waters flowers in the park. It’s especially difficult for those of us in largersized states to pick apart all those tiny little shapes scrunched into the northeastern corner of the country. PO.centralwinews. penned by myself. 4 dated Wednesday. The Record-Review is a locally owned newspaper published every Wednesday serving the communities of Athens. right at the top of a page filled with map quizzes around the world. Abbotsford. especially if you’re like me and you don’t get outside of Wisconsin and Minnesota very often. WI 54405. Maybe you are the pastor. Not if want to get any sleep. as community members.This information is provided to our mail subscriber as a convenience for reporting newspapers which are being delivered late. perhaps. Sam Hayes and Dallas Wiese O Subscriptions Everywhere I go I find a pal Peter Weinschenk. PO Box 677. year after year. my unpaid job has been village planner. 2016 Geography can be fun. It involves discussions. I was fortunate the other night to get a reality check on planning. Perhaps you are the person who shovels your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk. You might be the wastewater treatment plant operator. in December 1984 (with unemployment at nearly 12 percent!) Stuck in the pamphlet was an article I wrote for The Record Review in the same year reporting the results of an Edgar Area Business Association survey (people wanted a second grocery store. Or. but it was definitely one of those right-before-bed conversations. And then we go to the next day. Letters to the editor must be signed and include a telephone number for verification. return to the same problems. net. Or the person at the coffee shop with a brand new dirty joke every week. Eventually. The Record-Review What is a small town? Well. and there is nothing more basic UT FOR than being able to correctly point A WALK out the states in our great nation. 27. you might generate a small booklet that finds a cozy place on a shelf for a few years. try identifying all of the countries in Europe and Africa. but I think the ignorance goes both ways. Or the school bus driver. By some miracle. s e t e r r a . it’s a bunch of buildings. from 1989 where I complain about the “dismal” state of the branch library in the old Edgar Village Hall. But then.O. Send address changes to The Record-Review. You think. 27. Reading through this material. No. Letters to the Editor We welcome letters for publication. Edgar. Mine is not a glorious position. the website has plenty of other quizzes that delve deeper into one’s knowledge of geography. fill out this coupon and give it to your postmaster to let him know a problem exists. all of the work of a small town gets done each day. Box 677. Editor. I am busy. the deli worker at the grocery store.* This Edition of The Record-Review (Vol. the more quizzes I wanted to challenge myself Web page: www. There was also a letter to the Edgar Village Board. to 5 p. Then Linda asked me something like. Sometimes. the one who TRIBUNE-PHONOGRAPH used to love poring over maps and figuring where everything was in the world. 54. either. That’s wrong. for instance.m. which led to a site called with the domain name o n l i n e. “Do you think you could find all 50 states on a map?” Well. From the perspective of New Englanders. Inc. I was struck how we. The response we received was very good. for the ultimate feeling of humiliation and frustration. always throw me for a loop. Jan. Or maybe a Boy Scout Troop leader. have come to Our staff Co-publishers Kris O’Leary and Kevin Flink Editor Peter Weinschenk Reporter Casey Krautkramer Ad Design Supervisor Karen Gebelein Ad Design Jody Sheahan and Emily Schreiner Subscriptions/Distributions Jane Kroeplin Customer Service Mary Schuette IT Coordinator/Cust. Spruce St. We have great data to work with. If you really want to humble yourself.

Rozellville. For more information. generally. The Village of Edgar plans to post full survey results on its web page. to tell the Wisconsin Department of Only Rep. 1. Stratford’s Finest Jeff and Cindy Braun. all properties would have unique addresses.  People said they wanted these new services: assisted living (57 percent). www. A hearing committee of citizens recommended the board approve the separation agreement. In the plan. “That’s different from being an environmental activist. Environmental Protection Of this number. contact village administrator Louella Luedtke. Hamburg theft reported The Marathon County Sheriff’s Department responded Jan. as well as 131 hours of work through April 15. five people returned either is set to petition the federal paper or electronic surveys.wi. bike paths (35 percent). Edgar Firemen’s Celebration (58 percent) and Edgar Fine Arts Association concerts in Oak Street Park (47 percent). sick leave. The village will not pay the officer’s health insurance. 37 people said Agency (EPA) to allow perthat they would sell their home mit holders to pay county and move if faced with sewer conservation departments bills increasing either two or $50 a pound to discharge three times because of the new phosphorus for a maximum regulations. Colby had been named interim Stratford police chief. People said employers needed to offer this wage per hour to attract them to a job in the park: $10-14 (6 percent). the village’s Personnel Committee plans to meet Feb. The agreement stipulates that Colby will receive his unused and accumulated vacation. The police officer was placed on the administrative leave as of Dec. who responded to a recent survey indiThe village will have two years after cated they would have trouble afford.palities and industry to meet these cember by the Village of Edgar limits as their pollution disPlanning Commission.” he said. were named Stratford’s Finest by the Stratford Chamber of Commerce at a banquet held Sunday at the Buccaneer restaurant. Twenty-one percent said suit. Mechanical removal would “hopefully” submit the $50-perof phosphorus by ether a cloth or sand pound option for EPA review in early filter will roughly cost $1 million. Seven phosphorus equipment. sick leave and personal time. In comments. 2 to review applications for police chief.” The Edgar Planning Commission survey asked citizen opinions about a wide range of topics. people indicated they would The Wisconsin DNR and Bob Kulp not be able to pay for groceries state and federal elected offior pharmaceuticals if they had cials who represent the Vilto pay sharply higher sewer bills. In the agreement. One hundred and seventyThe DNR.edgar. a hardware store (24 percent).  Forty-nine percent of people taking the survey opposed readdressing village homes and businesses in a way consistent with a Marathon County proposal. In related business. Rep. phosphorus. and $26-40 (13 percent). lage of Edgar were contacted to react The Village of Edgar has until June to the recent survey results. Twenty-nine percent said they would consider taking a job in the Edgar business park.June to implement its facility plan for ing higher sewer rates caused by new. There were eight nominees for this year’s award. They formed the Stratford Sharp Shooters Club and Eau Pleine Outdoors Club. Fortyone percent of survey takers supported the proposal. 22. in-the-nation numerical phosphorus The data comes from a comprehen. a connected nature trail system (32 percent).us.075 mil. Highlights of the survey responses include:  Fifty-four percent of survey respondents said they would oppose raising property taxes in a referendum to pay for better road maintenance. I grew up on a farm and learned to be an active environmentalist. Prior to Dec. His administrative leave will lapse on that date. Stratford officer resigns The Stratford Village Board on Monday approved a seven-page separation agreement with police officer Eric Colby. 19 to a complaint that $700 had been stolen from a town of Hamburg home. The DNR is requiring municisive planning survey conducted in De.  In a question about current village services. Colby resigns his position effective Jan. The February. the state legislature and Doyle they would be forced to move out of administration in 2009 passed firsttheir homes. a Dollar Store (5 percent) and a pharmacy (6 percent).phosphorus limits. personal time or vacation effective Feb. CTH F. but it is unknown whether this He said he hoped that Wisconsin’s farm community could find a way to “tweak things” and keep agricultural phosphorus out of rivers. He said he was not a memtends to limit phosphorus discharge to ber of the assembly when it approved Scotch Creek to no more than 0. people felt these were important to them: the local branch library (65 percent). 22. An incident report states that Kathleen Genovese. The Stratford Chamber has been selecting “Stratford’s Finest” for 30 years. $20-25 (11 percent).  Sixty-two percent of respondents said they thought the Village of Edgar show try and keep a tree-lined northern entrance to the village should the emerald ash borer destroy mature trees. The couple has built a 3D outdoor range on the east side of Stratford and an indoor facility at their business place within the Stratford Industrial Park. The theft likely took place Dec.  Asked about downtown commerce. village may be able to pay farmers to Otherwise. she said. 26. pense. a white sand beach at Minnow Ponds Park (31 percent) and hanging plants on Main Street (29 percent).Page 4 January 27. Kulp said DNR ligrams per liter. Bob Kulp (R-Stratford) Natural (DNR) resources how it in. Stratford. he said he did not have reduce phosphorus in agricultural an easy fix to keep the Village of Edrun-off to avoid this major capital ex.gar’s sewer rates from increasing. The couple were recognized for developing the sport of archery in the Stratford community. . creeks and lakes.  Nine percent of those taking the survey said they needed employment.vil. at the same time. some people remarked that both the northern and southern entrances to the village should have trees. 2016 THE RECORD-REVIEW Survey squawk Edgar residents say they will move rather than pay higher sewer bills A third of Village of Edgar residents approach is practical. an ice skating area with a warming shed (36 percent). Fifteen people of 20 years in order to postsaid. 31. charge permits come due. “As a kid.limits. 2015. owners of AMS Bowfishing. $15-18 (15 percent). Thirty-seven percent opposed a tax increase. told police that someone took $700 kept in an envelope stored in a bedroom dresser. a permanent farmer’s market (43 percent). ultra-low wastewater treatment plant Faced with an environmental lawregulations. they could not pone investing in expensive afford such an increase. 41.responded. people said they wanted a restaurant or coffee shop (31 percent). Kulp said there should be common sense environmental regulations.

The plan to evict the big brown bats will work as long as they find somewhere else to hibernate next winter. leave the spirituality center That can get your attention. 300 N. It’s Where St. opportunity to leave An“Bats have five fingers.” The NCHC staff person said the juvenile could be placed in secure detention. but require a place that doesn’t freeze to survive the winter months. from 7 p. 5 to help with the juvenile vided a summary. being this long-lived. The bat specialist thinks the strategy will work. For more information. not down. The event is free and open to the public. The staff person said that this placement. Hopefully. In the letter. do not migrate south. he said.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. All bats are drawn to water and the Big Rib River is quite close to the building. with North Central Health police interviewed the juvenile Care (NCHC). there was no NCHC mental commitment. Corbett ruled The report states that police were against release of the letter. bats can only fly down. she said. Wausau..” in the red brick structure Martin said that.  The board appointed Ruth Weiler to a two-year term as an election worker. First St.” The juvenile.  The board gave trustee Randy Decker permission to pursue creating an ATV/UTV route through the village. written by the juvenile. Kaarakka said.” he said.” The Scott Corbett attached a threejuvenile claimed to hate “the Corbett page legal explanation why stress and responsibility of life. feet clamp shut in a relaxed position. it would not be able to accept the juvenile. 2016 Page 5 DNR specialist urges patience in bat control Wisconsin DNR conservation biologist Heather Kaarakka originally came up with the plan to move a colony of 110 big brown bats out of St. A county officer said that secure detention had too many problem inmates and. however. Kaarakka said it is no surprise that the big brown bats holed up in St. according to the report. It’s promises to be not such an easy They crawl up. with no registration required. That’s how all a matter of finding and Anthony’s bats fixing every attic bat hole they fly. to 8 p.m.The person used a razor blade to make sel Scott Corbett on Monday released a self-inflicted wounds. Bats are the only flyemerge ing mammal. birds. at dusk. which details claimed to be depressed since a juvenile who was denied 2011 when a person died and ana NCHC mental commitother person died in the summer ment.seling and being obsessed with drugs. Juvenile denied mental health commitment Case is brought before Marathon County Board Marathon County Corporation Coun. Anthony’s Spirituality Center. said Martin. from a northeast corner of But. New bat home Continued from page 1 they bare their spiky teeth at you in their clawed feet. . “She an old building. never up. The juvenile The report. The juvenile told police protect the identity of the of a desire to die because life individual. is prescribed three medications The juvenile expresses a wish to die to deal with depression and psychosis. due to negative emotions and the con- sequence of drug addiction. The bats have Martin said he has watched the bats a wingspan up to 16 inches. unlike built in 1918. sheriff’s department report discussed The report said the juvenile was takin closed session last week en to Marathon County’s secure Tuesday prior to a vote of detention after testing positive the county board to possifor amphetamines. A county sheriff’s deputy. Athens village board The Athens Village Board approved these items at Monday’s regular meeting:  Board members approved use of Erbach Park for the Crum Run on June 25 contingent upon the sponsors have liability insurance. The big brown bat can live up to 15 years and. “It takes all of their strength to open BAT HOUSES-Marathon Boy Scouts and other volunteers erected these bat houses to provide a home for a colony of big brown bats after they will be evicted from the St. the juwho had been crying and “wanted to venile states an interest in drug coundie. The juvenile was transported home. but she cautions patience. according to the re. Marathon. call 715-261-7230. she said that the Marathon bat colony knows “every nook and cranny” of the sprawling former seminary. bly terminate its contract Following this 72-hour hold. Bat job. Anthony’s Spirituality Center. but procalled Jan. he bats are likeable once you get said. port.” only part of the sheriff’s The report contains a letter department report was made public. generally. “was not working living. Kaarakka said big brown bats are especially fond of beetles and are beneficial in controlling agricultural pests. was “unnecessary. webbed hands. a defensive. hissing fit. In the end. is heavily redacted to of 2015. The NCHC staff person said there was no bed available at NCHC for a voluntary commitment and recommended a placement at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute. They mostly leave he said. Feb. at a residence. being short two staff people. just thony’s Spirituality Center like us. Trustees agreed to hire Ashley Zinkowich for a part-time janitorial position.” he said. The bats. “That might take some searching. Bats like to forage on insects that live near water. Anthony’s Spirituality Center attic this summer. the building. reads the report. 9. she said. at the Marathon County Public Library.m. a crew will give the to know a thing or two about bats this summer every them.” Martin said. took the juvenile to Aspirus Wausau Hospital and a NCHC staff person conducted a mental health assessment of the juvenile.” the expert said. Date program Teens and parents wanting to learn more about dating violence and dangerous relationships can attend an informational session on Tuesday. “They have and none will return.

tator tots.O. cheese curds.m. 2008 Athens wrestler Tannor Frahm Fishing contest winners Austin Briese. which also has flags for sale. will be provided upon verification of completion of an approved course. Trinity will receive five percent of sales.schwanscares. son of Scott and Brenda Weiler of Stratford. Box 677 103 West Spruce Street Abbotsford. Feb. son of John and Vicki Briese of phone: 715-223-2342 fax: 715-223-3505 P. 25. There is a cost. WI 54405 SCHOOL LUNCH Athens Public School Monday. hot dogs and hot chocolate served after the walk. Madison. camarderie. April 16 at 11th Frame. Feb. 30. but not limited to. Feb. 27. 4: Chili. cross cut fries. Story Time Family Story Time is held at Lunches served with milk. Schwan’s Cares Flag support Trinity PTL Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser continues.m. Monday. potato wedges. Winter grooming is performed on a volunteer basis by members of the Athens Area Trail Association. St. Any purchases placed over the next period of time. People can find updates on the trail conditions by following the Athens Area Trail Association Facebook site. HISTORY CORNER THE RECORD-REVIEW Wednesday Jan. to screen all children age three. bread Friday. The pull behind drag is a custom unit that was purchased by the Athens Area Trail Association. Anthony’s School New trail groomer The village of Athens recently purchased a used 2006 Polaris ATV with tracks to be used on village trails for cross country skiing and snowshoe grooming. mashed potatoes and gravy. Feb. Partial reimbursement of 20 percent. 16. Order at www. Feb. 5: Cedar Creek Grand Lodge trip Lunches served with milk. Feb. fruit and salad bar. 1: Breakfast for lunch. corn. call 715-257-7571. . green beans Wednesday. LEGO club night ATHENS COMMUNITY CALENDAR DEVELOPMENT DAY Athens Elementary School will host a development day on Thursday. and takeouts are now available. walk and ski event will be held at 7 p. Athens chili feed The Athens FFA Alumni will have a chili feed from 5 p. cheese omelet.m. so it can also pull a classic ski tracker enabling one-pass coverage. won first place at the Lake Esadore fishing contest on Jan. Feb. the team sectional tournament will be held on Tuesday. -athn-grnvly-haldr-rozell-spen cr-strat. 19117. computers. and their families. For more information. flavored rice. call Vicki Halopka at 715-607-0716. Then. at Shawano Community High School at 10:30 a. If you have any questions. WINTER FAMILY EVENT The second annual candlelight trail. PBJ for high school. Briese caught a 12-inch crappy. For more information. on Feb. February 2016 WRESTLING TOURNAMENTS The Athens High School varsity wrestling team will begin the WIAA tournament season on Saturday. but not greater than $200. 1: Breaded chicken nuggets.m. Feb. The fundraiser goes until March 2016. 2: Mini corn dogs. music. and beverages. Families and children of all ages can design and build creative structures using LEGOs at the library. until the chili is gone on Thursday. Feb. 18. also won first place in the contest. Feb. or email her at halopkaav@gmail. snowshoe. Feb. carrots Wednesday. helps pay for. com or call 1-888-schwans and enter Trinity’s campaign number. at Manawa High School at 6 p.Page 6 January 27. 2016 THE RECORD-REVIEW Athens COMMUNITY LIVING Send Athens news to: RR@tpprinting. steamed broccoli. 26 and 27. The class of 1975 challenges all other classes to “pay it forward. newborn to five years old. For more information. with modifications made by Frank Redmann. Memory Lanes in Athens. call The seventh annual Athens Touchdown Club coed nine-pin tap bowling tournament will be held Friday. April 15 and Saturday. The class will provide over $1. if the Tigers qualify. Feb. Tuesdays from March 1 until May 3 in the Trinity Lutheran Gym. fruit. 5: Pizza. Tuesdays at the Athens Branch Library. There will be a bon fire.m. There is a fee. 28 in the Athens High School cafeteria commons. Individual sectional is slated for Saturday.000 of financial assistance for educational courses including. 2: Chicken nuggets. crackers. The club is free and no registration is required. desserts. shortly. strawberries Tuesday. Jan. at Erbach Park in Athens. This fundraising effort helps offset funds for activities and other items that PTL When residents’ American flags are torn or faded and ready to retire they can be turned into A & L Oil. pears Pay it forward The Athens Class of 1975 is encouraging Athens High School students to pursue a career after high signup. engineering or agriculture. along with the Friday Night Dinners on The Square. Registration will be available 715-257-7353. There will also be Farmers Markets on Tuesdays in summer. call 715-257-7353 and leave a message if nobody is home. The comb was donated by the Athens Fair Board which was made possible with funds from the Athens Fair 5K Fun Run. 3: BBQ pork on a bun.m. 20. French toast sticks.m. and place an order. vegetables and salad. His cousin Keegan Weiler. and any others that have not previously been screened through playbased assessment. Feb. peas Tuesday. 13. Garage sales Bowling tournament Athens will once again host an area garage sale June 9-11. 3: Grilled chicken patty on a at the WIAA Division 3 regional at Edgar at 10:30 a. Weiler caught an 8. green beans Thursday. Saturday. MCHA oversees all the units similar to the Plisch and Rietbrook apartments in Marathon County. Continuing education Yoga 4 Everybody will be held from 6:30-7:30 p. every Thursday from until May 26. The Marathon County Public Library Athens Branch will hold its Family LEGO Club from 3:30-5 p. Bosco Stick for elementary Friday. pineapple chunks Thursday.” MCHA seeks people Marathon County Housing Authority is looking for two people to represent Athens on their board. She can also assist you in placing an order. 4: Scalloped potatoes with diced ham. The menu includes chili or potato soup. A new comb was installed on the groomer as well. Feb. 20. It consists of stories and activities for children. bread and butter. 10 a.m. hashbrowns. People interested in attending the class should sign up at www.75-inch blue gill. The state tournament will be held at the Kohl Center.

000 Said Initial Resolution was adopted pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes to authorize a borrowing in an amount not to exceed $7. rating. and A nonprofit organization that has been approved by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Wisconsin Educational institutions are defined under the Course Options statute as: A public school in a nonresident school district. Combined. score. Program . rating. For the 2015 graduating class. There are no other “Virtual Schools” that lie within the School District of Marathon resident attendance area. lobby and restrooms. §115. and science. Last spring. To see a complete list of operating “Virtual Schools” within the state please refer to the Department of Public Instruction website at: dpi. Wisconsin 54484 and may be inspected weekdays except holidays. 79. while the virtual schools usually offer courses directly to students. 2016. fixtures and equipment. Elementary School: Marathon Area Elementary School (K4-5) Middle School: Marathon Venture Academy (6-8. nonsectarian schools created through a businesslike contract or “charter” between the charter governance board and the sponsoring school board or other chartering authority.dip. known as the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative (WDLC) has been established pursuant to the authority granted in Wis. technology and security upgrades. and completing related site improvements.School District of Marathon. an alternate assessment that measures the academic progress of students with significant cognitive disabilities. Eligibility in our resident attendance area pertains only to the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program or statewide program (WPCP).3. Copies of said Initial Resolutions and a detailed breakdown of the school improvement program to be financed with the proceeds of the proposed Bond issue are on file in the district office located at 522 N. Full-Time Open Enrollment The inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they reside. exceeds expectations.m. 2016. to provide equitable access to high quality online education by offering online learning to school districts. Attendance in the public school by pupils enrolled in a homebased private educational program is allowed for a pupil who has met the standards for admission to the course and may attend up to 2 courses at a public school in the district during each school semester if the school board determines that there is sufficient space in the classroom. a child may transfer to a nonresident school district for early childhood education or four-year old kindergarten only if the child’s resident school district offers the same type of program and only if the child is eligible for that program in the resident school district. Students may participate in interscholastic athletics in the school district on the same basis and to the same extent that pupils enrolled in the school district to participate. We have no participating schools within our district boundaries that are identified Private School Choice Program schools. To see a list of specific schools participating in the WPCP please refer to the Department of Public Instruction website at: https://sms. The charter school motto is “Autonomy for virtual-schools. score. If you are interested in virtual programs or schools. and below basic. but now also includes the opportunity for students to enroll in courses offered by charter schools. Schools participating in the program receive a state aid payment for each eligible student on behalf of the student’s parent or guardian.995. “The statewide ACT assessment establishes a baseline of student performance that we can work from to improve academic achievement for all student groups. 73. noticed. If approved by the school board. or 1. please refer to the Department of Public Instruction website for further information at: http://oe.dpi. To see a list of specific requirements for enrollment in Youth Options programming. held and conducted on January 18. A school board may charge a pupil who participates in interscholastic athletics or extracurricular activities as permitted under this section participation fees. “Taking the ACT exposes young people to the expectations for college and careers and may prompt those who weren’t considering further education beyond high school to finish strong and take the leap into higher education and training. Private School . wishing to begin college early. For additional information contact village administrator Andy Kurtz at 715-443-2221. the law: 118. Third Avenue. adopted initial resolutions entitled: INITIAL RESOLUTION NUMBER I AUTHORIZING GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $15. and 4:00 p. Virtual Schools: Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative formed to provide high quality online classes. School . The charter defines the missions and methods of the charter school. Youth Options Wisconsin’s Youth Options Program allows public high school junior and senior students who meet certain requirements to take post secondary courses at a UW institution. 46. “What an opportunity for our students. including fees for uniforms. 65. Historically.wi.000 through the issuance of general obligation bonds of the district for the public purpose of paying the cost of a school improvement program at the high school and elementary school consisting of renovations.28(53). The statewide web academy. equipment.000 Said Initial Resolution was adopted pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 67 of the Wisconsin Statutes to authorize a borrowing in an amount not to exceed $15. The differences in the number of students. No person may provide a false statement under this paragraph. The full text of the ordinances may be obtained at the village clerk’s office at 311 Walnut Street. 742 juniors. 4-177870 WNAXLP SCHOOL DISTRICT OF MARATHON 2015 WISCONSIN ACT 55 NOTICE REQUIREMENTS District Public Schools & Accountability Report The School District of Marathon offers the following public educational school options for resident attendance area students and students choosing to open enroll from nonresident districts. at a meeting duly called. contact your local school district first. School . reading. Wisconsin’s English language arts scores are comprised of the English. Administration of statewide exams in the ACT suite for the 2015-16 school year begins in March. or preparing themselves to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.Parent Page. . 80. The School Board has called for a referendum election on the Initial Resolutions to be held on April 5.wi.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. and the fact that many graduates take the test during their final year of high school make comparisons between statewide and graduating class ACT results invalid and flawed. Also.dpi. Charter) High School: Marathon High School (9-12) The School District of Marathon and our School’s Accountability Report information is as follows for the most current report year of (2013-14): School . The School District of Marathon works collaboratively with the Wisconsin Virtual School for “Online Programs” when necessary. on the same basis and to the same extent that it charges these fees to a pupil who is enrolled in the school district. between the hours of 9:00 a. 2016. Further details of this program will be forthcoming from the Department of Public Instruction. took the ACT and had a composite score of 22. See the frequently asked questions at website below for additional information on program requirements.wi.wi.995. a pupil enrolled in a home-based private educational program and attending a public school under this section may attend one course in each of 2 school districts.m. various institutions of higher education. students. Specifically. Wisconsin student proficiency rates showed achievement gaps for various student groups. cooperative educational service agencies. The WDLC consists of two collaborating organizations: 1) the Wisconsin Virtual School: and 2) the Wisconsin eSchool Network. ACT results have been released annually for public and private school graduates who took the test during their high school career.2. The two organizations collaborate with DPI to provide a single point for schools to access quality online courses. Additionally.738 students or approximately 73 percent of all graduating seniors. and writ- ing subtests.2. The homebased educational program in which the pupil is enrolled shall provide the school board with a written statement that the pupil meets the school board’s requirements for participation in interscholastic athletics based on age and academic and disciplinary records. An instructional program provided to more than one family unit does not constitute a home-based private educational program. exceeds expectations.9 percent achieved at those performance levels in mathematics. and teachers received performance reports during the summer.” There is only one Charter School that lies within the School District of Marathon resident attendance area: Marathon Venture Academy (6-8). To see a list of specific requirements for enrollment in Course Options offering.” The ACT is scored on a scale of one to 36 and consists of five subject area tests: English. please refer to the Department of Public Instruction website at Pupils Enrolled in Home-based Private Ed. and acquiring is a public service made possible by the members of the Wisconsin Newspaper parents-main. The difference between the “Online Programs” and “Virtual Schools” is that the online programs usually offer courses to school districts. Additional information regarding the alternative application procedure can be found on the DPI Open Enrollment .995. which begins in the 2016-17 school year and the program is available to students with an individualized education program (IEP) who meet specified conditions outlined in state law. or tribally-controlled colleges. rating. as many have virtual and online programs available. Marathon City. a Wisconsin technical college. Approved courses count toward high school graduation and college credit.995.133. PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES PUBLIC NOTICES VILLAGE OF MARATHON CITY ORDINANCE Please take notice that the Village of Marathon City enacted an update of Title 2 of the Code of Ordinances changing the regular meeting to the first Wednesday of each month.Choice Program School (Voucher Schools) The Private School Choice Program in our region is based on where the student resides. The best way to apply is online via a link on the DPI website.0. remodeling. the Department of Public Instruction worked with content experts across the state to establish cut scores along four performance categories: advanced. School . Stratford. Charter School Charter schools are public. The program offers greater learning opportunities for motivated students considering a technical career. The Wisconsin Charter School Law gives charter schools freedom from most state rules and regulations in exchange for greater accountability for results.9. proficient. charter schools and private schools located in this state. including timelines. 75. Dated January 18. Stat. the multiple times graduates may have taken the ACT. all public school 11th-graders had the opportunity to take the ACT college admissions exam during the 2014-15 school year as part of the more rigorous Wisconsin Student Assessment System. score. but may not attend more than 2 courses in any semester.065 students enrolled in 11th grade for the 2014-15 school year. yet that is what employers and postsecondary schools tell us is required for high school graduates to be successful. Any Wisconsin resident in five-year-old kindergarten to grade 12 may apply to attend a nonresident school district under the open enrollment program. While Wisconsin specific. and musical instruments. In addition. infrastructure and capital maintenance improvements.000 through the issuance of general obligation bonds of the district for the public purpose of paying the cost of constructing and equipping an addition at the high school for an auditorium. A technical college. For your convenience. An alternative application procedure allows pupils to apply for open enrollment at any time during a school year if certain criteria are met.” Of the 65. Special Needs Voucher Program The School District of Marathon hereby acknowledges this section to serve as our required notification the parents/guardians of each child in our district who have a disability and are enrolled in our school district of the new Special Needs Scholarship Program (private school voucher program). reading. A tribal college. For accountability purposes. and approved nonprofit organizations at no cost to the wpcp-statewide. the new Course Options Law allows a pupil enrolled in a public school district to take up to two courses at any time from an educational institution. these two programs provide partnership pathways for schools to provide a variety of online and blended learning opportunities. the 2013-15 biennial budget act established a new program for students entitled Course Options. WI 54448. a student does not pay for a college course if the school board determines the course qualifies for high school credit and is not comparable to a course already offered in the school district. gymnasium. Under youth options. 4-177888 WNAXLP NOTICE TO THE ELECTORS OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF STRATFORD MARATHON COUNTY. score.” said State Superintendent Tony Evers. mathematics. The 2014-15 statewide composite score for public school juniors who took the ACT was 20. 2016 Page 7 Wisconsin announces ACT test results For the first time in Wisconsin history. WISCONSIN Search public notices published by the :[H[LVM>PZJVUZPUPU[OL6ɉJPHS:[H[L5L^ZWHWLY The Wisconsin State Journal as well as public notices from all Wisconsin communities online at 4-177861 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. one of the state’s participating private nonprofit institutions of higher education. BY THE ORDER OF THE SCHOOL BOARD Pamela Warosh District Clerk 4-177869 WNAXLP WisconsinPublicNotices. exceeds expectations. writing.m. The chartering authority holds the school accountable to its charter. Additionally. exceeds expectations.Marathon Venture Academy. Course Options provides a means for Wisconsin students to take courses offered by other Wisconsin school districts. integrating them into the new student information system. on April 30.065 public high school juniors had the opportunity to take either the ACT Plus Writing or Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM). please refer to the Department of Public Instruction website at: youthoptions. that the School Board of the above named school district. (See table in official news release) “Assessing for college and career readiness sets the bar very high. the cut scores generally mirror college readiness benchmarks set by ACT.7 percent of students were proficient or advanced in English language arts and 35. asbestos abatement and site improvements. rating.Options “Home-based private educational program” means a program of educational instruction provided to a child by the child’s parent or guardian or by a person designated by the parent or guardian.” Evers noted.1 percent. applicants may be required to meet income and age requirements. Parents. The University of Wisconsin System. took the DLM.Marathon Area Elementary. Nonprofit institutions of higher education. INITIAL RESOLUTION NUMBER II AUTHORIZING GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS IN AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $7. Results show that Course Options 2013 Wisconsin Act 20.dpi. provides for participation in interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities to a pupil who resides in the school district and is enrolled in a home-based private educational program. The regular open enrollment application period for each school year typically starts at the beginning of February of the preceding school year and ends at 4:00 p. a classroom addition. basic.Marathon High School.wi. A charter school. the student can receive both high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course.

sliced as needed. John’s School Environmental puppet show Edgar High School students taking environmental biology recently put on a puppet show. 2: Chicken nuggets. Ben Dewitt. and a va- See EDGAR/ page 9 EDGAR COMMUNITY CALENDAR CANCER BENEFIT A cancer benefit bowling tournament for Sam Pospyhalla will be held Sunday. Feb. cookies. mixed fruit. There will be a 400 meter children’s run at 10:45 a. green beans. This year’s extravaganza included a menu of seven stops.m. Feb. 6:30 p. 5: Pizza dippers w/ sauce. mandarin oranges Wednesday. jelly/PB sandwich. dessert Lunches served with milk. The traveling tasters moved on to the Fenwood home of Monday. will host a children’s bazaar noon to 3 p. taco chips and punch. sausage. the group moved on to the Colby home of Ashley and Sam Klinner for shrimp and Buffalo chicken dips. olives. beginning in Owen and ending in Wausau. and fruit salad. With individual intentions to “lightly sample” already sorely tested.O. Feb. School of Education. Edgar. vegetable pizza. steamed peas. 5: Grilled cheese.m. in the Edgar Public School auditorium. cheese. Each family is assigned a category and asked not to augment the menu with auxiliary dishes. food and refreshments. 1: Chicken noodle phone: 715-223-2342 fax: 715-223-3505 P. Feb. Feb. The event is always held after Christmas and before the New Year gets too old. HISTORY CORNER THE RECORD-REVIEW Thursday. It was well past the noon hour when the flurry of feasting friends arrived at Jon Schaefer’s rural Stratford home to be served pumpkin delight and apple pie with their choice of ice-cream. Feb. on Sunday. Feb. College of Engineering.m. Progressive dinner The 33rd annual Schaefer family progressive dinner was recently attended by 55 members of the extended family of the late Werner and Christine Schaefer. 7. salad bar.m. Edgar will host Pittsville on Thursday with the winner of the match taking over sole possession of first place in the Marawood Conference. 4: Hot turkey w/buttered bread. Madeline Hiebl. Feb. Jan. 3: Nachos & ground beef w/cheese. Tyler Kirsch. Feb. pineapple tidbits On campus UW-Eau Claire has named four Edgar students to its dean’s list for the fall 2015 semester. and the day is long. chocolate syrup. shredded cheese. John’s Catholic Church. veggiemite on bread. baby carrots and milk. . complemented by tea. SNOWSHOE RACE Edgar Area Trail Supporters will sponsor the seventh annual Scotch Creek Woodland Waddle five kilometer snowshoe race at 11 a. 2016 THE RECORD-REVIEW Edgar Send Edgar news to: RR@tpprinting. 2: Rotini noodle/ meat sauce. assorted homemade desserts and candies. as part of the 2016 Braveheart Snowshoe Series. call 715352-2600. fixings. Brooke Jisko. sliced pears Tuesday. accompanied by Max’s punch and hot cider. kicking off the day with ham and egg sandwiches. pears Tuesday. Feb. For more information. 4: Pancakes. Max and Bryce Luchterhand welcomed the nomadic nibblers to their rural Unity home with a fifteen pound ham. Evening darkness had descended by the time the entourage arrived at the Wausau home of Jamie and Diane Schaefer. crackers. brie with sliced bread. The challenge to each guest is Lunches served with romaine with spinach. 1975 Panthers-Cats to tangle tonight The Edgar High School wrestling squad warmed up for its showdown with Pittsville on Thursday night by winning its second invitational in as many weeks. The first set of the concert will be performed by the Edgar High School Jazz Band. 14. tossed salad. or whipped cream and complementary samples of Jon’s homemade wines. applesauce Thursday. raffles. banana bread. College of Engineering. left to right. pineapple Thursday. baby carrots. Feb. winter mix. buttered pasta. CHILDRENS BAZAAR St. Savoring lighter snacks. Feb. the puppet show taught the interdependence of animals and plants. Jo and Mike Lullof were the first hosts of this year’s event. for ham and cheese sandwiches garnished with pickles and olives. garlic toast. 1 p. This is an 8-pin tap tournament. sweet peas. Registration starts at 9 a. chips and dip. mandarin oranges Wednesday. herring. Kortney Hujet. pork sausages. Box 677 103 West Spruce Street Abbotsford.m. Nursing and Health Science. and Jessica Treml. Pictured are puppeteers. to pace themselves with small samples. salad bar. individual frozen fruit salads. baked beans.” for nine elementary school classes. soda and beer. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. 21. knowing the fare at each stop is more tempting than the last. Feb. the travelers dipped into a large bowl of Jo’s famous homemade caramels as they exited. Arts and Sciences. Miranda Szemborski and Hanna Lang. strawberries Friday. sliced pears Friday. tomato soup. pretzels and punch. 30. punch.Page 8 January 27. WI 54405 SCHOOL LUNCH Edgar Public Schools Monday. The students are Travis Haanstad. spaghetti dinner served in the school cafeteria. Nursing and Health Sciences. Arts and Sciences. see what gifts had been exchanged and to visit. Any lingering appetites were abated by pulled pork sandwiches. baked beans. coffee and apple juice. mixed veggies. on their way to the second stop. while still having time to enjoy their individual family’s Christmas parties. JAZZ PERFORMANCE The Edgar Fine Arts Association will sponsor a performance of John Greiner’s Little Big Band on Saturday. The dinner has become a tradition that originated as a time saving device. 1: Chicken nuggets.m. UW-Madison has honored four Edgar students on its dean’s list for the fall semester of the 2015-16 academic year. rice pilaf. Karen and Rich Verschay greeted the still hungry hoard into their rural Greenwood home with a banquet of smoked oysters. mashed potatoes/gravy. The students and their colleges are Matthew Bergs. baked beans. at Edgar Lanes. St. pickles. and carol Twerberg. sausage. The concert January 2016 will follow a 5 p. allowing families to visit each other’s homes during the holidays. on Sunday. There will be games. cheese. 13. 3: Pork tacos w/tortilla/soft shell.m. Kim and Dennis Kusiak where they were treated to taco salad. “The Tree in the Ancient Forest. Feb.

18. and Alexyn Krueger. at Illusions Bar and ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS $ 36 Online subscription can only be purchased through our website Apply today: www. Simon Kohel. VFW Patriot Pen’s essay Edgar VFW members Tom Burke. 20 at the Wisconsin association of School Boards convention held at the Wisconsin Center. 6 p. Consumers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain a Lifeline benefit can be punished by fine.colbyretirement. 5. Milwaukee. The event will highlight the 4-H’s Supporta-Soldier project. The contest involves encapsulating what love means to you in only six words. Entries will be accepted through Feb. the band played “Jump Start” by Matt Harris. alto saxophone. baritone saxophone. satisfied with visits and satiated with good food. walk-in closet. The club will collect aluminum tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Lifeline service is non-transferable. tenor saxophone. me. or can be barred from the program. LLC www. present Patriot’s Pen Essay awards to St John’s students Devin Jacobs. Johnny TFEV-502054 4-177860 Free phone is provided by Access Wireless. 10. To apply visit www.m. piano. Mitchell Paul. $ 715-340-2331 Available for Income-Eligible Residents I N T E RV I E W I N G N O W ! If you participate in public assistance programs or meet monthly income level guidelines. deck/patio & utilities (heat. Public library The Marathon County Public Library will hold a second annual Love in Six words contest. drum set. at 5:00 pm at Hope Lutheran Church. water & trash removal) included. Violation of the one-per-household rule constitutes violation of FCC rules and will result in the customer’s de-enrollment from 14. Thursday concerts in Oak Street Park. noon to 3 p. an eligible telecommunications carrier. Your information will be validated against public records and any discrepancies could result in delays or denial of service. Drop off paper entries at any Marathon County public library location or email entries to love@mcpl. Angela Riehle. will run from July 28 through Call Carla TODAY!! TFEV-502040 Band performance . Gets you an online subscription to the Tribune-Phonograph. Call Tammy Kirsch at (715) 687-3135 to make dinner reservations by Feb. John Greiner’s Little Big Band will play at the Edgar High School jazz band spaghetti dinner at 5 p. full-time Locate Technician positions available •100% PAID TRAINING •Company vehicle & equipment provided •PLUS medical. bass.m. Edgar. Kali Kaiser. the group was planning for next year’s event even as participants began to disperse with fond memories of a grand tradition. Lifeline assistance is provided by i-wireless LLC. Performers will be announced. Chili feed The Midwest ATV Trailblazers will sponsor a chili feed Saturday. Access Wireless is a service provider for the government-funded Lifeline Assistance program. Isabel Dahlke. USIC LOC ATE TEC HNICIAN FREE Lifeline Service 4-177858 TF-500242 The Edgar High School Jazz Band under the direction of Dennis Webb performed Jan. center left. at far left. food. and Dale Dahlke. on Saturday. 13. Edgar fine arts The Edgar Fine Arts Association has announced a schedule of concerts in 2016. trombone. The 2015-2016 essay theme was “What Freedom Means To Me. Country music band The Blend will perform Saturday. Feb. d/b/a Access Wireless. & life insurance REQUIREMENTS: •Must be able to work outdoors •HS Diploma or GED •Ability to work OT & weekends Emkl`Yn]nYda\\jan]jkda[]fk]oal`kY^]\janaf_j][gj\ Come for a tour and make ke this your new home! Call Leanne e todayy at 715-223-1612 510 W. Tired by travel. Make Our Home Your Home Colby Retirement Community an assisted living community EEO/AA Awarded the prestigious 2014 Excellent in Action Award from National Research Corporation Tours welcomed anytime. spacious rooms. Soup and sandwich supper The Wien Wildcats 4-H Club would like to honor all past and present Edgar military members and their spouses with a free soup and sandwich supper on Sunday. Only eligible customers may enroll in the program. S. St John’s School Principal Lynelle Cichon is pictured center. WI 54421 www.enroll. garage. as the top two award winners from the school. Feb. 6. 2016 Page 9 Edgar Continued from page 8 riety of beverages. The Record-Review or the TRG! centralwinews. Hannah Morse. 595-$715/mo. 7. Band members incude Alec hafferman and McKenzie Durr. The top five entries will be shared in library displays and social media. Homes AVAILABLE Gibson Estates .m. Church bazaar St.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27.m. Feb. dental. sewer. Marshfield. you may qualify for a free phone* + 250 Minutes & Unlimited Texts. imprisonment. Samantha Schrieber. Lifeline benefits are limited to one per household. Call 715-2617230 for more information. Hwy 97. Amelia Dahlke. Fenwood. Edgar. There will be games. for the purposes of the Lifeline program. trumpet. as any individual or group of individuals. Marissa Slack and Mindy Urmanski. at far right. center right. and Adam Hannemann. and “Filthy McNasty” by Horace Silver. to 6 p. Jarrett Miles-Kroening. Taylor Kirsch. Medford Appliances. 1 & 2 BR Apt. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day. Jenna Heindl.accesswireless. double bass.scswiderski.” The limit is three entries per person. A household is defined. April 2. “Area 51” by Larry Barton. secured entrance.usicllc. raffles. 11 a. refreshments and face painting. vision. John’s Parish annual bazaar will be held Sunday.S. Customers must present proper documentation proving eligibility for the Lifeline program. SWIDERSKI. Vulgar or excessively graphic entries will not be considered. Wausau Street ƒ Colby.m. The music begins at 6:30 p. Gibson •Daytime. in-unit W/D. who live together at the same address and share income and expenses.

Despite the Wildcats’ height advantage. get a score. giving the Wildcats a 32-22 halftime advantage. Austin Borchardt. She added eight rebounds. who fell to 4-10 with the loss. there’s no 15-point shot. Zondlo scored 10 points. shot by shot and stop by stop. Nathan Stoffel scored 16 and Xavier Lechleitner added 14.” Huss said. ‘hey. before going eight-for-32 (. falls to 4-3 in league play and is 7-5 overall. shooting 14-for-23 (. a 6-5 senior. At the midpoint of their conference season. We’ve got four more to go. chipped in eight points for the Wildcats. Spencer Krautkramer. led by seven points from Hafferman. STAFF PHOTO/BRYAN WEGTER the right corner. The 91 points were a season-high for the Red Raiders (12-2). Rib Lake. and the Edgar Wildcats had no trouble staying unbeaten in the Marawood North after a 58-36 win over the Rib Lake Redmen in a girls basketball game Friday night in Rib Lake. but Edgar went on an 11-5 run to close the half. Edgar cut into the deficit when Tyler Engel made a three-pointer from the right wing. who as a team shot 11-for-21 over the final 18 minutes after an 11-for-28 first half performance. Karter Underwood netted eight points and Ben Martin. Borchardt got a three-point play of her own with 1:38 until halftime to push Edgar up by 10 again. “I told the kids after the game.” A 5-0 Rib Lake run made it a 28-21 game. The girls made a nice adjustment. but did record 16 rebounds. Wirkus fought through the paint for a righthanded layup to make it 40-28. The Redmen made three-of-five threepointers in the first half and were an efficient 13-for-23 (. which we haven’t seen at all this season. Scheithauer was held to a season-low six points. Katie Cardey led the way for the home side with 17 points and five re- bounds. but the Wildcats answered with a 16-0 run.” Urmanski said. the first of his seven points scored. Mathew Karl and Nolan Derrico both scored 20 to lead the home Hornets. We took it one possession at a time. The Wildcats’ 5-10 senior scored 20 of her game-high 25 points in the first half and was an efficient 10-for-14 (. With the win.608) compared to 17-for-35 (.’ We just had to get it bit by bit. Colby shaved four points off their deficit by outscoring the Raiders 49-45 in the second half. Engel made threes on back-toback possessions to pull the Wildcats within three with 13:40 to play.Page 10 January 27. Marathon held a 46-15 lead at halftime. Junior Macey Wirkus scored 12 points on six-of-nine shooting and had five assists and five steals.” The win keeps Edgar (12-2) undefeated in the Marawood North at 6-0. I thought we were tough. Every team is going to give us their best shot and Rib Lake played great. “We said. led by seven points from Dana Heidmann. Edgar was much better at converting their inside looks however. The Wildcats’ junior finished with 17 points. helping the Wildcats overcome a 37-31 halftime deficit. two teams the Wildcats will meet again in coming weeks. 2016 BLUEJAYS Sports WILDCATS RED RAIDERS The Record-Review TIGERS Wildcats claw back for late win to play. Carson Patrick swished a three from Raiders offense explodes A WIN IN THEIR HOUSE-Edgar’s Maverick Mueller (3) pulls up for a jump shot while Rib Lake’s Dalton Strebig (11) applies pressure during Tuesday’s Marawood North boys basketball game. get a score. Austin Zondlo and Ewan got baskets early in the second half for the Redmen. “Rib Lake’s defense was a lot more aggressive this time. Rib Lake came out in a 3-2 zone defense. Edgar’s junior guard scored 11 of his game-high 20 points in the second half. Casey Scheithauer drained a deep two. Rib Lake held a 34-28 lead in points in the paint. fresh off an upset loss to Prentice last Thursday. Edgar rallied from a 15-point first half deficit to beat Rib Lake 61-55 in a Marawood North boys basketball game Tuesday night in Rib Lake. Rib Lake fell to 3-6 in league games and is 5-10 overall. The Wildcats adjusted quickly. one after a Wirkus steal.” Edgar head coach David Huss said. who got points out of all 12 varsity members in the win. “When they went to a man defense. They’re a fast team. “Once we settled in. Over the next nine-and-a-half minutes Edgar went on the attack. “Conference is a goal for us. The Redmen jumped out to an 11-5 lead before Josh Burish made a threepointer.250) in the second half. They came out in a 3-2. Edgar (12-3) improved to 8-0 in North competition and holds a two-game lead over 6-2 Phillips and Abbotsford. Our guys showed their composure and maturity. we showed that we have a lot of heart and poise. Two Weinke free throws made it a 32-20 game. Edgar out-scored Rib Lake 12-11 over the next seven minutes before Hafferman’s three flipped the scoreboard for good. Marathon stays unbeaten in the South By Bryan Wegter The Star News Bit by bit. Cardey completed a three-point play and then scored a layup off a Raejana Wright pass. they’re a tough matchup for any team. eight in the first half. Rib Lake held the lead for the next 31 minutes before Alec Hafferman banked in a left wing three to put the Wildcats up 54-53. the Wildcats hold a one-game lead over second place Phillips (7-1). Wirkus scored the first four points of the second half. Wirkus and Rachel Heiden both scored four See GIRLS BASKETBALL/page 12 . Dalton Strebig’s finger roll gave the Redmen a 2-0 lead after 45 seconds.714) from the field. Cardey and Edgar’s Kamryn Butt made free throws in the final 90 seconds. part of that is focusing on each game as it comes.” Hafferman said.565) from the field at the break. “Just get a stop. who scored 14 overall. three steals and two assists. jumping out to a 13-3 lead after Borchardt scored a pair of layups.’ We’re built for man. The Redmen pulled back to 38-28 after a Fitzl three-pointer with 14:59 to play. Wudi knocked down a three in response and the Redmen cut the deficit to 15-10 after Cardey drove the left baseline for a two-pointer. It was a total team effort. We were able to fight back from 15 down on the road in a tough place Marathon jumped out early and eased to a 91-64 non-conference boys basketball win at Colby on Monday night. Jasmine Fitzl and Hailey Wudi both scored five points. get a stop. it was kind of ‘yes. In an attempt to slow down Edgar. thank you. Preston Wirkus led the way with 19 points. We really had to be patient. “This was a great game. Rib Lake’s advantage grew to 21-10 after Noah Weinke hit a pair of foul shots. Ryan Gassner and Donavon Free all scored six apiece.” Edgar head coach Betty Urmanski said. Joe Scheithauer put back a Weinke miss and Austin Ewan scored off an alley-oop pass from Strebig to push the Redmen to a 30-15 lead with 6:40 until the intermission. It’s tough to play with the speed of Rib Lake.” Nick Eisner led Rib Lake with 11 points. See BOYS BASKETBALL/page 12 Efficient Edgar takes down Rib Lake By Bryan Wegter The Star News Tianna Borchardt came out firing.486) for the Redmen.

Marathon .Girls basketball at Thorp. Marathon . Northland Lutheran. Edgar . Athens defeats Edgar The Athens Blue Jays earned a 37-30 Marawood Conference dual win over the Edgar Wildcats last Thursday. DUAL CHAMPIONS-Stratford’s Derek Marten (top) competes against Marathon’s Hunter Reed during Thursday’s Marawood Conference wrestling dual.m. The 132 pound match went the distance. Austin Engel (152 pounds) and Marshall Westfall (170) also won by pins for the Blue Jays. Sam Wenzel won an 8-0 major decision over Mitch Putnam. Alex Lemanski (182) and Jacob Lapinski (113). crushing the Marathon Red Raiders 70-0 Thursday night in Stratford. cannot be caught by second place Edgar. Edgar’s Reece Heidmann beat Aiden Hoffman 10-3 at 195 pounds and Ryan McKibben defeated Noah Knetter 5-3 at 220 pounds.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. Edgar’s Alex Lemanski (182) and Will Raatz (160) won by decision.m. Kam Bornbach (195) and Tyson Kauffman (285) all went 4-1. 7:30 p. By virtue of their advantage in most first points scored.Girls basketball at Greenwood. 7 p. Gliniecki (126). The Blue Jays went up 10 after Klay Ellenbecker secured a 10-0 major decision over Colton Heil.m. The Tigers can complete their championship sweep at the Marawood Conference tournament on Jan. 2:26 in the 145 pound match. CORRECTION Last week’s The Record Review incorrectly named individual champions for Athens from the Ladysmith Invitational.Boys basketball vs.Girls basketball vs. Reidsville 60-6 and Wisconsin Rapids 46-15. Dahl (113) and Bredemann (120) won by pin. Of Stratford’s 14 wins. Hoffman (195) won a 17-2 major decision. but Dakota Venzke claimed an 8-1 decision to secure Athens’ victory. Bredemann (120) and Gliniecki (126) won by forfeit. 16. 7:15 p.m. Chequamegon. Tiger sophomore Dilan Dehlinger pinned Ty Guden in 19 seconds to knot the team scores at 36. Stratford . held Jan. Jon Aguirre picked up a forfeit at 220 pounds. including Manny Drexler (106 pounds).Boys basketball vs. Jonny Albrecht got a pin for Athens in 3:06 over Ty Guden at 126 pounds. 7:30 p. They were Jonny Albrecht (126 pounds). Marshall Westfall (170). Dehlinger (132) won a 5-4 decision. Athens led 3424. boys basketball vs. Schilling Duals-Edgar’s Brock Handrick (top) and Strat. 7:15 p. “Marathon may be a little short on numbers but they do have guys with talent.Wrestling at Conference in Pittsville. 10:30 a. January 28 Athens .m.m. David Marquardt won 4-1 over Joe Sedivy at 160 pounds and Dylan Schoenherr beat Jordan Schneeberger 13-4 at 170 pounds.Wrestling at Conference in Pittsville. We apologize for the error..m. Becker (138). Chequamegon. The night began with Athens’ Tyson Sommer’s forfeit win at 285 pounds. Saturday.Boys basketball at Northland Lutheran.m. where Derek Marten took a 9-1 major decision over Hunter Reed. 10:30 a. Brett Albrecht pinned Dylan Woller in 4:26 to push Athens up 18-12 after the 132 pound match. 7:30 p. 7:30 p. Athens. January 30 Athens . 7:30 p. Dakota Venzke (220) and Tyson Sommer (285). At 145. wrestling vs. Northland Lutheran. February 2 Athens .Wrestling at Conference in Pittsville. five were by forfeit and four were by major decision.. 7 p. 6 p. Austin Engel (152). Stratford. Stratford defeated Stanley-Boyd/ Owen-Withee 50-30. Stratford .m. Abbotsford. 7 p. boys basketball at Athens. 7-2 and 6-5 respectively. Licciardi (106). Jacob Pearce (152) and Anthony Gliniecki (126) all pinned their Edgar opponents. PHOTO BY RACHEL MARTEN Kolton Dahl (113). held in Edgar on Friday. All have come since 2000.m.m. 7 p.m. 7:30 p.Girls basketball at Owen-Withee. Stratford was awarded the 37-36 victory. The Tigers were an undefeated 5-0 in team duals. Friday. Tigers win Portage Duals Stratford crushed the competition at Saturday’s Portage Duals.m. Wildcats’ Sahattchiev (120 pounds) won by forfeit.m. Stratford . Edgar .m. Edgar went 1-2 and Stanley-Boyd/ Owen-Withee was 0-3 in team duals.. 10:30 a.Fabry (285). 7:30 p. Tyson avenged last year’s match with a second period pin. At 126 pounds. 7:30 p. girls basketball vs. The Tigers beat Richland Center 80-0 and Portage 79-0. 37-30. Stratford’s Singer (182). Five Blue Jays wrestlers won individual titles. wrestling at Marathon. 10:30 a. .m. Licciardi (106) and Panford’s Kaelen Schmitt compete at Friday’s Jake Schilling Dukratz (138) pinned als in Edgar.m.m.m. Mason Kauffman (152) and Aguirre (220). the eighth criteria. Jake Drexler and AJ Schoenfuss won by forfeit at 113 and 120 pounds respectively.. 7:15 p. Abbotsford. Stratford also beat Lodi 43-13. Tuesday. Edgar’s Lapinski pinned Gabe Weiks in 5:12 at 106 pounds to knot the teams at six. Tyson Kauffman got Jacob Mohr in 3:42 at 285 pounds. 7:30 p. Schoenfuss (120).. 28 at Auburndale. but at 6-0. Edgar and Stratford faced off to start the meet. Monday. Edgar . Jordan Becker pinned Addison Sedivy at the 1:12 mark at 138 pounds.Girls basketball vs. Stratford’s varsity reserves beat Edgar and Stanley-Boyd/ Owen-Withee to finish second. Jan. Marathon . Edgar’s Heidmann pinned Jordan Zinkowich in 58 seconds at 195 pounds to pull the Wildcats within four. Schraufnagel needed a pin in the 220 pound match for Edgar to steal the match win. Stratford’s Jeremy Schoenherr downed Marathon’s Fernando Zaveleta in 52 seconds.m.” Schwabe said. Marathon’s Mohr beat Tyson last year and they are currently ranked fourth and third in the state. Several Tigers’ individuals posted perfect 5-0 records. Stratford . Marquardt (160) was 3-2. January 29 Athens . 2016 Page 11 Tigers clinch Marawood dual title Stratford’s title is 9th since 2000 By Bryan Wegter The Star News Stratford’s wrestling Tigers clinched their third-straight Marawood Conference dual title in emphatic fashion.Wrestling at Confer- ence in Pittsville. Ty Pankratz (138 pounds).m. Dylan Schoenherr (170) was 2-3 and Giebel (182) went 1-1. “The highlight may have been at 285 pounds. 7:30 p. February 1 Athens .Girls basketball at Northland Lutheran. Chequamegon.. Marten (132). With the Wildcats leading 36-30 going into the final match. Wenzel (145). 6 p.m. Marathon . Edgar . Earning pins for the Wildcats were Brock Handrick (145). With two matches remaining. The first match of the night was at 195 pounds.m. Jake Drexler (113). 30 in Pittsville. Pittsville.m. Dakota Singer (182). The regular season title is Stratford’s ninth.” Stratford head coach Joe Schwabe said. Jake Schilling Duals Wausau West claimed the team title with an unbeaten 3-0 record at the second annual Jake Schilling Duals. Bryce Imhoff (170).Boys basketball vs. wrestling at Auburndale. Kyle Giebel defeated Kaden Callaway 4-1. The Tigers have one dual match left. Wausau West beat the Tigers 45-24. Newman Catholic. Stratford’s Mav Licciardi (106) won by forfeit.Wrestling vs. STAFF PHOTO/BRYAN WEGTER their opponents. Edgar .Girls basketball vs. Stratford didn’t give up a point in two teamd duals. three were by pin.Boys basketball vs. Brock Handrick cut Athens’ lead to four after his pin of Andy Nowacki at SPORTS CALENDAR Thursday. The Tigers’ Brittany Bredemann earned a 9-6 decision over Martin Sahattchiev at 120 pounds and Ethan Fabry beat Kade Schraufnagel 8-4 at 285 pounds.Girls basketball at Assumption. 7:15 p.

Chelsey Gliniecki scored 10 for the Tigers. but attempted a season-low 32 field goals and only scored 14 points in the second half.5 SD Ellenbecker 37 43 Peter Trucking 36 44 Bunkelman’s Sugar 30.5 49.5 22. Schillinger had 11 points and three steals.5 Westside Autobody 45. Paiton Richardson had 16 for the home side. 2016 Men’s high game and series: Mike Berdan.5 43. Sammy Griesbach.549) from the field.5 199. Kenadi Diedrich led the Blue Jays with 14 points. Raiders beat Wildcats For the second time this season. though only two of the bonus shots were successful.5 44. Stratford made six threes as a team. 2016 High game and series: Julie Ellenbecker.5 Bowling Chicks 31 49 Jan’s 11th Frame MONDAY NIGHT LADIES JANUARY 18. The Tigers evened their record to 4-4 Stratford falls at Newman in the South. TEAM STANDINGS Nubby’s Service 14 2 11th Frame 13 3 Memory Lanes 2 11 5 Switlick & Sons 9 7 Schreiner Trucking 7 9 Rothenberger Custom 7 9 S. TEAM STANDINGS Brickner Motors 46 34 Myszka Oil Co.5 WWE 41 39 D’s Liquor Box 38. 570. TEAM STANDINGS Athens IGA 53. 710. 2015 Men’s high game and series: Al Landwehr. Ryan Gassner had 10 points and five steals. Stratford has dropped four of five. 279. Athens is now 2-14.5 319 221 310 230 284. 576. Auburndale fell to 1-6. held in Marathon. Griesbach scored eight and pulled in three boards. Women’s high game and series: Jess Frederick.5 Buck-a-neer 48. 2016 High game: Mark Van Rixel. 2016 Boys high game and series: Eli Drexler. The Wildcats had won 10 straight games since a 73-48 loss to Marathon back on Dec.5 37. Tigers top Apaches in OT Stratford out-scored Auburndale 11-8 in the overtime period to clinch a 57-54 Marawood South win Tuesday night.5 Edwin Memorial Lanes BUDWEISER AMERICAN JANUARY 21. The win bumped Stratford’s overall record to 12-4. Newman hasn’t lost since a 66-51 defeat to Amherst on Dec. 739. Kaylee Hollatz and Andie Zuelke all scored six apiece. Jake Gajewski and Dane Fronek scored 16 points each and the Newman Catholic Cardinals handed the Stratford Tigers a 58-47 Marawood South loss last Thursday.5 33. TEAM STANDINGS Bangart Racing Central Culvert Beinings Garage Strobel Harvesting Jive Turkeys Teska Trucking Chips Restaurant Cross-Eyed Crick. Two Tigers had double-doubles. Auburndale tops Stratford Girls basketball Continued from page 10 during the streak.5 37. Ten Raiders scored at least two points. 180. 256. Preston Wirkus scored 11 points and added five rebounds. 775. 191.5 Burger Construction 38. Xavier Lechleitner led the team with seven rebounds and six assists while chipping in nine points. Aidan Masanz led Pittsville with 12 points. girls high game and series: Riley Mueller. 2016 High game and series: Luann Thurs.5 33.5 41. The Raiders trail Assumption Stratford rolls over Athens Macie Frueh and Savannah Schillinger starred for Stratford.D.5 44. Royals’ senior Taylor Gotz led all scorers with 19 points. Brittany Ange. grabbed five rebounds and had a block. Kaylyn Schreiner.5 11.5 52. 2016 High game and series: Georgine Blume. The Red Raiders are 14-2. TEAM STANDINGS Pioneer Bank 48 28 B&I Lumber 47 29 Financial Strategies 43 33 Watering Trough 43 33 Mar By 41 35 Ultra Com 23.5 10. 493. The Apaches handed the Tigers their first conference loss back on Dec. Jacob Danen scored 11 points and grabbed 11 boards. 300. 262.5 MIDWEEK MIXED JANUARY 20. Friday’s result dropped Stratford to 5-4 in the South. 100.5 Agri-Service Center 4. TEAM STANDINGS The High Rollers 43 21 The Spare Shooters 21 43 GOING UP-Edgar’s Macey Wirkus (0) fights for a rebound with Rib Lake’s Raejana Wright during Friday’s game. 523. swiped seven steals. “The girls kept up the pressure and we relied on our defense.5 44. Heidmann led the Wildcats with seven points.5 34. TEAM STANDINGS Jan’s 11th Frame 49 31 Fischer Transportation 45. TEAM STANDINGS The Shack 57 33 Beining’s Garage 56. led by Nagel’s three.5 Memory Lanes WEDNESDAY NIGHT LADIES JANUARY 20. Berenice Lira and Gabi Janke all scored four for Athens.5 Just Us 29 31 Ladies With Balls 26. 591.5 Village Inn 43 37 Marathon Cheese 42 38 Marathon City SP 41 39 People’s State Bank 38 42 Red Woof Pet Resort 35. Morgan Rachu was everywhere for Marathon.5 367.5 278. 478.5 M&M Bakery 2 14 THURSDAY 3-MAN JANUARY 21. compared to just eight-for-38 (. 218. 2016 Boys high game and series: Thomas Bangart. 11. Frueh paced Stratford with 16 points and added two steals.5 games back of first place Assumption. The most recent AP basketball poll has Marathon ranked sixth in Division 4. five assists and two steals.5 210 308 172. . Brenden Fecker scored nine and Nick Stoflet and Cole Hoffman had eight points apiece. Danen added 12 points. 684.5 EML 47 43 Stroetz Tax 46. that’s something we’ve been working on.5 Haines Trucking 28. Tuesday’s contest. Fecker scored a team-high 14 for the Tigers. 2016 High game: Keith Weiler. Auburndale got all they could handle from Stratford on Friday.5 255.5 262 278 261. 2016 High game and series: Doug Altmann. girls high game and series: Taylor Purgett.480) from the floor. 266. High series: Mark Weiler.5 Here 4 Beer 42. 333. Wirkus had six and Borchardt had five. the Raiders hold a two-game lead over second place Newman Catholic as they seek a second-straight conference championship. two assists and two steals. helping the Tigers to a 73-36 win over non-conference rival Athens Monday night. 14.5 36. 340. 253. but the Apaches won a tightly-contested Marawood South girls basketball game 4543 in Auburndale. 701.5 Memory Lanes 31. Ellenbecker 7 9 Memory Lanes 1 5. 2016 The Record-Review SPORTS BOWLING SCORES Marathon City Sports Center WEDNESDAY NIGHT LADIES JANUARY 20.5 Pro-Plow 24 36 TUESDAY TWO-HOUSE JANUARY 19. 212. Marathon was 28-for-51 (. TEAM STANDINGS The High Rollers 38 26 The X-Factors 37 27 The Tigers 31 33 The King Pins 26 38 The Super Strikers 26 38 The Spare Shooters 22 42 JUNIOR LEAGUE JANUARY 23. 43.5 47. Auburndale improved to 6-2 and sits 1. Edgar drops to 12-4 with the loss.5 41. 27. we would not have finished those layups. Derrick Schmidt had 10 points and 12 rebounds. was a 65-28 win for the Red Raiders.” Urmanski said.5 YOUTH LEAGUE JANUARY 23.Page 12 January 27. High series: Rob Gilles. 225. 191. Marathon blew out Edgar in a nonconference game. The senior guard scored 17 points.406. Edgar was 24-for-50 (. 131.5 28. Marathon led 26-19 at halftime. Frueh scored a game-high 19 and Schillinger had 18. At the beginning of the season.210) for Edgar. by a half-game for first in the Marawood South. STAFF PHOTO/BRYAN WEGTER Boys basketball Continued from page 10 Marathon beats Pittsville The Marathon Red Raiders improved to 7-0 in the Marawood South after a 4940 boys basketball win over the Pittsville Panthers last Thursday. TEAM STANDINGS Weiler Electric 41 23 KBV 31. The Redmen shot a season-best .5 Legend Seeds 36 54 Shack II 23 67 BUDWEISER NATIONAL JANUARY 18. Raiders’ guard Jayci Blume scored 15 points on six-of-nine shooting and had three steals. Ethan Nagel led Stratford with 12 points. The Wildcats made six baskets while being fouled in the second half. With five games left on their South schedule.

Tenn. in Athens. Delmar and Lila Bruesewitz. Modesto.C. Plooy. Athens. Merlin “Mush” (Stephanie) Switlick. until the time of the service at the church.. Beth and Gary Switlick. Jan.m. as well as many nieces and nephews. 17 great-grandchildren. Henry. Devin Switlick. 23. Wausau. at the Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Home. 1959. 3. She was born March 7. Steven. Lydia (Hornung) Handrick. which is still used today by many growers throughout the state. She and her late husband. 20. and one brother. she was preceded in death by sons. Friends called on Wednesday from 4-8 p. of Stratford passed away unexpectedly on Monday. 1944. The funeral Mass will be celebrated at 11 a.. He was instrumental in designing and building ginseng equipment. she married the love of her life. Madalynn (Cody) Baker. Online condolences may be expressed at www. Calif. Gene (Peggy) Switlick. age. 18. He was born Aug. Along with her faith and prayer life. before moving to Wisconsin in 1984 to start another family farm. and Germany. 18. JoAnne was a member of St. The funeral Mass was celebrated at noon on Saturday. Dan ( Donna) Lloyd and Harry Lloyd. Wally married the love of his life. Jason Bruesewitz. He was an active member of the Maine Lions Club where he received the Birch-Sturm Fellowship. Saturday. city. Hornung. He was known as “The Man with the One Ton (truck). Fri. Tanner. JoAnne had a great love for life and for those less fortunate. All other obituaries will be charged at a rate of $5 per column inch. and Glenn Zettler. Athens. Visitation was held on Saturday from 9 a. evening at the Stewart Avenue funeral home. and a brother. Anthony and Greta Seidel. Jan.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27.m. step-mother. 22. along with 15 grandchildren.m. Rob Seidel. Lindsey (Mac) Ellis. Paid obituary 4-177900 JoAnne Plooy JoAnne M. memorials may be directed to JoAnne’s family to be donated to St. Tenn. Robert (Aeron) Plooy. A funeral service was held Friday. Trista and Ian Krzankowski. Laverne “Rusty” Zettler. and Maureen Seehafer. Abbotsford. aunts and uncles. my love. He was preceded in death by his father. died Wednesday. at St.” Wally had a great sense of humor. He helped with lawn care and ground maintenance at Maple Grove Cemetery. Holy Rosary Catholic School in Medford and St. Adam (Stefanie) and Apollo (Katie) Switlick. baking. at 2 p. Paid obituary 4-177903 Walter Hornung Walter J. He was a member of St. even if no one was listening. Heidi (Micah) Kalscheur. one great-great-grandchild. Athens.. Paid obituary 4-177899 To Remember Your Loved One.m. Athens. San Francisco. Msgr. 2016 Page 13 OBITUARIES Timothy Bruesewitz Irene Switlick Irene J. She also enjoyed cooking for her family. Burial will be in Calvary Cemetery. maternal grandmother. California. the highest form of recognition. Mary Catholic Church in Marathon. sewing. date of death and service information (no photo). would talk. a daughter.. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. according to all his friends. and Meredith. 2016. Turlock. She was born on Jan. Maurina-Schilling Funeral Home. Mary Lou (Ronald) Shearer. four step-brothers. Jan. Burial took place at Colby Memorial Cemetery. In lieu of flowers. Matthews Treasure Sale and Helping Hands. traveling and spending time with her 15 grandchildren. Together they owned several farms in California. Army at Ft. Wally is survived by his loving wife of 49 years. There was a rosary service at 7:30 p. He is further survived by his nieces and nephews. Tyler and Logan Paul. Arlita Frantz. Medford. Joseph’s Hospital. Mike (Julie) of Unity. He graduated from Marathon High School and later attended Northcentral Technical College in Wausau. with Pastor Teri Hanson presiding. Paid obituary 4-177898 OBITUARY POLICY A free death notice will be available. and again on Saturday from 9:30 a. Justin. 1968. Kristen and Alyssa Brandner. brother. 18. He proudly served his country from 1965 – 1967 in the U.S. She loved being a homemaker and enjoyed cooking. He preceded her in death on Jan. Anita Martin. Marlene Hornung. Merrill. Calif. Call 715-223-2342 with questions. Jan. Besides her parents and husband. 30. 2016. Matthew Catholic Church. Bill Boer and Garrett Plooy. father and grandfather. Betty Lloyd. Medford. Athens. Kyle (Cassie). and again on Thursday from 10 a. Medford. Survivors include her children. in Wausau.m. Dennis.. N. town of Maine. After graduating from Modesto High School. at Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Home. Wally enjoyed a wonderful life with his wife and three children. Scott Brandner. eight grandchildren.m. Calif. Joseph. a great-niece and great-nephew. Jesse (Shannon). On Nov. Athens. Timothy is survived by his mom. Margaret Zrutskie. We have many designs and poems to choose from or you can make it your own. Linda Bruesewitz of Stratford. George Graham presided. Marissa and Taylor Wussow. he could build it.2342 Timothy Lee Bruesewitz. Allen (Eileen) Eckardt. Duane Zettler. one grandson. Paul Peralta. He always had a joke to tell and. Also surviving are two sisters. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. and Maloree Switlick. There was a parish prayer service at 8 p. She was preceded in death by her husband of 49 years. until time of the service at the church. Anthony Catholic School in Athens. Leah and Paden Boer. After his honorable discharge he worked at Kraft Foods and Skellgas. Lester Hornung. He took great pride in maintaining and restoring all of his tractors. Elizabeth. Anthony Catholic Church. at St.. Janet Komarek. in Modesto. He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends. Edgar. passed away at the age of 73 on Friday. grandchildren. 1953.. . 2016. 79. Wednesday evening at the funeral home. Matthews Catholic Church. two sisters. surrounded by his loving family. brothers. and paternal grandparents. and a member of the St.petersonkraemer. on Thursday. Colo. in her home surrounded by her children under the care of Hope Hospice. Johns Catholic Church in Marshfield. knitting and painting. three brothers-in-law. Wally lived a life full of love. Herman and May Hornung.petersonkraemer. Plooy on October 17. two sons. In lieu of flowers. Marc and Brad Hornung. Ronnie. in Modesto. 23. 22. Athens. Burial was in Calvary Cemetery. twin sister. Patrick (Darlene) Lloyd. Marge Lloyd. He was a wonderful husband. Calif.. Wally generously offered his time and talent to others. Friends called on Friday from 4-8 p. Oakdale. Sherri (Bill) Boer. Online condolences may be expressed at www. and one brother. until the time of the service at the church.. Jordan Russell (Heidi) Hornung and Dennis (Patti) Hornung. Contact us to place a memorial ad to remember your loved one by. 12. at St. TP PRINTING CO. She also enjoyed singing and was a member of the choir at St. James. Jared and Aaron Eckardt. and Judy (David) Fletcher. Rev.. now known as Ferrell Gas. where he served as an usher.m. her parents. 3400 Stewart Avenue. He is further survived by eight sisters-in-law. passed away on Jan. Nicholas and Jacob Krebsbach. Switlick. Pallbearers will be Henry Plooy Jr. 28. Edward and Gary Handrick. She is survived by her six children. Athens. Medford. age 47. maternal grandfather. John Catholic Church. at Wausau. 71. Rev. George Graham and Rev. Lynnise Eckardt.. 1966. Wuertzburg. The funeral Mass was celebrated at 11 a. Peterson/Kraemer Funeral Arizona. many other relatives and friends. She thoroughly enjoyed her job as a farmer’s wife and housewife for 45 years. Funeral home names will be included. 103 W. Wally was a master of ingenuity. Medford. She also enjoyed bowling. Calif. one son-inlaw. Calif. Athens. baking and volunteering for those who were in need. If you couldn’t buy it. Modesto. Amanda. Harry Zrutskie. Jan. Garrett and Erica Plooy. 2016. Troutman. his son. He continued the legacy his dad passed onto him and raised ginseng his entire life. Robert Thorn presided. Joyce Schemenauer. Henry Plooy Jr. sister. at St.m. his parents.. Brittni (Justin) Krzankowski. at Aspirus Wausau Hospital. assisted the family with arrangements. They will carry his knowledge with them the rest of their lives. 1936. Becky. 2016. A death notice will include name. Bradley Bruesewitz. and Carrie (Rob) Seidel. He enjoyed traveling with family and friends throughout Europe and the United States. JoAnne loved quilting. Angela (Steve) Sommer. one step-sister. Jan. Betty (Lloyd) Hornung. Online condolences may be expressed at www. Athens. Rev. 11. Oakdale. on Nov. Henry W. Eric and Aaron Hoffman. 1942. Wally also took great pride in passing on his skills of welding and fabricating to his sons and grandsons. date of birth. 1994.m. Francine. 2009. Zachary. Pat and Gary.petersonkraemer. Heidi (Scott) Brandner.223. He was preceded in death by one daughter. feeding the birds and gardening. on March 26. He always took the opportunity to remind his family that he was left handed and therefore he was always in his right mind. Carl. Duane. Wally enjoyed volunteering for the St. Michael (Cheri) Plooy. Burial took place in Maple Grove Cemetery.m. and a great-grandchild. Allan (Silvia) Switlick. had a strong belief in the support of St. Spruce Street | Abbotsford | 715. Irene was the owner and secretary of Switlick and Sons. Medford. Vincent. Plooy. Michael Plooy. camping. Gertrude (Robert) Feirer. Wally was born May 21. Carson. Anthony Catholic Church. Anthony Catholic Church. Trinity and Treyten Hornung. Alberta Strey. assisted the family with arrangements. Henry W. but no web address. she married James Switlick at St. daughter of the late Frank “Pat” and Sophia (Boris) Zettler. Goodbye. Sherri (Keith) Krebsbach. Verlene Hebert. Judy Dix and Karen (Lee) Schmoll. Calif. Joseph Diermeier will preside. Marshfield. Jan. Wausau. a memorial fund is being established. to the late Joseph and Mary Peralta. Anthony PCCW. Joseph and Mary Peralta. Deb (Tom) Paul of Abbotsford and Lisa (Tom) Wussow of Stratford.. Medford. Colby. Stetsonville.

girls basketball game between Marathon and Stratford in Marathon beginning at 7:15 SCHOOL LUNCH St. mashed potatoes w/ gravy. 14. The meeting was called to order by the president Marlene Seubert. Feb. Marathon. HISTORY CORNER THE RECORD-REVIEW Thursday. Mary’s School for the cheese. followed by singing the National Anthem. mashed potatoes/ gravy.m. Norton Zunker. Thank you cards were read from several Christmas Cheer recipients.m. Feb. to 2 p. green beans Tuesday. MHS: PB&J sandwich Thursday. three ounces at birth. cheese omelet. to 4 p. A prayer was read by the chaplain Ruth Paul. Mary’s school at 715-443-3430. January 30. along with many of his former players. was born Dec. Feb. Feb. Marathon Public Schools Honor flight donation Marathon American Legion Post 469 commander Brandon Skrzypchak. at left. The students and their colleges are Taylor Guralski. Marathon.m. will be at St John’s at 4:30 p. at Zion. Nursing and Health Sciences. . mandarin oranges. Virginia Louise. the VA hospitals in Minneapolis.” Thursday is “Dress Up Day” and Friday is “Grandparent’s Day. There are 103 members paid at this time. Route 2. HYPNOTIST The Marathon High School Student Council will sponsor a professional hypnotist on Wednesday. Leo’s Court 795 Catholic Order of Foresters will sponsor a chili and chicken soup meal on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. veggie tray. to support Never Forgotten Honor Flights that send veterans to visit the war memorials in Washington. and Mrs. A senior majoring in music. Sunday School is at 10:30 a. Feb. 1: Spaghetti/ breadstick. contact St. cracker tray given for Education Week. 3: Chicken nuggets. Education and Human Sciences. salad bar and milk. Unit 469 has received membership awards for having 35 percent renewals by Columbus Day. The catechism class on Wednesday. 2015. Feb. The grandparents are John and Julie Bourke. salad bar and milk. 5. 3 MINI MACHINES The Marathon City Branch Library invites tweens and teens to build balloon powered cars and mini catapults using household materials on Thursday. OPEN HOUSE The Marathon City Day Heritage Center will hold an open house for volunteers on Sunday. Children and families are encouraged to make special Valentine’s Day crafts. Feb. to Taylor and Laura (Bourke). A membership report was given by Bonnie Schult. John’s/Zion St. Feb. and Brooke Seubert. Education and Human Sciences. 31.m. 45 percent by Veterans Day and 60 percent by Pearl Harbor Day. A motion by Bonnie Schult. numerous conference championships along with winning the 1998 WIAA division state championship. Worship service on Sunday. pears Friday. 1975 Native music student to perform with university brass choir Neal Zunker. 3: Chili w/ MAES: bosco stick. Education and Human Sciences. 23. Feb. Feb. Halftime honors Former Marathon girls basketball and WBCA Hall of Fame coach Bill Knetter. Lexington. 4: BBQ/bun/ cheese. corn Wednesday. at right. baked beans Friday. steamed vegetable Lunches served with fruit. They are Greyson Bahr.m. Several unpaid members will be contacted. french fries. sausage.C. tater tots.O. fruit cocktail. rice krispie bar Tuesday. Feb. a Marathon native and student at the University of Wisconsin. strawberries w/whipped cream Lunches served with fruit. Mary’s School Monday. 25. All former players of Coach Knetter are encouraged to attend the game followed by a social in the school cafeteria. Legion auxiliary The American Legion Auxiliary of the Alois Dreikhosen Unit 469 met at the Marathon Municipal Center on Jan. Jan. coach Knetter collected more than 300 victories. through Friday. 5: Quesadilla w/toppings. Tenn. Ky. 7) January 2016 from 11 a. Feb.The Preamble to the Constitution of the American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion Auxiliary Mission Statement were recited by all. Stevens Point.m.Page 14 January 27.m. 2: Chicken smackers. Monday will be “Be Famous Day for the Day. Knoxville. The infant weighed seven pounds. Feb. 1: Pizza sticks w/marinara sauce. Feb.m. will be honored at halftime of the Thursday. seconded by Eileen Franke was approved to purchase one $50 ticket for the Auxiliary Monday. School of Education. town of Rib Falls. chip cookie Thursday. For more information. In his over 20 years leading the Marathon girls program. chicken/cheese. St. 4: Crispy chicken patty/bun. Michael Lemanski. 2016 THE RECORD-REVIEW Marathon COMMUNITY LIVING Send Marathon news to: RR@tpprinting. Business. choc. 1:30 p. to 1 p. Italian meat sauce/ alfredo chicken. 1. Feb. Also a thank you was received from St. 5: Whole wheat pancakes. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. 10 a.m.” Tuesday is “Spirit Day. have announced its upcoming sched- ule. Iron Mountain. Mallory Lemmer. There were 16 members present. peaches Wednesday. 3. and Ken and Julie Morgam. is a member of the University’s Brass Choir which will be performing at seven high schools in northern Wisconsin next week. phone: 715-223-2342 fax: 715-223-3505 P. and Union See MARATHON/ page 15 MARATHON COMMUNITY CALENDAR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK Catholic Schools Week will be held Monday. Feb. D. refried beans. Contact Jeff Schneider at (715) 432-8158 or Hayley Cramer at (715) 551-8206 with questions or for more information. Miranda Jahnke. 14.” SUPER BOWL SUNDAY St. Feb. 11. corn. Box 677 103 West Spruce Street Abbotsford.” Wednesday will be the “Mission Carnival. Birth A daughter. recently presented a donation to local co-chairman Jim Campbell. Zunker is the son of Mr. Presidential Campaign. and Ashley Butalla. 2: Chicken fajita/soft shell w/all the fixings. will be at 10 a. John’s Lutheran Church and Zion Lutheran Church. Thank you cards were received from the Trees From Home program. UW-Madison has recognized two Marathon students on its dean’s list for the fall semester of the 2015-16 school year.. pm. College of letters and Science. WI 54405 On campus Five Marathon students have been named to the dean’s list at UW-Eau Claire for the fall 2015 semester.

com Marathon Area Elementary School 4 Year Old Kindergarten Registration for 2016-17 4-177499 Special Members Only Sale Thursday. Feb. Halder will serve Lenten fish fries on Fridays from Feb.m. Sunday school and Bible class are at 9 a. Elsa Hahn. 14.m. February 4 5:00 – 8:00 p. Bob Streveler and Deacon Bryan Hilts will lead the pilgrimage.S. Sugary drinks like soda are equally damaging. 30. It will include visits to Rome with a papal audience. 2016 Sixth Grade High honors-Stefani Chesek. Camryn Capinski. seconded by Betty Blume to make a $500 donation to the Randlin Home. seconded by Mary Jane Cramer to make a $100 donation to the Foundation of Ministry St. The Christian Care Comittee meets at 7 p. in-unit full w/d. at 7 p.m. The center is located at 301 Main Street. Kylie Draeger. Feb. water and trash removal).m. Open house Friends of the Marathon County Public Library FEBRUARY 2016 St. Laverna. It is regularly open the second Sunday of each month from 10 a. Marathon 715-443-2200 WHY SUGAR HURTS Q. Mary’s School. Marvel Artus. Lunch was served by the hostesses.D. please contact the MAES office at 715-443-2538. John Stoffel. Anthony’s Spirituality Center. sugar consumption contributes to a variety of other human health problems. 12 through March 25. Seventh Grade High Honors-Hope Krautkramer. or by appointment. Many of the center’s initial collections on display are on loan from the Marathon County Historical Society. After that time. Jada Prihoda. 4. Sucking on a slow-dissolving hard candy. The amount of sugar you consume may. has announced the following events. Noah Fritz. Shane Kahan. Matthew’s Church. Breanne Karlen. – 4:30 p.m. one-stall detached garage. Elizabeth Boehm. Anthony’s School. Team members are. Jan. Sarah Fritz. Emma Handrick. Mary’s honor roll St. On Sunday. The next meeting will be Thursday. Will Prihoda. SWIDERSKI. The meeting adjourned with the chaplain reading a closing prayer and the singing of “America”. Marathon. Jacob Sweno. Bailey Karlen. The Academic Team is coached by Miss Linda Popowski.m. Feb. Marathon has reported its second quarter honor roll for Do you feel like your hands are tied? First place finish St.S. Marguerite Stoffel.m. Joseph’s Hospital. A discussion was held on selecting two girls to attend Badger Girls and also selecting a Poppy Princess. Breanne Karlen. may actually be more damaging because they are sticky and cling more easily to teeth than refined sugar does.m. Sofia Tylinski. spacious rooms. 2 & 3 BR luxury apartment homes Including: private entrances. The Ladies Aid will meet Thursday. The Marathon City Heritage Center is a joint collaboration between the Marathon County Historical Society and Marathon City 2020 Ltd. Lenten fish St. 3. Kyli Blume. Some items that you might think are healthy substitutes for sugar. Nocholas Sommers. worship service. What is it about sugar that is so bad for your teeth? A. Hoffman D. In addition to its effect on teeth. Other prize winners were. 132 2 p.m. Feb. say. Visit our website to subscribe. The attendance award was won by Jean Braunel. Patrick’s Church. Katrina Fredrickson. Consuming sugary products throughout the day. New Patients Welcome! 4-177216 . Nicole Skrzypchak and Julie Carriveau.m. WI 54480 4-177808 715-693-9522 February 4-7. be less significant than the way you consume it. A. the Fisher House in Milwaukee and also from Childrens Miracle Network and the M. Also a donation has been received from an anonymous donor. Sierra Eckardt and Emma Handrick. Jan. 11. To be eligible. To register your child for 4Kdg. February 7 BAG SALE 1:00 – 4:00 p. Stetsonville. Betty Blume gave an update on the care packages she has been sending to servicemen. Jared Sweno. Sierra Schardt. however.S.m. Marks D.m. left to right. Depending on any number of factors. With a new career. your child must be 4 years of age on or before September 1. St. 15. On Wednesday. Dessert at the end of a meal. Dr. the former Peoples State Bank building at the corner of Second and Main streets. Motion carried. by visiting www. Noah Gage. Athens. you’ll be able to get the respect that you deserve.m. sewer. Honors-Zachary Baumann. Lucy Hahn. honey or corn syrup. Joseph Stephan. The team will compete at the Brains and Brawn Tournament in La Crosse on Jan. tracking visitor attendance and opening and closing the facility. Bailey Karlen. minimizes the exposure of teeth to sugar. A motion was made by Eileen Franke. centralwinews.marathoncity2020. like molasses. Eighth Grade High Honors-Kyli Blume. Assisi. creating an acid that can erode enamel and begin tooth decay.D. Mary Jane Cramer and Julie Carriveau. Marguerite Stoffel. Marks D. private deck or patio & utilities (heat. Sarah Fritz. Online Subscriptions Available! Call TODAY for more info! BOOK SALE Honors-Anna Cleven. And no one will let you take control to get the job done correctly? Memberships Available Are you ready for a change? Friday & Saturday.C. Tanner Hanke.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. A donation has been received from the family of Theresa Szymanski in her honor. 1101. Shane Kahan. Sugar is an enemy to your teeth because it combines with the filmy plaque that coats your teeth. 2016 Page 15 Marathon Continued from page 14 Grove. ext. 4-177720 The Marathon City Heritage Center will celebrate St. Grace Gage.. there will be a 7 p. from 10 a. keeps your teeth in contact with acid over an extended period. Worship is at 10 or sending an inquiry to info@marathoncity2020. Children and families are also encouraged to come Feb. can keep your teeth in a bath of sugar. LLC www. On CHECK OUT THE CLASSIFIEDS! The Record-Review Abbotsford 715-223-2342 Marathon Area Elementary School is now accepting registrations for children entering 4 year old kindergarten next school Marathon City Blue Stone Estates BRAND NEW 1. Noelle O. Valentine’s Day with an open house for prospective volunteers on Sunday. Sunday. to 2 p. walk-in closets. 30. Betty Blume. 4-177867 TAX PREPARATION & ACCOUNTING 715-678-1110 Taking tax appointments now for the 2015 filing season. Ella Mader. 2016. Anyone who shares enthusiasm for our community’s history is encouraged to come between to learn about volunteer opportunities at the Heritage Center. Kayla Radtke. appliances. the plaque can remain acidic for up to an hour. catechism class will be held from 3:30-5:30 p. Ask The Doctor BY Noelle O. Marathon. 2015-16 school year.m. Honors-Katlyn Bahr.m. Deadline for registration is Monday.D. Talk with your dentist about how to prevent sugar from being a problem for you. Hunter Krautkramer is not pictured. Marathon. 2 14 to make special Valentine crafts. A motion was made by Ruth Paul. answering questions. the plaque will begin to return to neutral and the danger will pass. Contact a committee member or request more information about the Heritage Center and Marathon City 2020 Ltd. Dawson Lang. Aaron Schumacher. including obesity. at the Marathon Municipal S. Padua and Venice. in the long run. Michael Hahn. Pilgrimage St. followed by brushing and flossing. Presented as a service to the community by Dr. Lyndsay Pintor. Siena. Volunteers typically work one two-hour shift every few months and spend time welcoming guests. Katrina Fredrickson. Feb. Louise Wilson Educational Loan Fund. Mary’s Academic Team placed first at the North East Rural Region academic competition which was held at St. February 5 & 6 9:30 a.scswiderski. Hunter Krautkramer. Matthew’s St. $6 Bags provided For more information Call 715-261-7200 info@mcpl. Isaac Hackel. Jaeden Strasser. will sponsor a Catholic pilgrimage to Italy from May 23 to June 3. McKenna Haehlke. 981 Blue Stone Lane. Motion carried. for instance. Jeremy M. 1 p. Kaitlyn Kaiser. Michael Kindlarski. The Rev. Darin Karlen. Jean Knauf. County Rd. 31. Grace Gage.

com/ StratfordContinuingEducation.m. peaches Tuesday. blueberries Lunches served with milk and salad bar. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Contact St. Yoga 4 Everybody will be held from 6-7 p.m. People who want takeout food should call 715-687-3114. Anyone with questions about the classes can e-mail Linda at stratfordclasses@ gmail. Thursdays from March 3-May 5 at the town of Day hall in Rozellville. Feb. Takeouts are available. 5: Chili soup. 1: Build a burger. baked beans. Dennee’s experience in lending is a great asset to the bank. Quilting afternoon People can learn new quilting skills. corn.m.m. Brooke. 13. practice existing skills and socialize with others from 1:30-3:30 p. at Shawano Community High School at 10:30 a. and hot cocoa and cider will be served. The Fisher’s daughter. seasoned black beans. Neil Belke. Family outdoor event The Cold Feet! Warm Hearts! Snow Shoe event will be held from Noon until 3 p. He has helped coach youth sports and was a Village of Stratford Board trustee. 5: Chicken strips. Belgium. Before coming to Stratford State Bank. Officiers were re-elected: Ted Schoenherr. Quilters who are young and old. the team sectional tournament will be held on Tuesday. serving at the finance committee chair.m. experienced or beginners. 21-March 24 in the Stratford High School commons.Page 16 January 27.m. Monday. boots and STRATFORD COMMUNITY CALENDAR STEAK FEED The Stratford VFW will host its monthly steak feed on Tuesday. cauliflower. He is looking forward to helping people with all of their financial needs. Attendees can bring their own snow shoes. or reserve a pair of snow shoes and let the experts from The Sports Den in Marshfield provide a lesson on how to snow shoe. Quilters should bring their own supplies. Yoga Body Bootcamp will take place from 7:15-8 p. clerk.facebook. Feb. at Manawa High School at 6 p. along with hunting and fishing. Sunday. Feb. 20. Wednesdays from Jan. pears Thursday. 3: Hot dogs. or find them on Facebook at http://www. apple slices Friday. St. Feb. mashed potatoes. Dennee has lived in the Stratford area his entire life and he has been an active member of the community. Feb. People can sign up for these classes by going to www. spring2016-athn-gr nvly-hal dr-rozell-spencr-strat. Then. . at the Stratford VFW Clubhouse from 4:30 to 8 p. though the library will have pattern and instruction books available to further people’s learning. Feb. There will also be a bonfire. Feb. Jan. Paint Away Workshop will take place from 7-9 p. broccoli.m. on the third Tuesday of each month until June. tropical fruit Thursday. Jan. The state tournament will be held at the Kohl Center. phone: 715-223-2342 fax: 715-223-3505 P. Fourth St. garlic bread. 17. Mondays from March 25-June 27 in the Stratford High School commons. and then attend college. pears Tuesday.m. 22. pineapple Wednesday. Jan.O. Feb. WI 54405 SCHOOL LUNCH Stratford Public School Monday. green beans. Dennee was a vice president for First Choice Credit Union in Marshfield for the past 15 years. Individual sectional is slated for Saturday. 27-March 13 at a to be determined site. Box 677 103 West Spruce Street HISTORY CORNER THE STRATFORD JOURNAL Wednesday. Toivonen is from Sysma. 14 at Stratford’s Heritage Trail. Joseph’s School Stratford foreign exchange students Dieter Vanhove and Emmi Toivonen are foreign exchange students attending Stratford High School during this 2015-16 school year. All are welcome. 26 at the Marathon County Pub- lic Library Stratford Branch located at 400 N. Feb. along with a minor in resource management. 29. Her future plans to are finish two more years of high school in Finland. sleds to enjoy the trail. 11. Feb. grilled cheese. and his host family is Robert and Brenda Fisher. peaches Friday.m.m. at Zion Lutheran Church in Stratford. 2: Turkey and gravy. Lunches served with milk.m. People can also visit the Stratford Continuing Education website at http:// www. Madison.m. 25. strawberrries Continuing Education Stratford Continuing Education is offering classes. There is a fee. 26 and 27. Feb. A 20/20/20 class will be held from 5:15-6:15 p.stratfordclasses. 16. LEGO Club night The Marathon County Public Library Branch will host its Family LEGO Club from 3:30-4:30 p. Feb. Joseph School will be held Wednesday. 2: Mostaccioli.mysignup. at the WIAA Division 3 regional at Edgar at 10:30 a. Zumba will be held from 6:15-7:15 p. president. will gather to learn. 1: Pizza dippers. Jan. PASTA DINNER The 28th annual pasta dinner at St. 1975 Stratford wrestler Derek Marten Firefighter annual meeting The annual meeting of the Stratford fire department was held on Wednesday. and Tom Stack. 2. Firemen will again sponsor their summer festival with an auction and possibly a donkey ballgame at night. Jerry Sauter. mixed fruit State Bank new hire Stratford State Bank has hired Jeff Dennee as a new vice president. create and share hand-quilting techniques with each other. Vanhove is from Linkhout. 2016 The Record-Review Stratford COMMUNITY LIVING Send Stratford news to: RR@tpprinting.m. Joseph School at 715-687-4145 for more information February 2016 WRESTLING TOURNAMENTS The Stratford High School varsity wrestling team will begin the WIAA tournament season on Saturday. vice president. 3: Chicken patty on a bun. if the Tigers qualify. Brats and hot dogs. is currently a foreign exchange student in Spain. 4: Pizza Hut. Feb. Steak feed The Stratford VFW will continue to have steak feeds on the first Tuesday of each month throughout 2016. Feb. Feb. on Feb. His future plans are to attend college for marketing in Belgium. He graduated from the U n ive r s i t y of WisconJeff sin-Stevens Dennee Point with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. baked beans. Thursday. Tiger tots. Call 715-6873114 for more information. Sundays from Feb. from 4 to 7:30 p. 4: Cheesy broccoli soup. The event will take place at the trailhead shelter located on Parkview Drive in the Stratford Business/Industrial Park. Finland and her host family is Rick and Tracy Sischo.

000 and includes holiday. Monday. Minutes after every bit of work was completed. 4-157731 AT TAYLORED FAMILY CARE CLINIC Welcome Dr. write and deliver speeches.5 inches and the largest being 23. Wisconsin residents and at least 21 years old. and we laughed a lot. I noticed I had a flag on my tip-up that was only 20-feet from my cabin on the lake.5-inches and at 1:00 a. Then magic happened. Stratford 715-687-3128 • Fax: 715-687-2230 . low minus 12 Until today. and 3:30 a. headaches. walleye. Qualified applicants will be invited to a preliminary interview in February. unless I die soon. Jeff Moll.” drill three holes and put out 3 tip-ups for walleye. with the smallest being 20. “FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS!” 103 West Spruce St. We caught four more walleye. resume. another light on a tip-up told us that we were wrong. so I would be hauling all of my gear be. Stratford.5-inch walleye. vacation and sick leave. I was so happy I felt like doing a cartwheel.m. delivering classroom presentations. a good fight took place and soon after I iced an extremely fat 21. Direct questions to Alice in Dairyland program manager Becky Paris at 608224-5115 or by email at Rebecca. Application materials are available at http://datcp. 8. that he needed his taxi to come and get him. Wisconsin’s official agriculture ambassador.Twelve below is hard on the hands. then went to camp and put out Jeff’s 3 tip-ups. Feb. Since we had our “lets sink a truck“ hats on we hooked my trailer to the truck. marketing. Alice in Dairyland applicants should have considerable interest in Wisconsin An Outdoorsman’s Journal agriculture. “This position has provided me with unique professional development opportunities unlike any job I’ve had before” said 68th Alice in Dairyland. January 16th High 3. I had never seen Metonga. loaded the ATV and 5000-pounds of gear into Georgia and Fire taking a snooze in the ice shack! it and drove off Metonga with a. AWARD WINNER W AdventuhreereBthe egins! CHEVROLET TF-500204 He will see patients every Wednesday 8am-4pm No Need for Referral No Need for Insurance Cash Pricing Klemme Sales Inc. low minus 14 “lots a wind” Jeff and I gave catching “eyes” and “gators” our full attention during daylight hours and the weather was brutal.m I caught a very obese 28-inch northern pike. I will be back to Metonga! Sunset. What happened between 7:00 p. When I set the hook. Moll was highly energetic. has a maximum depth of 79-feet and is highly respected for quality in the size and numbers department of its perch. WI 54451 Call 715-748-5580 for information on our care options www. with 3 beautiful Jeff and I visited with Ed in his shack. Alice must also learn and retain information about the diversity of Wisconsin agriculture and be able to tailor that information to educate both urban and rural 715-687-4125 • 1-800-261-4125 TF-500158 830 E. The position holder will be headquartered in Madison and travel extensively throughout the state. no neighbors. etc. I have been able to build upon my passion for teaching others about agriculture with tangible skills that will carry far into my future. Applicants must be female. so we hiked a mile to our trucks.billsservicecenter. I got the call from my buddy. Friday. The next day’s high was minus Dairyland/Recruitment. TF-500205 BEGINNING FEBRUARY 3 125-129 Second Ave. 8. This one-year. sleep disorders. I have not had a flag and Ed who is in his shack about 400 yards away is texting that he is catching some walleye. submit a cover letter. as well as professional travel expenses.m. Broadway Ave. My 4-wheeler would not start. Suite A Medford. which on its north end borders Crandon. hind my 4-wheeler in a 9-foot enclosed trailer. education or training in communications. Feb. Even better yet. who owns Northwood’s Insurance Agency which is located in Crandon. would show up soon after the work was done for a weekend on the ice as well. We iced 5 walleye with the smallest being 19. Neurology Care By: Mark Walters W Walleye on Metonga Hello friends This week’s field/lake work took place on Forest County’s Lake Metonga.THE RECORD-REVIEW January 27. The annual salary for Alice in Dairyland is $40. Lake Metonga covers just under 2200 acres. which is a pretty good sized job. Inc. as a major helper on where to put my Eskimo ice shack. and utilize social media to tell the stories of Wisconsin agriculture. and networking with industry professionals. northern pike and smallmouth bass. and public speaking experience. was classic for Jeff and me. We listened to the Packers and the Cardinals from inside of the shack and every time we thought we could warm up. full-time contractual position starts June TF-500161 Stratford Building wisconsin. Our camp would be by itself. education or public relations. about two hours of daylight left and one heck of a cold spell was just hours away from hitting my home on Metonga. I am a lucky guy and had my good buddy Edward Smith. and three professional references to DATCP by 4:30 p. Top candidates will be announced in March and the three-day final interview process during which the new Alice will be selected will take place May 5-7 in Dodge County..We were the first “yahoos” to drive a truck on Metonga this winter. bye! This night was a true classic. in the shack on Metonga. Mr. I promise you. Teyanna Loether. the line was being pulled out at a slow but steady pace.” In this highly visible and fast-paced position. Jeff Moll. I went to work building our camp. Trade and Consumer Protection is accepting applications for the 69th Alice in Dairyland. as well as use of a vehicle for official business. Additional duties include developing and executing marketing plans. At this point people still were not driving trucks on Metonga.. spit froze when it hit the ice.... Reimbursement is provided for an individual health insurance premium up to $450 a month. but Jeff Moll was catching walleye There was a sense of urgency for me as I only had on Lake Metonga and loving it. WI 54484 ph: 715-687-4511 • fax: 715-687-4507 TP THE RECORD-REVIEW TRIBUNE-PHONOGRAPH TRIBUNE RECORD GLEANER THE CENTRAL WISCONSIN SHOPPER Printing C ompany Inc. Mark Szmanda 25 Years of General Neurology Experience Specializing in stroke. the 69th Alice in Dairyland will cultivate relationships with television. We did not come close to catching a fish until the sun said bye. Jeff’s Suburban would not start and had to be left in Crandon. 2016 Page 17 Applications sought for 69th Alice in Dairyland The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.wi. To apply. “we just had a great weekend in subzero conditions smile” on both of our faces. “Each day presents new learning and networking opportunities with fellow professionals involved in agriculture. walleye. Moll. radio and print media outlets. in other words. The first thing I did was pull out my Jiffy “Pro 4. at least three years experience. January 15th High 26.5-inches. Application materials are due Monday. Saturday. I said “our” camp because my old buddy. It is dark.m. Abbotsford (715) 223-2342 386 tayloredfamilycare.

Write one word per box. impact@impactseven. OTR exp Req’d EEOE/ AAP LIMITED POSITIONS! APPLY TODAY! 866-370-4476 www. BUY/ SELL/TRADE $2000. Local advertisers also available on www. Inc. fabricating and pipe fitting. Shopper . P. TP & TRG  CWS & TRG  SN & SNS AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY At Roland Kanneberg Villa. All classifieds must be prepaid. Owner paid heat./Machinery Feeds/Seeds/Plants For Rent For Sale Free/Give Away Garage Sales Help Wanted Horses Livestock Lost and Found Miscellaneous Mobile/Manuf. Preferred candidates need to have experience in stainless steel welding. Carlton.m. RR and CWS $ 00 14 Name ___________________________________________________________________________ 20 words or less Phone ___________________________________________________________________________ 30¢ for each additional word 2 SHOPPER COMBO  CWS & SNS $ ¢ 00 11 20 words or less 30 for each additional word 6 Choose a CLASSIFICATION 1000 TRG.00 WORTH OF DOOR PRIZES www. sewer & trash removal. Includes garage and laundry. WWII. Prairie du Chien. 715-443-2052. somebody else can put your old stuff to good use. NOW HIRING DRIVERS FOR DEDICATED & REGIONAL RUNS! Dedicated Fleet.Minimum Charge 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 50 for each additional word  4 PACK COMBO TRG. • Call: 715-223-2342 • Fax: 715-223-3505 • www. Class III MAC 11.50 per bale. Eligible applicants must be 62 or disabled. For more information please contact Impact Seven.COM (CNOW) January 27. 2015 3rd crop orchard grass. Process Systems Engineering Installation & Custom Fabrication Specialist for the Food. We are currently accepting applications for experienced shop & field installation personnel. 2 & 3 bedrooms. Hiring boat haulers.O. Need CDL Class A. RR. 715-748-2855. WANTED: GUNS . 6mos. Talk About a Deal! Spread the Word With Classified Advertising Please check the paper(s) you wish your ad to appear in. (CNOW) CHOOSE ONE PUBLICATION THE RECORD-REVIEW NOTICES HIRING EVENT CDL-A Drivers. $1. Appliances and some utilities and used. 2 BEDROOM Upper apartment in Athens. INC. all utilities included. car plug-ins. Call 855409-3630 (CNOW) GET FREE HIGH CASH PRODUCING Vending Machines . EHO. Top Pay.centralwinews. at 855-3168967 or (CNOW) Friday 10--6. 103 W. 20 words or less ¢ 30 for each additional word PER PACKAGE ¢ 00 22 20 words or less 20 or Less . Barrett 50 cal.65 Profit No Competition. PO Box 677. WI 54449 Or call for an appointment (715) 387-6598 or (800) 236-8773. Saturday                         Automotive Agriculture (Misc. HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED 3 BEDROOM Upper apartment in Athens. Make sure they know all about it with an ad in the Classifieds! $ Check only one. 1 year OTR Experience. rent starts at $455..75 Vend = . (608) 326-8108 www. Marshfield.        CWS RR & TP TRG 20 words SN or less 20¢ for each additional SNS word PER PUBLICATION TC WCWS  CS $ 50 6 New car calling your name? Old vacuum sucking up space in the closet? Odds are. Shopper (Thorp) • The Shopper (Medford) • The Central Wis. 1932 E. For an application please contact Impact to view featured stories from The Tribune-Phonograph and The Record-Review. One bedroom apartments at Withee Housing.) Business Opportunities Card of Thanks Child Care Farm centralwinews. drive4marten.m. RR & TP  RR.centralwinews. Certain restrictions apply. 10 a. SN. Dairy and Pharmaceutical Industry. Includes garage and laundry. water.Page 18 ANTIQUE SPORTING AND ADVERTISING SHOW February 5& (CNOW) WANTED TO BUY FEED-SEED-PLANTS FOR RENT CATCH US ON THE WEB. Building features community room.m. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES ADVERTISE HERE! Advertise your product or recruit an applicant in over 178 Wisconsin newspapers across the state! Call this paper or 800-227-7636 www. Full Benefits Package. Call 715-571-9623. WI. 200-201 N. -5 p. Tenant pay 30% of adjusted monthly income. com 906-250-1618 (CNOW) Huge 400 Gun & Military Auction. Call 715-571-9623. $1 per bale. Des Moines-based TMC will be onsite at Black Bear Casino Resort. CHOOSE ONE PACKAGE  CWS. Turn them into ca$h or trade for a new one! Shay Creek in Medford. TP PRINTING CO. We offer: • Competitive Wages • Vacation • Overtime • Personal Days • 7 Paid Holidays • 401K (Company Contribution) Apply at: Visit us online! www. WI 54405 Email: classsub@tpprinting. Employee-Owned Company. SNS and CS Excludes TC & WCWS $ 50 SN = Star News (Medford) SNS = The Shopper (Medford) CWS = Central Wisconsin Shopper TC = Thorp Courier (Thorp) RR = The Record-Review WCWS = West Central WI Shopper (Thorp) TP = Tribune-Phonograph TRG = Tribune Record Gleaner (Loyal) CS = Courier Sentinal (Cadott/Cornell/Holcombe) 7 PUBLICATION COMBO  Rates start as low as PUBLICATION KEY: Please check the combo package you wish your ad to appear in. Withee.antiquesportingandadvertisingshow. to accommodate agricultural processing workers. at 855-316-8967 or 715-357-0011. New Assigned Equipment. • Thorp Courier Paper • Star News Paper • Tribune-Phonograph • The Record-Review • Tribune-Record-Gleaner • Courier Sentinel Thursday Noon: • West Central Wis. Box 296. Sat. 26th.centralwinews. OSHKOSH WI Marten Transport. $400/month plus utilities. January 30. cnaads. MN 2/6/2016. Colts. Visit www. Eighth Street in Abbotsford. TCVEND. and laundry facilities. 1785 Highway 210. Inc.kramersales. 1-175623 • Subsistence Pay • Full Wage Travel Time • Doubletime on Sundays • Health Insurance • Paid Hotels CUSTOM FABRICATING & REPAIR. 2014 1st crop grassy Sunnyview Expo Center. Monthly Bonuses. CWS. Remington. Use sheet of paper if additional room is needed. Browning. EHO. Financing and Locating Services Provided Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629 WWW. Spruce St. Homes Notices Pets Real Estate Sporting Items Wanted to Buy Wanted to Rent Work Wanted/Services CLASSIFIED DEADLINES Monday 4:00 p. $ AVAILABLE NOW. Winchesters. some weather damage. 2016 Address _________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________________________ Zip Code _______________________ Please Call 715-223-2342 for Credit Card Payments. $700/month. WEEKLY HOMETIME! CDL-A.

January 30.Fri.lib. 6. COME JOIN OUR TEAM! NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! CAREGIVERS Interested applicants can apply in person at Pine Ridge Assisted Living in Colby or visit www.. 715267-6047.pineridgeliving.700 OBO. Many benefits available. $4 grocery bag sale is February 22-29. MILKERS: AFTERNOON And evenings. Bearing Arms Gun Shows 715308-8772. MUSIC. Library Director The Abbotsford Public Library Board of Trustees is taking applications for a self-motivated person with good people skills and excellent general computer skills for the directorship of the library. home weekends. Black River runs through property. 715-229-4136.m. Chelsea Conservation Club.. El Norteno Banquet Center in Curtiss. 3’x10’ Arch Fire brick. Clean MVR required. All items $1. stone walls. Reference required.wi. LOOKING FOR a change? Brandner Dairy is currently accepting applications for a fulltime equipment operator/general labor position. Phone 715-305-4735. part to full-time. as well as a company match retirement plan. nine miles north of by February 1. Less than 10 years old. many extras. 715-340-2116. experience with general repair work and operator desired. MAPLE SYRUP Evaporator. Pay based upon current skillset and experience. All types masonry. TWIN FOREST Products in Marathon is looking for an experienced log truck driver. HELP WANTED REAL ESTATE FOR SALE COUNTRY HOME for Sale Ranch style. black. Will train the right person. half doors. Colby Public Library. Cats RECORD-REVIEW January 27. . •2 bedroom.500 or make offer. V-8. paid vacation. MOVIE. February 12-13. barns. Saturday morning mechanic.000 miles. 30-40 hrs. Spence Street. 1 Mile West of Little Chicago on Cty.m. battery. air grates. 45. half of which must be in the liberal arts and sciences) and be prepared to take the appropriate courses for State of WI certification. 715-443-2526 Hours: Mon. 4 cylinder. FULL-TIME Field and shop person. •Vacant lots for $225. 7 miles east of Medford. Colby. WI. 3 bath on 24 mostly wooded acres. Looking for drivers. Utilities not included. 715581-8144. Magazine. Saturday 9am-5pm. 4 door. Flexible hours. Apply in person at: Bletsoe Cheese Inc. 211 W. extended warranty. 715-897-4177. Call Jeff at 715-5819195 for more information. Reference required. snowplow. 2016 Page 19 FOR RENT GARAGE SALES AUTOMOTIVE WORK WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED AVAILABLE AT Green Acres Terrace in Colby.. 3-157494 We have an opening for Full-Time Teachers (4 days RQGD\RII. $10. Finished basement with walk out on blacktop road. wrapping and in the retail store. sorry no dogs. 9 a. $3. to print an application. Medford. We offer a scheduled work week. 3 bedroom. 5-6 hour shifts in parlor. VINTAGE SNOWMOBILE Show & Ride Feb. 2016. EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER WANTED: FULL-Time or parttime milker or chaser. Please refer to the library website for further information: abbotsfordpl. Duties include operating agricultural equipment as well as general farm maintenance. Candidates must be eligible for Grade III library certification (completed at least 54 college semester hours. also home daily route. brick. 1977 CJ-7 Fiberglass body. Starts Saturday. Please send a cover letter and resume to: Search Committee. Stratford area. Sat. WI 54405 or e-mail a cover letter and resume to director@abbotsford. STONE SETTER. PO Box 506 Abbotsford. Runs throughout February during library hours.60 FTEs.: 8 a. HELP WANTED TRUCK DRIVER Wanted for grain hopper division. WI. Stratford. 715-223-4168.-Noon on ABBOTSFORD AREA Gun Show. Includes lot rent. 1 bath for $550 for 11/1/15.noon. Will pay for needed education. 7C’S DAYCARE In Greenwood is looking for caregivers. Call 715-748-3012 for details. Phone 715-748-4793 or apply in person at N3299 Lekie Dr. Friday 3pm-8pm.m. 715-571-9623. Phone 715-305-0959. Contact Leon at 715-4275441. 9 a.m. A Ph. basement.-5 p. Stratford area. HELP WANTED HELP WANTED HELP WANTED 3-177605 Bletsoe Cheese is looking for a person to help with cutting. The library is open 51 hours a week and employs 1. new carburetor. This is a permanent position with a minimum of 32 hours a week. 2013 HYUNDAI Accent. block and stone. miscellaneous sale.

NOTE: Written exam. weekends and holidays. 1110 N. WI 54451 (PDLONMMHQVHQ#WGVQHW NOW HIRING An energetic waitress with a great personality. Pay based upon current skillset and experience. Phone 715-261-6802 or email HR@ci. mornings. maintaining public peace. 60 college credits. as required by the city after completion of one-year probationary period. WI 54437 QUESTIONS/APPLICATIONS: Contact city clerk at 715-267-6205 Questions may be directed to City of Wausau HR Dept. vision examination. good verbal and written communication skills. please call Jamie at 715-574-2360. successful candidate will need to establish residency within 15 miles. feeding.4XDOLÀHGFDQGLGDWHVZLOOKDYHSURYHQ ZRUN KLVWRU\ DQG SUHYLRXV H[SHULHQFH LQ HDUO\ FKLOGKRRG 6HHNLQJ LQGLYLGXDOV ZLWK DQ $VVRFLDWH RU %DFKHORU 'HJUHH DQG ZLOOLQJ WR SXUVXH IXUWKHU HGXFDWLRQLQ(DUO\&KLOGKRRG 6HQGOHWWHURILQWHUHVWDQGUHVXPHZLWKUHIHUHQFHVWR Kelly Jensen :&HGDU6WUHHW Medford.223. We offer a scheduled work week. Greenwood. drug screening. valid driver’s license. We have our own training program! We will pay for your license updates! Retirement Plan available! You are off for the summer months! You will be joining a great group a veteran drivers! AUTOMATIC DETENTION DOWN-TIME Pay Pay Text MARTEN to  95577 to receive our  latest job alerts.S. memorize the menu and complete all assigned duties. RESPONSIBILITIES: General police functions including patrol. To protect life and property. 102 N. no domestic abuse convictions. Duties include operating agricultural equipment. ordinance enforcement. psychological profile. no felony convictions. Cooking experience a plus. SUBMIT: DJ-LE-330 including questions. ability to possess a firearm. as well as general farm repair and maintenance. Division Street.wausau. SALARY: Dependent on qualifications. vision correctable to 20/20. dental insurance. Colby. Establish eligibility list. Phone 715-7484793 or apply in person at N3299 Lekie Dr. knowledge and skills in operating computer systems.wi. criminal law enforcement. INCLEMENT WEATHER Pay Holiday BONUS 866. eligibility for Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Certification. WI. No nights and weekends. Approximately 25-35 hours a week. fishing. Tennessee mountain land. BENEFITS: Wisconsin retirement fund. oral interviews. equipment repair and maintenance. WI.. Candidates must be able to follow directions. background investigation. hunting. ability to use all standard law enforcement equipment. Main St. at 4 p. 715-223-2496.m. disability insurance. 715-687-4675. health insurance. beautiful 2-177549 3-177676 Greenwood Police Department HELP WANTED **Bus Monitor Onboard To Assist With Children **School Bus Is Housed In Dorchester Stop in at B3866 Hwy 13 – Spencer for an application or call 715-659-4391 to have one mailed to you! • No experience necessary. If interested. ability to react quickly and effectively to stressful situations. very good condition.4476 drive4marten.governmentjobs.pineridgeliving. paid sick leave. skid steer experience a plus but not required. medical examination. Milking. BRANDNER DAIRY is currently accepting applications for a fulltime ag mechanic/equipment operator position. 2016 On-line applications only: https://agency. 2016.370. uniform The CITY OF WAUSAU is now hiring for the following position: EOE Department of Public Works Street Maintainer Deadline to apply – January 31. good driving record. able to work evenings. 3-177588 OAK VANITY With sink. as well as a company match retirement plan. citizen. traffic law enforcement. woods. QUALIFICATIONS: U. Toro snow thrower.2200 • www. resume to: Chief Bernie Bock Greenwood Police Dept. MISCELLANEOUS HELP WANTED On 100 cow dairy. Will train the right person. paid vacation. ability to perform essential functions of the position. Must be reliable and able to work independently. high school diploma. and working with the community to address community problems. minimum age: 21. • What are the benefits? 3-177584 NOW HIRING TRUCK DRIVERS FOR SCHEDULED DEDICATED RUNS NEW assigned equipment • Top Pay and Benefits Monthly Bonuses for Safety and Performance Based out of APPLY BY: February 4-177855 3-177604 SCHOOL BUS DRIVER NEEDED FOR WHEELCHAIR ROUTE IN THE COLBY DISTRICT! 3-177574 ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: The city of Greenwood is accepting applications to fill a vacancy for one full-time patrol officer. Medford. life insurance. . WI 54421 715. Great tips and base salary. paid holidays.

Ordering a new trial is an “extremely rare remedy. real estate. can never constitute a computerized communication system. Wausau ADVANTAGE COMMUNITY BANK 325 S. overturned McKellips’ conviction and ordered a new trial. TP Printing Co. 2011. business law. The appeals court ruled “a cell phone or other device. 2011. back in Marathon County. “You must determine whether the phone described in the evidence constitutes a computerized communication system. Edgar 4-177857 LIFE TRIBUTES FUNERAL HOME BY APPT. There is no date set when the Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case. McKellips had a jury trial before Judge Michael Moran in Marathon County Circuit Court on charges of repeated sexual assault of a 15-year-old Athens female. probate.. Abbotsford Ph. Meanwhile.” Moran instructed the jury. and July 27. obstructing an officer. McKellips admitted to the obstruction charge and was acquitted by a jury of the sexual assault charges. The jury found McKellips guilty of the computer charge. rules for jury instructions A Wisconsin Supreme Court decided in November it will review an appellate court decision granting Rory McKellips. Mon. Between June 10.” argues Lloyd.Page 20 January 27. ECKERT Eckert Law. In June 2013. The legislature never attempted to shelter sexual predators from prosecution because they used a cellphone. 3rd Ave. LLC 715-842-0907 4-177859 216 S. can $350 Assorted Fun Sized Candy Bars $150/pack Valentine Items We offer many gluten free items. 59.centralwinews..-Wed. • Sat. business start-ups E&L When you need a printing job done quickly…we’ll deliver! Rely on us. He read to jurors the legal definition of a computer. and July ATTORNEY DAVID J. would have had. Spruce St.. Further. 18. McKellips contacted the Athens juvenile 8.Fri.-Tue. argues Lloyd. a new trial over whether he used a computer to facilitate a child sex crime. the jury determine whether McKellips use of his cellphone was using a computerized communication system. ONLY Estate planning. the error was “harmless beyond a reasonable doubt” and does not justify a new trial. During trial. The court said the real controversy of the case was never tried and a new trial was warranted. The court argued that Judge Moran gave faulty instructions to the jury. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals on March 17. Spencer STORE SPECIALS Betty Crocker cker Cr C Crea Creat Create reat & ie M 35¢/box b Bake Cookie Mix 35 Maxwell House Coffee 1 lb.857 texts. Rory McKellips during 2013 jury trial Visit us online! www. the Marathon County District Attorney’s Office established that between Dec. McKellips and the juvenile exchanged 1. but could also redefine Wisconsin law concerning computers and decide when faulty jury instructions should result in a new trial. to lure a child into sex is a crime. 8-3 . The McKellips case is not extraordinary enough to call for a new trial. Moran told jurors that they had heard that McKellips used a Motorola flip-phone to communicate with the Athens juvenile. even one without Internet capabilities. 2016 THE RECORD-REVIEW High court will rule on McKellips Wisconsin justices will decide computer definition. Edgar. The Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Katherine Lloyd has entered a brief in the case.” A proper jury instruction.324 times on her family’s cellphone. 2015.. elder law. she maintains. itself. 14 oz. 8-5 • Closed Thurs.426 times on a cellphone he purchased for her. 3rd Ave. During this same period of time. 2011. WI TF-500210 901 South LaSalle Street. 103 W. and use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime. Mosinee. 715-223-2342 and more 4-177788 Efficient And Fast! Discount Groceries W987 Blackberry St. the prosecution said McKellips contacted the minor another 2. Lloyd says that although Moran misspoke when he gave jury instructions. & Sun. said the appellate court. 10 to determine whether McKellips should be released on bond during his conviction appeal. The brief argues that Wisconsin law is not unconstitutionally vague and that ordinary people understand that use of a cellphone. a hearing has been set on Feb. 2010. The high court’s decision will decide not only whether the former Athens High School girls basketball coach should be retried to see whether he used a computer to facilitate three sexual encounters with one of his former players.