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Forming Friendships ABN 30 127 305 127

Issue: No.54—August , 2009

PO Box 2008, Hazeldene, 3658

After hearing feedback about the need to replace the ‘blue forms’ handed out in the days after the fires, the Authority will be providing a new blue referral card to bushfire affected households. This will ensure those who need access to material aid can continue to do so. The card will begin to be mailed out in coming days, so bushfire affected people should start to receive them during the week of 27 July. They will be posted along with a comprehensive guide of useful contact information – including telephone numbers for community service hubs, material aid, donations, the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund, local councils and the Rebuilding Advisory Centres. For more information about the new referral cards, check out the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority website at or call 1800 240 667

Hosted by the Flowerdale Recovery Committee, the Flowerdale Planning Day on Sunday 19 July was attended by 120 people, including community members, Christine Nixon, Mayor Lyn Gunter and local State Member of Parliament Ben Hardman. Priority issues raised included rebuilding of the kindergarten and community centre, access to transport services, water quality issues and mobile phone and free to air television reception. Another critical issue for the community that was raised during the planning day was to do with the ‘reunification’ of Flowerdale, through a single postcode and town name. Following on from these planning days, the Flowerdale Recovery Committee and Kinglake Ranges Reference Group will be formulating Recovery Plans that address their raised priority issues.

The new Donations Management System is underway, ensuring that households can access a range of donations including building supplies and store vouchers on a needs basis. Under this needs-based system, each item is given a points value and each household has 1000 points to use in accessing these items according to what they most need. A number of households have accessed the system so far, but there are many donated items still available. Donations Coordinators are on the ground in communities administering this new system, in conjunction with Case Managers. Households are encouraged to work closely with their Case Managers in deciding which of the donated goods and services are going to be of most benefit to them. Any bushfire affected person who was approved for or received a grant from the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund will be able to access donations under this system. These donations are one part of the package of assistance available to bushfire affected individuals and families. They come on top of ongoing material aid for essential items and the full range of grants available through the Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund.

Distribution: 500 copies to Silver Creek Rd., Silver Parrot Rd., Creekside Dr., Riverside Cres., the service road, Moore’s Rd., Spring Valley Rd. Upper King Parrot Rd, and the main road as far as Minto Rd. Also the Hazeldene Store, Flowerdale Hotel, Strath Creek Store and Glenburn Roadhouse. Articles, advertisements, etc. can be left at the store, posted to PO Box 2008, Hazeldene, or emailed to Brenda at

Flowerdale Flyer

August, 2009 November 2008

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Police Report—Flowerdale/Glenburn
ROAD REPORT On 17 June, LSC BROWN attended a single vehicle collision in Flowerdale. The young driver has lost control whilst rounding a bend on the Yea-Whittlesea Road. The weather and road conditions played a part in this collision. On 21st June, Constable MEADE attended a single off road motor bike collision in the Mt Robertson State Forest. The male rider has lost control of his bike and sustained a serious leg injury. On 23rd June, LSC BROWN attended another single vehicle off road collision on a bend along the Melba Hwy. Fortunately the driver was not injured and again the weather has played a part in the collision. On 4 July LSC Gaffee attended a two car collision which occurred on the Whittlesea-Yea Road in Kinglake. Once again the weather conditions contributed towards this collision occurring. It was very foggy and one driver has attempted a U turn. Due to bad timing a vehicle travelling in the other direction has collided with the vehicle performing the U turn. Injuries were sustained to the persons involved. On 13th July, Constable DAWSON took a collision report at the watch house counter. This collision occurred on the HealesvilleKinglake Road. An object from a truck has fallen from the rear of the vehicle and struck the front of another car travelling directly behind it. No injury was sustained by the driver of the damaged vehicle. On Thursday 9th July, Kinglake Police attended the most serious collision which occurred at the KinglakeWhittlesea Road and the YeaWhittlesea Road. A vehicle turning from the Yea Road into the Kinglake-Whittlesea Road was struck by a south bound car which had been travelling on the Yea Road. Both young persons in the turning vehicle Flowerdale Flyer
th th

Spring Valley in Flowerdale extends some 7 or 8 kms from Upper King Parrot Creek to the foot of Junction Hill. It has a great community. Their Community Fireguard set up a phone tree, which worked like a charm during the recent fires. My very dear friend lives right in the middle of Spring Valley, and I was with her for the days of the fires. My story is about her neighbours George and Maureen. Now, George is a true country bloke. He knows about animals. He knows about black-smithing. He knows about horses, and the feistiest bucking bronco melts when George is near. He also knows how to give cheek. And he knows about fires. Saturday 7th February is only the start for George. I see George and his neighbours in Spring Valley work non-stop for 7 horrible days, watching the pattern of the fires, flanking fires, fighting fires, creating containment lines, helping to save houses, sheds and stock feed. For George, there is no sleep for the first 4 days. I’m not too proud to admit that I am scared to the core as we watch fires set the hills opposite alight, and work their way through the neighbouring farms. Scared but safe. Because George is there. He calls in to us several times to explain the various scenarios which may be ahead. With fire at each end of the valley, he explains that the CFA will not be able to get in – that we only have each other. He gives us jobs to do, he calms us down and he makes us feel empowered. I would place my life in that man’s hands. Our fire experience lasts for days – with Saturday and Monday nights being the most threatening. So after days of sleeplessness, George finally gives in to exhaustion. He is put into Hospital with his sugar levels all over the shop. When Friday 27th dawns as yet another very high risk day, what does George do? He signs himself out of hospital, comes back to prepare for another round, then returns to hospital that night! Did I mention that George is very cheeky? And what about Maureen? Well, during those first long days, she stays at the farm, she mans (womans?) the pumps and generators day and night, she feeds and waters the troops and she does not once waver or wimp out and come down to the safety of our house, where we scaredy cats are. Later, when I mention that Maureen was a real trooper, George says: “Well that’s because I told her that, for once in her life, she had to listen to me and to do what I said, and if she did, we would be fine”. Later he tells Maureen she had done a great job because she did exactly what she was told. Her simple reply is: “Well, don’t get used to it George”! Maureen can be pretty cheeky to. There are no words to express how much I love George and Maureen, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for keeping my deranged brain together for those long days and nights, and for being the people that they are. They are my true heroes. Did I mention that I would place my life in their hands? A Robertson Flowerdale, Victoria

sustained very serious injuries. The passenger, who sustained life threatening injuries and who is still in intensive care, had to be airlifted to hospital, after being trapped in the car for quite some time. The Epping Traffic Management Unit is investigating the collision. CRIME REPORT This month in our police service area we have had 5 incidents of crime reported. This is down on the previous months figures; a pleasing result. I do believe that now the rebuilding phase is beginning to get under way, we possibly will see a rise in reported crime. That’s where I need you, the residents to help us. If you see anything suspicious please report it immediately. Don’t wait and please don’t think you might be wasting our time. Call 000 if the suspicious activity is happening then and there and they’ll dispatch us to attend. We all need to keep an eye out for each other. The pleasing thing is that we haven’t received any crime reports for the Flowerdale/ Glenburn area in the last month. This isn’t to say things haven’t been happening. With a large number of properties vacant or people relocated elsewhere, I’d urge everyone to keep an eye on people’s properties. If you see suspicious vehicles/ persons please make a notation of vehicle/persons description and report it either to Crime Stoppers (Anonymity Guaranteed!) or call us at Kinglake Police Station (Again, anonymity guaranteed!). Any information in relation to any criminal activity can be provided (anonymously if you wish) to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or call Kinglake Police on 5786 1333. Stay safe and take care, Sgt Jon ELLKS Officer in Charge, Kinglake Police.

August, 2009 November 2008

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Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor, It has been very disappointing to hear of the reaction of the Mayor and most councillors of Mitchell Shire to the need for an ongoing and efficient fuel reduction program across the shire and particularly along the sides of our country roads. It is ironic that as the Mayor of Mitchell Shire was calling me irresponsible for having the temerity to speak out, the Mayor of Sintra in Portugal had organised for me to be taken through areas that suffered similar fires to ours in 2003 and 2007 by the fire chief. After experiencing those fires, the Sintra Council decided that a far greater effort had to be made in fire prevention and committed to an ongoing fuel reduction program. Consequently, a width of 10 metres is cleared on either side of the roads and the undergrowth is kept to a minimum throughout the forested areas. This is achieved by burning in the cool periods and a large volunteer force throughout the year, especially in summer. And all this occurs in a World Heritage listed area, listed for its unique environment. When I questioned the fire chief about their action, his response was that they can have all the equipment but if the fuel load is left unchecked, they can’t stop the fires. People must be protected he told me seriously. I know our wonderful CFA volunteers agree with him. To the Mayor of Mitchell and those councillors who agree with him, please open your eyes and learn from others. Fran Bailey Federal Member for McEwen


Bonnie Sullivan of Flowerdale Primary School Junior Land Care plants a tree with Christine Nixon at the first post-fire Junior Land Care planting day at Charlie & Lyn Phelan’s property in Flowerdale.

Girls’ Night Out
Featuring Rebecca Barnard
formerly of “Rebecca’s Empire”

We are delighted to invite the women of Flowerdale to a free night out!
It’s been a while between drinks so we are pleased to be offering friends a chance to get back together & catch up for a complimentary meal and some very special live entertainment. We hope to entice as many Flowerdalians as possible to return for the evening. So pick up the phone & ring your Flowerdale friends & join us all for a well deserved girls’ night out.

Friday 14th August
Flowerdale Hotel @ 7pm Band starts at 9:30pm Drinks at bar prices Please book as places for meals will be limited

Ross Davis ph: 5780 1264 Louise Reed ph: 5780 1405 mob: 0425 814302
“Rebecca is an amazing entertainer and renowned for her fabulous sense of humour, story telling and musical ability; she is bound to raise all our spirits.” Flowerdale Flyer This evening has been made possible due to caring & supportive friends & family who have donated generously for the sake of girls’ having a well deserved night out! Rsvp Tuesday 11th August August, 2009 November 2008

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From the Mayor’s Chair
Cr Lyn Gunter
It was encouraging news that Grocon has completed the initial clean up of properties registered in the fire affected areas. This doesn’t mean, of course, that the job is “over” as there are a number of properties that residents are still deciding upon, or have yet to make that final decision, but we all thank Grocon and their legion of local workers for their extremely hard work and effort over the past five months. The community newsletter in Flowerdale is getting stronger and stronger each week. If you have any news updates for the area, contact Julie Bateman – email or mail to PO Box 2060, Hazeldene, 3658. Julie is to be commended on her huge efforts on her community efforts since day one. A very sincere thanks to the management, crew and staff of ABC KINGLAKE who are wrapping up their time in the ranges on 17 July. They were, and have remained, a stalwart and a wealth of knowledge from our darkest day right through to our recovery. We cannot express our thanks enough to all involved with their continuous broadcast and we welcome the “new” community station in their place. The official opening of the Kinglake Bendigo Bank is on Saturday at 10-30am – at the Memorial Oval. The branch itself is at 1 Glenburn Road, but the free sausage sizzle will be at the Oval. The whole day at the oval is full of fun – all courtesy of Bendigo. We thank again and welcome them into Kinglake. Come and enjoy. Last Sunday – in Flowerdale – we attended a Plant-a-tree event, a Community Market – a day with “Involve the Kids” and a “Future of Flowerdale Workshop” community event. A great day – and our sincere Flowerdale Flyer thanks to all the organisers – as always, the community of Flowerdale continue to show their determination and dedication to the future. While we all are replanting and revegetating our gardens after the fires, it’s always worth a thought to keep in mind just what will work (or won’t) in your gardens. Replanting plants like pepper tree or prickly pear may look good short term, but long term won’t do anyone any favours. We can only suggest you ask at your local nursery to find out what suits your area. There are quite a few plants that don’t belong in our area – and prudence will help in the long term. Free portable toilets and showers are now available to fire affected residents living on their property while they rebuilt. Funded initially by VBRAA – there are conditions that will be applied – but we encourage you to apply – calling 1800 240 667, or if you have web access on If your old “blue form” is past its use by date, we are happy to advise that DHS are reissuing all cards to all affected households. They will be sent automatically in coming days – and it will also include many helpful phone numbers. I cannot also let this week pass without thanking again the contributors behind the BUSH TO BEACH retreat for the shire’s ladies last week – an extraordinary weekend was had – and the response I have had directly has been astounding. I could not make it (this time) due to a family bereavement – but I have had 100% positive responses from all the ladies who attended. From my heart, and from the Shire’s heart, I thank you all. “There is nothing impossible to him who will try”. Alexander the Great.

Council Information Kits Help Businesses Recover From Bushfires
Murrindindi Shire Council has assembled information kits to assist food and accommodation businesses re-establish their premises after the bushfires. Seventy-two registered food and health businesses including restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cafes, hotels and conference centres were lost in the Murrindindi shire during the bushfires. The information kits have been prepared with a wealth of useful information to assist in the business registration process. Fact sheets on new Australian standards, current building guidelines and food handling requirements have been compiled together with a variety of posters and leaflets as well as the applicable registration application forms for new food and accommodation businesses. Natalie Stewart, Environmental Health Officer for the Murrindindi Shire Council said everyone rebuilding a food or accommodation business needed to know and comply with a range of new Australian regulations. Introduced in recent years the rules and regulations are aimed at further enhancing health and safety standards. The information kits include the latest details and are designed to make it easier for food and accommodation businesses to understand these requirements. In a move to further ease the financial burden on businesses Council has decided to refund the full 2009 registration fees paid by all registered commercial premises destroyed by the fires. Says Natalie, “We are keen to support and provide help wherever possible to those intending to rebuild their business. Anyone needing advice or assistance is welcome to call me at the council offices on 03 5772 0377.” The information kits will be posted directly to all affected registered businesses shortly.

KINGLAKE/KINGLAKE WEST Supported Homework Program
Are you a secondary student ? Do you need a quiet place to do your homework? Would you like some help from a free tutor? Then drop into the homework program at either of these locations:

Where: Kinglake—Library (Mondays) Where: Kinglake West—Mechanics Hall (Wednesdays) Time: 4.00pm to 6.00pm during the school terms
Tutoring available in the areas of math, sciences and English. For more information call Kildonan’s Youth Services on (03) 8401 0100 or email
This free service is provided by Kildonan UnitingCare.

August, 2009 November 2008

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Community Development Team Appointed
Council recently welcomed Liam McCarthy, Mike Wasley, Howard Paix, Michele Braid and Sarah Martin on board as members of the new Community Development Team. This new team began working in June 2009 to support our bushfire-affected communities to re-group, re-visit and re-new community aspirations and collective projects and will continue in the role for the next 18 months. Funding for the team has been provided by the Department of Human Services as part of the state government’s commitment to bushfire recovery. The Community Development Team will be working to assist community-led recovery processes and will play an important role in supporting planning and action on community priorities and projects. The Community Development Officers (CDO) are already working across the community in supporting Community Advisory Committee Planning Days, and enabling Council’s Community Building Initiative project groups to get back on track. CDOs will be engaging with community groups, business networks, service providers and individuals across the shire. Howard and Mike will be working primarily in the east of the shire with a focus on Narbethong, Taggerty, Buxton and Marysville, whilst Michele, Liam and Sarah will be concentrating on the west, working in Strath Creek, Flowerdale, Kinglake to Kinglake West, Castella, Toolangi, Glenburn, Limestone and Murrindindi. The Community Development team members bring a wealth of skills, experience and enthusiasm and are looking forward to making an important contribution to the communities impacted by Black Saturday.

Above: Mike Wasley, Sarah Martin, Liam McCarthy, Michele Braid and Howard Paix

On Saturday 18th July the Community House patchwork group were delighted to meet with a group of ladies from Kilmore who had received donations of quilts and craft items which they wanted to give away to residents, even those who had not lost their homes in the fires. Thanks to Ross Davies, principal of the Flowerdale Primary School, for allowing the group the use of one of the school rooms. The hall unexpectedly was not available. The items were donated by various craft groups and church groups from around Australia to Fay (ex Pixie Patch shop in Kilmore) and included beautiful quilts, knitted jumpers and scarves, craft books, haberdashery and material. A scrumptious Devonshire tea was provided by Viv from the Flowerdale Hotel. A really great day was had by all, with a few tears, some hugs and lots of laughter.

Walking is a great way to get/keep fit, so why not volunteer a little time to help deliver the Flowerdale Flyer once a month. Areas are: Silver Creek/Silver Parrot, Riverside Cres, Service Road, Break o’ Day Road. If you can help contact Brenda 5780 1356.

We can now email a copy of the Flowerdale Flyer to you. Just email your name and address to Brenda at and we will add you to our list. Photos will be in colour, and you won’t have to wait for delivery. Flowerdale Flyer August, 2009 November 2008

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Murrindindi Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Committee (MBRRC) – Section 86.
The Murrindindi Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Committee (MBRRC), has been established under section 86 of the Local Government Act 1989 and is responsible for enabling key agencies to work together to assist communities to recover and rebuild following the 2009 bushfires. The committee is comprised of the following six members: Representative of the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority (VBRRA) – Genevieve Overell (Chairperson) Representatives from the Murrindindi Shire Council, Councillors John Walsh, Peter Beales & Kevin Bellingham Representative from the Department of Human Services (DHS) - Craig Lapsley Representative from the Department of Planning & Community Development (DPCD) - Arden Joseph To be as transparent as possible, MBRRC meetings are open to all members of the public; however there are times when the Committee will decide in accordance with provisions of the Local Government Act 1989 to close the meeting in order to consider agenda items that are of a confidential nature. Members of the public and press will be asked to leave the meeting for the duration of that particular item. Issues to be bought to the attention of the MBRCC can be done so by way of letter, e-mail to or by speaking at open forum. An open forum session is held prior to each meeting to allow members of the public to address the committee in person. To address the MBRRC at an open forum session please complete the Open Forum Application Form which can be downloaded from Council’s website at or by contacting the office on 5772 0333. Request forms need to be submitted to the committee chairman prior to the commencement of the meeting. Meetings of the MBRRC are held on a monthly basis as outlined in the meeting cycle schedule below. Meeting Date Location Time Wednesday 8 July 2009 Wednesday 12 August 2009 Wednesday 9 September 2009 Wednesday 14 October 2009 Wednesday 11 November 2009 Wednesday 9 December 2009 Kinglake West Hall Alexandra Council Chambers Alexandra Council Chambers Alexandra Council Chambers Marysville Golf Club Alexandra Council Chambers 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am 11.00am

"Murrindindi Mayor Cr Lyn Gunter and Governor General Her Excellency Quentin Bryce AC (pictured) caught up in Canberra recently to discuss the affects of the bushfires on local communities. Mayor Gunter was also invited to address the National General Assembly of 565 Local Governments while in Canberra. "There is still overwhelming support around the country and at the highest levels for the difficulties being faced by residents of Murrindindi, Mayor Gunter said. " We received numerous offers of assistance from Mayors from all over Australia, and I am confident that this goodwill can last over the longer term as we all try and recover and support each other. "On behalf of all residents of Murrindindi, I conveyed our thanks to the Governor General and Mayors for their ongoing support, " Mayor Gunter added.

$18,000 in Community Grants Announced By Murrindindi Council
Over $18,000 in grants have been announced by the Murrindindi Shire Council as part of its Community Grants Programme. The grant programme is designed to assist community groups and organisations with once-off or start-up projects. Community groups applying for the grants were assessed on merit taking into account the council’s mission, values, objectives and strategies for the betterment of the community Eleven community organisations will share grants totalling more than $18,000. The grants include $2,000 for the Upper Goulburn Community Radio to assist with the upgrade of equipment and $4,000 to the Alexandra Timber Tramway & Museum for an event to celebrate the arrival of the rail network. Other grants include $5,000 for the Alexandra Truck, Ute and Rod Show, $2,500 to the Acheron Mechanics Institute to assist with the production of a centenary history book, and $1,287 for the installation of a new rain tank pump for the Alexandra Kindergarten. Commenting on the grants Council’s Deputy Mayor, Kevin Bellingham said Council was delighted to be able to assist so many worthwhile community projects. The grants are made three times a year and any organisations operating either in multiple locations throughout the shire or multiple groups operating in one facility were welcome to apply. The next round of the grant process are for applications submitted between June and September to be assessed and announced in October. Full details and the relevant assessment criteria is available from Sandra Saxton at the council or online at

Flowerdale Flyer

August, 2009 November 2008

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Flowerdale Primary School
☺Where Every Day Is Open Day☺
Lots and lots happening. Lots and lots to look forward to Mel, Katie, Ayden and Jesse gave up their first week of holidays this term. to go and visit two schools that had made some kind donations to Flowerdale Primary School after the fires. One was in Temora, LOTS OF CULTURE NSW and the other was in Canberra. Over five years ago there We are planning a whole school excursion to see the stage were Canberra bushfires and we found out that some people still play “Wicked” on August 3rd. This has been jointly funded haven’t rebuilt their homes. by Darley Stud just outside Seymour, and Leightons Con- On the first day we visited Temora High School. They came to structions. Very few of our kids would ever have the chance Flowerdale with their principal and 3 SRC members in term 1. to attend the theatre, and we thank Natalie and the Staff at When we were there, they showed us around the school and gave Darley, and John and Mick at Leightons for making such a us some snacks. We did a science experiment with them and went special day possible for us. into their photography dark room. Later on we went and visited Urambi Public School in Canberra. LOTS OF FUN The two teachers from Urambi came to our school at the end of Term 2 ended with a number of great days including an eve- term 1 with backpacks absolutely jammed full of things for us. ning excursion to Circuis Oz, a full school trip to see Hanna We now know how generous they were and how long they travMontanna and a winter sports day with Yea, Sacred Heart eled to get down to us and back to Canberra in one day. There were two newspapers there as well as a news reporter from WIN and Highlands schools. The Prep-2 class is looking forward to their Junior Fun Day in news. We had a great day. We made new friends and swapped ea couple of weeks. They will travel to Highlands Primary mail addresses. Urambi organized our accommodation and gave School and join with the children there for lots of great ac- us another donation to cover the cost of our food. While we were touring, we went to the movies and swimming. It tivities – both indoor and outdoor. was great fun. When we went out for tea on the first night in Wagga Wagga, we LOTS OF MUSIC Our Singing Group, led by Gerri is in full practice for the met Frankie J Holden who was having dinner at the same restaurant as us. Boite Performance in Melbourne on 13th August, with full It was a great 4 day getaway. Thanks to Mr D for taking us to th rehearsal in Melbourne on 9 August. We have some beauCanberra and we can’t thank the other schools enough. tiful voices here in Flowerdale and look forward to seeing our By Mel, Ayden and Katie. kids, once again, joining in great music projects for schools. LOTS OF CREATIVE WRITING Budding authors across the school have been producing some great work. Writing and illustrating their own books, every child at school has participated in this annual project. Their work is spectacular, and we have entries in every category. LOTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO FOR GRADE 6 KIDS Transition starts for our Grade 6 class, who are looking forward to their new life at High School in 2010. Transition will continue intermittently until the end of the school year starting on 30th July, with the second being scheduled for August 14th. LOTS OF MEETINGS Staff are continually updating and expanding their experiences by attending a variety of in-service days. Staff meet weekly to discuss planning, and any problems which may be arising in the classroom. On top of all of this, they are also staying in touch with the community by attending meetings and forums on rebuilding and reconstruction of Flowerdale. Melissa Grade 6 with new friend in Canberra

This page proudly sponsored by Ben Hardman, MP—State Member for Seymour
Shop 5, 30 Wallis St, Seymour PO Box 145 SEYMOUR Vic 3661 Ph: 5799 2760 Fax: 5799 0488 Email:

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John Kyme
Painter & Decorator Specialising in all forms of Painting and Decorating Phone (AH): 5780 2569 Mobile: 0418 564 851

A woman walked into the kitchen to find her husband stalking around with a flyswatter. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Hunting flies,” he responded. “Oh! Killing any?” she asked. “Yep, three males, two females”, he replied. Intrigued, she asked, “How can you tell?” “Three were on a beer can, two were on the phone”, he responded.

If you think there is good in everybody then you obviously haven’t met everybody.

Stump Grinding Concrete Breaking Welding
Local Business

Two elderly women were eating breakfast in a restaurant one morning. Ethel noticed something funny about Mabel’s ear. She said, “Mabel, did you know you’ve got a suppository in your left ear?” “I have? A suppository?” Mabel responded. She pulled it out and stared at it. Then she said, “Ethel, I’m glad you saw this. Now I think I know where my hearing aid is.”

Call Peter:

0401 396 776 03 9324 8776

TRADING HOURS MON - SAT 7:00AM - 7:30PM SUN 9:00AM - 7:00PM PUBLIC HOLIDAY 9:00AM - 5:00PM Fuel, Groceries, Phone Cards, Newspapers, Ice-cream, Cold Meat, Ice, Coffee, Post Office & More

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August, 2009 November 2008

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Ben Hardman MP

SEVEN local secondary schools will share in $139.1 million to build new science and language centres under the Commonwealth Government’s $1 billion funding initiative. The Member for Seymour, Ben Hardman, welcomed the announcement that 110 Victorian schools - 71 Government schools, 19 Catholic schools and 20 Independent schoolshave received up to $1.97 million each to build a specialist science, language or combined centre under the Commonwealth’s Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools initiative. Alexandra Secondary School, Yea High School, Healesville High School, Seymour Technical High School, Assumption College, St.Mary’s College, Seymour and The Kilmore International School are among the schools to receive funding. “It is fantastic to see our local schools receiving this assistance from the Federal Government,” Mr Hardman said. “I understand that our government schools, Alexandra Secondary College, Yea High School and Seymour Technical High School will each receive $1.97 million to construct new science centres and Healesville High School will use $1.97 million to construct a language centre. “Assumption College in Kilmore will use $1.206 million to refurbish two science learning areas and a language learning area and St.Mary’s College will use $1.46 million to construct a science and technology wing. “The Kilmore International School will use $1.97 million for a language centre.” Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said Victoria was leading the way in reinvigorating science education. “We are also achieving amazing literacy results thanks to a raft of Government-implemented programs including the $26.8 million funding boost for intense literacy and numeracy support provided in last month’s State Budget. “This Commonwealth funding complements the Brumby Government’s improvements to both science and language education and will be well-received by our schools which are eager to provide our students with only the very best learning opportunities.” Building is expected to begin in the coming weeks and is due to be completed by June 2010, in line with Commonwealth requirements. Schools were given the choice to design their own facility or use a template. Construction for Science and Language Centres for 21st Century Secondary Schools will boost local jobs and supports the Federal Government’s Economic Stimulus Plan. “This boost to employment is so important at such a critical time for the economy,” Ms Pike said.

The Brumby Labor Government’s commitment to rebuild the Kinglake community affected by the devastating Black Saturday Bushfires will be boosted by a $50,000 Brumby Labor Government grant to build a new men’s shed. Senior Victorians Minister Lisa Neville and Member for Seymour Ben Hardman MP today joined local men at the site of the new Men’s Shed. “The Brumby Labor Government will continue to stand by communities as they recover and rebuild after this year’s tragic bushfires and we are doing everything we can to assist people better connect with their neighbourhoods, to build stronger families and stronger communities,’’ Ms Neville said. “This shed will provide a relaxed place for men to make new friends, talk things over, learn new skills and get involved in the local community, which has great benefits for their individual health and wellbeing. “And by involving men in local community projects - such as building cubby houses for the local kindergarten or toys for local families - to assist in the recovery and rebuilding of fire-affected communities, men’s sheds also provide practical benefits for the wider community. “As well as giving men somewhere to get together and work, men’s sheds can link them to information and services for a range of health and wellbeing issues - which they often don’t actively seek out themselves.’’ Mr Hardman said the new Men’s Shed would be a welcome addition to the local community. “The Kinglake Men’s Shed will assist the local community in a variety of ways, including providing: a community tool library in partnership with the Kinglake Lions Club; a community meeting space; a place for men to meet network, share skills and experiences and begin the process of rebuilding and recovery; and access to health information,’’ Mr Hardman said. The Kinglake Men’s Shed is among five grants to build brand new Men’s Shed facilities or to renovate or redevelop an existing building for a shed in Victorian fire-affected communities. In addition to the Brumby Government boost, Kinglake Action Network and Development Organisation (KANDO), FamilyCare and Murrindindi Shire Council will contribute to the construction of the Men’s Shed. Ms Neville said the new men’s sheds would complement 25 funded by the Brumby Labor Government last year as part of its $4 million program. Men’s sheds are funded as part of the Brumby Labor Government’s $1.9 billion Fairer Victoria initiative; a whole of Government social policy action plan to address disadvantage and promote inclusion and participation.

Flowerdale Flyer

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Your Health and Well-Being
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Parenting - coping with stress
Being a parent brings out a range of powerful emotions from exhilaration to despair. Your feelings of love, happiness and pride may quickly turn to anger, hate or guilt, depending on the situation and the degree of support available to you. These feelings are completely normal. Most parents experience negative emotions from time to time. It is important to manage feelings like anger and frustration so that you can enjoy parenting and maintain a safe, happy home for your child. Build a trusting, loving and respectful relationship The type of relationship you build with your child is what guides them throughout their life. Children learn by following the examples set by adults around. To become a person who is able to control themselves, manage their negative feelings in a peaceful way, trust and respect others, and behave with care and compassion, your child will have to experience and see these behaviours. Experiencing negative feelings is normal Parents can feel tired, ill, stressed and angry and so can children. Children often cannot tell us how they are feeling but instead ‘act out’ their feelings through their behaviours. When parents are under pressure themselves, it is more difficult to take the time to work out what your child is trying to tell you. Parents may often just react to the behaviour. Most children experience difficult times. Try to remember that these times can be normal phases of growing up and will probably pass. Suggestions on dealing with your child’s unhappy behaviour include: Ask for support. Remember that ‘it takes a village to bring up a child’, so don’t try to parent on your own. Take time out from the care of your child. Leave your child with a responsible adult and have a break to catch up on some sleep, go to the hairdresser or talk to a friend. Seek out like-minded people who will encourage you in your parenting and build your confidence as a person and parent. Attend a parent group that has the same philosophy and values as you have. Call a friend or relative and ask for help. Where to get help Your doctor Parentline Tel. 132 289 Maternal and Child Health nurse Your local community health centre Professionals such as counsellors Source: Better Health Channel -
Community Health at Yea Hospital – phone 5736 0410 and at Alexandra Hospital – phone 5772 0800 All “Your Health and Well-Being” articles are now available on the Alexandra District Hospital website under Health News –


Rainfall in Broome Road
July 2009 (to 20th July) Total for June 2009 Yearly Total to 20th July 2009 to 31st July 2008 Regards Virginia August, 2009 November 2008


1/16 page 1/8 page 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Classified Ads Personals

$10.00 $20.00 $30.00 $45.00 $90.00 $1 line free

48mm 79mm 246mm 357mm

email Brenda at, or post to PO Box 2008, Hazeldene 3658.

Flowerdale Flyer

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1st Kinglake Scout Group
Group News We would like to welcome our newest leader Shane Jenkins, who has kindly offered to be an Assistant Cub Leader with our Cub Pack. We still require another Assistant Venturer Leader to assist Jo with the Venturers, which we plan to reform in 2010. Anyone interested please contact the group for more information. We had a successful fundraiser at Bunnings in June which raised the group nearly $900.00. Thank you to all families that attended. Thank you to Alex from Leon Floors in Kinglake West for doing a great job of sanding and sealing our Scout hall floor. Cub News We recently went to visit 1st Sunbury Cub Pack who we met at last years Cuboree. The Cubs played games and activities and then Sunbury provided us with a dinner of sausages, cooked onions and baked potatoes. The Cubs would like to thank Global Care for allowing us to have a free bus ride to Sunbury and thank you to Tony for driving us there. Yours in Cubbing, Kaa. Scout News We would like to welcome Tanya, Shannan, Sarah and EmmaRose to Scouts. The four girls recently completed their link badge and have now advanced from Cubs to Scouts. The Scouts recently had a visit from Matt and Lucy from the Kinglake CERT. They showed us the CERT vehicle and equipment; and spoke to the Scouts about their team and their role in the community. Thank you very much. Coming up we have the district billycart race on Sunday 2nd August. Thinking of Joining? If you are interested in joining Cubs or Scouts or to register for Venturers, or you are an adult looking for a rewarding outlet as a leader or an assistant please contact: Group Leader Ray Bartlam. Phone: 5786 1529 or by e-mail If would like to find out more about Scouting visit

Mobile Library:
The Mobile Library stops at the Hazeldene bus stop Thursdays 1.30 to 4.30pm every fortnight. If you have internet access at home you can reserve books at the Yarra Plenty Regional Library website ( and collect them from the Mobile Library when it visits Hazeldene. Next visit 6th and 20th August 2009

Country Fire Authority
Captain: Meets: Training: Glenn Woods 7.30pm 1st Tuesday of month, 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 9.00am

Station: 5780 2179 Emergency: 000

WEDNESDAYS 10.00-12.30pm
Flowerdale Hall $2 per family per week

All non-ferrous metals All areas *We pay $100 a car* more for trucks *(conditions apply)* Melb Metro daily (MSIC) Wharf acc. 24 hour service, 7 days Trade Towing Metro/Country, Twin Car, Car Capacity Caravan Relocation, Tractor, Bobcats Equipment (up to 5 tons) FULL TILT TRAY SERVICE NOW MOVING 20 FOOT CONTAINERS Phone Eddy 0407849252 or 0357978220 3877 Melba Hwy, Glenburn, 3717 Fax 57978520

SALE Flowerdale Hall
Come and support your community market . Art, craft, fresh food and veg, and hot food. Stalls only $10 inside or outside
Phone Alison 5780 1223


Will be held on Wednesday 26th August, 2009 at the Flowerdale Hall, commencing 7.30pm. All welcome
August, 2009 November 2008

Flowerdale Flyer

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CFA Emergency Police- Kinglake Yea TXU Power Failure Help for Wildlife Flowerdale School & Kinder JP (Lyn Gunter) Doctor - Yea Hospital-Yea Community House (Hall) Hazeldene Store Flowerdale Hotel Vet—Yea Whittlesea Bushfire Case Management Service Bushfire Building Advice Line Relief Centre DHS Hub 000 5786 1333 5797 2630 131 799 0417 380 687 5780 1264 5780 2382 5736 0444 5736 0400 5780 2664 5780 1202 5780 1230 5797 2333 9716 2495 1800 050 400 1300 360 320 5780 2625 5780 2624

7.5 ton excavator 5 ton excavator Rock breaker Bobcat Road sweeper Pallet forks Tip truck Grabs Trencher 150mmx1200mm depth



For advice, estimates or quotes phone

Andrew 0428 550 405
A local Flowerdale business

The Flowerdale Hotel
3325 Whittlesea Yea Road Flowerdale Ph: 57801230

Open Mic Jam Session
Sunday August 2nd 2pm ish $100.00 prize Best flock’n’Muso act
August 14th Ladies night in the lounge Rebecca Barnard
Supporting act Rick Steward

August 16th


July 31st—PAAL Homes Information evening—free advice on steel frame homes 7pm in the lounge
Flowerdale Flyer August, 2009 November 2008

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