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Age of Empires III: Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b

Released on 21th of November 2014
This is a full version of Napoleonic Era for PC & Mac. With NE 2.1.7 we are proud to present our
Mac fans the new Mac installer. This version puts an emphasis on rebalancings and bug fixes. Due
to the development time of only one month since NE 2.1.6 not all civs could receive the same
attention and care. Even though there are a couple of reworked units, techs and HC cards , the
formerly broken German civ occured to be the spotlight of our reworking concerns in this version
and therefore experienced a series of unique changes. Further spotlights were the necessary nerfs
of the overpowered Swedish units, mercenary techs as well as harmonizing the Prussian unit
roster and getting rid of a series of nasty reoccuring visual bugs.
This version will keep your native language settings and only add text for new or reworked
content in English. If you encounter any problems with this version, please report them at the
Official NE forum . You may also follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ or ModDB.

NE 2.1.7b
by NE team

General fixes:
A major bug that made the game not load new graphics was fixed
The object-per-minute mechanisms of the techs Knights of Rhodes (Maltese) and
Oktoberfest (Bavarians) were updated to match the 3-minutes-cycle
Building hotkey added for US Houses and Swiss tents


New textures for Capitol, Consulate, Factory and Fort

HC Mounted Riflemen card icons fixed
Flags updated according to the top building flag
New Consulate icons in high quality

Unit count on British Longbowmen HC cards fixed

Ultimate tech Thirty Years War reduces train time by -60% instead of -75%.
Politician Grand Duke of Mecklenburg fixed (granted update to Dragoons instead of Hussars)
1 Doppelsldner added to the 8 Hand Cannoneers card
Gold costs reduced for the HC cards Archduchy of Austria (-600) & Electorate of Brandenburg
Reichstag circle armies rebalanced:

Reichssldner: -1 Black Rider -1 Landsknecht, pop costs reduced to 5 (-5), costs

reduced to 500c (-600), train time reduced to 30 seconds (-6)
Schsische Garde: Tooltip fixed, train time changed to 80 seconds (+30), costs
increased to 1250c 1250f (+100), pop costs increased to 20 (+4)
Hessisches Jaegercorps: -1 Jaeger, pop costs reduced to 11 (-1), costs reduced to 450c
450w (-700)
Wrttemberger Eskadron: -1 Chevauxleger, -2 Fusiliers, pop costs reduced to 10 (-8),
costs reduced to 200c 2000c (-140), train time reduced to 36s (-14)
Bayerische Landesarmee: -2 Gebirgsschtzen, -4 Grenadiers, pop costs reduced to 22
(-6), costs reduced to 1000f 1000w (-1200), train time reduced to 40s (-10)
Reichsarmee HC card now reduces train time by -25% instead of -20%.

Included the new complete Polish voice set made by Wojtek
Orthodox church replaced with catholic church

NE 2.1.7
by NE team


Austrian Grenzer damage multipliers are now 0.5x vs Heavy Inf, 2.8x vs Infantry, 3x vs Artillery
instead of 0.6x vs Heavy Inf, 2.5x vs Light Inf, 3x vs Artillery.
Settlers cost now 60 food (+20)


British Rifleman rebalanced:

NE 2.1.6

NE 2.1.7


4.5 6.5








Train time



120f 120c

95f 95c


30% ranged

40% ranged


4 - 24

2 - 19


3x HI, 2x LC+Eagle,
0.75x Cav+Coy

3x HI, 1.5x
LC+Eagle, 0.75x

3x HI, 2x LC+Eagle,
0.75x Cav+Coy

3x Inf+Art, 0.25x


Melee damage
Ranged boni
Melee boni

British factory bonus nerfed:

Replacement Factory tech costs increased from 650w 650c to 1000w 1000c 1000f (+1700)
The Advanced Industry tech, that granted an additional factory has been removed

The costs for the Imperial Queen Age 5 politician that grants an additional factory has been
raised to 5000f 5000c (+2000)


Confusing shipment costs for Grognards and Chasseurs resolved by making them train in
blocks of 4 and 5 units


Unit & building changes:

Saloon re-activated
Tross removed
Katzbalger and Crossbowman replaced by Hand Cannoneers with Royal Guard upgrade
Saxon Cavalry replaced by new late game unit: Garde du Corps, a heavy anti-infantry cavalry
with high melee armour and splash damage
Reichstag now offers 6 Kreisarmeen (German for circle armies) from historically relevant
states from within the Holy Roman Empire. These are banner armies containing units that
can usually not be built by Germans, i.e. Grenadiers, Dragoons or Fusiliers. New German
HC cards and politicians cover content also from further historical German states such as
Franconia, Mecklenburg or Brandenburg (see below).
This new "Reichsarmee" system can be used to build large powerful armies or to just
complement the regular German troops. It's really all up to you and your choices!
Reichstag build time increased to 60 seconds (+30), XP reward greatly increased to 300
(+250) for destruction through enemies and 150 (+125) for building, counts as military
building now
Chevauxleger techs removed from Reichstag (as they can be built with by circle armies now)
Settler Wagons can now only be trained from Town Centers (still requires the Germantown
Farmers HC card)
The Age IV politician Grand Duke of Mecklenburg permits and cheapens Royal Guard
Hussars and replaces the The Cavalry Marshal that used to send 7 Hussars.
The new Age V politician British Major upgrades Musketeers and Dragoons in the
Kurhannover army to Imperial, increases their build limit and sends 4 Riflemen.

Homecity changes:
TEAM 10 Cree Allies 16 Wurttembergian Horse Grenadiers (Infinite), costs +500 gold
Mediterranean Mercenary Army Italian Mercenary Army
7 Elmeti HC card Swiss Mercenary Army
Cavalry Hitpoint and Combat cards now correctly improve Hussars and not Uhlans
Unit count displays fixed for several cards (shows only base units, ignores additional
Long-range Infantry Hitpoints Counter Infantry Hitpoints, that improves hitpoints of
Skirmishers and Hand Cannoneers
Royal Saxon Guard & 10 Crossbowmen card Archduchy of Austria & Electorate of
Brandenburg, that send Austrian and Prussian troops
Dance Hall Frnkische Reichsritter, that upgrades and enables Black Riders
Garde du Corps Reichsarmee, that upgrades the Reichstag armies to Guard status and

decreases their train time, but makes barracks troops also more expensive
Dependencies reworked for Military Academy and Harbour

New AI personality: Augustus the Strong.

Ultimate tech Thirty Years War reworked: Makes your archaic infantry sacrifice some hitpoints
for damage. It will cost slightly more wood and coin than food and train quicker. - No longer
decreases train time and pop costs of the abandoned Saxon Cavalry and Katzbalgers.


Merchants can now finally build all wall parts

Architect overhaul:
Got the hero minimap icon, so it's easier to spot him
Can pick up treasures, gather wood and crates and will show up as idle villager again
Since architects love buildings, they will no longer be able to attack them and instead get a
melee bonus against building destroyers such as artillery and grenadiers. :)
No longer fisting, but fencing
String fixed for Italian Citizens to Arms tech in Town Center
Master Architects HC card moved to Age 4 from Age 2 and costs +500 wood, build rate boost
reduced to 200% (-50%)


Free Town Center wagons spawn again after reaching Fortress and Industrial Age


New Prussian AI personality: Frederick the Great.

Skirmishers added to Barracks
Self-healing of Prussian units reduced (-25%)
Prussian Lange Kerl has now 4.5 speed (+0.5), 220 hitpoints (+45), 12 melee damage (+4) with
2x vs Infantry instead of 2x vs Heavy Inf. Ranged armour reduced to 40% (-10%), costs raised to
100c (+10) and 95f (+15) and train time increased to 50 seconds (+9)
Prussian Schtze has now 160 hitpoints (+10), 25 siege damage (+3) and got its melee armour
reduced to 20% (-10%)


Swedish damage and HP bonus of military units lowered to 15% (-5%)

Northern Warriors card does no longer boost HP and damage, but reduces Swedish Fusilier
and Hackapell costs by -20%
Swedish Advanced Artillery card costs increased with +400 food
Swedish Advanced Infantry card costs increased with +300 gold
Swedish Advanced Cavalry card costs increased with +300 wood
Savolax Jagerregimente: Speed bonus for Skirmishers nerfed to 20% (-5%)
Cronstedt Reforms: Speed bonus for Artillery & Grenadiers nerfed to 15% (-5%)
The Swedish 'Advanced Frontier Defenses' HC card for 4 outposts has been fixed

General changes:

A major bug that caused NE textures not to load in late game has been fixed (AoE3 bug)
Invisible units and buildings fixed
Building rotation mod added
Missing icons for Reyk's Editor are now available
Light reflection fixed on Utili horse and Imperial Gendarme (AoE3 bug)
Black Imperial Dragoon texture fixed
Wurttembergian settlement reworked
Native Embassy ground texture fixed (AoE3 bug)

Unit rebalancings:
Hand Cannoneer has now 4.5 speed (+0.5), 10 melee damage (+4) and 175 hitpoints (+25),
Heavy Inf class removed and costs now 40f 40w (-10f), got new portrait and icon. Attack
boni are now 1.5x vs. Light Cavalry & Eagle Warriors (-0.5) and 2x vs. Heavy Infantry (-0.5).
Chevauxleger has now 7.0 speed (+0.25) and 450 hitpoints (-50), area damage has been

Mercenary tech rebalancings:

The costs of Wild West were increased to 500f 500w (+100)
The Elite Mercenaries tech has been removed
The costs of Imperial Mercenaries were doubled to 1600w 1600c (+1600) and the hitpoints +
damage boost for Mercenaries was nerfed to 20% (-10%)
The costs of Imperial Outlaws were changed to 1600w 1600f (+1400) and the hitpoints +
damage boost for Outlaws was nerfed to 30% (-20%)

AI changes:
Better handling of island invasions
AI rules added for the new German Reichstag armies and politicians

The Legendary Native Warriors Capitol tech and Blood Brothers HC card now also cover the
new NE natives, the Native Lore card continues to be limited to Native American and Asian
natives though.
Tooltips of Wallenstein's Contracts (German Church tech) and Mercenary Loyalty (HC Card)
updated in order to clearify that only mercenary cards are free and cheaper.
Missing and inappropriate random names for Explorers and other units fixed

NE 2.1.6
by NE team

Random Maps:

Loading screenshots updated

NE Alpine Pass: Westphalians replaced with Bavarians, Bisons+Mooses exchanged with Ibex
and Big Horn Sheeps with Deers, improved glacier texture
NE Alps: Has now Bavarian natives, Pronghorn exchanged with Ibex
NE America Random: new name of Random Land , TWC natives added
NE Atlas Mountains: Egyptians & updataced with Barbary Pirates
NE Barbary Coast: Egyptians replaced with Barbary Pirates
NE Black Forest: Terrain & light updated
NE Nile Delta: Map size decreased
NE Nile Flood: new name of Flood of the Nile, crocodiles added, cliffs removed, light
NE Nile River: new name of River Nile
NE Sahara Large: new name of Giant Sahara, lightsets updated
NE Sinai: Hashashins replaced with Tuareg
NE Syrian Desert: Hashashins replaced with Egyptians
NE Reservations: number of Native TPs reduced, TWC natives added
NE Ural: Broken winter lightset fixed

Bug fixes:

Abus Gun building attack fixed

Rifle Rider ROF fixed
Dutch Politician name fixed
Invisible Livestock Pen fixed
Fire sounds fixed for Mounted Rifleman and Utili
Missing gun of attacking Sansculottes fixed
Missing or wrong voices for several natives and NE units fixed
Aggressive Sharpshooter attack behavior fixed


Russian Tsar flag reverted

New icon for Bivouac, Tuareg & Schutze
New Age 2 design for Schutze
Fixed native settlements for Egyptians and Mongols
New native settlements for Tuareg, Westphalians and Wurttembergians
Reyk's Editor mod added
Switched gun for Hand Cannoneer, Utili and Settlers
Switched cavalry sabre for multiple cavalry units

Balance changes:

Builder limits on buildings removed

Italian house build limit raised from 10 to 15
Berry Pickers tech moved from Farm and Mill to Market, costs decreased to 75w 30c
Gatling Gun costs increased for Americans from 300c 100w to 600c 150w
Native Embassy can be built in Age 1 now
Prussian Schtze: +0.5 faster, classified as HeavyInf, costs changed from 95f 30c to 75f 60c,
20%rr changed to 30%mr, counters now Cav in melee, ranged boni reduced by -0.5, but faster
ROF (2.5), range increased from 12 to 13
Prussian Teutonic Knight: Siege damage reduced from 72 to 50
Austrian Grenzer: ranged armour reduced from 40% to 30%, siege damage and attack speed
increased (bonus vs. Mills), Melee dmg increased, Anti-Artillery bonus reduced from x4 to x3
Hand Cannoneer: Costs changed from 60f 20c to 40w 50f, siege dmg +2
French Garrison removed and units moved to Academy
French Academy: +1000 HP, costs +100w, can not be built in Age 1 anymore
Capitol now again available for French
Portuguese Cartographer: speed +0.5, +40 HP, 20%mr changed to 20%rr, Melee dmg +4,
counters now Guardians and not Cav+LightInf
Swashbuckler now classified Infantry
Fire Galley: Unit transport capacity reduced from 50 to 20
Wild West, Elite Mercenaries and Imperial Mercenaries techs nerfed
Dutch Fusilier moved back to Age 3
Great Revolution boost for Colonial Militia nerfed
Explorers can build either Outposts or Castles now
Swiss Everlasting Neutrality tech costs now +100 of each resource
Polish Sobieski's Janissaries Church tech sends now 10 Veteran Janissaries instead of 9
Janissaries for 1000f instead of 800f

Known Issues:
Inappropriate guardians , mercenaries and trade sockets will appear on NE maps
Incomplete tech roster for Post-Industrial and Post-Imperial playmode
Nuncio can not be targeted directly

NE AI Fix 6.1.2 Notes

by kangcliff
Based on Felix Hermansson's Draugur AI 7.01

Version 6.1.2:

Explorers and architects will be ransomed by the AI

Improved unit picking in late game (less artillery pieces)
Further NE buildings and units were added to AI balance calculations
Austrians will now research Watch tower upgrades

Bug fixes

Version 5.1.1:

Better handling of NE politicians and NE capitol techs

Randomized strategies for NE civs
Italians will call Architects back to base after building TPs
Americans will build more plantations in order to use Miners
Several bug fixes

Version 5.0:

Fixed Swiss Follower tactics allow the player and the AI to hunt animals in Stealth
Improved handling of the Asian consulate techs and units
Bug fix for Japanese shrines
AI will take greater use of NE native techs now
AI will now use American Miners correctly only gold
Improved usage of stealth for several units

Version 4.0:

AI handles military upgrades better (if the unit amount is over a certain number, it will be
The AI can now upgrade naval units to Imperial
Americans will train Ironclads and Corvettes
Japanese shrines will build near huntables to gather resources faster

Version 3.05:

Royal decree techs have been added for NE civs

Various bug fixes

Version 3.02:

Bugs fixes for Swedish

Swiss will send supply wagons from homecity if their headquarters was destroyed
Better handling of wagons for the Swiss
Added military upgrades at bivouac and tent for Swiss
Americans won't train rams from consulate anymore (doesn't work properly)
AI won't resign if there are buildings that can auto spawn units (a problem that the resigned
AI will still use these units to attack)
Chat problems solved

Version 3.01:

Italians will now train Nuncios and Inquisitors from the Basilica
Factories will train cannons only when population isn't over population cap
German AI can train Settler wagons from Reichstag
Austrians will build Keeps near the main base
Moneylending enabled for Italians

Bug fixes

Version 2.0:

American consulate units can be trained and techs can be used

American Frontiersmans will be trained

Version 1.0:
Swedish will use torp upgrades to increase all units' attack and hitpoints
Swiss and Ottomans will upgrade the limit of their villagers
Italian basilicas will be built
Italian Architects will be trained and can be used to build buildings
Supply wagons can be trained by Swiss
Whole new university rule for all european civs and Americans (include NE civs) making them
train Chevauxlegers, Conscripts, Sharpshooters, Swashbucklers, Rockets, Cannons, Bombards
and use unique techs for each civs
Miners removed from AI rules (to solve problems with the American AI)
Improved functionality for wagons
AI deck changes
Italian market upgrades to make their houses support more population and increase build
rate of architects have been added
Polish explorer can explore now

NE Hotfix 7.1 Notes

by Yomgui
I have included two boni in this fix:
The possibility to play the proto version of Persian and Incan version. They are ultra-bugged,
but still funny to try.
The lost NE's RM, i.e. those displayed on the site but which weren't included in the beta 2.0.

Bug fixes:

Dutch can now age up to fortress age again.

Polish starting resources bug fixed
Polish can't hunt anymore unless they use a card to do so.
German Reichstag Settler Wagon's fixed
Austrian Watchtower and Keep can now fire at ships.
Fixes the one hit deer killing bug of Swedish settlers
Fixes the Chinese consulate issue
Fixes the 6 infinite longbowmen HC card
Fixes the Swedish horse artillery's exploit


Restores Portuguese's Velas Brancas (instead of usual fishing ships)

Restores the French's Grande Arme : this means Garrison, Academy, University, Grognard,

Chasseur. I got rid of the barracks temporary solution. Now Grognards and Chasseurs
shipment can be done in the academy. Those units aren't available before age 3 because they
are quite unbalanced. Moreover they have limit of 10 each. I might modify this later if
someone find a better way to balance them.
Westernization and Petrine's Reforms now update the poleaxemen
No more German university (because they had a double with Reichstag)
Restores the Voltigeur Royal Guard for French
Restores the French Red Lancers. Ship them with the Church.
Restores Aztecs and Iroquois units in the native embassy (don't know why they were missing
Restores the Japanese natives
Restores the Manchurians natives
Suppresses the stone mine until another solution is found (who used it anyway?)
Suppress the French capitol's blocus available in the Towncenter (they have another one in the
Implement the NE Revolution for all occidental civs. (Only NE new civs were granted this
revolution before)
Implement the .bar beta solution


The swiss bivouac has a new icon. No more filthy black square
New icon for the Polish Kozak allies card
New icon for the Swiss Follower recruitment card
Austrian Royal Guard Hussar's name fixed
Restores the Imperial swashbuckler shipment's icon
Correct the string of the Native embassy travois
Restores the Advanced Industry British university tech icon
Restores the Heavy Artillery British university tech icon
Restores the Reichstag's appearance
Change French garrison appearance : looks like a blockhouse now
Restores the US Great Revolution's Icon
Restores the US post revolution cavalry and skirmisher shipments' icons
Restores the Imperialism's icon
Restores the Polish Farming landscapes university tech icon
Restores Kozak lancers and archers' icon, portrait and stringtable
Restores Austrian Dual Monarchy university tech icon
Restores the Outpost's defense of Austrian watch towers string
Fixes the architect's sound
Fixes the Polish female's wood cutting's sound
Fixes the Military Wagon's sound
Fixes the Rifleman's sound
Fixes the Bivouac's sound
Fixes the Swiss tent's sound
Fixes the Italian explorer attack sound
Restores the Napleonic Era flags

Restores the Imperial Sharpshooter shipment icon

Fixes the kozak lancer and kozak archer's sound
Fixes the mine wagon's sound
Fixes the colonial militia's sound
Fixes the Gatling's sound
Fixes the Pilgrim's sound
Fixes the Slave's string
Fixes the Priest's sound
Fixes the aventuros' sound
Restores Napoleon's name in the AI personality's selection
Fixes the fishing boat's sound
Fixes the Russian politicians
Restores the Tram System tech icon
Fixes the sharpshooter's sound
Fixes the Fireship's sound
Fixes the Corvette's sound
Fixes the Ironclad's sound
Fixes the cartographer's sound
Restores the moneylending's description
Fixes the native Maltese name
Fixes the Torp's sound
Fixes the Stadhouder's sound
Fixes the Grenadier's sound
Fixes the Academy's sound
Fixes the Garrison's sound
Fixes the watchtower and keep's sound
Remade the Native Embassy Travois' string
Swedish female settler now express themselves in Swedish. (Special thanks to twinneedle for
the files and SAOL for picking the good ones.)
Fixes the Lookout's sound
Fixes the Native Embassy's ground (no more filthy brown ground) and it is not a NE's bug but a
TWC's one lol.
Fixes the Reichstag's sound
Royal hunting Polish HC now grants the hunting upgrades for free
Fixes the Registered Cossack' sound
Fixes the minuteman' sound
Fixes the Coureur's string ( you won't save them anymore because they are Sansculottes now)
Fixes the smuggler ship's sound
Fixes the Danube tribute's string
Fixes the foundry wagon's sound
Added a tip for Polish in the TC, it helps you to understand how they age up
Fixes the cannon's sound
Fixes the Far east mysticism university tech
Changed the Red Lancers's skin
Fixes the Soquili Rider's sound

Fixes the Cree Rifleman's sound

Fixes the Knight of Rhodes's sound
Fixes the Livestock pen wagon's string
Restores the visual update of the Imperial winged hussar
Stringtable tweak
Changes the Chevaux Legers' strings
Restores the New canton's icon
Fixes other stringtable conflicts
Fixed Chinese adept's selection

Restored Random Maps

NE Appalachians
NE Alps
NE Black Forest
NE Malta
NE Malta Lrg
NE Random Land
NE Reservations
NE Vinland