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• modular • manageable • compatible • hp leadership

does any of these statements characterise your organisation?
• • • • • • do your staff need high-availability access to data? is your data volume growing exponentially? are your storage resources increasing? are you continuously updating your disaster recovery files? do you experience ever decreasing backup windows? is your company facing cost constraints?

If so, then automate your backup.

Our IT staff is constantly pulled in a million directions. We don’t have time to spend manually loading tapes or worrying about whether a restore is going to work. With HP Surestore automated hardware, backup operations can be customised and defined once and then executed as scheduled in the background, requiring no operator involvement. The risk of manual failures and administrative overhead is reduced, allowing IT staff to be deployed more effectively.
Ivan Moore System Administrative Technician Celestica, Fort Collins, Colorado


what is automated backup?
Automated backup occurs when tape drive(s) and robotics that are enclosed in a single enclosure can be commanded to automatically place media from a storage slot into the drive(s) located within
front panel DAT drive mechanism robotics

the same enclosure. The enclosure can be classed as a library or an autoloader.

• one tape drive • access to a small number of tapes • generally sequential operation • moderate cost

• one to 20 tape drives • access to a large number of tapes (18 to 100s) • higher throughput • higher fault tolerance (multiple drives, redundant components) • inventory capable

customer profile
level of backup automation and storage capacity

autoloader/ library stand-alone • stand-alone servers • file & print environment • workgroup computing environment • application critical

library • enterprise • SAN • mission critical

1 – 5 servers

5 – 10 servers
number of servers

7 – 10 servers

400,000 350,000

*The market for automated backup is expected to reach $2.9 billion by 2003, more than double the 1999 value of $1.1 billion.

300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000

the market is growing at 30% per annum

1997 1998

1999 2000

2001 2002


*Estimates based on data from Dataquest International 1999; International Data Corporation 1999; and Freeman Associates, 1999.

HP is the market share leader of the automation market accounting for 39% of worldwide automation units shipped.
Bob Amatruda International Data Corporation (IDC)

• automate routine tasks and gain time to concentrate on client services and other needs • ensure data protection and availability at all times • minimise risk of data loss and human error • increase IT staff and end-user productivity • increase data manageability • maintain data access during backup operations • lower storage cost and overall total cost of ownership • maintain control in times of change

manage your information resources
With evolving technologies and new user and business requirements, you don’t have time to worry about tactical management of routine tasks, such as data protection and storage management. You need easy-to-use, automated and fail-safe solutions that allow you to work on other pressing tasks: once set-up and configured, they run without user intervention.

maintain control in times of change
With continously growing and more complex environments, data volumes and storage capacity are increasing exponentially. You need flexible and scalable solutions to enable you to maintain control within the fast-paced change of today’s environments and prepare you for tomorrow’s business needs.

choose solutions that fit your needs
To meet this challenge, Hewlett-Packard offers

ease of use

a large portfolio of tightly integrated, tested and tuned backup and recovery solutions that ensure complete system operability and optimal performance. Spanning from the single server to the distributed enterprise, no other vendor can match Hewlett-Packard’s range of solutions or provide an upgrade path that allows businesses to rely upon one partner for all their data protection needs.

hp’s complete storage solution
on-line storage

in summary
The success of a data protection solution and access to information is simple: the information is either available or it’s not. In today’s marketplace, lost data often means lost opportunity, which can quickly translate to lost profit and lost credibility with customers. With automated backup solutions, you are always in control while keeping costs low. At Hewlett-Packard, we have been supporting diverse computing environments for more than a decade. And we are committed to exceeding your expectations. That’s why HP provides the industry’s most complete, comprehensive backup and recovery solutions supporting open platforms.


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