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Statistical Process Control

(SPC based on2nd Edition by AIAG)

Insights and practical implementation workshop


Mr V V Iyer

Data based management is insisted upon a lot by many customers, since intuitive
way of working and taking decisions is quite detrimental to one and all.
Statistical Process Control ( SPC ) is the technique, which has to be well
understood and implemented with right spirit. Surprisingly, many experienced
personnel does not show much of interest on SPC, due to the fear factor and lack of
ISO/TS 16949 mandates SPC as one of its requirements and today, not only the
automobiles, but also many non-automotives started embracing this technique,
since it is proved to be a wonderful tool to reduce variations.
This two day workshop will deal a lot on SPC techniques, with reference to the
latest edition ( 2nd edition ) of SPC manual by AIAG.

Key Take away

To familiarize the participants to understand the basic Statistical approach and also
to make them to practically work with data with lot more confidence.
Also to provide enough insights on SPC, which will help the participants to
practically implement the learning and to avoid the possible errors while adopting
SPC in their respective work area.

Class room lecture, very interesting visuals, case studies for each technique
collected from different industries.
Participants are requested to bring their scientific calculators to perform all the
exercises. There will be about 20 exercises throughout the 2 days.

Course contents
Origin of SPC
Basic Statistical approach
Average and Range
Causes of variation
The Sigma factor
Initial Process Study (Ppk Study )
Process & machine capability studies
How to interpret 1.67 and 1.33 the magic figures

Stability Vs Capability : A practical approach

Dealing with Non-normal distribution patterns for Cpk studies
Histogram and how to use them for improving the process
Process Control charts ( both Variable & Attribute )
Z-scale methodology
How to deal with non-random patterns (Actions to be taken )

Supervisors, Engineers and Managers from all technical functions such as
Manufacturing, QA, Engineering ( R&D ), Purchase and tool room

About Facilitator
Prof. V.V.Iyer is a Post graduate in statistics and PG.Diploma in Statistical
Quality control from The Indiian Statistical Institute,Kolkatta which is an
institution of National importance, started way back in 1931 by Prof. P C.
Mahalanobis as Non Profit distribution learning Society.He has also done SDP
Fellowship from the same institute in Quality Management.He served the Indian
statistical Institute as a professor for more than 25 years.
He is having more than 2.5 decades of experience in teaching ,training and
consultancy in the areas of Quality Management,Quality and Productivity
Improvement. Etc.Prof. Iyer also worked in Tata Consultancy Services as
Associate Vice President in Learning for four years and developed and
delivered several training modules in the areas of application of statistics in
industries. Conducted more than 600 inplant training programmes and trained more

than 9000 personnel at various level.Presently Prof V.V.Iyer is a practicing

consultant in Quality Management and operates from Chennai.

Rs 12,000/- per day + 10.3 Service tax

Arrangements to be made by you

Hall arrangements
LCD Projector/OHP
White board marker pen
The course materials to be Xeroxed depending upon no. of participants.
Writing pad and pen to the participants
Pick-up and drop to the Resource Person