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‘the Essent Che €ssential Carlstaot Fifteen tracts by Andreas Bodenstein (Carlstadt) from Karlstadt Translated and edited by i. J. Furcha Andreas Bodenstein (Carlstadt) in Professional Garb. HERALD PRESS Waterloo, Ontario Scottdale, Pennsylvania oguing-in-Publication Data ‘stadt, Andreas, Rucolff-Bodenstein von, ca. 1480-1541 The essential Carlstadt ; fifteen tracts (Classics of the Radieal Reformation ; 8) Texts translated from German Includes bibliographical references and index, ISBN 0-5361-31 16-9 1, Theology ly works to 1800, 2. Reformation—Early works to 1800. 3, Anabaptists—Doctrines—Eurly works to L800. L. Fureba, E. J (Edward J.) . IL Title. 11. Series. BR350.K23425 1995 2304 : C95-930459-2 Che paper used in this publication is led and m the minimum re- quirements of American National Standard for Information Seiences—Per- manence of Paper for Printed Library Materials, ANSI 43948-1954, Grateful acknowledgement is made to the Universititsbibliothek, Basel, for permission to reproduce images on pp. 2,50, 128, 168, Page 268, original at the Metropolitan Museum, N.Y. reproduced in Karl Adolf Knappe, Diirer (Secaucus, New Jersey, Well Fleet Press, n.d.) THE ESSENTIAL CARLSTADI Copyright " 1995 by Herald Press, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6H7 Published simultaneously in the United States by Herald Press, Scottdale, Pa. [5653. All rights reserved : Library of Congress Catalog Number: 94-74352 International Standard Book Number: 0-836 1-31 16-9 Printed in the United States of America Book design by Paula M. Johnson, hand lettering by Jan Gleysteen 02 01 00 99 98 97 96 95 10987654321 CLASSICS OF THE RADICAL REFOR H, Wayne Pipkin, Editor Institute of Mennonite Studies Honorary Editor: C.J, Dyck, Elkhart, Indiana Advisory Editors: E. J. Furcha, Montreal, Quebec; Walter Klaassen, Vernon, British Columbia, John $5. Over, Goshen, Indiana; C. Arnold Snyder, Waterloo, Ontario Classies of the Radical Reformation is an English-language series of Anabaptist and free church documents translated and annotated un- der the direction of the Institute of Mennonite Studies (the research agency of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary, 3003 Benham Ax enue, Elkhart, Indiana 46517) and published by Mennonite Publish- ing House (Herald Press, Scottdale, Pennsylvania 15653) 1. The Legaey of Michael Sattler. Translated and edited by John H. Yoder, 1973, 2. The Writings of Pilgram Marpeck. Translated and edited by William Klassen and Walter Klaassen, 1978. 3. Angbaptism in Outline: Selected Primary Sources. Edited by Walter Klaassen, 1981, 1, The Sources of Swiss Anabeptism: The Grebel Letters and Related Documents. Edited by Leland Harder, 1985. 5. Balthasar Hubmaier: Theologian of Anabaptisin, Translated and edited by H. Wayne Pipkin and John H. Yoder, 1989 6, The Writings of Dirk Philips, 1504-1568. Transkited and edited by Cornelius J. Dyck, William E. Keeney, and Alvin J. Beachy, 1992. 7, The Anabaptist Writings of David Joris, 1535-1543. Translated and edited by Gary K. Waite, 1993. 8, The Essential Carlstadt Translated and edited by E. J. Furcha, 1995.