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In the present study the topic is socio economic causes of heart disease among the
cardiac patients a case of the Karachi. The main objective of my topic was to find out
numerous kind of causes of heart diseases and to analyze if there is any impact of those
incentives on the performance of employees. In this research; nazimabad town was
selected as a universe. The sample of the study was 152. The research is based on nonprobability sampling to convience the 15 hospitals of nazimabad town but I have selected
three hospitals. Government hospital is abbasi shaheed hospital and semi private hospital
is al khidmat and the private hospital is saifee hospital and the other 12 hospitals not
allow the permission to collected the data for the selection of respondents the accidental
methods. Hypothesis were constructed and result indicated that out of 8 hypothesis. 4
hypothesis were rejected and 4 hypothesis were accepted.

This study named as A socio economic study causes of heart diseases among the cardiac
patients a case of the Karachi. This study consists of the five chapters in the first chapter
we have discussed the introduction regarding the topic second chapter was the chapter
were we have attempt to explore the relevant theories and researches regarding the issue.
In third chapter we have discussed what methodology we were on the use for the search,
the universe of the study, and the type of sampling in the fourth chapter we have
analyzed the data which we got after empirical investigation in this last chapter of five
we will conclude and will make conclusion according to the research finding and
observation and have presented some recommendation accordingly lets have the over
examination of the chapters one by one.
In the second chapter namely theoretical background and literature we have
attempted to provide the care about theoretical understanding. In this chapter we have
discussed the different theories, health models, smoking theory, bio medical model, bio
psychosocial model, human eco system model, new public health care, social model of
health primary health care model, health for all and as well as we will discuss some of
the relevant researches and surveys which are done by regarding causes of heart patients
so we have had understanding what has been done and we would be more comfortably
gone through with the present research. The third chapter research methodology and
related concepts, would attempt to address the conceptual background of empirical
inquiry. In this we have discussed some procedures of research such as the basic
understanding towards research the types of research the methodology of research and
the sampling procedures etc. The four chapter of the thesis presentation and data analysis
we have gone through with data I have presented all empirical data based on the present
study. I have presented the data by showing you the tables then we have gone through
with hypothesis testing by that we have analyzed the acceptance or rejection of
The chapter five conclusion and finding is the final chapter of this thesis study in this we
will discuss the finding and in the light of these I will conclude this research as well to in
the view of my research I will give some suggestions and recommendations which can
be done for the betterment of society and towards the solution of this issue.

To conclude the government hospitals patient is too less monthly income and high stress
full condition to all risking factors should follow and high rate of heart disease compare
to private and semi private hospitals. The government of Sind should stable the low rate
of medical treatment and medicines that the poor people did not near to heart patients
becomes the majority of people take fast food smoking and no doing exercise in daily
life and not afford hospital amount of expensive treatments.

Recommendation is very important part of research and subject in this light of analysis
and observation the recommendation has been produced by researcher.
1. It is very important to continue the research and discover new facts because cause
of heart disease basic elements to know the factors was impact of people to
become heart patients.
2. The researcher tried to make better research but further research is required on
this subject with bigger and different sample for the betterment and getting new
3. Health for all in 1978 Allama Atta said that equity in health for all people equally
to discrimination of people by class, gender and status.

Limitations during Research

In each and every field of life, individual are not independent that they could act upon
their plan without seeking cooperation and obligation from others as it one of social
phenomena of life to overcome difficulties ,obstacles and setbacks one needs cooperation
from others. In the present study, some sort of difficulties during the course of
conducting research and collecting data has been experienced.
1. Researcher faced great difficulty in term of time the time was limited the
researcher has to complete thesis as well as with study and had to pay attention
on her study, assignments, and other activities as well and the whole work was to
be complete in time.
2. Resources were limited .
3. Researcher faced difficulty in seeking permission and time from the head for
collection of data.

4. Researcher, felt some respondents behaved positively and some filled the
questionnaire aggressively.
5. Some respondents didnt take questionnaire seriously and sometimes didnt reply.