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Sara Price
Humanities Section 2
Libya Israel-Palestine Policy Paper
Although Libyas former dictator Muammar Gaddafi was in support of a one-state
solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict, the current governing bodies of Libya are in favor of a
two-state solution as not to upset the relations that Libya has with both countries.
Libya is a highly conflicted country in regards to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The
supporters of the Gaddafi regimine are in support of a one-state solution because, [...] This can
be done by them accepting the Palestinians, recognizing the Palestinians, accepting that fact that
they should live with the Palestinians in one state, together, (Elliott & Ratnesar). The newly
reformed side of Libya pans towards the two-state solution. The division of the country
threatens the little standing peace in Libya. The new democratic government of Libya is in favor
of the Palestinians. They believe that Palestinians deserve to have possession of some of their
promised land (Abadi).
Libyan officials are striving for a two-state solution in hopes to keep some relations
between the two states and Libya in return for recognition. As stated in the article Rebel
Spokesman to Haaretz: Libya Needs Worlds Help Including Israels, When Shabani was
asked whether a democratically elected government in Libya would recognize Israel, he
responded: That is a very sensitive question. The question is whether Israel will recognize us.
Libya is a brittle country in the current day, which means that recognising both Israel and

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Palestine would bring more recognition and support for the current government of Libya. If a
resolution is passed Libya is in favor of a two state solution. This solution would give protection
and rights to the promised holy lands of each party. Libya would hope to assist in assuring
protection and safety for those going to their sacred temples and lands to help make peace
between the two countries.

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