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Despite Response of Multiple Crews, Garage

Devastated by Fire
Volume 14 Number 15 January 29, 2016 12 Pages

The garage is fully involved.

by Bob Gibbs, including a report from

the Windham Fire Department
A two-alarm fire at 18 Park St. in
Windham had units from as many
as seven towns on scene to fight the
fire. The fire was located in a large
two-story barn-sized building that was
being used as a garage and storage
Homeowner Philip Greco said that
he had been using a plasma cutter to
remove a rusted portion of a vehicle
that he was repairing. Greco stated,
I was busy cutting the metal and lost
track of how hot it was getting. The
fire was up inside the car. I emptied
out two fire extinguishers to try to put
it out. It was a good thing it wasnt
a gasoline fire or it would have gone
even faster. Owner stated the entire
building was engulfed in flames in
eight minutes. A Windham fire official
also said that when the first units
arrived the building was engulfed.
First-arriving firefighters and police
officers reported heavy fire coming
from a wood frame garage that was
detached from the home. Initial
reports were that there was no one
inside the garage and that the garage
housed several acetylene tanks,
propane tanks and vehicles. Due to

the intensity of the fire, these tanks could be seen

the scene for additional water supply needs. The
and heard exploding, therefore keeping firefighters
Salvation Army also sent an emergency unit to
at a safe distance while fighting the fire. In
provide aid to any victims and to the firefighters.
addition, firefighters had a difficult time fighting
Nashua and Hampstead provided station
the fire due to the fact that the neighborhood has
no fire hydrants. A tanker truck needed to be
No firefighters or civilians were injured in the
brought in to supply water.
fire. The fire was investigated by Deputy Fire
It took firefighters approximately an hour to
Chief William Martineau.
bring the blaze under control. They remained on
scene for some time later overhauling the area,
which became
Staff photos by Bob Gibbs
labor intensive as
debris from the roof
had to be moved in
order to wet down
the fires beneath
and to assist with
the investigation.
Emergency units
from Salem, Derry
Pelham, Hudson,
Litchfield and
Hampstead were on
the scene providing
mutual aid.
Additional tankers
from Litchfield,
Hudson, Derry
and Pelham were
Firefighters knock down the last piece of the walls of the building.
also called in to

School Board Reverses Decision on Flex Rooms

by Barbara OBrien
Windham School Board members continue to haggle over some
of the details of the proposed construction project at Golden Brook
School; a proposal set to go to voters on March 5. As the clock ticks
down and the architects and engineers scramble, certain aspects
of the concept remain in a state of flux. One of those issues was
settled, reversed, in fact, at a meeting on Jan. 26.
The previous week, on Jan. 19, when only four members of the
school board were in attendance, a motion to include two flex
rooms in the proposed addition to Golden Brook, had failed on a
2 to 2 tie. The concept behind the flex rooms was to provide some

Deliberative Sessions
Tuesday, Feb. 2
Pelham Town Deliberative Session, 7 p.m.
Sherburne Hall at Town Hall
Wednesday, Feb. 3
Pelham School Deliberative Session, 7 p.m.
Sherburne Hall at Town Hall
Friday, Feb. 5
Windham School Deliberative Session, 7 p.m.
Windham High School
Saturday, Feb. 6
Windham Town Deliberative Session, 9 a.m.
Windham High School

Be Counted!

Windham Voters to
Decide how Town
Clerk Gets Paid

by Barbara OBrien
Stressing that his comments were in no way a reflection on
Windhams current town clerk, Town Administrator David Sullivan
recommended that the elected position be made a salaried one,
as opposed to the present method of fee collection. Its strictly
business, Sullivan told the board of selectmen. I want to be fair
to her and fair to the town.
Sullivan went on to say that he feels the system of having a town
clerks pay based on the amount of fees collected is archaic.
Only a couple of towns in New Hampshire even have this system,
anymore, he said. Were the town clerks job to become one
based on salary, any fees collected through the services the town
clerk provides would come back to the towns coffers. As the
town grows, the fees will go up, Sullivan commented.
As part of his recommendation, Sullivan told selectmen he
thought an annual salary of $80,000, plus about $40,000 in
benefits was fair. This would be about a $15,000 savings to the
town, as compared to the town clerk receiving all collected fees,
he added. I feel this is reasonable, Sullivan stated, adding that
the change from fee-based earnings to a salary is legally allowable.
Windham Town Clerk Nicole Merrill Bottai, who attended the
meeting where the issue was discussed, said she has always been
supportive of the idea of going to salary. Bottai said she agrees
with Sullivans proposal for compensation. Selectman Bruce
Breton wanted to wait to make the change until the town clerks
position is up for election again, rather than making the alteration
mid-term. Bottais term expires in March 2018.
Vice-Chairman Joel Desilets said he thought it was a great
idea. Chairman Al Letizio, Jr. said he was fully in support of
making the change now. I feel its acceptable all around, Letizio
said. The system has to be changed. Its definitely archaic.
After further discussion at a subsequent meeting, selectmen
voted to put the question of making the town clerk a salaried
position on this years town ballot as Article 18. Voters will get
their say on Tuesday, March 5. The polls will be set up at Windham
High School and will be open to registered voters from 7 a.m. until
8 p.m. If the warrant article passes, it will become effective on
April 1.

growing room should student enrollment increase, without having

to increase class sizes. Although recommended for inclusion by
members of the building and grounds committee by a vote of 4 to 3,
School Board Chairman Ken Eyring and Vice-Chairman Tom Murray
voted against the motion. School board members Dennis Senibaldi
and Daniel Popovici-Muller voted in favor. School board member
Rob Breton was out of town on business; leaving the board with a tie
On Jan. 26, with the full board seated at the table, Senibaldi
asked that the vote on the two flex rooms be reconsidered. Voting
to reconsider the motion from Jan. 19 were Breton, Senibaldi and

Popovici-Muller. Eyring and Murray voted against reconsideration.

Subsequently, a motion to include two flex rooms as a permanent
part of the design for Golden Brook School passed by a 3 to 2
decision. Voting in favor of including the flex rooms were Senibaldi,
Breton and Popovici-Muller. Once again, casting the negative votes
were Eyring and Murray, both of whom have said they believe that
student enrollment in Windham will begin declining by 2021.
Originally, the two flex rooms had been presented by the
architects as an add-on alternative, not as an integrated part of the
proposed construction plan. The estimated cost of adding the two
additional classrooms, one which will be on the first floor of the
continue to page 7- School Board Reverses

Track and Field Dedication Leads Skyler Goss

to West Point Appointment

by Len Lathrop
from where she
Skyler Goss is
competes on a
described by Pelham
regional level with
High School Athletic
the U.S. Track and
Director Todd Kress
Field Association.
as one of the hardest
Skylers current T&F
workers you will ever
records include
meet, a born leader,
the 55 m hurdles
with complete focus
at 8.7 sec, 100
on her goal.
meter hurdlers at
While senior
15.4 seconds, the
long jump at 17.1
sign letters of intent
feet, and the triple
to play a sport at a
jump at 36.1 feet.
college or university,
In addition, she is
the admission to a
the NHIAA division
United States Military
state record holder.
Academy is a bit
When asked what
more complicated,
she likes to do for
and Kress wanted to
fun, she likes to
be sure that Goss was
workout, especially
weight lifting; she
Meeting Skyler and
power cleans 135
having a few minutes
to talk, the first
Three of Goss
question was, when
coaches were on
do you have to report
hand for this event
to basic training? It
and all spoke highly
The coaches joined the family for the event. Back row: Python AD Todd Kress, T&F Coach Tim Quanci,
starts in June, which
of Skyler. Coach
T&F Coach David Niemaszyk and Pole Vaulting Coach Kyle Lambert from Patriot Pole Vaulting Club in
is shortly after the
Tim Quanci, who
Westborough, Mass. Front row: Skyler with parents Tom and Claire.
Pelham graduation
is her PHS coach in
celebration. And,
the long and triple
of course, why? She hopes the military, in
jump and, in the past year, also the hurdles,
While The Point is a four-year school,
addition to a college education, will help
calls her a strong leader, driven, always
where most costs are covered, the enlistee
her grow as a leader and she likes the idea
visualizing what she has to do the win
makes a commitment to serve for five years
of giving back to the country. While she has
her event. Coach David Niemaszyk, who
after graduation as a commissioned officer.
several relatives who have served, she isnt
is also a T&F coach at Pelham, who also
It was at a U.S. Track and Field regional
following The Long Gray Line.
teaches physics, spoke about her work in
meet in Boston, where a recruiter from
We spoke briefly about the process
the classroom as intense as her work on the
West Point approached Skyler that put her
to get into the academy, great grades,
track, a great student and athlete.
on the road to the U.S .Military Academy,
school leadership, good SAT scores and,
Skylers parents, Tom and Claire, spoke
explained Skylers mother. While at West
of course, the appointment from a senator
about how proud they were of her and her
Point, Skyler will be majoring in kinesiology
or congressman. Skylers mother, Claire,
acceptance into West Point and how hard
with a minor in engineering. What she will
mentioned Senator Shaheen had four slots
she had worked to get there. Skyler has two
do in the service is a question that has not
to make recommendations to the academy
sisters who preceded her at Pelham High
yet been defined.
and Skyler was one of them. Claire also
School, Ellisse and Avery, who both also ran
Skyler holds several track and field
mentioned that only 9 percent of those who
track as Pythons.
records at Pelham High School and also is
apply are accepted to West Point and that
a member of a private pole vaulting club
all cadets have to participate in a sports

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2 - January 29, 2016 | Pelham - Windham News

Options Considered for Golden Brook Renovations

by Barbara OBrien
As the clock ticks down toward the upcoming Windham School
District Deliberative Session, members of the school board and
building and grounds committee continue to narrow down specific
options for the proposed addition and renovations to Golden
Brook School. Voters will discuss the final proposal during the
deliberative session on Friday, Feb. 5, beginning at 7 p.m. in the
auditorium of Windham High School.
During the Jan. 19 school board meeting; an event which has
become more than a weekly get-together, the topic was the need
for portable classrooms during construction, air conditioning the
renovated structure, creating a full-day kindergarten program,
adding flex rooms to the proposed addition and the size of a new
After considerable discussion, it was decided that 10 portable
classrooms in a modular building would be required during
construction at Golden Brook School. The money needed to lease
this facility is said to be included in the proposed construction
budget. The majority of school board members agreed that no
portables would be needed at the middle school, during that phase
of construction. Vice-Chairman Tom Murray disagreed with that
contention, however, citing the severe overcrowding that exists at
the middle school.
Building and Grounds Committee Chairman Paul Gosselin said
that committee members are recommending air conditioning a
limited number of spaces in the renovated Golden Brook, rather
than the entire facility. According to Gosselin, there would be
more than a million dollar difference in the cost of air conditioning
the entire structure. It was determined that air conditioning would
be installed in the media center and the nurses office, as well as

The following students have been named to Champlain Colleges
Deans List for the fall semester: Justin Spognardi of Pelham
majoring in Game Art and Animation and Colin Cochrane of
Windham, majoring in Undeclared - Information Technology and
Michael Pillets, a senior majoring in Recreation and Sport
Management from Windham, has made the Presidents List at
Coastal Carolina University for the fall semester. To qualify for the
Presidents List for high academic achievement, students must earn
a 4.0 grade point average and must be enrolled full time.
Timothy Fraser, a senior majoring in Marketing from Windham,
was among approximately 2,248 students at Coastal Carolina
University who made the fall Deans List.
Keene State College has named the following students to its
Deans List for the fall semester. From Pelham: Taylor Bedard,
Jared Hannon, Casey Labonte, James LaPolice, Meaghan ODwyer,
Alexandria Papadimoulis, Evan Sage, Alec Surprenant. From
Windham: Trevor Blanchard, Rebecca Connolly, Samantha
Goldsmith, Alexis Michal, Julia Peet, Eugenia Schipelliti, Ryan
Sullivan, and Lianna Uzdavinis.
Ryan Christopher Wakeford of Windham graduated from
Clemson University Dec. 17, 2015, with a Bachelor of Science in
Materials Science and Engineering.
Kurtis Jolicoeur of Windham has been named to the Deans List
at Western New England University for the fall semester. Jolicoeur
is working toward a degree in Exploratory Business.
Keene State College announces the recent induction of 220
students into academic honor societies. The following students
from Pelham were inducted: Alec Surprenant was inducted into
Rho Sigma Kappa, the Safety and Occupational Health Applied
Sciences honor society. Casey Szmyt was inducted into Alpha
Kappa Delta, the Sociology honor society.
Caitlin Pierson of Windham, a member of the class of 2018 at
Assumption College, is one of 509 students named to the Colleges
undergraduate Deans List for the fall semester.
The following students from Windham have been named to the
Deans List at the University of Rhode Island for the fall semester:
Nick E. Fairweather, Maureen P. Gibbons, Paige Mary Montanaro
and Zoe Perkins.

administrative spaces. Although the entire building would not be

air conditioned, new equipment would allow for fresh air exchange
and more efficient circulation than currently exists. The stale air
issues would be resolved, Gosselin noted.
School board members also decided not to enlarge the proposed
gymnasium to 9,000 square feet, up from the current proposal of
7,000 square feet. The additional cost would have been about
$355,000, according to SAU 95 Business Administrator Adam Steel.
School board members also said no to recommending the
establishment of a full-day kindergarten program at Golden Brook
School. The concept of adding two flex rooms to allow for the
possibility of future student enrollment growth failed to get enough
support, winding up with a 2 to 2 tie. Voting to add two additional
classrooms were Dennis Senibaldi and Daniel Popovici-Muller.
Voting not to add the extra space were Vice-Chairman Tom Murray
and Chairman Ken Eyring. School board member Rob Breton
was not in attendance at the Jan. 19 meeting. Popovici-Muller
commented that he thought it would have been the smart thing to
do to build some expansion room.
Once completed, as now proposed, Golden Brook School
would include 10 classrooms for first grade, 10 classrooms for
second grade, 10 classrooms for third grade and 12 classrooms for
fourth grade. Under the existing proposal, Golden Brook would
house students from preschool through fourth grade. The existing
kindergarten wing, which was only constructed a few years ago,
would remain unchanged. If approved by voters in March, Golden
Brook would become one of the largest elementary schools in New
Hampshire, reaching an enrollment in the neighborhood of 1,000

Town Deliberative Session Set for Feb. 6

by Barbara OBrien
On Saturday, Feb. 6, the very next morning after the annual
Windham School District Deliberative Session, the town side of
local government will conduct its deliberative session. Included
on the agenda are 19 warrant articles, including the proposed 2016
town operating budget.
The proposed 2016 town operating budget (Article 19) totals
$13,575,349; an increase of about 3.57 percent over the approved
2015 town operating budget. The proposed budget is being
recommended unanimously (5 to 0) by the board of selectmen.
According to Town Administrator David Sullivan, the 2016 proposal
is about $474,000 higher than last years appropriation.
During a public hearing held earlier this month, Sullivan gave an
overview of some of the highlights of this years recommendations.
There are no changes in the number of employees or hours worked,
with the exception of an increase of additional hours for the parttime town clerk (an annual increase of 250 hours). Cost-of-living
adjustment raises are set at 2 percent for non-union employees
(total of $48,900 for 41 employees), fire union employees (total of
$25,740 for 20 employees), municipal union employees (total of
$12,990 for 19 employees) and
police union employees (total of
19,120 for 22 employees). Step
increases across all departments
(26 employees) amounts to an
additional $23,060.
Health insurance changes
across all town departments
PLLC total $64,970. Mandated State
Retirement across all town
departments accounts for an
increase of $72,530, while
earned time buyouts add another
$37,516 to the cost of doing
Once again, this year,
selectmen have decided to
remove the annual selectmens

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salaries from the operating budget, saving taxpayers a total of

$6,100 ($1,220 for each of the five selectmen).
The Windham Police Department shows an overall increase of
$153,820, due largely to a full years salary for the new school
resource officer, as well as several employees being eligible for
step raises, plus increases in benefit costs. The Windham Fire
Department budget shows an increase of $63,430, including
retirement cost increases, increased overtime and the replacement
of a command vehicle ($30,000), plus $8,700 to replace an
emergency radio system on Jennys Hill.
The highway department is the other big component in the
towns operating budget. This years proposal shows an increase of
$49,280 over the 2015 allocation. This increase is due mainly to
$27,000 for plowing sidewalks along Route 28 and Salem Road,
as well as the paved pathways in Griffin Park. This budget also
includes $25,000 for the Route 111 Beautification Committee to
erect Welcome to Windham signs at several locations.
Combining the three departments that comprise public safety
(police, fire and highway), the 2016 budget request totals
$7,176,335, representing an increase of $242,510 (3.5%) over
2015. In 2015, these departments had a total budget allocation of
$6,933,825. These three departments combined make up about 50
percent of the towns operating budget.
The solid waste departments request for this year shows only
a .25 percent increase ($2,075), due to $42,000 being removed
and reallocated to the maintenance department for the purpose
of hiring a contracted janitorial firm to augment the towns own
maintenance staff. The solid waste department budget is actually
increasing elsewhere, however, due to an additional $30,680 for
waste removal and $12,330 for demolition removal.
The proposed budget for the Nesmith Library has gone down by
$24,560, due mainly to staffing changes, which have resulted in
lower salaries and benefits.
The 2016 Town Deliberative Session on Saturday, Feb. 6 will
begin at 9 a.m. in the auditorium at Windham High School.
Registered voters are encouraged to attend. Election Day is set
for Tuesday, March 5, with polls open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. at
Windham High School.

School Board Supports Renovations

to Middle School without Addition




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by Barbara OBrien
After months of reviewing multiple proposals to
alleviate the space crunch in Windham schools,
members of the school board have decided to go
with what is dubbed Option 7 for Windham
Middle School, a concept that eliminates
the proposed addition and focuses only on
Option 7 was brought forward to the building
and grounds committee and the full school board
the week after this years warrant was finalized
and posted for public viewing. The warrant can,
however, be amended at next months school
district deliberative session.
Support for the newest option was unanimous,
although school board member Rob Breton was
not in attendance at the Jan. 19 meeting. Breton
expressed his support through a letter, in which
he wrote that he was in full support of the project.
Breton said he felt the proposed project was the
best solution for now and in the future.
Voting in favor of recommending Option 7 were
Chairman Ken Eyring, Vice-Chairman Tom Murray
and school board members Dennis Senibaldi and
Daniel Popovici-Muller. Members of the building
and grounds committee were also in unanimous
agreement in recommending Option 7 for
Windham Middle School. There are still many
uncertainties to be resolved, said Paul Gosselin,
chairman of the building and grounds committee,
noting that deadlines for the proposal were
already beyond the eleventh hour. Cost estimates
were still being calculated, Gosselin said.
We dont want to underbuild or overbuild,
Gosselin said, stating that committee
wholeheartedly endorses this plan. Its the most
Option 7 was developed by the contracted

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photos to

architectural firm after consultation with the

administration at Windham Middle School, and
alternative scheduling was developed moving
forward. The proposed scheduling will mean
that several teachers will have to remain on carts,
rather than in their own classrooms, for the next
decade, however; an issue that would have been
resolved with an addition to the middle school.
One of the renovations proposed in Option
7 for the middle school is to enclose the open
stairway and to widen it to meet the required
safety code. Spaces will also be made for
technical education and family consumer science;
two programs required for Windham Middle
School to become accredited as an approved
middle school. There will also be renovations
to improve existing science labs. If built as now
proposed, there would be a total of three science
labs at the middle school.
This is the most conservative way to go,
Popovici-Muller said. We could still build an
addition later, if needed. I like this plan a lot
better, Chairman Eyring said, comparing it to
building an addition to the middle school. Eyring
said he was basing his opinion on projected
student enrollment being expected to decrease
within the next few years. Removing the
proposed addition results in a significant cost
reduction, according to Eyring.
After reviewing the design plans for the latest
option, resident Bob Coole asked where storage
areas would be located and where the Information
Technology directors office might be situated.
Thats a little bit unclear, Brad Prescott, of
Banwell Architects, replied. Prescott indicated
that a trailer might be the solution.
Half the stuff in storage can go in the trash,
Vice-Chairman Murray commented.

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Pelham - Windham News | January 29, 2016 - 3

Citizen Petition Put Forward for Athletic Track

by Barbara OBrien
As promised, a citizen-petitioned warrant article for a track at
Windham High School has been put forth by resident and Coach
Marjorie Dastous. The petition was signed by 33 registered
Windham voters. The legal requirement is for a minimum of 25
A public hearing was held on the proposed construction bond
for the track during the school board meeting on Jan. 19. More
people were in attendance for this hearing than for the one regarding
the proposed school district budget and school construction bond
Dastous first approached the school board with her idea last
spring and then returned again later in the year. During those
intervening months, the concept changed, mostly because of a cost
higher than originally anticipated. Although less than the original
design, the proposal being put forth to voters this year still carries a
hefty price tag. The warrant article submitted by Dastous asks voters
to raise and appropriate the sum of $3,994,000 for the purpose of
renovating, constructing and equipping a running track and field
with throwing and jumping facilities, with a multi-purpose athletic
organic synthetic turf, lighting and seating at Windham High School.
Dastous original idea called for a natural grass field.
Dastous said she felt compelled to come up with a plan for a
running track on behalf of all the young athletes in Windham who
dont currently have a safe place to practice field and track events
or an appropriate venue to host such events. Its like asking the
basketball team to practice without a basketball court, Dastous said
of the current situation. We have some excellent athletes, she
said. They need and deserve better than what we currently have.
At present, members of the track teams at Windham Middle
School and Windham High School often run along Heritage Hill
Road, competing with school buses and other vehicular traffic. We
need to get our kids off the street, Dastous said. I hope it wont
take an accident to make people realize how important this is.
According to Dastous, there are 12 running and seven field
events involved in the track and field program; with 115 students
participating at the middle school and another 80 students involved
at Windham High. Right now, were practicing on any open field,
parking lot or trail we can find, she said. This is an accident
waiting to happen. We arent even able to practice the shortest
races [held in competition], she explained. We are at a major
disadvantage when competing. Athletes are getting injured running
on the street, Dastous noted, adding that this is what team members
have had to do for the past six years, ever since Windham High
School opened in September 2009.
The entire Windham community would be able to benefit from a
track, Dastous said. It would be a safe place for any resident to run
or walk, she said. Build it and they will run!
This past year, during a discussion of the proposed track and
field, resident Kathy Howard read a letter from her daughter,
Sarah Howard, who is a student at Windham Middle School and
participates on the track and field team. The Town of Windham has
never hosted a track meet, Sarah said. To host a track meet, the
town needs to have a track. Windham High Schools and Windham
Middle Schools track and cross-country participants can only
train for meets on the field, on the road, or on a trail. Known from
experience, the trail is full of dangerous terrain, such as rocks and
hills. As the trail is completely surrounded by wooded areas, its

completely unknown when the leaves could be slippery and result in

a rolled ankle, she explained.
Tracks are flat, which means there is no rough terrain. Tracks are
the perfect average between soft and hard, which allows runners
to not worry about getting knee injuries from impact, Sarah noted.
Every single track meet the teams attend, they have to travel, she
continued. And neither [Windham] school can host track meets, so
we never have the home-team advantage and can never practice on
the actual track. Without a track, we suffer from a loss that every
other school with a track takes for granted.
Friendships that are made in sports tend to last longer than
friendships made elsewhere, Sarah said. Its always fun to root
on friends during their races and running brings people together.
Running can create friendships that will last a lifetime, she said.
Running can lead to many health and social benefits, and can be
used as a supplement to any sport.
While track isnt considered to be a major sport in the United
States, it actually has the largest number of participants at the high
school level. Windham High School needs a track, because,
without one, the town is discriminating against runners and being
more attentive to other sports, such as football, Sarah said. Isnt it
time that Windham finally gets a track? she asked. It has also been
commented on numerous occasions that Windham lacks sufficient
athletic fields to accommodate all the sports that are played.
As the current proposal stands, the project would involve a 14foot wide track, with no more than an eight percent grade, and six
lanes, surrounding a 360-foot long by 238-foot wide turf field, on
which multiple sports could be played, including football, field
hockey, lacrosse and soccer. Retaining walls would be built to allow
for the construction of the track. The existing soccer field, which
would be made somewhat smaller, would be used for practice and
junior varsity competition. The lighting would allow for night games
and practices. The bleachers are intended to seat approximately
1,000 spectators. The organic turf field would be non-toxic, Dastous
explained, and is expected to last from eight to 10 years before
needing to be replaced. The facility would be adjacent to the
student parking lot at Windham High School and would take four to
six months to construct.
School board member Daniel Popovici-Muller said he did not
want to see the existing soccer field downgraded to a junior varsity
venue. I want to see a full-size soccer field (minimum 75-foot
width), Popovici-Muller said. I want all sports accommodated, he
Windham High School Principal Bob Dawson also questioned the
proposed size of the adjacent soccer field. Is there some flexibility
in the width of the soccer field? Dawson said, noting that he
couldnt support the proposal as it is currently designed. Theres
no question that we need a track at the high school very badly, but
Im concerned about the location. Dawson also said he had doubts
about whether Windham High would be able to host semi or final
competitions with the current design.
Dastous responded that she had been told by the designer of the
proposal that the proposed dimensions would work and was upset
to find that Dawson had concerns. Dastous said she believed the
proposal was well within the guidelines. School board member
Dennis Senibaldi said he wanted to make sure that the project was
done right the first time.
Dan Potter, representing the Windham Turf Association, said he

Proposed School Budget Lacks Full

Support of School Board
by Barbara OBrien
Despite administrators having found places to reduce
the proposed 2016-2017 school district budget by literally
hundreds of thousands of dollars, the Windham School
Board is still not throwing its full support behind the
When school board members began reviewing
the proposed operating budget last fall, they told
administrators that they didnt want to instruct them in
where cuts should be made. They pointed out that none of
the five school board members are educators and that the
administrators and staff are the professionals, the ones who
should be recommending what are needs and what are
simply wants. Despite subsequent reductions of some
$674,000 in proposed expenditures, however, plus extra
meetings and late hours, three school board members
were still not ready to support the bottom line budget by
mid-January. Holding out for additional reductions were
Chairman Ken Eyring, Vice-Chairman Tom Murray and
school board member Daniel Popovici-Muller.
I am comfortable with where we are with the budget
now, school board member Rob Breton said. I dont see
the need to make any more cuts. I dont see the need to
continue massaging this budget.
Shortly afterward, however, Murray made a motion to
go with the 2015-2016 operating budget again next year
and to put forward separate warrant articles for all other
items, including any new teachers. Murrays motion failed
to gain sufficient support, however, and failed on a vote of
3 to 2. Only Murray and Eyring voted in favor of Murrays
Im not completely comfortable with the budget, but
I dont want to change the rules of the game at this late
date, Popovici-Muller said. I cant support making so
many items separate warrant articles.
Eyring said he had spent a lot of time going through
the proposed budget and had looked at it from several
different perspectives. He said that one of the things that
had caught his attention was that money wasnt always
spent where it had been allocated. It had been transferred
to another line. Eyring said he felt he needed more
information on the budget proposal than was provided;
adding that he had found between $10 million and $11
million in discretionary spending. Nearly at the last
moment, Eyring said he would like to see the increase
from this year to next year come in around zero percent.
Im trying to give taxpayers a stronger voice, Eyring
said of his campaign to reduce spending. According to
information presented at the public hearing, based on
the warrant article, the proposed operating budget of
$48,588,991 represents less than a one percent increase
over the current approved operating budget. The 20152016 approved operating budget is $48,002,212.
This is a very daunting task, Murray said, noting that
he didnt want to make cuts in the wrong places. Murray
said he had looked at other similar school districts in the
area for a comparison. Its like trying to hit a moving
target, Murray said of coming up with the bottom line.
It will be very difficult for taxpayers to support all the
proposals before them this March, Murray said. We
have to prioritize. Other warrant articles on this years
school district ballot include a construction project for
approximately $38.9 million, a new two-year teacher
contract, a capital needs assessment for $685,125, and a
citizen-petitioned track at the high school with a price tag
of $3.9 million.
Senibaldi disagreed with Eyrings contention that
insufficient information had been made available to the
school board. This data is extremely accurate, Senibaldi

felt very comfortable with Dastous proposal, adding that, although

not perfect, it was the most cost-effective idea he had seen. Steve
Dastous commented on the countless hours his wife had spent on
coming up with the idea for the proposed track and field. Dont
change the ballgame in the middle of the game, he said. Youve
gotten 18 months of free labor from Marjorie.
Dastous was asked to further investigate alternative possibilities
for the construction of the track and field, particularly in relation
to the existing soccer field. It is expected that more information
will be provided during the school district deliberative session on
Friday, Feb. 5. The session will be held at Windham High School
beginning at 7 p.m. Changes can be made to the proposal at that
time. Passage of the warrant article requires a 60 percent majority
of those registered voters who cast a ballot. Election Day will be
Tuesday, March 5.
Senibaldi said hes glad that the warrant article was proposed, as
it gives the public a chance to weigh in on the project. Our kids
need this, resident Rich Amari said. Thats not even a question.
Its not ideal, former school board member Michelle Farrell said,
but it would be cost-prohibitive if moved elsewhere. This is a good
compromise. Its a huge stepping stone.
On a vote of 3 to 1, school board members are recommending
the proposed citizen petition for a track and field. Voting in favor of
the recommendation were Vice-Chairman Tom Murray and school
board members Daniel Popovici-Muller and Dennis Senibaldi. Only
Chairman Ken Eyring voted against the recommendation. School
board member Rob Breton did not attend the Jan. 19 board meeting,
where the vote was taken. The school board does have the option to
change its vote during the upcoming deliberative session.

Start your day off with a great cup of coffee and delicious snacks.
Meet Dennis Senibaldi, School Board Candidate
as he kicks off his re-election campaign to discuss topics of
interest. Make friends. Make a difference. Get involved!
Dennis Senibaldi is a member of the Windham School
Board and local community advocate. He is committed
to serving the community of Windham and dedicated to
providing children with the best education possible. /votesenibaldi

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Talbot Roofing & Contracting

said. This is the most information Ive seen in three years

on this board. Im ready to move forward, Senibaldi
told his fellow board members. We need to rely on the
Residential, Commercial & Condominium Roofing Solutions
recommendations of our staff. Senibaldi also commented
that he was not willing to put critical need teacher
Asphalt, Cedar & Composite Shingles Rubber Roofs & Repairs
positions on the ballot as separate warrant articles.
Siding & Carpentry Ice & Snow Removal
Interim Superintendent Tina McCoy also spoke up on
this issue. The people who know whats most important
High Level of Workmanship & Service Operating Year Round
for our students are sitting in this room right now, McCoy
said, referring to the rows of administrators and other staff
members seated in folding chairs. If certain teaching
Bob Talbot, Owner
positions are voted down, well have some real problems,
she said. These positions are critical. We
need to build a culture of improvement.
Former school board member Michael
Joanis said he feels the current school board
is being pennywise and pound foolish.
Saying you dont understand this on the
day it should be finished, doesnt fly with
me, Joanis said.
We have a superintendent who
evaluates what is needed, resident Bob
Coole said. And its not a good idea to pull
out teaching positions as separate warrant
Private suites
articles. What if they get voted down? he
asked. Put them in the operating budget
State-of-the-art rehab gym
for the childrens education. You should
support that, Coole said.
Former school board member Michelle
Farrell also said she opposed putting
Memory Care Assisted
teaching positions in as separate warrant
Specialized programs
articles. That really ties your hands,
she said. If the administration is saying
Open concept, feeling of home
we need additional staff, Im all for that,
resident Rich Amari said. We need an
adequate number of teachers to take care of
Traditional Assisted Living
our children.
We proposed what we thought was
24 private suites
appropriate to meet the needs of all our
Worry-free living
students, Dr. McCoy noted, referring to the
original proposed budget.
It was only two days before the 20162017 proposed budget was scheduled to go
Long Term Care
to public hearing that the majority of board
Compassionate & dedicated staff
members finally voted to move forward
with a bottom line operating budget. On a
Safe & caring environment
motion by Popovici-Muller, board members
voted 3 to 2 to reduce the operating budget
by $200,000. And, furthermore, to adjust
Fairview offers a continuum
the projected fund balance for the current
school year from $100,000 to $300,000, to
Fairview Healthcare is an established member of care that is unlike any other
be carried over from this year and used to
community in the area.
of the healthcare community since 1951.
reduce the 2017 Tax Rate. The 2016-2017
proposed budget appears on the school
district warrant at $48,588,991 with a
recommendation of three board members
in favor and two opposed. Voting in favor
of the final motion were school board
members Dennis Senibaldi, Rob Breton and
Daniel Popovici-Muller. Tom Murray and
Ken Eyring voted against the motion.
The annual school district deliberative
Fairview Healthcare 603-882-5261
session is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 5,
beginning at 7 p.m. in the auditorium of
203 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH
Windham High School. All warrant articles,
including the proposed construction
project, will be discussed fully at that time.
Registered voters are encouraged to attend
and participate.

(603)755.1535 Toll Free 1.888.755.1535

One Community....

Four Levels of Care

203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 030


Laurel Place

4 - January 29, 2016 | Pelham-Windham News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

Speaking Loud and Clear for Fiorina

If you have expressed disgust about the weakness and disregard for us by our
elected Republican politicians, and you said youre fed up with it, then I suggest
another option: Republican Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina.
Republican Senators (even with control of the Senate) do nothing but
make speeches and file amendments that go nowhere. They are proverbial
Washington empty suits that continually betray our trust. Governors are
government insiders, not outsiders as they claim. All they know is the
framework of the political game they have played all their lives. Well we cant
change the style of government by putting on the same old political clothes; but
a few Senators and Governors are hoping we once again have a short memory.
Trump divides, degrades, insults, and bullies while avoiding specifics. Youve
seen it - you know it. His mockery of the reporter with physical disabilities
gave me clear insight into his soul, and it was empty. He may be angry as we
are, but the man lacks dignity.
The media wants to choose our candidate. Fiorina wants all power back in
our hands. I remain convinced that Carly is the anti-politician that will restore
a citizen government. No other candidate has her cumulative experience in
national security, foreign policy, the economy, immigration, technology and
cyber security, business and jobs. All with a conservative perspective.
Its time to test our resolve. Our primary vote is our voice. Lets speak loud
and clear, and vote for Carly Fiorina on Feb. 9.
Frank Bellistri, Windham

Windham Warrant Article

Gets Track Teams off the Streets
The Windham Warrant Article for a track, organic, synthetic turf field,
lights and bleachers, if passed, will solve a major safety issue that Windham has
with the WHS and WMS track teams practicing on the streets and in parking
lots. Unfortunately, when Windham High School was built in 2009 it was
built without a track facility. With no track in town, the school track teams
have to resort to practicing on any available space; this includes the streets and
school parking lots. There are no jumping or pole vault pits so this makes it
impossible to practice and compete in all of the track field events. This leaves
the Windham track teams at a major disadvantage when competing against
teams that have a track.
This Warrant Article not only benefits the Windham track teams but has
the potential to benefit all of the residents in Windham. The synthetic turf
field will provide the school and town soccer, football, field hockey, track, and
lacrosse teams with a field that never needs to rest and is always ready for play.
The lights will increase the amount of time available for the field to be used and
night practices and games will now be an option.
The track, if approved by the school board, would be a place that all
Windham residents to enjoy. The bleachers and entire athletic facility would
provide the perfect venue for graduation ceremonies and community events.
For more information and to support this Warrant Article, please attend the
Deliberative Session on Friday, Feb. 5, at 7 p.m. at WHS.
Marjorie Dastous, Windham

Questioning the Ethics of NH House Leaders

Two week ago, Senate Bill 136 was passed by our NH House. However,
when votes were recast for a recount, the bill failed by a substantial margin.
The questionable procedure by which that vote was able to be reversed during a
sudden and inexplicable breakdown of the electronic voting system leaves many
of us questioning the ethics of our NH House leadership. We feel that they are
working against the well-being of NH citizens.
According to Dan Weeks of the NH Rebellion, For 20 minutes on
Thursday, the New Hampshire House and Senate made history by becoming
the first Republican-controlled Legislature to call for a constitutional
amendment ending unlimited spending in elections. Then the House of
Representatives voting machines went down. Twenty minutes later, when
the machines came back online, dozens of House Republicans had reversed
themselves in a reconsideration vote unmaking history and creating a gaping
controversy instead.
Many of us lobbied at the State House for SB 136. Shawn Jasper, the House
Speaker, agreed to meet with us, his constituents, to discuss our concerns. He
ultimately cancelled on us. We then contacted Republican Reps asking them
to join Democrats to make this vote reflect the truly bipartisan issue which we
know it to be. Many supported us. Others reported that while they agreed
with the principles of SB 136, and would like to support constituents, they
could not do so because their committee leadership roles could be jeopardized if

they voted their own conscience against the House leadership more than three
We would like to thank the following House Reps from our districts who
bravely supported us by voting consistently for SB 136: Lars Christensen, Eric
Estevez, Charlene Takesian, and Thomas Cardon.
Corinne Dodge and Mary Till, Derry; Kate Messner, Carol and Karl
Stamm, Hudson; David and Alicia Hennessey, Christina Miller and Paul
Dadak, Pelham

Is OMalley your Voice of Reason?

The best words among the closing statements at the last Democratic
Presidential Debate:
We are a great people, the candidate contends, exhibited by, the way
we act at home and abroad based on the beliefs that unite us. Our belief in
the dignity of every person, our belief in our own common good. There is no
challenge that is too great for us to overcome provided we bring forward in
these divided times new leadership that can heal our divides here at home and
bring our principles into alignment abroad.
Beliefs that unite us, dignity, heal our divides Which candidate calls us
to be united in order to advance, reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln calling for a
Union united by the better angels of our nature? Governor Martin OMalley.
In a Presidential Primary season that has confounded expectations and
predictions, Governor OMalley has been a voice of reason.
Hear him out and you will find vision and logic behind his 15 goals for
America laid out as 1, 5 and 10 year goals with plans to achieve them. You
will also learn about the strides he made as Governor of Maryland and the
success these accomplishments brought to the state.
The media-driven news cycle and a Democratic Debate schedule that defies
logic have not afforded Governor OMalley the attention of voters. But for
those who are still undecided, or wavering, I would suggest a second (or first)
look at Governor OMalley.
I do not typically endorse candidates in a Democratic primary because I
have the honor to serve as Chair of the Windham Democratic Committee.
However, in order to run as a Delegate to the 2016 Democratic Convention
I need to pledge support to a candidate. It is without hesitation, therefore,
that I pledge to support Governor Martin OMalley for the New Hampshire
Presidential Primary.
I will close with a last line from Governor OMalley which sums up my
desire for Americas future:
Were on the threshold of a new era of American progress and I believe we
have only need to join forces together and cross that threshold into a new era of
American prosperity.
I would urge every resident to consider the importance of their vote and to
commit to vote in the Primary on Feb. 9.
Kristi St. Laurent, Windham

Look for More than Rhetoric from Candidates

What is wrong with the voters in NH? There are two people running for
president who are campaigning using the same playbook. Shout louder than
your opponents; speak ill of anyone who disagrees with you or endorses an
opponent; use catchy phrases that resonate with the fringes of each side of
political spectrum while offering little to no plans as to what youll do or how
youll get it done, realistically. These are the candidates that are winning their
respective primaries in NH.
Whether the phase is Make America great again or Its time for a political
revolution - both are empty words that come from the mouths of radicals.
Trump has demonized nearly every group in this country that is not like him,
a rich white male. His only policy stance of record is to build a big, beautiful
wall along our southern border and get the Mexican government to pay for
it. Ask him a question he doesnt like or question his answer and youll most
likely be met with a barrage of insults. To those who plan to vote for him, I ask
that you truly listen to what the man says, better yet, find a copy of his speeches
online and read what he says. Youll find he says nothing of substance; its just a
bunch of catchy phrases mashed together to sound strong and patriotic.
Sanders demonizes corporations, for which most us are employed, as well
as wealthy Americans. Since when is being successful a crime in the country?
His programs are nothing but pie-in-the-sky that he wants to fund by raising
taxes on everyone, not just the rich, as he leads us to believe. His programs call
for the federal government to regulate or control many aspects of commerce,
including doing away with private health insurers all together. I certainly hope
he plans to find employment for the tens of thousands of Americans who are
currently employed by health insurance companies. To those who plan to

All Dental Services Including Orthodontics

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It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm to announce that I have signed up to

run for re-election to the Windham School Board. Over the past three years, I
have had the delight of working with three different School Boards.
While it has not always been easy, the school board has had many significant
accomplishments, year over year. These achievements range from successful
budgets, teacher contracts, Administrator contracts, comprehensive capacity
resolution warrant article and most importantly the championing of proper
resources so district staff can effectively and efficiently educate our children.
At a recent School Board meeting I was pleased to see that Windham Schools
consistently ranked in the top 5 for NECAP scores as compared to similar
schools. Furthermore, Windham has significantly outpaced state averages every
To see this level of exceptional performance is a testament to the SAU staff,
department heads, principals, assistant principals, teacher aids, the support staff
and our outstanding teachers who work the front lines with our children.
Moving forward over the next three years, I hope for the opportunity to help
keep up the momentum of success and continue to push the district towards
the outer bounds of exceptional success and beyond. Our staff, teachers and
most especially our children deserve no less.
With great anticipation and optimism of the construction/renovation project
passing at Golden Brook and Middle School, I am eager to be a part of seeing
this project to the end. The renovation project is long overdue and will solve a
decades-old problem for decades to come.
If you believe as I do that the exceptional success we have seen is just the
baseline from where our children can propel themselves into the stratosphere, I
humbly ask for your support and vote on March 8.
Dennis Senibaldi, Windham

Pelham Good Neighbor Fund

Completes 46 Years of Helping
The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee has just completed 46 years
of helping our Neighbors In Need. The committee had a another busy and
challenging year in 2015 but we were able to take care of 40 residents in
Pelham throughout the year for rent, heat, electricity, food and other household
expenses amounting to $26,617.
During the Christmas season, we coordinated our 26th Annual SponsorA-Child Program where residents in town purchase gifts for the children.
We were able to provided toys, clothing and food to 24 families including
42 children. The Salem Elks provided food for 12 families in Pelham and
we thank them for their support. During the year, we awarded two $2,500
scholarships to high school seniors who had a financial need and had been
accepted to a college and over the past sixteen years we have awarded 21
scholarships amounting to $52,500. Our fundraisers included the 22nd
Annual Golf Tournament and the 46th Annual Christmas Drive. We also
received donations throughout the year from individuals, families, churches,
schools, organizations and the business community. These donations and our
fundraisers have made it possible for us to provide financial assistance to our
Pelham residents throughout the year for household expenses. We would like
to thank the various organizations who helped collect food and cash donations
at the Pelham Plaza which included: The American Legion Post 100, the John
Hargreaves Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10722, St. Patrick Knights
of Columbus Council 6902, the Pelham Firefighters Association and the Cub
Scouts Pack 25. We would also like to thank the management at Hannaford
for their support and cooperation in helping to make our Annual Christmas
Drive a huge success and to all the sponsors who brought the true meaning of
Christmas to our Neighbors In Need.
A special thank you to Karen Genoter who does an excellent job of taking
care of our website and makes all the changes that we request throughout the
year and to Steve Ziokas who takes care of our annual state and federal tax
returns. I would like to share with you a card that we received along with
a substantial donation from a woman who we have helped in the past. She
wanted us to use her donation to help a family who was in need of assistance.
She went on to say that without organizations like the Pelham Good Neighbor
Fund who helped her and the family get through a difficult financial situation
and with their hard work and the Grace of God, the family is doing much
I would like to personally thank Dawn Holdsworth who is the Welfare
Administrator in Pelham. Dawn and I have worked together over the years
in helping our less fortunate residents. The Pelham Good Neighbor Fund
Committee is made up of fifteen volunteers who are dedicated and committed
to helping our less fortunate residents in Pelham and your donations have
allowed us to reach out to touch someone to let them know that we care.
The committee would like to thank you for your support and we look
forward to being of service to the community in the year 2016. For more
information about the Pelham Good Neighbor Fund, please visit us at www.


Call now for your personal consultation!




Asking for Support in Windham

School Board Re-Election


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We a edit as
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Michael J. Brady, Pelham

Frank Sullivan, Pelham Good Neighbor Fund Committee

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vote for him, ask yourself, do you honestly think he could ever get any of his
programs passed with a Republican Congress? Hes raising no money for to
help elect Democrats because they dont deserve it, so a Republican congress
is what hell have. The answer is obviously, no, and Sanders needs to level with
the American people and tell them that.
There are qualified people in both parties running for president who
offer more than rhetoric and programs that will never see the light of day. I
understand the concept of the protest vote but in the end, its our country
that is at stake in these elections. Every four years we get to decide who is going
to represent our freedom, democracy and capitalism to the people of the world.
On Feb. 9 the eyes of world will be on NH and I urge all that plan to vote to
take this seriously. Please ask yourself if you really want to elect a candidate
that represent the most extreme views in our country rather than someone who
represents the moderate views that the vast majority of us hold.






12 Industrial Drive Windham, NH 03087 (603) 893-3069

Pelham - Windham News | January 29, 2016 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar

Saturday, January 30
Supervisors of the Checklist for the
Town of Pelham will be in session on from
11 to 11:30 a.m. in the Pelham Police
Departments Community Room, 6 Village
Green. This is the last day for supervisors to accept
voter registration applications. No additions or
corrections shall be made to the checklist after this
session, until Election Day, except as provided in
RSA 659:12, RSA 654:8 II. No change of party
registrations shall be accepted (RSA 654:32).
Reports of transfer, reports of death, removal of
names allowed (RSA 654:36, 37, 44).


Saturday, January 30
Pelham Community Theatre in conjunction with
Pelham Parks and Recreation is pleased to present
Disneys 101 Dalmatians Kids at 7 p.m. each at
Sherburne Hall. Admission is $5.
Saturday, January 30 & Tuesday, February 9
SAT Practice Test at the Nesmith Library for
Windham High School Students. On Jan. 30
and Feb. 9, the Nesmith Library will offer a full
length SAT practice test. Practice makes perfect,
so grab your No. 2 pencils and calculators and
join us. Space is limited so call (432-7154) or
e-mail to register.
Registration is required and will open on Mon., Jan.
4 for juniors and Wed. Jan. 6 for all high school
students. Jan. 30 doors open at 8:15 a.m. and test
starts promptly at 8:30. Feb. 9 doors open at 3:15
p.m. and test starts promptly at 3:30.
Monday, February 1
Pelham GOP monthly meeting, 7 p.m.
at the John H. Hargreaves Memorial Post
10722 Veterans of Foreign Wars, 5 Main St.,
Pelham. Guest speaker: Rep. Jack Flanagan,
former NH House Majority Leader, exploring a run
for the 2nd Congressional Seat.


Tuesdays & Thursdays, February 2 thru

April 12
Pelham Community Theatre Proudly
announces its next musical production,
The Music Man Jr., for boys and girls ages
6 to 14 (as of 2/1/16), from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., at
Sherburne Hall. No experience needed; everyone
gets a part. Program fee. Registration form at 6
Village Green or online at
recreation. Register online at https://webtrac. Questions? Contact Laura
Smith, Artistic Director, at theatre@pelhamweb.
com or 635-2721.


Wednesday, February 3
The Womans Service Club of
Windhams next meeting will be held at
Windham Town Hall. Luncheon begins
at 11:30 a.m. followed by program and
meeting. Program will feature guest speaker
Connie Young from ServiceLink who will speak
about the benefits and services of Medicare and
Medicaid. Guests welcome! Come meet us and
enjoy, find out what we are about. For information
call Sue Violi at 889-0578.

Friday, February 5
Veteran Benefit Themed Dinner! Mardi
Gras! Public welcome. Doors open
at 5:30 p.m. Dinner served at 6 p.m.
Sponsored by John H. Hargreaves Memorial
Post 10722 VFW and Auxiliary, 6 Main St., Pelham.
Admission: $8 per adult; $5 per child under 12.
Stews, chicken pie, salad, coffee, tea, desserts, and
more! 50/50 Raffle! Door Prize! Contact: Dot and
Gene Carter at 635-7863 or visit www.pelhamweb.


Saturday, February 6
Women of all ages are invited to join us
in honoring Our Lady for First Saturday
Devotions at St. Patrick Church in Pelham.
We begin with Mass at 8 a.m., followed
by the by the rosary at 8:30 and then join us for
a video/prayer on Marys Way of the Cross and
a pot luck breakfast and fellowship. For more
information call Linda at 930-6436 or e-mail Note: Adoration
and Divine Mercy Chaplet will be available before
Mass at 7:30 a.m. in the main church.


Friday, February 12
Windham Musical Arts Association
invites you to join them for an evening of
musical fun featuring: Roomful of Blues.
For nearly half a century, Roomful of Blues
has been delivering its signature blend of swing,
rock n roll, jump, blues and R&B to euphoric
audiences all over the world. 8 p.m., Windham
High School Auditorium, 64 London Bridge Rd.
For ticket info visit All ticket
sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Snow
date: TBD.


Saturday, February 13
The Nesmith Library will host Chinese
New Year to celebrate the Year of the
Monkey beginning at 1 p.m. This
program is for anyone interested in
celebrating the Chinese New Year and is not
limited to any age level or place of residence.
No registration is required and you do not have
to be a Nesmith Library cardholder to attend.
Following a brief introduction and history of the
holiday, entertainment will begin with a childrens
New Year song followed by an authentic Chinese
Tea Ceremony demonstration. Other highlights
of the program will be songs played on the Erhu,
a traditional Chinese instrument. Our program
will conclude with two Lion Dances presented in
full costume. Children will be able to participate
in making crafts to bring home and red envelopes

complement our celebration. Various candies and

snacks from Chinatown will be available to sample,
along with Clementines, as oranges are symbols of
luck and wealth in China. The Nesmith Library
greatly appreciates all of these contributions to
assist in making this program possible. Contact the
library for further information at 432-7154.
Saturday, February 13
Come join us for a Vita Nova Marriage
Enrichment Day at St. Patrick Parish, 12 Main
St., Pelham. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. and
the program begins at 9 a.m. Cost is $30 per
couple which includes lunch and materials. For
more information, contact Scott or Martha at

fuss is about. Well provide the supplies and soft

music - just bring yourself!
Tuesday, February 23
The Womans Service Club of Windham will host
a Candidates Night at the Windham Town Hall,
at 7 p.m., (snow date: Feb. 25). The community
is invited to meet the candidates. Moderator for
this event will be Al Letizio. An opportunity for
all to hear and question what the candidates are
proposing to in filling their positions. The event
will be aired live on Windham Community Cable,


Wednesday, February 24
Cookbook Explorers!, from 12:30 to
1:30 p.m. (daytime session) and 6:30 p.m.
(evening session), at the Pelham Public
Library. Free and open to the public. Were a
group dedicated to food! Each month, well
choose a new type of cuisine or a new diet to
explore. Youll have the chance to share your
cooking triumphs and travails, and perhaps leave
with a great new recipe or two. Februarys daytime
session will come prepared to share a recipe
featuring a Red Ingredient with the group. The
evening session come prepared to share a recipe
that uses Chocolate! Bringing a dish to share
with the group is encouraged but not required for
participation. New members always welcome!
Interested in joining, e-mail rcrockett@pelhamweb.
com for meeting details.

Wednesday, February 17
Hiking the 4Ks: NHs Tallest
Mountains, 6 p.m., Pelham Public
Library. Free and open to the public.
Rodney Thompson and his son set out to
hike the New Hampshire 4,000 footers three years
ago. What started as a hiking objective turned
into a series of adventures as they completed
the 48 mountains that are 4,000 feet or higher.
Rodney will share his stories and pictures and will
review what you will need to get started hiking
the NH 4,000 footers. Some people complete
the NH 4,000 footers in a single year and some
take a lifetime, in the end how long it takes is not
important its about getting out there. Rodney
lives in Pelham and is an avid outdoorsman. He
has hiked the NH 4Ks and is currently working on
completing the 52 with a View and the Terrifying
25 lists; he is actively working on hiking all of the
trails in the White Mountains (red lining). He is
also the Scoutmaster for Troop 610, sharing his
knowledge and passion for the outdoors with the



Thursday, February 25
The Pelham Library Book Club will
meet from 1 to 2 p.m. to discuss The Girl
Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison
Allen. Copies available in advance. New members
welcome! Interested in joining, e-mail rcrockett@ for meeting details.

Wednesday, February 23
Color Me Calm: Meditative Coloring
For Adults, 6:30 p.m. Join us at the
Pelham Public Library as we take a break
from our regular meditation sessions to try
our hands at this Adult Coloring Program! Adult
Coloring is catching fire in libraries and recreation
46 Lowell
Ave, Dracut 978-957-7170
the Rd,
due to
calming and restorative affects. See what all the







50# Bag

Open: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. til 4:00, Sunday 9-1

3 Martin St., Derry 432-2921

952-4848 46 Lowell Rd, Windham 1533 Lakeview Ave, Dracut 978-957-7170


SALEM, NH 236 N. Broadway, Rte. 28 603-894-6328



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short illness, surrounded by her family. Florence

was born in Lawrence, Mass., the daughter of
Thomas and Frances (Kenny) Hume.
She is survived by three children; daughters,
Joyce Curtin of Methuen, State Representative
Charlene Takesian and her husband Hal Lynde of
Pelham, and son, Charles A. Takesian of Salisbury,
Mass.; five grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren,
and three great-great-grandchildren; many nieces,
nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews.
At her request, no calling hours were held.
Private burial was held in Bellevue Cemetery,
Memorial donations may be made to Salem
Animal Rescue League, 4 SARL Dr., Drive, Salem,
NH 03079; MSPCA, 400 Broadway, Methuen, MA
01844 or to the Pelham Community Coalition, PO
Box 537, Pelham NH 03076.
Arrangements by the Charles F. Dewhirst
Funeral Home, Methuen.


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6 - January 29, 2016 | Pelham - Windham News

by Barbara OBrien
Friday, Jan. 15 was a very cold evening, but the skies and roads were
clear of snow or ice. Still, only a dozen Windham residents showed up
to hear about a $40 million school district budget proposal or a nearly
as expensive construction project. Granted, the public hearing was
televised on local cable TV, but only those who actually attended could
ask questions of the school board members and administrators who sat
on the stage, facing a virtually empty high school auditorium.
The construction bond hearing was first on the agenda, with most of
the information being provided by Interim Superintendent Tina McCoy
and Business Administrator Adam Steel. The construction project for
Golden Brook and Windham Middle School has been a major topic of
discussion since last March, when its predecessor failed to win over a
sufficient number of voters. Now billed as Article 2, the construction
bond is proposed at $38.95 million. This includes an addition and
renovations to Golden Brook School, renovations to Windham Middle
School, as well as the purchase of approximately four acres of land
adjacent to Golden Brook.
The first year of the bond, should it receive a 60 percent majority of
votes cast, would include interest only (approximately $1.1 million).
The highest payment would be in the second year of the bond.
Payments would decrease from there. The length of the bond would be
subsequently determined by members of the school board.
According to Steel, the current proposal is still being developed and
final costs are not known. Theoretically, the cost will be less than now
anticipated, Steel said, referring to the $38,950,000 bond proposal
appearing on the school district warrant. Its still a work in progress,
leading up to the February Deliberative Session, said Steel, adding that
this is the maximum cost.
The few people who did come to the microphone to comment
on the proposed bond were not happy with the level of information
being made available to the public that evening. I cant meaningfully
comment when no details of the plan have been presented, said School
District Moderator and longtime Windham resident Betty Dunn. I dont
think this has ever happened before!
Resident Diane Carpenter, also a regular attendee at town and school
meetings, asked, How can you know if you support this proposal if its
still a work in progress?
Dr. McCoy noted that administrators and school board members had
looked at many different scenarios and feel that the current proposal is
the best concept. McCoy reported that proposed plans for Windham
Middle School have been scaled down from the original idea. This is
a districtwide solution to our space problems, McCoy said. It makes
sense across the board, allowing the middle school to become a true
middle school. The whole district needs to work together to make this
happen, McCoy emphasized. Its not just about Golden Brook.
Former school board member Stephanie Wimmer wanted to know

what effect the proposed construction would have on the athletic fields.
According to Steel, an additional athletic field would be added at the
middle school, while none would be compromised at Golden Brook
Based on the current proposal, both Windham Middle School and
Golden Brook would be completed at approximately the same time,
with the construction getting underway in 2017 and taking about two
years to complete. This proposal would be appropriate for the student
population that we expect to have for the foreseeable future, McCoy
said. It should serve our community well for quite some time.
School board member Dennis Senibaldi said that, in his opinion, the
proposed project is not just about the dollar amount, but what is needed
to meet the educational needs of the districts students. I wouldnt
support it otherwise, Senibaldi said. This proposal is not full of a
bunch of wants, he said. These are needs!
All in all, the public hearing, itself, was rather quiet and uneventful. It
wasnt until the hearing adjourned and those on the stage came down
to the auditorium to speak with those who had been scattered around
the room. Thats when the fireworks erupted. Stephanie Wimmer, who
had little to say during the hearing, approached School Board Chairman
Ken Eyring and began shouting at him, questioning him on how the
hearing had been conducted. This was an insult to those who attended
or are watching on cable, Wimmer said, referring to what she felt was a
serious lack of information, particularly from the members of the school
board. Wimmer said she felt school board members relied much too
heavily on Steel and McCoy to provide insight. Wheres the fire in the
belly? Wheres the passion? Wimmer asked, pointing her finger at
Eyring. Wheres the leadership? When Eyring attempted to respond,
he only got out one word. Sorry, he started to say. Dont be sorry; be
better. Thats what I tell my children, Wimmer retorted, before turning
away and leaving the auditorium.
Eyring took a few minutes to talk about the public hearing
the following week. Its unfortunate that a controversy is being
manufactured where none existed, he said. In preparation for the
meeting, I discussed what would be presented to the public at the
hearings with the superintendent and the business administrator. They
both gave their assurance the presentation would contain sufficient
details and be in full compliance with the law regulating hearings,
Eyring said. I concurred with that assessment, and it was subsequently
confirmed by the school districts attorney, after the baseless accusations
were made.
Eyring said that he wouldnt let this non-issue becomes another
distraction that diverts attention away from the important decisions the
school board and voters need to make in the next few weeks. More
information will be forthcoming at the deliberative session, along with
ample opportunity to discuss, debate and modify the warrant articles
under consideration, Eyring concluded.

Kn w Y ur Car

Knights of Columbus
Partners with
Presentation of
Mary Academy

Courtesy photo

Public Hearing on Proposed School Budget Poorly Attended

submitted by Presentation of Mary Academy, Hudson

The Knights of Columbus has partnered with the
Presentation of Mary Academy for its recent capital
campaign for a new gymnasium and arts center. The
Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic fraternal
organization founded in 1882 in New Haven, Conn.,
based on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity, and
patriotism. The Knights of Columbus has grown from several
members in one council to more than 15,100 councils and
1.9 million members throughout the world. In addition
to raising and donating to charitable needs and projects,
the Knights volunteer more than 70 million hours of their
time to charitable causes. The KOC has lent a hand to
PMA with their connections within the community to help
raise awareness for the gymnasium and arts center project.
Recently, the Knights sponsored a video at the Hudson
Community TV station to support the campaign. Principal
Sister Maria and Capital Campaign Director Diana LaMothe
were interviewed by the Knights, and the video can be seen
on the PMA website
On Saturday, Jan. 2, the KOC held a blood drive at PMA
that had an amazing turnout. WZID was there to assist along
with an appearance from the PMA Cheerleaders.


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Our team is able to address any type of body

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We also offer rust control and
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estimates for insurance claims,
were able to work with all
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Boyers is the referred auto body
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When it comes to finding
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In 2003, Boyer became a Line-X dealer, the
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Accessories: At
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Pelham - Windham News | January 29, 2016 - 7

Medicus Healthcare Solutions

Names Cristina Muise as President

Windham Police
Applying for
DWI Grant

submitted by Pelham Police Department

Pelham Police advised that several gas stations
in the area, including in Pelham, have reported
discovering credit card number skimming
devices covertly installed on self-serve pumps.
These types of skimmers are installed internally
and are very difficult to detect.
Some measures you can take to protect
yourself from this scam when using a credit card
or debit card according to
Go in the store to process transactions and
sign all credit card receipts, recommends
Jean Ann Fox, director of financial services
of Consumer Federation of America.
Check your statement as soon as it arrives
or online and report inconsistencies quickly,
add Fox. This is especially true with debit
cards. If you dont report it fast enough, you
can lose the opportunity to get your money
back, Fox says.
If you do suspect skimming, call law
enforcement immediately. Let the station
attendant know, but dont rely on them to
call the police, says
CEO Robert Siciliano. Until the industry
has answers, consumers are their own best
Other prevention measures include:
Using cellular phone based apps or key
FOB based payment methods that some
stations offer.
If you are using a debit card choose the
credit card option when paying as to
avoid compromising your PIN number.
If you would like more information about this
type of theft please visit: www.consumerreports.
Skimmer Release - Follow Up
The skimmer that was located on Wednesday,

by Barbara OBrien
Windham School Board members have unanimously accepted two
donations for the benefit of local schools.
Accepted with gratitude from the Box Tops for Education Program
was a donation of $1,330 to support students at Windham Center
School. The donation was accepted by a vote of 3 to 0. Voting in
favor were Chairman Ken Eyring and school board members Dennis
Senibaldi and Daniel Popovici-Muller. Vice-Chairman Tom Murphy
was not in the room when the vote was taken.
School board member Rob Breton did not attend the meeting on Jan.
19, where the vote was taken.
A second donation was accepted from Gatorade to benefit students
involved in winter athletic teams at Windham High School. The
donation, valued at between $800 and $1,000 includes coolers,
25 Main Street, Salem, NH

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school, the other above it on the second floor is about

Senibaldi and Popovici-Muller both said they felt adding
some growing room was the smart thing to do. I dont see
it ever happening that there is too much space at Golden
Brook and we dont need these rooms, Breton said.
In other business, Business Administrator Adam Steel
said that Facilities Director John Pratte had received one
quote for a one-year lease of a 10-room portable building
to be used at Golden Brook during construction, should
the proposed project pass muster with voters. According
to Pratte, the lease would be $12,000 per month for a
used modular building, plus $320,400 for delivery and
installation, plus $35,000 for connecting the portables to
utilities and another $90,000 to tear it down and remove it
from the premises at the end of the lease period. The total
estimated cost based on the single quote would be in the
neighborhood of $600,000. The cost of leasing portable
classrooms is included in the overall budget for the
construction project. It is not anticipated that any portable
classrooms will be needed during the Windham Middle
School phase of the renovation project.
The construction project will be reviewed in more depth
during the upcoming school district deliberative session
on Friday, Feb, 5, beginning at 7 p.m. at Windham High
School. It is anticipated that a revised and, most likely,
lower cost estimate will be discussed at that time. The
bond amount is currently estimated at a maximum
of $38,950,000.

Were in Everybodys

water bottle, towels and other such equipment. This donation was
also accepted with sincere gratitude on a vote of 4 to 0. Voting in
favor of accepting the donation were Eyring, Murphy, Senibaldi
and Popovici-Muller.

Bridgewood Plaza
1794 Bridge St., # 11, Dracut, Mass.
(Just over the Pelham line on Rte 38)

School Board Reversescontinued from front page

by Barbara OBrien
Windham Community Development Director
Laura Scott, who has recently resigned from the
Route 111 Beautification Committee, has said
that ideas expressed during a selectmens meeting
last month were not hers, but those of Selectman
Al Letizio. Letizio also serves as the chairman
of the Route 111 Beautification Committee. The
discussion pertained to the posting of several
Welcome to Windham signs and the proposed
landscaping being considered for those locations.

There was only one skimmer located on

an individual gas pump. BP Gas has over
eight gas pumps available to the public. All
area gas stations in the Town of Pelham have
been notified and police requested that they
immediately check each pump for any foreign
Skimmers have been installed at multiple gas
stations in the surrounding area over the past
week. BP is only one of the many gas stations
that were targeted.
Police commend the management at BP for
being vigilant and immediately reporting the
crime so the public can be notified to monitor
their accounts.
Police advise residents to monitor their
banking and credit card accounts closely.

Donations Received by Windham Schools

by Barbara OBrien
At the request of Police Chief Gerald Lewis, Windham
Selectmen have unanimously approved the application for
federal grant money, earmarked to combat motorists who are
driving while intoxicated.
While there is no guarantee that the annual grant will be
awarded to the Town of Windham, Chief Lewis feels there is a
good chance that it will. The grant would provide $12,000 to
the Windham Police Department to conduct extra DWI patrols.
The department was awarded the grant money during 2015.
Selectmen voted 5 to 0 to move forward with the grant
application. Voting in favor were Chairman Al Letizio, Jr.; ViceChairman Joel Desilets; and Selectmen Roger Hohenberger,
Bruce Breton and Ross McLeod.

Clarication on

Jan. 13, was found at BP located on Bridge

Street in Pelham. This device was located by an
employee while performing routine maintenance
on the gas pump. The management acted
quickly in contacting authorities to begin the

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

submitted by Cheryl A. Abbott,

space, Medicus has more than doubled its
Medicus Healthcare Solutions
employee count in New Hampshire.
Medicus Healthcare Solutions has
Muise also has overseen the expansion
promoted former chief operating
of Medicus operations to offices in
officer Cristina Muise, MBA, PhD, to
Denver, Colo., and Houston, Texas,
president of the healthcare staffing
to more completely serve the
and consulting company. Prior to
healthcare staffing needs of medical
joining Medicus in 2008, Muise
groups and facilities around the
operated a consulting practice,
served in faculty positions at
It is exciting to lead an
Stonehill College and Merrimack
organization that has so much
College, and served for 12 years
growth ahead of it fueled by a
as chief financial officer and chief
passion to bring a deep value
operating officer at GlobalWare
proposition to our clients beyond our
staffing services, Muise said. We are
Cristina has been instrumental in
well poised to continue to build on our
taking a strategic vision and executing on
service offering and presence, all while
that vision to strengthen our position as
providing wonderful career opportunities
Cristina Muise
an industry leader, said Joe Matarese,
for our people.
Medicus founder and CEO. With a
A former CPA, Muise has authored
proven track record for successfully leading largeseveral publications on the benefits of companies
scale initiatives and driving innovation, she is
acting in a socially responsible manner to improve
well suited to lead our development efforts as we
the wellbeing of their communities, customers
continue our mission into the future.
and employees.
Soon after joining Medicus, Muise spearheaded
Medicus Healthcare Solutions has been
efforts to secure financing and recapitalize the
providing supplemental and permanent placement
organization, during the height of the financial
of physicians and advanced practice providers at
crisis, which helped the company grow in
medical groups, practices, hospitals, and other
revenue from $32 million in 2009 to $120
facilities throughout the United States since
million in 2015. She has played an integral role
2004. Over the past 10 years, the company has
in distinguishing Medicus in the supplemental
expanded its services to include project and
and permanent healthcare staffing and consulting
resource management services, including Locum
field by offering more complete solutions to
Tenens vendor management, and consulting
healthcare organizations facing physician and
services for building and optimizing medical
advanced provider shortages and other service
service lines and revenue cycle processes. A
line challenges.
company headquartered in Windham, with offices
Through Muises foresight and planning,
in Denver and Houston, Medicus Healthcare
Medicus was able to construct a new facility
Solutions, with more than 200 employees, is one
in Windham and expand the building complex
of the fastest-growing companies in the healthcare
within the past three years. With the additional
staffing industry.

Credit Card Skimming Devices

Found at Area Gas Stations

(603) 635-9879


25 Indian Rock Rd. #15 (rte 111), Windham, 1 mile off exit 3 rte 93



Insurance Solutions Provided

Karen A. Archer

Independent Licensed Agent

Londonderry, NH



Life / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability






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8 - January 29, 2016 | Pelham - Windham News


Windham Track and Field

Faces Stiff Competition at UNH

Danny Donovans Third-Period Goal Beats Goffstown

Staff photos by Craig Smith

Bryce Blanchard (#6) on a fast break before scoring
by Craig Smith
Windham faced off against Goffstown on Jan. 20 amid a fivegame win streak. After starting off the season only 1-2 and
receiving scathing reviews from fans and staff alike, the boys ice
hockey team has truly turned their fortune around. The young men
worked incredibly hard to become closer as a unit and tighten their
defensive proficiency, winning their next five games by scoring
28 goals and giving up exactly 0. Goffstowns offense was a little
more refined than Windhams previous opponents, however, and,
if Windham wanted to come out with a win, it was going to come
down to maintaining consistency on the defensive end.
The Jaguar offense came out on fire to start the game, showing off
impressive forechecking as they continued to snag the puck back
before Goffstown could do anything with it. Goffstowns goalie
was impressive early, stopping all of the shots that were flung in
his direction. Eventually his quickness allowed Goffstown to get
significant possession of the puck, and, for a moment, it looked like
Windham might be in danger of giving up a goal early, but it was
smoothly picked off by Bryce Blanchard (#6) who deked out two
Goffstown players on his way to the net before sinking the puck
behind the goalie. Now up 1-0, Windham had put pressure on
Goffstown and they responded by escalating the intensity. They
suddenly began having longer possessions and attempting shots
on goal, but Teddy Piandes (#2) and Chris Martel (#5) would both
make impressive defensive plays to keep the score as it was. At the

Pelham Boys Basketball Takes 2 of 3 in Recent Action

Staff photos by Mike Bourk

by Craig Smith
The last time Windham competed at the University of New
Hampshire they tore past their opponents, shredding their dreams
of earning points like scissors through paper. With only the top six
performers from each event earning points it can be difficult to rack
up a lengthy sum, yet Windham had managed to score 64 points from
their male athletes and 55 from the female athletes. Good for first and
second, respectively.
Their most recent trip to UNH on Jan. 10 was a bit different however.
Both the young men and women struggled to earn points, inching past
the ninth and tenth spots. Each of the groups would come in eighth,
the young men with 17 points total and the young women with six.
Natalie Laliberte (7.9), Allie Connelly (7.9), Chloe Maczuba (7.9),
Maria Popovici-Muller (8.1), and Scarlett Souter (8.3) all competed well
in the 55 meter dash but did not place for points. Out of the 40 runners
they all were in the top half with Laliberte, Connelly, and Maczuba all
tying for seventh, just out of reach of finishing to earn points. Maczuba
and Popovici-Muller also participated in the 300 meter dash. Maczuba
finished 10 of 34 with a time of 47.8 while Popovici-Muller took 12 of
34 with a time of 48.2.
The results were similar for the 600 meter run. Grace Donabedian
(1:55.8), Souter (1:57.5) and Malyssa Deranian (2:05.90) all competed
admirably, but regrettably were only a few seconds shy of placing
for points. The 1000 meter run would be no different as Lily Shpak
(3:39.90) and Michelle McAllister (3:55.40) pushed to make a high
spot, and were close, but fell just short. For the relays Windham nearly
took the 4x160 meter relay with a time of 1:35.20. Such a fast time
was good for sixth, earning two points. The young women were only
two seconds away from the second place. In the 4x400 meter relay the
team took fifth with a time of 5:01.00.
Conelly and Laliberte also participated in the long jump. Connelly
reached a distance of 13 feet 8.75 inches and Laliberte was not too far
off from that with 13 feet 7.75 inches. Casey Dinga finished off the
womens side with a distance of 23 feet 3 inches on the shotput.
The men would have a slightly easier time earning points, but not by
much, although they all came very close. Tyler Paquette took fourth
overall of the 55 meter dash with his time of 6.9, earning three points.
His performance was so good that he was only one-fifth of a second
away from taking the first spot. Connor ONeil (7.00), Jack Connors
(7.10), and Jaden Petroules (7.3) all participated as well, earning
incredible times, but not enough to participate in the finals.
In the 600 meter run Matt Tauras finished 7 of 25 with a time of
1:39.4. His speed was incredible and he was only one half of a second
away from placing for points. For the 1000 meter run Matt Kuczynski
(3:13.50) and Thomas Draper (3:26.60) both ran well, falling short of
placing but impressing nonetheless.
The 1500 meter run would earn Windham a pair of points as Peter
Carons 4:42.70 earned fifth place. Behind him were Robby St. Laurent
(4:49.60) and Nolan Garside (5:17.90) who also ran well and showed
considerable endurance while running at such a high level. The 4x160
meter relay would also earn Windham a half dozen points as Windham
finished fourth with a score of 1:22.90. They would also finish seventh
in the 4x400 meter relay with a final tally of 4:17.50.
For the high jump, both Tommy Page and Jaden Petroules would earn
a half of a point each by tying for sixth with a height of 5 feet 0 inches.
Windham would also impress with the long jump as Tyler Paquette
finished first in his flight with a distance of 16 feet 11.5 inches, earning
one point. Garrett Beals (16 feet 3.5 inches) and Petroules (16 feet 5.75
inches) also performed well in the event.
The shot put would be the final chance for Windham to snag a few
points and thanks to Patrick Humes 43 foot 2.5 inch performance they
grabbed four. He finished third overall with Milap Patel (35 feet 2.5
inches) nipping at his heels. Mason Wein (31 feet 6 inches) and Zack
Shields (31 feet 3.5 inches) both impressed as well.

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end of the period Blanchard would find a break to the basket once
again, sending a line drive shot straight at the goalie, ricocheting off
of his chest and landing right in Domenic Bruzzeses (#17) pocket.
Bruzzese let it rip and got it behind the goalie who was still reeling
from his previous save, giving Windham a huge 2-0 lead as the
period came to a close.
With Goffstown clearly in panic mode, Windham found
themselves slowly losing momentum, even with their two-point
lead. Blanchard made a habit of utilizing his size to deliver a half
dozen bone-crushing checks to make sure Goffstown didnt get too
comfortable. For more than 10 minutes the two teams battled in a
tug-of-war match of intensity. The hits were hard, the defense was
fluid, and the penalties came in abundance as Goffstown pushed
themselves to rally back and Windham did everything to stop
it. Finally, as the period saw its waning moments coming close,
Goffstown slipped a shot past the defenders and goalie Max Daly
(#30) who had done a remarkable job all game. The period would
end, and, even though the difference in shot attempts was 15-6 in
favor of Windham, they only led by a single point.
Goffstown, now feeling that there was a chance to come back
and end the Jaguars winning streak, continued to play hard. The
intensity was at the fine line of being competitive and earning
penalties, but Windham couldnt control their competitiveness as
well as their opponent. Suddenly the Jaguars had two players in
the penalty box and Goffstown was constantly open with 5 on 3
fast break chances. Shorthanded the defense simply couldnt stop
the onslaught of shots and even while Daly blocked and deflected
nearly a dozen attempts on net it was simply too much. Goffstown
would even the score at 2-2. The shots on goal were now even at
16-16, and, with the momentum of the game completely in their
grasp, it seemed unlikely that Windham would be able to rally as
they had in the first period. Daly continued to block everything,
providing a ray of hope that Windham could still leave the rink with
a win.
It was complete deadlock as Daly made save after save and
Windham took every chance they could to get toward the goal.
With less than four minutes left the game would be decided. Danny
Donovan (#19) would find a gap in the mid line and use his blazing
speed to get a one-on-one opportunity with the Goffstown goalie.
Donovan was simply too fast for the goalie to keep up, and with
a flick of his wrist Donovan would seal it. The goal not only gave
Windham the lead but breathed new life into the squad for the
final four minutes of play. The young men who once reeked of
desperation now were completely composed and held an air of
conviction that was previously absent. Windham would take the
win 3-2 and continue their winning streak, moving up to six in a

submitted by Mike Bourk

One of the disadvantages of having fewer divisions in NHIAA play
is the increase in number of teams per division. With that the gap
between the top tier teams and the lower tier teams makes for some
very non-competitive games. That was never more evident when the
Pythons traveled to Hillsboro to take on the Hillcats and dismantled
them, 73-17.
The score at the end of the first quarter was 34-0. A few minutes
into the second period, Pelhams head coach, Matt Regan, took out
his starters for the remainder of the game. After the game Coach
Regan talked about these types of games, In the interest of good
sportsmanship we, of course, have to take our starters out. My
concern is that I now have five starters whove played less than 12
minutes tonight and less than 18 in the previous two games now.
Playing less than 12 minutes each, Keith Brown led the Pythons in
scoring with 26 points. Ryan Nystrom and Kyle Frank scored 12 and
11 points, respectively.
It had to happen sometime
The Pythons 31 game NHIAA winning streak came to a gut
wrenching end with a 43-42 loss against the Conant Orioles. The
game ended with the score tied 42-42. One of the referees called
a foul as time expired, put one second back on the clock, and
awarded the Orioles two free throws. Conant made the first free
throw and missed the second as time expired. This was a hardfought battle by both teams. The Conant defense was particularly

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aggressive in the first half as the referees allowed a significant

amount of contact on both sides. Pelham had beaten Conant four
straight times including the championship game last season.
Earlier this season the Orioles suffered a loss on their home court
against the Pythons. The Orioles used that experience as motivation
and played the first 15 minutes with an intense passion as they ran
they ran up a 14-point lead, 25-11 with just under three minutes
to play in the half. At this point Coach Regan called a time out to
regroup his team. Matt talked about the time out after the game,
Honestly I didnt really change or adjust our game plan. I just
told the guys to settle down and run the plays we prepared for this
game. The break paid immediate dividends as the Pythons went on
a 12-2 run to close out the half trailing Conant by just a few points,
The Orioles spent almost no time in the locker room between
halves. They were back out on the floor nearly in time for the
Chuck-a-Duck halftime competition! While Pelham spent more
time in the locker room they spent just seconds in the third quarter
before a Keith Brown three-pointer cut the Oriole lead to just a
single point. Tight defense and turnovers ruled the second half.
Each time Conant took the lead the Pythons answered down the
stretch as the score was tied at 38, 40, and 42. Pelham had the
ball with the score knotted at 42, but an intercepted pass gave the
Orioles the final possession.
After the game Coach Regan talked about the loss, This was a
tough game for us. We had just played three games in a row where
our starters played just 12 to 19 minutes due to the lopsided score.
When you get into a game like tonight where theyre being asked to
play 31-32 minutes it becomes a conditioning issue. I thought we
look a little out of shape tonight. I would like to play our starters 24
or more minutes each game, but it becomes a sportsmanship issue
and you just cant. This was the Pythons first loss at the Frank F.
Foise Memorial Gym (a.k.a. the Snake Pit) since December of 2013.
Pelham rebounds after a sluggish first half
Monadnock came into the game having mauled Hinsdale earlier
in the week hoping to catch the Pythons on a down note. The
Huskies looked good for the first half, but Pelham pulled away in the
third quarter and went on to win 55-41.
Unforced errors and poor shot selection by Pelham combined with
solid outside shooting by Monadnock saw the 5-4 Huskies holding
a one-point advantage at halftime over the Pythons 22-21. Coach
Regan pointed out some areas to work on at halftime, I thought we
made one too many passes several times in the first half. Sometimes
the look you get will be the best opportunity, and we had several
plays where I thought we had that look and made an additional pass
or two to get a better look and it resulted in a turnover.
Cam DeLoreto and Kyle Frank were big contributors, both
offensively and defensively, in Pelhams 20-5 third quarter. DeLoreto
crashed both the defensive glass and offensive boards giving the
Pythons seven points in the quarter, all on second chance efforts.
This was one of Cams best games of the season as he finished
with 19 points. Kyle Frank was lightning fast on defense cutting off
passing lanes, and offensively he hit on three of four acrobatic drives
for baskets. Keith Brown led all scorers with 25 points.
The Pythons are now 10-2 overall and 8-1 in NHIAA Division III



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Pelham High Junior Earns Civil Air Patrol Award;

Named Outstanding Cadet
submitted by Michelle Kavanagh
On Dec. 17, Civil Air Patrol Cadet Tanner
Bogner was presented with the General Billy
Mitchell Award by the NH Wing Commander,
Col. Dale V. Hardy, who also promoted him to the
rank of cadet second lieutenant.
The General Billy Mitchell Award is one of the
Civil Air Patrols most prestigious cadet honors
and is earned by CAP cadets who have completed
the second phase of the cadet program. Only
15 percent of Civil Air Patrol cadets nationwide
achieve the Mitchell Award.
The award honors Maj. Gen. William Billy
Mitchell, an aviation pioneer, advocate, and
staunch supporter of an independent air force for

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and NH Wing Commander,
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To earn the Mitchell Award, cadets must

complete the first eight of 16 achievements of
the cadet program, attend a cadet encampment,
pass a rigorous physical fitness test, and pass
a comprehensive 100 question exam covering
leadership theory and aerospace topics scoring
an 80 percent or higher. Fulfilling the promotion
eligibility requirements above is only half the
battle. Cadets also need to show leadership
skills, have a positive attitude, be responsible,
and live by the core values of respect, excellence,
volunteer service, and integrity.
Cadets who receive the Mitchell Award are
eligible for advanced placement to the grade of
E-3 (Airman First Class) should they choose to
enter the U.S. Air Force.

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8 Locksley Rd
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6 Alpine Rd
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Route 28
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In additional to the Mitchell Award, Cadet

Bogner has been chosen by the Air Force
Association as Outstanding Cadet of the Year
for 2015. This award is given to the cadet
who demonstrates outstanding achievement in
leadership and academic standing in the Civil Air
Patrol. Cadet Bogner will be presented the AFA
Outstanding Cadet of the Year award upon his
safe return in June.
Cadet Bogner is currently on a five-monthlong 600-mile educational expedition
circumnavigating Vermont by backcountry ski,
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Town Meeting schedule:
First Session of Annual Meeting (Deliberative)
You are hereby notified to meet at Sherburne Hall in the Pelham
Municipal Building, 6 Village Green, Pelham, New Hampshire on
Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 7:00 PM. This session shall consist of
explanation, discussion, and debate of warrant articles numbered 2
through 14. Warrant articles may be amended subject to the following
limitations: (a) warrant articles the wording of which is prescribed by
law shall not be amended and (b) warrant articles that are amended
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motion, as amended.
Second Session of Annual Town Meeting (Official Ballot Voting)
You are hereby notified to meet again at the Pelham High School,
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10 - January 29, 2016 | Pelham - Windham News

Thumbs Up?

Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs down to eminent domain for

corporate gain.
Thumbs down to the individual who stole
a basket that contained flowers for our mom at
Gibson Cemetery in Pelham. How do you live
with yourself?

inconsiderate people realize that youre not just

polluting the environment with chemicals and
litter, but also the people around you that have no
part in your disgusting habit? Hopefully the day
will come when tobacco is outlawed once and for
all, and you people get locked up for destroying
peoples health.

Thumbs up to there finally being some snow

up north. Pack the truck up my love, Sunday River
here we come!

Editors Note: All letters to the editor from

readers in our towns have been printed since the
inception of the Pelham~Windham News.

Thumbs up to www.NHPipelineAwareness.
com. Thank you for sharing the facts on the
pipeline that Kinder Morgan is trying to put
through Pelham and Windham. We wont get
any gas to heat our homes from this project. Why
should landowners lose property to eminent
domain for a project that has no benefit to us?

Thumbs down to the same 10 or so letter

writers filling the opinion pages of all the local
newspapers. Are there really that few diverse
political opinions in the area
that I have to read the same
letters from the same handful
of political operatives in the
Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW
Windham~Pelham News,
and SAVE on next winters fuel bills
the Derry News, the Salem
Observer (now in the Union
Leader), and the Eagle Tribune?
Print some letters from regular
folks for a change; I am sure you
are receiving them.
27+ years of experience - Fully Insured

Hampshire havent changed, if anything it is

warmer. We get snow and cold weather! If you
dont like it, move. Its that easy. And by the way,
stop complaining!

Building Supply has close to the road. If anyone

hit that with a car everyone within a mile would
lose their windows. Why cant we be concerned
and go after the things that really matter?

Thumbs up, way up, to the creative and fun

person at the WSD lunch program. At lunch last
week, the children were treated to a little bag of
popcorn to celebrate National Popcorn Day.
The theme was continued with huge decorative
homemade popcorn boxes in the cafe. This
impressive display was created by an employee
on own her time, just to make the kids smile. The
kids were delighted!

Thumbs down to Sarah Palin, in the limelight

once again. Did anyone notice her inked,
handwritten notes written on her hand at a
televised Trump rally? I did. Please, just go


Thumbs up to the people fighting the pipeline.

A large, organized opposition has grown for
good reason - All Risk, No Benefit. These
volunteers span all ages and are from all walks
of life - democrats, republicans, union members,
management executives. These people disagree
about a lot of things but whole-heartedly agree on
one thing - this pipeline is a bad deal for NH.

Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services

All Brands

Thumbs down to the person who made the

comment about our Pelham firefighters being
overweight ... how else do you expect our heroes
to eat? Are you going to bring them meals three
times a day? Risking their lives to save people at
least deserves use of their own kitchen. I highly
doubt you would put yourself in harms way, so if I
were you, Id keep your lips zipped.
Thumbs up to Amy Spencer, an extremely
kind, humble, and dedicated member of the
board of selectmen. I recently had the privilege
of interviewing Mrs. Spencer for a high school
project, and it is so rare that you find an individual
so committed in giving back to the community.
She took an hour out of her very busy schedule,
just to talk to me. Thank you, Amy, for being such
an inspiration!

High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters Available
Thumbs down to the
Windham police officer
603-635-2012 Senior Discounts 603-204-8581
patrolling last Sunday at the
Castle Hill/Timberlane Road
intersection. I dont know if its the fact that you
Thumbs down to the Chairman of the
just dont care about lawbreakers or if its because
Selectmen, Al Letizio. The renaming of Indian
you couldnt be bothered doing your overpaid
Rock Road, approved by the Selectmen, to
job, but when someone deliberately flies through
Enterprise Drive, coincides with the renaming of
a stop sign in your sight youre supposed to
his business to AJ Letizio Enterprises.
pull them over and ticket them. Why dont you
law enforcers open your eyes and punish the
Thumbs down to The Donald and his
real criminals instead of harassing the innocent
sidekick, Sarah Palin. Do you remember Bozo
citizens that you see as easy targets. Perhaps
the Clown? I dont know whether to laugh or cry.
Windham taxpayers should revolt and refuse tax
Oh, I know. I can do both, because theyre both
payments, a.k.a. your salaries.
a joke.
Thumbs down to Trump. He is as ridiculous as
his followers. Next, hell be telling you to drink
the Kool Aid and you all will. Youre all fired.
Thumbs up to Pelham Fire and Police. Thank
you for your ongoing commitment to keeping us
safe. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thumbs down to the ignorant lawmakers and

disrespectful smokers in our towns. Why is it
that the hands-free law doesnt state that cancer
sticks are also banned from hands while driving?
They distract drivers and cause accidents just as
badly as cell phones. Also, at what point do you

Thumbs down to people who live in New

Hampshire and complain about cold temperatures
and snow. Guess what, winters in New

Thumbs up again to the people that preserve

the cemetery wall on Atwood Road. Nate
Boutwell and the Drapers. As a concerned
taxpayer, Id like to know why we dont have a
stop sign at that corner that is easily seen, instead
of one that everyone just flies by. Theres a day
care center right there. Its something simple we
can do. Im concerned about that. Also, I dont
know if there is proper permitting but Im also
concerned about the big torpedo that Pelham

Thumbs down to the person who said thumbs

down to Pelham Firefighters being overweight
and not deserving of a new kitchen. If you live in
Pelham and your house is on fire, arent you going
to need to call on these guys? As theyre working
around the clock to save your home, your family
and everything you have, wont you be standing
on the sidelines, watching and praying? When
theyre done, are you going to thank them for a
job well done or are you going to insult them with
your rude comments about their appearance?
Dont be so disrespectful. Firefighters put their
lives on the line for you and yours every single
day. Know this: Lucky for you they dont care
how rude you are. Theyll still save your house
and your life if you need them to.
Thumbs down to the Pelham Police Officer
who ticketed my group of ice fishermen last
weekend. As we are getting older it is a lot harder
for us to get on the water, especially up and down
the hill that leads to the pond. $25 each is a lot
for us who are on a fixed income just trying to
get outdoors and enjoy what Mother Nature has
to offer. We figured we would park in the town
beach lot as we have before without issue. Not
this time. It really left us high and dry to say the
least. It appears that people who ice fish are no
longer welcome in Pelham.
Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs
up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
Pelham~Windham News staff. Thumbs comments can be
sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at thumbs@ When submitting a Thumbs comment, please specify that you would like it printed in the
Pelham~Windham News. During the election campaign,
no comments will be allowed that are direct endorsements
or censure of candidates on the thumbs page. No names
are necessary. Please keep negative comments to the issue.
Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Alvirne-Pelham Avs Top Pinkerton in Overtime

goal to cap
off their

Courtesy photos

submitted by the Alvirne-Pelham Avalanche

The Avalanche split their games last week, losing to Londonderry
and defeating the newly formed co-op team Nashua North/
The Londonderry game was thought to be a good test, but a
winnable game, but it didnt turn out that way. The Avs lost a one
sided game 9-0 on Wednesday, Jan. 13. Londonderry outshot AP
35-9 in the game; it was a poor effort by all on the team.
Saturday, Jan. 16, versus North/Souhegan was a bit different as
the Avs were able to hold them off and pull out their first win of
the season by a score of 6-5. There were many positives in this
game for the Avs, including the return of sophomore Doug Herling.
Although he didnt make the scoreboard, he seemed to bring a
spark to the team. AP started the scoring with a goal from Fr. Riley
Nutter assisted by Matt DiPrizio, who was playing his first game
as a forward instead of defense. North/Souhegan tied the game
later in the period and that was how the first ended. The Avs came
out strong in the second; scoring three goals compared to North/
Souhegan one goal. Goal scorers were Brendan Parent (2G, 2A),
Cam Richall (1G, 3A) and Matt DiPrizio (1G, 1A). There were some
fine defensive plays in the second by Bobby Haverty, Levi Griffin,
Jake Letendre and Ian Birmingham to keep North/Souhegan from
making it close. The third period started with a quick goal by the Avs
Bobby Haverty, assisted by Riley Nutter (1G, 1A).
Then North/Souhegan started their comeback. With a threegoal lead the Avs took their foot off the gas and let them back in
the game. North/Souhegan picked up two quick goals to cut the
deficit to one, Brendan Parent made it a two-goal game again with
his second of the game, assisted by Cam Richall. North/Souhegan
grabbed another goal with around five minutes left in the game.
With the score 6-5, the Avs played strong defense for the remainder
and held them off for the win.
Avalanche Beat Pinkerton in Overtime Thriller

At Collins Dentistry for Children we
believe in prevention and early treatment

The Alvirne-Pelham Avalanche has been waiting for

their hard work and dedication to pay off, and it is safe to say that
everything is finally starting to come together. The Avalanche, still
confident from their victory over North/Souhegan, looked to test
their luck against a talented Pinkerton team on Jan. 23. Ultimately,
they pulled out a 4 to 3 win in an exciting overtime contest.
After coming out slow in previous games, Alvirne-Pelham realized
how important it is to come out strong in the first period. The first
5 minutes of the game was controlled by the Avalanche as they
poured shots on the Pinkerton goalie, Jordan Puzzo, but had nothing
to show for it. A huge momentum changing save by Puzzo sent the
Astros on a 2-on-1 that would lead to their first goal of the game.
The Avs would then go on to let the Astros take control but remained
trailing 1-0 after one period of play.
The second period was more of the same. The Pinkerton players
continued to pile up the shots on Avalanche goalie, Curtis Richall,
but a two-minute penalty on Andrew OConnor would lead to an
Astros power play that would capitalize to put the Avs behind by
two goals. Only a few minutes later, the Astros would strike again
on a shot from the slot that beat Richall low blocker side. Despite a
three-goal deficit, the Avalanche continued to battle and play hard
throughout the period to try to get back into the game. More than
halfway through the period, a 5-on-3 power play for the Avalanche
would lead to a Matt Diprizio goal assisted by Doug Herling and
Bobby Haverty. A fired-up Avalanche team then controlled the play
for the rest of the game and had a chance to score before the end of


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the period, but an early whistle from the referee put an end to the
play. Alvirne-Pelham would go into the locker room trailing 3-1 after
two periods of play.
When asked what the mood was like in the room after the second
period, Assistant Captain Brendan Parent said, The group was
hopeful and optimistic. While still down by two, we knew we
needed to come together if we wanted pull out a win and we had
full intentions of doing so. The surging Alvirne-Pelham team did
exactly that as they entered the third period looking to shock the
Pinkerton Astros.
While continuing to play great defense in front of Curtis Richall,
the Avs offensive units of Parent-Richall-Diprizio and OConnorHerling-Nutter controlled the entire period. It took roughly half the
period for the Avalanche to cut the deficit to one on a goal by Cam
Richall assisted by Brendan Parent and Matt Diprizio. A few minutes
of intense, back-and-forth hockey was played before the Avs would
finally complete the comeback. Brendan Parent let a shot go from
the top of the right circle that would produce a rebound that would
find the stick of Cam Richall and then the back of the net. The last
two minutes of regulation would turn out to be just as exciting and
extremely physical, but the game would go into an eight-minute
sudden death overtime period to determine the winner.
In the four minutes of overtime that was played, the Avalanche
totally carried the momentum. The Astros only managed two shots
on Alvirne-Pelham goalie Curtis Richall, allowing the Avalanche to
go on the attack and look for the win. With less than five minutes
left, a wraparound pass by Cam Richall found a streaking Brendan
Parent who beat Puzzo glove side to cap off an amazing comeback
and win the game in overtime.
Assistant Captain Brendan Parent said that the winning goal was
all a big rush but, it never would have happened if the pass was
never made or if our goalie wasnt on his game. Im just thrilled that
we came out with the win. This win shows what kind of a team the
Avalanche really is and what is to come in the future. Consistent
goaltending in Curtis Richall and steady scoring from Cam Richall,
Parent, Herling and Diprizio should put the Avalanche in a good
position to make a run. According to Parent, I believe this was just
the boost that we needed to get the boys going and turn our season
around. The Avs played on Jan. 27 at Skate 3 against PembrokeCampbell and next will face rival Bishop Guertin on Saturday, Jan.


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Pelham - Windham News | January 29, 2016 - 11

Windham Swimming Boasts Incredible
Quantity as well as Quality


by Craig Smith
The Windham Jaguars athletic program is easily one of the best.
It seems that every team comes away with some kind of accolade or
playoff push, even if it doesnt always end in a championship. The
swimming program is really no different, albeit the sheer number
of athletes on the team is staggering. In fact, the quantity of
individuals present at just one meet alone allows Windham to make
multiple relay teams that compete in the same event. It would be
impossible to give justice to each and every member of the team
and their unique abilities and times, but that doesnt excuse the
public from being made aware of the awesome abilities that these
young men and women have.
Marla Batson, Meredith Richard, and Ashley Domogala are
such athletes. Each of these young women participated in the
50 freestyle and dominated. Considering the vast number of
competitors who participated in the event it is truly remarkable
how fast these Jaguars swam. Batson finished second with a time
of 27.34. She was only one second away from catching up to
Pelhams super swimmer Mattea Dundey. Richard finished almost
immediately after Batson, with a time of 28.29 and fourth overall.
Meredith Richard also participated in the 100 freestyle and finished
with a stellar time of 1:02.19, good for second place. Ashley
Domogala (1:13.99) finished tenth and Sarah Hooper (1:17.59)
came in closely afterwards in eleventh. Hooper wouldnt quit there
as she took sixth in the 200 freestyle with a slick time of 2:46.81.
Her teammate, Anna Matsco, would actually take the whole event
handily. Matsco finished first with a time of 2:11.20, which would
beat the second-place finisher by more than five seconds and the
third-place finisher by more than 20. Paige Esposito finish in eighth
with a time of 2:51.47.
The impressive times wouldnt stop there. In the 500 freestyle
Hannah Pickett would take second, 5:52.57. Sophia Alexandrou
would take fifth with a 7:21.52, and Amanda Hare would take
ninth with an 8.06.47. The stamina necessary would make most
athletes attempt other events, but these women know what they are
capable of and performed admirably.
Anna Matsco would race again as she attempted the 100
butterfly. Her time of 1:07.26 earned her first place and right
behind her were two of her teammates: Madelyn Chu in fourth

with a time of 1:18.00 and Emily Craven in fifth with a 1:22.53.

Chu would also participate in the 100 backstroke, finishing seventh
with a time of 1:20.51. Beside her was Marla Batson who took
fourth with a 1:15.21 and Reese Larouco in sixth with a 1:19.54.
The women took first overall in the 200 freestyle relay and fourth
in the 400 freestyle relay. The team had two participating groups in
the 200 medley relay, and they impressed the audience by finishing
third and ninth.
The men are no slouches either, especially when it comes to the
relays. Windham took first and fourth overall for the 200 medley
relay as well as third and sixth in the 400 freestyle relay and first
and second in the 200 freestyle relay.
Richard Hume led all swimmers in the 50 freestyle by beating
out the second-place finisher by .02 seconds. He finished with
an incredible 25.43. Connor Carbonneau (1:00.33) and Hunter
Gullen (1:02.38) had similar results with the 100 freestyle as they
finished in fourth and sixth place, respectively.
In the 500 freestyle David Hume (6:41.33) finished fourth,
followed closely by Rishi Krothapalli (6:42.45) who took fifth.
Michael Walters (9:07.25) got in on the race as well taking eighth.
Windham is no stranger to first-place finishes, and Connor
Hopkins continued that trend with his performance in the 100
butterfly. His 1:01.80 got him first, and he did it convincingly,
beating out the next place finisher by more than three seconds.
Hopkins didnt stop there; however, he participated in the 100
breaststroke as well and took first by nearly seven seconds. His
time of 1:10.90 was not only the best for the event, but likely as fast
as most have seen.
Maxwell Swank would cap off the individual events with a
second-place finish in the 200 IM (individual medley). He finished
with a time of 2:33.52 which was just over his teammate, Jason
Domogalas, time of 2:34.89. Domogala finished in third. Jack
Fitzgerald (2:42.54) took fifth in the event.
So many names had to be left out as there were simply too many
participants, but the fact remains that Windham is fortunate to be
in this situation. To have an abundance of athletes, all of whom
perform at a high level, is like searching for a specific piece of
hay in a haystack. Congratulations to all of the athletes for their
impressive performances.

Pelham Track and Field

Shows Off Talent at Latest Meet
by Craig Smith
On the 10th of January Pelhams track and field team participated
in a meet along with nine other schools. They traveled all the way
to the University of New Hampshire to show off their hard earned
skill against the likes of Alvirne, Winnacunnet, and Bedford. The
men placed sixth overall, a solid score amongst ten teams, but they
were so close to fourth place. As a group the men scored 30, one
point behind Londonderry and three points behind Trinity. The
women scored a total of 51 points, earning third place overall and
trailed Winnacunnet for second place by only eight points.
The men performed very well, even if their point total was less
than usual. In the 300 meter dash Griphen Avina placed seven out
of 35 with a time of 42.10. He was only a tenth of a second away
from earning points as only the top six performers are awarded
points for the team as a whole. Cody Foulds (43.70) and David
Ouijami (48.70) also performed well in the 300 meter, beating out
many competitors from other schools. The 1000 meter run would
be much more rewarding for the boys as they scored three points
thanks to Cameron Starr who finished four out of 28 with a time
of 2:47.40. Jacob Dorman finished seven out of 28, but was .20
seconds away from earning points. John Msaddi (3:07.20) and
Jacob Dahlinger (3:07.50) also participated in the run, earning 12th
and 13th respectively.
The 1500 meter run would be one of Pelhams best in terms
of points awarded. Allan Vallante took first place overall with a
time of 4:29.50, almost eight seconds faster than the second-place
finisher. Jacob Dorman would also participate in the 1500m and
finish four of 24 with a time of 4:40.50. The two of them brought
nine points to the team, almost a third of the total value. Cameron
Starr would also bring in six points with his blistering time on the
3000 meter run. Somehow he finished with a time of 9:30.90,
which was more than 30 seconds faster than the second-place
winner and a minute faster than the sixth place winner.
Cody Foulds would earn a pair of points at the 55 meter hurdles
by earning fifth with a time of 9.10. Dom Branco would also
impress by taking the shot put easily with a distance of 48 feet 8.75
inches, which would not only earn him first place, but the team

six points. Pelham would add to that score by earning fifth in the
mens 4x400 meter relay.
For the women Morgan Walsh would take fourth in the 55
meter with a time of 7.70. Walsh would also take first place in
the 300 meter dash with a time of 43.20, three more seconds
than the second place finisher. By herself she managed to add 12
points to the teams total just for those two events. Paige Spanos
(49.10), Jenya Becker (49.20), and Mackenzie Cawthron (52.60) all
participated in the 300m as well; performing remarkably well even
though they didnt place for points.
In the 600 meter run Pelham had three performers. Shaylyn
Harrington took third overall with an impressive 1:45.80, good for
four points. Alena Masterson (1:59.70) and Shannon Weisensee
(2:11.50) didnt place but performed admirably nonetheless.
Hannah Flynn, not wanting to slow down Pelhams scoring
barrage, placed sixth with a score of 3:30.4 in the 1000 meter run
and as a unit the young women scored fourth in the 4x160 meter
relay with a time of 1:34.00 and first in the 4x 400 meter relay with
a time of 4:25.10, good for twelve points.
Pelham would earn a total of 11 points from the hurdles event
because three individuals managed to place in the top six. Skyler
Goss finished first with a time of 8.90 followed by Cassie Apkarian
who placed third at 9.40 and Rachel Romeo who placed sixth
with a 9.80. Mia Herrling added to the impressive point total by
placing fourth in the high jump with 4 feet 10 inches and, while
she didnt score any points, Miranda Labonte also performed well
with a 4 feet 2 inches. The long jump would be similar as Skyler
Goss finished second in her flight with 15 feet 4.25 inches. Cassie
Apkarian (14 feet 6.75 inches), Morgan Walsh (13 feet 10 inches),
Rachel Romeo (14 feet .5 inches), and Mia Herrling (12 feet 6
inches) all performed exceedingly well also, but did not place.
Pelham has shown remarkable talent over this season on both an
individual and a team level. As the season comes to an end it will
be satisfying to see these young men and women finish out strong
and show off their hard work by continuing to put up impressive
numbers and outdo themselves each and every time they step up
on the big stage.



Maintaining Your

od ing
fo loth



Piece of the Pie

The Tax Return-The Affordable Care Act- Part 1

W.F.Boutin EA - Total Tax Solutions LLC

To begin this discussion of the tax law changes that went into
effect in 2014, lets start with a definition of terms:
Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) - This is an insurance
coverage under a government sponsored program, an eligible
employer sponsored plan, a plan in the individual market, a
grandfathered health plan or other coverage recognized by the Dept
of Health and Human Services. Also known as qualifying health
care coverage.
Shared Responsibility Payment (SRP) - If the taxpayer or any
member of the tax household, did not have either MEC or an
exemption for any month during the tax year, a taxpayer must
compute a shared responsibility payment on the income tax return.
Tax Household - the tax household includes the taxpayer,
taxpayer's spouse if filing a joint return, ANY individual claimed as
a DEPENDENT on the return as well as EACH person the taxpayer
can, but does not claim as a dependent.
Marketplace (aka The Exchange, Health Insurance Marketplace) A government or nonprofit entity that offers qualified health plans to
Health Coverage Exemptions- A recognized reason for not having
MEC during any month of the tax year. Examples are unaffordable
coverage, short coverage gap, household income below filing
Premium Tax Credit - A new tax credit for certain people who
enrolled in a qualified health plan offered through the Marketplace.
A taxpayer MUST NOT be eligible for other minimum essential
coverage, as through an employer to qualify.
Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the federal and state
governments, insurers, employers and individuals share responsibility for improving health insurance coverage in the US. The ACA
created the "Marketplace" where taxpayers can find information
about insurance options, purchase qualified health plans and when
eligible acquire help paying premiums and out of pocket expenses
utilizing the new premium tax credit. The ACA also created the
individual shared responsibility provision, which requires individuals to have minimum essential coverage for each month of the year,
qualify for a coverage exemption, or make a shared responsibility
payment when filing their income tax return.
Most taxpayers will have this MEC when covered through an
employer plan. If coverage was maintained throughout the year,
then these taxpayers will simply have to check a box indicating this
fact on the tax form, no further action is required. Taxpayers with
this type of coverage will receive a 1095-B from the insurance
company by March 31 with their coverage information but do not
have to wait to file since this form is not required to accompany the
return. However taxpayers who did not maintain a MEC throughout
the year may still be exempt from the SRP and will not have to
make a payment with the return if an applicable coverage exemption applies for the periods not covered by the MEC. Coverage
exemptions are available for individuals who are specifically
described as having a religious, economic, or other justification for
not having the MEC. These taxpayers who qualify for an exemption
will be required to file Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions
with their tax returns. Needless to say, if a taxpayer or any dependent on the return did not maintain a MEC for each month of the tax
year and does not qualify for a coverage exemption, will have to
calculate a shared responsibility payment and add it to their tax
liability on the tax return.
As you can see, in terms of simplifying the tax code, we have
added another layer of calculations to complete the yearly return.
As stated, for most individuals who have family plans through their
employer or seniors with Medicare Part A or Medicare Advantage,
there is little to be concerned, a simple box must be checked. This
year you will receive a reporting form in the 1095 series to verify
your MEC. It is for individuals, who purchased through the Marketplace and qualify for the new premium tax credit or for individuals
that did not maintain MEC and must calculate a payment where
confusion will abound.
If a taxpayer purchased insurance through the Marketplace, then
they will receive a 1095-A which has pertinent information required
to complete the return. A taxpayer who is offered health insurance
through their employer, but has decided that they cannot afford the
insurance and did not purchase through the Marketplace will
receive a 1095-C, which will have the information regarding what
the employer offered and what the employee would be required to
pay. Unless this information can be obtained prior to receiving the
1095 form, these taxpayers may need to wait to file so their returns
can be filed accurately. Companies have until March 31 to get the
Form 1095-C to their employees.
In the next article, I will continue to delve into the quagmire,
however since their are limitations to the size of these articles, I will
be attempting to add a web page at our website so that many of the
charts and formulas required to complete some of these tasks can
be displayed.

Next Issue: The Affordable Care Act Part 2

Have a tax question? E-mail

About Total Tax Solutions: W.F. Boutin EA registered Total Tax
Solutions in the State of NH as a LLC in the summer of 2006 after 10
years experience working for a major tax preparation company and 8
years of teaching basic level and advanced tax courses. The
company mission is to deliver an excellent customer service experience year around, to offer knowledgeable advice so that clients can
make informed decisions regarding their financial future, and to
provide this service with integrity, confidence and professionalism

Windham Falls to Milford, but Defeats

Timberlane for Second Win of Season
by Craig Smith
The Windham girls basketball team showed up to play Milford
ready to start a winning streak. After beating Timberlane, 41-38,
Windham had to start from scratch, falling to Portsmouth, but that
didnt suck the joy of winning away. The girls arrived in Milford
knowing full well that they were more than capable of seizing the
game by storm.
Unfortunately, it was more of the same for the Jaguars. Good
ball movement and solid hustle on defense kept the scores close
in the waning minutes of the game, but the defensive composure
wasnt enough to stop Milford from keeping a lead. Milford
would snag the game in the final breaths with a 38-42 victory,
further confusing statisticians everywhere. By the end of the
game against Milford, Windham would be 1-6, by all accounts
the record of a team short on talent. However, this just isnt
true. Kaleigh Walsh continues to poor in points on a nightly
basis with help from Stephanie Davis and Kelsey Kendzulak. The
team obviously has kinks to iron out, as evidenced by the need to
step up in the fourth quarter, but its usually just a few plays here
and there that the Jaguars make mistakes with that result in easy
baskets. Windham has lost only a single game by double digits.
Every other game has been decided by only a pair of baskets. Its
frustrating and disheartening to see talented athletes barely falling
short, but these are the struggles of life that must be overcome.
In the losing effort Walsh scored a team-high 14 points, a big
reason for why the game was so close. Following closely was
Davis who recorded a double-double in points in rebounds with
10 apiece. Kendzulak, Amanda Carey, Nina Berni, Hannah
Klaassens, and Sam Adamson all chipped in a few points as well.
There can always be found a silver lining, even in the wake of
despair. Portsmouth and Milford shut down Windhams prospects
of marching up the standings ladder, but Timberlane would once

again be the Jaguars opponent afterwards. Having already beaten

Timberlane the girls had quite a bit of confidence going into the
contest, but it would be up to them to prove that the previous
game wasnt a fluke.
The young women did not disappoint, winning by an even
larger margin than last time. As always Kaleigh Walsh led the
team in scoring, but it was Amanda Carey and Sam Adamson who
came to her side and pushed the team to victory. Walsh finished
with 13 points and six rebounds, Adamson was only a couple
rebounds away from a double-double scoring 12 and ripping
down eight boards, and Carey got herself to the free throw line
so many times she couldnt help but score 12 as well. Hannah
Klaassens, Nina Berni, Kelsey Kendzulak, and Steph Davis all
contributed their share of points as well to give them a 51-44 win
over Timberlane.
The game went back and forth all night long; neither team
could find the edge that they needed to seize the momentum and
run away with victory. Going into the final quarter of play the
score differential was only by a single point and it was clear the
winner would be whichever team could stay composed and move
through the motions without letting the pressure get to them.
Typically Windham has struggled in this regard, giving away
games in the final minutes due to a few mistakes. This time there
was no issue. They outscored Timberlane quickly and took the
game, providing the school with a second chance at the first win
streak of the season.
Windham wont be playing Timberlane again this season,
but that shouldnt matter as the girls have developed their late
game skills enough that they should be able to seal a few more
before the end of the season arrives. The Jaguars next opponent
is ConVal who, up to this point, has not won a single game. If
theres ever a time to make a playoff push its now.

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12 - January 29, 2016

Windham Annihilates ConVal with Top-Notch Defense

Staff photos by Craig Smith

Nina Berni (#24) is about to pump fake an opponent into the stands.

Kaleigh Walsh (#13) sets up the offense

by Craig Smith
Windham hosted ConVal on Jan. 25 after coming off of their
second win of the season. Previously the young women had
defeated Timberlane, a team they had already beaten on the year,
and the win gave the crew some extra confidence going into their
matchup against ConVal.
This matchup was the very definition of a trap game; Windham
was coming off of a spirited win only to face off against a team that
had yet to win a single game, and it could have been be disastrous
if the Jaguars didnt play hard and just anticipated a win before
earning it. Fortunately, these girls understood that they would still
have to play hard if they wanted a win and showed remarkable
professionalism for a squad that lacked considerable experience.
Half of the team is made up of freshmen, but its nearly impossible to
tell considering how motivated everyone is.
It was apparent immediately that Windham held the upper hand.
They were rotating seamlessly and sharing the ball with a level of
unselfishness that most are incapable of. Steph Davis (#32) would
finish off the first quarter with a three-pointer to make the score 135, and that would only be the start of an incredible night. The ball
movement was incredible and everyone was making sure they were
passing efficiently. Hannah Klaassens (#23) opened the second
quarter with a smooth open jumper that came from good ball
movement and then Nikki Lemay (#21) dished to Nina Berni (#24)
who scored as well. Defensively Windham was not as quick as
ConVals offense. At times the Jaguars were unable to stay in front of
their marks, especially against penetrating guards, but somehow they
all had innate knowledge as to when they need to collapse and rely

on help defense instead. Then the forwards would elongate their

arms and jump straight up to contest layups without fouling. The
result was that ConVal had no way to score inside and instead had
to kick it out to the three-point line and hope they made some shots.
They could not.
Amanda Carey (#20) got an offensive rebound and followed with
a layup. Klaassens dished to Davis who made a baseline dash to
the basket for a layup. Everything was going Windhams way and
everyone got in on the action on both ends. When ConVals offense
started to heat up, the Jaguars double-teamed the right player at the
right time to force an errant pass. When a Windham player had a
good shot they gave it up to a teammate who had a great shot. Their
opponent may not have boasted a single win on the season, but the
Jaguars were playing championship basketball. The second quarter
would end with Windham up 25-9 as the Jags gave up only four
points for the entire quarter.
The second half would be a lot looser in terms of defensive
integrity, but there was still a lot of hustle and smart close outs.
On the offensive end it was a magic show. At one point Davis
performed a double crossover to break an opponents ankles,
followed by a swift thread-the-needle pass to Berni who finished the
play strong by scoring. Kaleigh Walsh (#13) went off in the third
quarter as well, nailing three-pointers and floaters all while playing
tough, intelligent defense. The quarter would end with Windham on
top 46-21.
The fourth quarter was essentially semantics after such a dominant
performance through the first three quarters, but that would just give
Windham more time to show off. Emily Orciani (#12) opened the

Ali Schiebel (#10) takes a smooth jump shot.

Hannah Klaassens (#23) with a layup

quarter with a steal and a layup that was uncontested thanks to the
intelligent offensive box out of Ali Schiebel (#10). To thank Schiebel,
Orciani would set her up for three, and then Schiebel would take
over the quarter with some help from Berni and Olivia Gomes (#22).
Amanda Stivala (#15) would also contribute some points as the
Jaguars absolutely crushed ConVal for a 57-32 win.

Pelham Swimmers Continue to Improve, Swim Currents around Opponents

by Craig Smith
Pelhams athletic prowess typically has come from the prominent
sports of American society, like football and basketball. Many of the
other sports dont get the attention that they may otherwise deserve,
especially when there are so many talented athletes that remain
hidden from the public view as they excel night in and night out.
The Pelham swimming team is one such group that often gets hung
out to dry, but each and every meet they solidify their status as an
athletic powerhouse for the school. On Jan. 17 Pelham hosted a
meet for six other schools to put their athletes to the test and see if
they could outdo their previous personal bests.
The 50 freestyle featured four of Pelhams athletes, all of whom
excelled. Glenn Leuteritz took fifth overall with a time of 26.99,
and Logan Ashley came up close behind him at sixth with a 27.23.
Alec White (30.56) and Brenton Ferullo (33.27) both also performed
incredibly well, and between the four of them there was almost
no room for success for the other schools. Most of these young
men would also perform in the 100 freestyle. Leuteritz would
continue his hot streak by finishing with a 59.31, good for third
overall. Ashley would take seventh overall with a 1:03.90, finishing
leaps and bounds ahead of the other competitors. Brenton Ferullo
(1:12.07), Alec White (1:14.51), and Pedro Guerra (1:15.87) would

also participate, finishing well and showing off their own speed.
White and Guerra would also participate in the 200 freestyle,
showing off their stamina. White would finish with a 2:41.84, good
for sixth overall, and Guerra would finish in ninth with a 2:48.83.
The only competitor for the 500 freestyle would be Will Campbell
who finished sixth overall with a time of 7:15.93, which was more
than half a minute faster than the next finisher. Campbell would also
compete in the 100 breaststroke, finishing with a time of 1:32.89.
His swift time gave him eighth overall.
On top of the athletes individual events they also participated
in relays. For the 200 freestyle relay Pelham finished with a cool
2:04.07. In the 400 freestyle relay Pelham finished with a 4:50.84,
just nudging past Windham on the leaderboard. The team would
find the most success with the 200 medley relay where they would
finish at 2:12.46 and outswim both Winnacunnet and Goffstown.
The women were no slouches on the relays either as they took first
overall in the 400 freestyle relay with a rapid time of 4:33.05. They
also took fourth overall in the 200 freestyle relay with an impressive
time of 1:59.99, only a few seconds away from that first overall spot.
Mattea Dundey took first overall for the 50 freestyle with an
incredible 26.33, which was more than a second faster than the next
swimmer. Brooke Fraser was hot on her tail with a time of 29.88.

Kassandra Mirles (34.73) and Abby Gagnon (29.50) also participated

in the event and finished well, backing up Dundey and Fraser nicely.
Dundey and Gagnon would also participate in the 100 freestyle.
Dundey would be the only athlete to finish in under a minute with
a 59.82, and Gagnon would finish soon thereafter with a time of
Fraser would show of her stamina by participating in the 500
freestyle. She would finish fourth overall with a time of 6:46.94,
beating the fifth-place finisher by more than half a minute. Abby
Gagnon would finish with similarly impressive results as she
completed the 100 backstroke with a 1:27.69. Unsurprisingly,
Mattea Dundey also wanted to impress as the meet came to a
close and finished first overall in the 100 breaststroke. Her time of
1:15.62 nearly beat out the second-place finisher by eight seconds,
a lifetime when it comes to swimming. Her incredible consistency
and speed makes her one of the best.
Pelham will continue to put up impressive numbers as the
season comes to a close. These athletes are fueled by their desire
to improve regularly, and it shouldnt be a surprise when they
completely dominate the results in the future.

A Busy Week for Python Wrestlers

Raising Funds & Awareness for

Breast Cancer

Call to order a Pink Pack today! 603-626-7825

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

Saturday, February 6, 2016 - 7pm

by Len Lathrop
This was the tenth year that Pelham
High School has hosted the tournament
after renaming it in honor of Sgt. Daniel
Gionet, a PHS alumni and wrestler, who
was killed in Iraq protecting the freedoms
of all Americans.
The day started off with some
difficulties due to the weather.
Unfortunately, three teams dropped
out because of not being able to make
the trip. Those that did show provided
a great day of wrestling for all of the
fans. Campbell High School won the
Python Jason Gleason in a 145 pound match against
tournament, and Pelham finished sixth
Dillon Cloonan of Campbell works to turn Cloonan for the pin,
out of 10 teams. Pelham did have
which occurred at 2:13 of the match.
one champion with Jason Gleason
dominating the 145 pound weight
class. In doing so Jason earned the tournaments
outstanding wrestler award, voted on by all of the
coaches in attendance.
When the day ended the teams were ranked as
follows: Campbell, 125.0; Manchester Central,
76.5; Westerly, 70.5; Bedford Minutemen, 67.0;
Newport, 54.0; Pelham, 49.0; Oyster River, 24.0
Kingswood 24.0; Marblehead Swampscott, 22.0;
and Hopkinton, 7.0
On the 20th the Cougars of Campbell High
traveled again to Pelham for a head-to-head meet
with three varsity matches and several exposition
and junior varsity contests. At the 126 weight
division Dayton Chardonnet of Campbell pinned
Alexander Becker of Pelham at 5.11 of the match.
Tyler McCrady fighting at 138 for CHS pinned
Zachary Koch at 1:24 of the third period, and
at 145 Python Jason Gleason pinned Cougar
Dillon Cloonan at 2.13 of the competition. In the
exhibition match, at the heavyweight level, Adam
Haywood of Campbell defeated Dom Branco after
an escape and takedown to swiftly pin Branco.
Working to gain control and to score points for a takedown
Not something you see happen in the 285 class.
is Alexander Becker of PHS in the blue and gray against
Dayton Chardonnet of CHS.