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Delegating with purpose is . . .

30 minutes

Continually looking for and following through on

opportunities to achieve results and/or build
capability by assigning task and decision-making
responsibilities to individuals or teams with clear
boundaries, support, and follow-up.

completion time

This definition describes the two basic purposes for

delegating tasks and responsibilities: 1) to achieve
business results and 2) to build the capability of
individuals and your work group to achieve these results.
What important tasks and responsibilities could you

Bring this completed

document to class.
You will use it during
the session.

delegate now and in the near future to achieve these

goals? Consider the questions below and identify two or
three tasks/responsibilities you could delegate to achieve
one or both of these purposes.

To Achieve Results . . .

What are your top-priority objectives? What tasks/responsibilities could you delegate to
enable you to achieve these objectives more quickly or effectively?

What new roles or responsibilities are you taking on? Which ones could you delegate, and
to whom?

What tasks or responsibilities could you delegate to free up more of your time?

Tasks and Responsibilities You Might Delegate

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Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMXII.

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To Build Capability . . .

What key tasks/responsibilities would you like your team members to be able to handle?

What skills and abilities do your team members need to develop individually and as a group?
What tasks/responsibilities would help them do this?

Is demand for a particular skill or output greater than the teams ability to provide it? If so,
how could your delegations close this gap?

Tasks and Responsibilities You Might Delegate

Benefits . . .
If you delegated these tasks/responsibilities, how would it benefit the person, your team, and the

How would the delegation benefit you as the teams leader?

. . . and Concerns
What issues or concerns might keep you from delegating these tasks/responsibilities?

Involve Your Manager

We strongly encourage you to discuss potential delegations with your manager by:

Sharing your list of possible delegations and asking what tasks and opportunities you
might add.

Discussing initiatives or organizational changes that could create the need for your team to
take on new tasks, responsibilities, or roles.

Asking for input on tasks you are handling now that you could, or should, delegate.

Please remember to bring this Course Prep to class. Much of the session is devoted to the
delegation opportunities you and other participants have identified in this worksheet.

Development Dimensions International, Inc., MMXII.

Permission is granted to photocopy this page for internal use only.