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Text: Genesis 18:14
 Challenging question, What is your answer to it?
 Our answer will reveal our estimate of God’s power and the
exent of our own faith in God.
 Many of God’s people are discouraged, despondent and filled
with doubt.
This ought not to be,
Discouragement (Sorvu) always comes from the Devil,
Despondency (Manasanjalam) paralyses us for useful service
Doubt (Santegam) dishonours the Lord.
 Genesis 18:11 Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90
humanly speaking, it was impossible for Sarah to bear a child. .
Body: The truth is God loves to do hard things

1. There is no PROMISE too hard for the Lord to fulfil.
(Tevanal niraivetra mudiyata vakutattam illai)
 2 Corinthians 1:20 - Bible has 30,000 promises, all of which ‘are
yes and Amen in Jesus
 2 Peter 1:4 – They are given to God’s Children
 Numbers 23:19 – God does not lie or change His mind
 Notice three illustrations of ‘hard things’ that God promised and
(1) Joshua 2:1-6; 6:25.He promised that the walls of Jericho would
fall, but that Rahab’s dwelling on the wall and her family would
be spared.
(2) 1 Kings 17:2-16.He promised to feed Elijah by
ravens(Kagangal) at Cherith and by a widow at Zarephath. Luke
1:26-38.He promised that Mary would bring forth a son, though
she was a virgin.

2. There is no PRAYER too hard for the Lord to answer.
(Tevanal batil kuduka mudiyatha jebam ondre illai)
 Jeremiah 33:3 One of the great prayer-promises
 Matthew 17:20; John 16:23 - The Lord loves to answer hard
prayers, every situation and circumstance of life He invites us to
pray, and He promises to answer our prayers.

(1) Biologically it was impossible for Abraham and Sarah to have a
child, yet their prayer was answered.

(2) Genesis 24:1-67. Abraham’s servant to find just the right bride
for Isaac, yet God answered prayer by leading Eliezer to choose
(3) 1 Kings 18:29-39 Elijah’s prayer for fire to fall on altar was
abundantly answered!

3. There is no PROBLEM too hard for the Lord to solve.
(Thevanal tirka mudiyata perachanai onre ilai)
 Possibly you have a problem which you have been trying to
solve by yourself – and you have failed! Ask the Lord to solve it
for you. .
(1) Exodus 14:13-31: He enabled them to pass through the Red
Sea unharmed and on dry land –.
(2) Exodus 15:23-26: He solved the problem of the bitter water at
Marah –
(3) Exodus 17:5-7.: He gave them water out of the rock –
(4) John 2:1-11.He turned the water into wine –
(5) Mark 4:35-41.He stilled the storm –
(6) Matthew 14:15-21.He fed five thousand –
(7) John 11:38-46.He raised the dead –

4. There is no PLACE too hard for the Lord to revive.
(Thevanal uyirpika mudiyata edam allatu sulnilai onre illai)
 Isaiah 43:19

5. There is no PERSON too hard for the Lord to save.
(Thevan rachitka mudiya oruvarum illai)
 Hebrews 7:25 We frequently doubt God’s ability to save people!
We look upon certain cases as hard!
(1) Luke 7:36-50 - The woman who was a sinner was wonderfully
saved by the Lord Jesus –
(2) Luke 23:39-43 - A condemned criminal was gloriously converted
in his dying hour
(3) Acts 9:1-7.A persecutor / Paul was humbled to the dust by the
sight of the risen Lord –
(1) Acts 16:25-34. A jailer and his family were suddenly converted –
Conclusion:Is anything too hard for the Lord? What is your answer?