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Personal Growth and Change

“To Live Our Life Fully”

a. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear
fruit and have a life.”
b. Parable of the Barren Fig Tree… 3 years without bearing fruit.
c. Some people choose a lonely and desperate life by staying within the
comforts of a shell.
Stories to exemplify how some invested their lives…
1. A teacher, who for so many years, drags herself miserably to
school everyday and made her pupils her “GARBAGE DUMP”
OF Unwanted Emotions. Every single day she would shout at
and scold the poor innocent kids.
2. Because I’m poor, I’ll just stay here
“Pobre man gud”  Rey’s story
3. Hector’s Self-Investment… Life itself
4. Briefing through the pages of my life… the courage to invest
myself in life’s opportunities which eventually brought me out
of my shell and recreated me… I never remained the same
2. SELF-INVESTMENT is a key to Growth
a. Life offers us many forms of Self Investment
1. The chance to meet new acquaintances and develop deeper
friendships among SOME.
2. Opportunity of honing our skills and potentials by takin on new
responsibility… i.e. Accepting the position offered me despite
some apprehensions.
3. The chance to speak out thoughts and feelings.
4. The possibility of experimenting on new behaviors, such as
testing out new fashions in hairstyle and clothing, breaking out
shyness and inhibitions by joining social gatherings, or doing
something never conceived to be possible (ex: Buklod Botang
for fiesta)
5. Getting involved in some Social Issues via movements and
6. The triumph of making personal decisions in life and making a

3. Self-Investment is a COURAGE TO TAKE RISKS.
a. “Risks may scare us but it is a companion to GROWTH
b. “NO GUTS, NO GLORY”…. “A winner never surrender.”
c. If we enumerate constantly the “WHAT IF’s” of every action we take,
most likely we’ll never make the 1st step

g. Fear hold us back from fully experiencing life and love. 3. If you go through life with NO IDEAL. Fear is the greatest enemy of Risking 1. How to 1. Conquer Fear TRUST in ourselves TRUST in others FAITH in God “If we only cultivate a DEED sense of “KNOWING” in our hearts that our inner being is rooted in GOODNESS that it is affirmed in every person we meet… that we are moved by a common spirit from above… then all fear will banish.Example: My wife wants to learn how to drive a bicycle but the what if’s of my Lolo prevented her. The risks worth taking are those that lead you to create the best life possible for yourself… Somewhere behind every risk should be a life worth risking for” f. Fear will constantly immobilize us.” . Gerald Jampolsky summarizes in his book on Inner Peace: “Reflect on the many opportunities for growth which we have deprived ourselves because of FEAR. then risks must be taken. Some hesitate to meet and make new acquaintances because they preempt the possibility of experiencing rejection and getting hurt… Emotional Growth is given-up. and EGO LOSS. 2. THE CHOICE is ours… “If risks are inevitable to self-investment. Imagine how much our lives would have changed if fear had not stood in the way. ISOLATION. 2. What to Consider:  Is the risk I am taking in line with my vision of myself?  Is it worth the trouble?  Am I prepared to live with the consequences of such risks? e. But we must learn to distinguish between Realistic Risk and the Unrealistic Risk. David Viscolt said: “ The risk you take depend on your vision of yourself. d. then anything you risk will not bring you lasting joy and will never enhance your personal growth and change. “Relationships are Essential because your alternatives are LONELINESS. 3.

6. Analogy of Toothaches 5. we must confront and learn from them.4. We must periodically look at each of these experiences and reflect how they are shaping the person that we are… we must guard ourselves against blindness from truth… We must continue to search our hearts. a. Travelling in Hi-speed vs Variety of Speed b. Years of Unnecessary Pain (The Mother with 4 kids) Respond or React? c. TAKE A TIME OUT: to look at each of our experiences and reflect on how they are shaping the person that we are. Check Regularly --. Whether our Experiences are Positive or Negatives.Am I becoming a BETTER person or a BITTER person? .