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Physics: Dimensions of Force/Work/Torque/Energy etc.

, Numerical on
Newton’s Laws of Motion, Angular momentum numerical, Numerical on static
Friction, Torque variation, type of forces: centripetal and centrifugal, Potential
and Kinetic Energy formula based numerical, Theoretical question on definition
of diffraction/refraction/Total Internal Reflection/Reflection, Vector and Scalar
Product, Wave motion, Theoretical questions on Transverse and Longitudinal
waves, Numerical on wavelength of Lyman, Balmer, Paschen series, various
Atomic models, Numerical on Hook’s Law,Elasticity, Diode Numerical, doping
in Semiconductors, p-type and n-type semiconductors, Barkhausen stability
criterion, Ideal Gas equation, Specific heat theoretical question, Numerical on
resolving power of prism, volume based numerical, numerical on level rise of a
field of defined area due to rain,Satellite communication numerical like orbital
velocity, Escape velocity etc.

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Mathematics: The topics include Convergence and Divergence, Matrix (Eigen
Value, types of matrices e.g. Idempotent matrix, to find out determinant of
matrix, to check consistency of given equation, rank of matrix), Coordinate
Geometry (No. of tangents of a sphere, condition of co-linearity and to check
collinear points, line equation, parabola, ellipse etc.), simple Probability
problem, Mathematical induction, Equation of planes and relationship between
planes, Vector planes, Limits, Trigonometry, Differential equations, Complex
variables, Simple questions on integration and differentiation, questions on
Graphs theory.

 Non-Technical Section
It will have 60 questions which include questions from General Knowledge,
Reasoning, Numerical ability/Quantitative problems and English. The standard
of questions is same as of SSC CGLE . English covers almost one third of this
section i.e. 20 questions. 15 questions from Numerical ability and Reasoning
English will cover antonym/synonym, direct/indirect speech, idioms,
conjunction, active and passive voices, one word substitution, one passage, error
correction, prepositions.

 Some of the questions in technical section will be of graduation level so please refer 1st year Physics and Math.  Also overall practice can be done from NDA’s previous years papers as it will cover Physics. English and GK.  As reasoning covers almost 33% marks of the non-technical portion so practicing this will be a good choice instead of memorizing GK facts forms a small part of the exam. Go through the notes from reputed institutes for this.  Technical section has Physics and Math questions so preparation can be started with NCERT books of 11th and 12th  Syllabus of Physics and Maths can be covered by referring IIT-JEE prelims questions. there will be no negative marking. of B. NDA and SSC CGLE test papers will achieve the goal.  Practice SSC CGLE test papers for Numerical Ability and Reasoning preparation. .  Similarly in Math. but my advice will be to focus more on IIT-JEE notes of 12th standard as it will cover major portion of the section.This will cover almost 80% of technical section.  In Physics. it will ensure that you don’t miss easy question due to paucity of time or last minute hurry. focus more on Mechanics and Thermodynamics in particular.Some important points to be considered for the written test:  Keep this in mind that unlike most of the PSU exams.  Non-Technical section has quite easy questions so first attempt this section (if online test settings allow it). Coordinate Geometry and Differential Equations./B. so my personal advice will be to attempt all the questions.Tech. Math.Sc. focus on Matrix.  For English preparation.

Physics 1. What is Molar Specific Volume? 10. 7. London Equation in Semiconductors 3. 2. Occupancy probability according to Bose-Einstein stability? 5. Bernoulli theorem is defined for? Energy Conservation/Mass Conservation etc. Curie-Weiss Law Formula 6. If distance between sun and earth is halved then how many days will be there in a year? 9. 8. 4. If a magnet is placed in an MF and taken out then it will possess which nature of magnet. If Photon’s wavelength is 5890A o then what is Energy of Sodium Vapour lamp? . Packing fraction in BCC Pattern. If two e are moving parallel in same direction then they will: attract/repel.

Maxwell Self Inductance 12. then find escape velocity for mass=100kg 21. Pulse width=2ms. 22. Q=3000C. White light enters from Y glass sheet and emits out from Z glass sheet. mass. . Equilibrium Inductance. 19. C=50uF. Y and Z are two Glass sheets separated by distance L. If m=0.2km/s. Torque for given Magnetic Dipole when Dipole Moment=M and Intensity=B.5. Zero’th Law of thermodynamics? 16. r=5 then find out current in the loop. Time of Carnot Engine? 17. 23.11. then find out power of pulse when capacitor is closed? 15. 18. Find Vector quantity in given options like speed. No. velocity etc.000A o to 10020Ao. 20. For a given height=500. When mass=1kg then Escape velocity from earth surface=11. If a spectrometer is placed next to Z sheet and Dark band is observed on spectrometer then Find the distance L. of modes of vibration per unit volume for 10. Self-Inductance 13. difference between top and bottom of rainfall. 14.

E α 1/r2 4. Colour of reflected light from thin film? 25. Question on Maxwell Equation. Fermi Dirac Distribution. Question on Entropy. Electric Field depends as: 1. A mass m is place in tub and two springs with spring constant k are attached to this mass as shown in the fig. 33. 32. Spring question from Mechanics. Question of Diffraction. 34. 37. 27. A loop with radius a and current I is given. Infinite Current element is given. Find EF Intensity at the centre of it. 29. 36. To find value of Angular momentum. 38. 30. E α 1/r 2. Question on Penetration Depth. E α r 3.24. BiotSawart Law. 28. A hemisphere has uniformly distributed charge. Maxima and minima depends upon . In a given image. The condition in which vapour and liquid states becomes one state. Escape Velocity. What will be form of oscillation? 26. 35. Eα r2 31. Find the value of MF from given axial point.

4) ϵ R4 . 8.2. 3. then find out x(Əu/Əx)+y(Əu/Əy) 4.2. Condition of hyperbola (with options like h 2>ab etc.) 9. then find error in linear interpolation for y=sinx [o. Question on Differential Equation: d2y/dx2+dy/dx+x=xy 11.4. To find value of ‘k’ in a given Singular Matrix: . 5. T:R4 → R4 T(n. U=sin-1x/y+ tan-1y/x. a(d2y/dx2)+b(d2y/dx2)2+cxy=0 then order of this equation? 2. (x-a)2+(y-b)2+z2=c2 then find values of a and b if the given equation is partially differentiable. C.– A. 6.0) V and (n. To compare Rank and Nullity of given Matrix.4)=(n.0.4.π] is less than 5×10-5 7. Wavelength. D. Distance between plates . Find of Rank 10. step-size=h. If max. A square is convex set then its exterior points will be: outside square/inside square/corner/side. B. Frequency . Question on Non-optimal feasible and Dual Feasible. None of these Mathematics 1.4.

Equations Non-Technical Section Reasoning and Numerical Ability: 1.12. Question on Linear Inequality. Question on Complex Numbers 19. Vector based question on Volume sphere. 25. 3D Plane based question.. 21. 0<x<1 1<x<4 . How many elements are there in ZsΦ Z2s 14. Probability based question. Integration Question: 13. f(x)=ax2+bx+4 = bx+c If f’(0)=f’(1). Age Problem. 17. Max value of y is …. Point on a curve. 20. Tangent related question. Question on Probability Function. 26. 16. 22. at x= …… 23. Solution of Diff. Question on the relation: M1x M2= -1. 15. Set relationship question 18. Line equation with given co-ordinates. then find value of c. 24.

4. Average speed. Spelling Correction: Malaise. 10. 3. Direction. Boat and Stream. Work and wages. Blood relation. 12. 11. One word substitution: A stop to Cerberus 4. 8. Vis-à-vis. 15. 14.2. Arrangement of 5 words according to dictionary format. Viable. 16. Number Series 9.. 3. Gift of gab. Secular and Hibernation. Idiom: Give one a long rope. Transitory. 2. 6. Time and Work. Synonyms and Vocab-related words: Aggravate. Series like ABC…ABB…ACC. Profit and Loss. 7. Belittle. Sitting arrangement. Simple Interest. Hardnosed attitude. Compound interest. 13.. Grievance . 5. Abandon. English: 1. Cistern and Pipes. Wild goose chase. Coding/decoding.

4 questions on arranging the sentence in order. 2 questions on Direct/indirect speech (Narrations) 6. Winner of FIDE World Rapid Championship 2015? 6. 8. the meteorite named Chelyabinsk hit which country? 2. 2 questions on Active and Passive Voices 7. Hieun Tsang studied in which university: Nalanda/Takshsheela etc. Lifetime Award for the year 2014 was given to: 9. What is inflation? 5. World War II began with the attack of Germany on which country? 4. Bikaji Cama was famous: freedom fighter/poet/musician. Term “Advantage” is related to which game? 7.2013. 10. Largest state in India : Rajasthan 13. Washington Accord. 2 Questions on: To find out error in a given sentence. In terms of Area. 8. Aurangzeb beheaded which Sikh Guru. Pandit Ravi Shankar sitar/piano/violin/santoor. Quantum Theory is related to: Max Plank to : . 12. GK: 1. Prasad is related 11.5. 3.02. On 15.