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ALS 209 Labeler


ALS 209
ALS 209 New Product Information


Family positioning 6. Pricing information 3. How to order – article numbers and availability 5.ALS 209 Labeler 1. Contact ALS 209 New Product Information 2 . Description of the product and the benefits 2. Assembly of the ALS 209 machine 4.

PA. CPU. PP. Automatic Product Speed Following (APSF) to secure reliable and repeatable apply of labels within only +/. Specifications Labels Material Material passage width (liner + mat) Label width Label length Winding direction Roll diameter unwinder Core diameter label roll ALS 209 New Product Information max.g. 233 mm 50 – 229 mm 50 – 600 mm Outside 300 mm 1. e. Large selections of interface and data connections. Benefits The ALS 209 includes similar advantages as known with the ALS 2xx family ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Robust. solid firmware as ALS 2xx. Ethernet.0 mm tolerance at variable conveyor speeds Tandem application to maximize production line uptime and decrease down times IP65 protection level to enable harmless use in wet and dusty environments ALS 209 includes the same. PVC). which is a benefit for customers already using these models. Paper or plastic film material (e.5”/3”/4” 3 . industrial housing and components for long lifetime Flexible and compact triangle-shape for easy line integration Large selection of dispensing edges to allow label apply to any product shape. Description of the product and the benefits Product overview The ALS 209 Labeler is a model extension within the existing range of ALS 20x and ALS 256.1. Since the introduction of this range in 2006.g. to allow simple communication set up with overall production line control. The ALS 209 will be NOVEXX Solutions branded. PE. Apply speed up to 25 meter/minute. electronics and connections as ALS 204/206 as well as the stronger feed stepper motor known from the ALS 256. ALS 209 includes the same power supply. these labelers are very well accepted and appreciated by our partners and endusers. It is based on the ALS 20x/256 frame and electronics and is able to dispense pressure sensitive labels up to a web-width of 229 mm. Converted. whether topside or bottom apply. self-adhesive label material with liner on rolls.1. The ALS 209 completes the successful range of ALS 2xx series labelers.

300 – 115200 Baud 10/100 Base Tx (RJ45) 1x Device V1. Label sensor (option : capacitive label sensor) Outer diameter control (option) internal sensor Material unwind sensor Internal light barrier for detecting material end (option : external sensor with bracketry. Input: 3x. PNP.1. teach button for easy adjustment. NPN.0. optional IP 65 < 70 dB(A) CE.CCC. M12 connector) Dimensions/environment Size Weight Mains voltage Frequency Current consumption Operating temperature Humidity Industrial protection Noise level Qualifications ALS 209 New Product Information HxWxD 492 x 488 x 505 mm 38 kg 110/240 V (AC) 60/50 Hz 4.0 A at 240 V 5 – 40º C 45 – 75 %. 24V. non-condensing IP 21. incl. Rotatable. Display Data Interfaces Serial Ethernet USB SD card Remote display RS 232 (Sub-D9). GOST 4 . TUV.5 mm Variable apply speed: < +/. FCC .1. 2/4 lines and 5 buttons. 24V Applicator control board (option) I/O Applicator board Sensor Interfaces Optical label sensor. 1x host 1 Slot RS 485 (mini DIN 6 connector) Signal Interfaces Sub-15D connector (standard) 2x M12 connectors (option) Output: 4x. PNP. 24V. monochrome display with 128 x 32 pixels. NRTL US/CA.0 mm (from 5 to 25 m/min) Label stop position on peel edge (accuracy) HMI Graphical.Characteristics Dispensing speed Label output up to 0 .0 A at 110 V / 3.25 m/min Depending on label size (ref : up to 60 labels/min in size 229 x 300 mm) Constant apply speed: < +/. Accommodate with M8 industrial connector.

350. edge 230mm RH Spring loaded L-Shape disp.00 € 810.250. Assembly of the ALS 209 machine ALS 209 assembly set up is similar to all ALS 2xx models with regards to dispensing edges (Lshape edges).2.00 € 810.00 € 810. edge 230mm RH Pneumatic L-Shape disp. mounting to support stands.935. Plate (150mm) € 810.00 € 695. Plate (80mm) Swiveling Dispensing Edge LH 230mm Short Disp.00 € 8.00 A9992 A9993 Pneumatic L-Shape disp.900.00 € 9.00 € 10.00 A9986 A9987 A9988 A9989 Your individual purchase price will be calculated according to your known discount rate. edge 230mm LH € 2. Other options can be found in the price list 3.475.350.00 € 240. Plate (150mm) Swiveling Dispensing Edge LH 230mm Long Disp.085.00 € 9. Pricing information Item number Description A107928 A107927 N100155 N100156 N100157 N100158 N100159 N100160 ALS 209 RH ALS 209 LH ALS 209 RH with IP-kit Basic ALS 209 LH with IP-kit Basic ALS 209 RH with IP-kit IT1 ALS 209 LH with IP-kit IT1 ALS 209 RH with IP-kit IT2 ALS 209 LH with IP-kit IT2 Recommended End User price € € 8.00 € 2.250.900.00 € 10. ALS 209 New Product Information 5 .00 € 9.935. start sensor connectivity and labeling position (top/side/bottom).00 A9984 A9983 Fixed L-Shape dispensing edge 230mm RH Fixed L-Shape dispensing edge 230mm LH € 695. edge 230mm LH € 1.085.00 Swiveling Dispensing Edge RH 230mm Short Disp.00 A9990 A9991 Spring loaded L-Shape disp.00 € 1.00 A107550 A107562 L-Shape fixing 230mm RH (ALS 209 RH) L-Shape fixing 230mm LH (ALS 209 LH) € 240. Plate (80mm) Swiveling Dispensing Edge RH 230mm Long Disp.475.00 € 9.

mm V-shape L-shape fixed L-shape swing L-shape spring L-shape swivel. How to order – article numbers and availability ALS 209 is available per today for EU only. mm Max. Standard/option LA-BO LA-TO (all versions) LA-SO H*W*D mm Weight kg * The existing applicators LA-BO and LA-TO for ALS 20x can physically be mounted to ALS 209. mm Min. mm Diameter.m/min Min. unwinder ALS 209 New Product Information 6 . however these applicators can handle maximum label widths below the max. Family positioning Comparison of ALS 209 specifications & options with ALS 204 and ALS 309: Specification ALS 204 ALS 209 ALS 309 Assembly set up Apply speed Integrated 5 40 15 110 10 108 5 600 300 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes 21/65 yes Integrated 5 25 50 233 50 229 50 600 300 no yes yes yes yes yes yes 21/65 n/a* Modular 0 45 25 233 20 229 20 600 300 & 400 no yes yes yes yes yes yes 21/54 yes yes n/a* yes no 492 x 488 x 371 36 no no 492 x 488 x 505 389 x 726 x 4701 38 561 Material width Label width Label length Material roll Dispensing edges Tandem application APSF IP class Applicators Dimensions Min. mm Min. mm Max. 5. Please note that the mandatory certifications for this product in non-EU countries will be available from 1 February 2016 – that means we are not able to ship ALS 209 to non-EU countries before that date. mm Max.m/min Max.4. label width for ALS 209. which make the usage of these applicators on ALS 209 illogical 1 Excl.

building materials industry (kit containers) and personal care (hair spray aerosols). In case of higher apply speed or maximum line uptime demands. In case of wet or dusty environments. the optional IP65 kits for ALS 209 deliver the optimum protection for the labeler. wide labels. Contact Geert Jan Kolkhuis 209 vs. NOVEXX Solutions offers an additional solution to apply large. the ALS 309 will be the best choice. The larger label rolls and quick change modules of the ALS 309 reduce unnecessary line stops for label roll changes or service.kolkhuistanke@novexx. Tel. +31 6 53930351 ALS 209 New Product Information 7 . 6. Director Product Management geertjan. Typical applications for this kind of large labels can be found in the chemical industry (paint cans/containers/aerosols). ALS 309 With the ALS 209. ALS 209 will be the best economical selection for applications running at a limited number of labels/minute and apply speed.