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Block 07

Calculation sheet

Two 400mm pipes are used to handle the condenser water of Block 07(supply & return). We use a base platform at LL3 to cater the total weight of the pipes.
1. Calculations for base platform
- Selected beam for base platform


Data sheet is attached (Annex 01)


Figure 1 : I - Beam detail
- Yield strength of steel

S 275

- Technical data for anchor bolts are taken from fischer catalog
- Condensor water riser height (m)
- Linear density of pipe (400mm),sch 40 with water

16 mm
275 Mpa
46.667 m
237.3 kg/m

Data sheet is attached (Annex 02)

Refer attached drawing (Annex 03)
data sheet attached (Annex 04)

- Self weight of I - beam is negligible
- Load on the platform is considered as an UDL
- Concreate wall is considered as cracked concreate
- Beam is considered as simply supported beam




Designed by : Chathura Siriwardhana

0041 m 4.64 2 217.7 f'c) 192.08 9 32.25Fy))) 0.38 kNm 188.5 108.27 326 130.5 safety factor (2W) UDL (w) UDL (w) per beam Nos of brackets Considering vertical forces on the beams RA = RB (=wl/2) 5 2.60 2 Maximum bending moment on the beam (wl /8) Maximum bending stress of the beam (σ = -My/I) m kN kN kN/m kN/m Nos kN 20.Block 07 Calculation sheet w A RA l x RB Figure 2 : Forces on base platform at LL3 a.03 0.5 Mpa f'c is compressive strengh of steel (=275Mpa) Required plate area (Axial force/bearing stress) 0.31 Mpa < 275 Mpa OK b.40 26.0008468 m2 N'xB' 0. Base plate design (refer ASD procedure) Allowable bearing stress on the MS plate (0. Plate thickness according to the Allowable Stree Design (ASD) Procedure (tp= max{m or n} (fp/√(0. Calculation for the beam Nos of beams Beam length Load per pipe with water Nos of pipes Total load With 1.029 m N and B are the diamentions of the base plate Considering vertical Ø 250 mm pipe. 300 x 300 x 16 mm plate is selected.18 mm < 16 mm OK 2 Designed by : Chathura Siriwardhana .

Nos of required bolts are calculated considering shear load .Fischer model FAZ ll 16 is considered for the analysis.33 kN/m 2 Maximum moment (wl /8) 0. Data sheet is attached (Annex 05) 3 Designed by : Chathura Siriwardhana .75x275 Mpa OK wl Figure 3 : Bending moment on base plate c.Block 07 Calculation sheet The base plate is checked for bending Note/ Assumptions: . Ø 250 UDL (w) 543.Friction force between concrete wall and the end plate has not been considered.04 kNm Bending stress 3. .Plate is considered as cantilevered beam .Axial force due to pipe riser act on the base plate as an UDL.32 Mpa Therefore plate does not fail due to bending < 0. Anchor bolts for vertical wall Note: .

4 32.60 2 OK 10 RA C2 C1 Figure 4 : Shear force on side plate of the base platform at LL3 4 Designed by : Chathura Siriwardhana .Block 07 Fischer model FAZ ll 16 Permissible shear load V perm Calculation sheet Nos of bolts per beam RA (RA/Vpe Required (kN) min bolts rm) 31.