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Zivorad Slavinsky - Aspectics (Thesis

At the core lies Aspectics several important assumptions.
First - we are working with a problem, as with certain aspects of personality - that is,
roughly speaking, with clearly distinguished "subpersonality", which is responsible for
the undesirable behavior of the person or any problems. The problem is taken as a
whole, without splitting it up into pieces as in BSFF (but in the case of global issues, as
well as with BSFF, it is necessary to split the main problem into sub-problems, but not
the analysis and the fragmentation of sub-aspects of themselves into smaller
The second - is that every problem we have is our ally, not an enemy.
Whatever nasty in your opinion was not a part of nature, for example, she always
carries some positive intention. Or words Slavinskogo "In Aspectics we do not consider
our personal shortcomings, junk status, etc., as enemies who must control, conquer or
remove from life. No, we're looking at them as our allies who are trying to make us the
best of what's possible, they are the keys to our spiritual freedom and integration. They
are not rebels, they are not enemies - they are allies, and the following technologies
Aspectics you see for yourself. "However, there are many new Slavinsky not say - about
as many say, for example, Sinelnikov.
The third - a concept of working on goals.
Every aspect of the person by their behavior trying to accomplish a purpose for
us.Writes Slavinsky, "Here, it suffices to know that the target structure has three
important elements: the current state of mind of a person, a goal that a person wishes to
achieve, and emotional stress that a person feels, until he reaches that goal.
When the goal is realized, the task structure dissipates and vanishes, there is
satisfaction in a short period of time, then be a feeling of emptiness and beztselya.LRH
would call this state "end game". After that, the mental essence of man gets a new goal,
increases emotional stress, etc. "
The fourth - and very principled, is as follows (I quote Slavinsky):
"Moving up the chain of higher and higher goals
In the technology chain, which is the basis Aspectics process, we move up the chain of
higher and higher goals, until we reach the Supreme Goal (This is always Static,
emptiness, the Tao. Eastern philosophy insists thousands of years that all, repeat all, in

then the second. becausethey are unable to see far enough. Sixth .a negative.. However. all images of the Great Void and unmanifested are theoretical. if we give them the opportunity to realize their first goal. In Aspectics we go through the chain of realized goals. we will again have the "end game" and will be able to see a higher purpose in the chain ends. is the Static / Emptiness.) are usually the first target . then they quickly come to the top. Going this way. No. they all want the same . Atman. was first implemented in Aspectics. it will be discreation (not-ising) a lower goal. that is. Once we do that. etc.Using this as a valid element. the aspect when the voids as the highest goal. and disappear as the target structure. My initial idea was: if this is true. we get a solution to the original problem. and thus give us the opportunity Aspect to accelerate its evolution .."Achieving the goals in our minds There are two ways the Creature (theta. etc. It was the second method is used in Aspectics. just like we can not see far enough. etc. " Thus.this manifested universe is an irresistible desire to highest. And I found that this is true! Our issues (unwanted states. the goal will disappear. If we try to achieve it immediately. In Aspectics we usually reach the Void after 5-6 goals at the chain ends. At this moment vanishes target structure as a whole and this aspect can be integrated into the Void (Statics) as the supreme essence of his being. before it set.reach the highest for 10-15 minutes instead of 10-15 million years. easily integrated with your core personality and cease to have effect. etc. our way in Aspectics will experience it all. with full emotional acceptance. And we zavyaznem this forever. " Fifth .) can achieve their goal: a sociophysical reality and in his own mind. which he can reach. junk status. we quickly reach the ultimate goal.a higher purpose. It is assumed that the practitioner knows the theory that the ultimate goal. Only in this system (as far as I know) you'll learn to use it in practice and in action " Now the actual procedure itself: ."Dynamic Void. as the current element of the process Aspectics In Eastern philosophy. then even the "bad" aspects of our personal shortcomings.

) . rage. aggressive behavior. Then you should close your eyes and relax. what would it be on a scale of 1 to 10?) (Note . and so on. For example. To declare a negative confirmation. tension in the presence of superiors. how big it would have been?: If he had a form. what are the typical situations in which this expression appears.1. Ask yourself: "In what situations is a manifestation appears (it is a manifestation of the aspects in which we operate). physical disorder. "I tense when talk to strangers!". At the same time begin to notice how your aspect manifests. jealous of the partner. Identify the characteristics of Aspect. feelings. 4. If it is in your body. What is its shape? What is its size? What is its weight? What is their age? What it the color? What is his temperature? What is his strength on a scale of 1 to 10? What is his level of consciousness on a scale of 1 to 10? (If you think that aspect does not possess such characteristics. or intuitions. what would it be? If he had power. where it is located? 7. remember: "It is you give the characteristics of its Aspect! If aspect was the size. what would it be?: If he had weight. Describe aloud or to accept such a situation in a few words. 3. to what body part you feel it most? If he lives outside of your body. as this is the language used by the aspect. a lack of tolerance for children. 2. feel what you felt. depression. See the fact that if you saw. insomnia. Select the aspect with which you work: a manifestation that you want to change . Enter yourself in the event of his mind. disadvantage. hear what you heard then. For example. with whom you can communicate and work. what would it was on a scale of 1 to 10? "If he had a mind. the anger against any man. then how hard would it be?: If you could determine its age. how would it look like?: If Had he had a color. 6. anxiety.this is an important stage of work. fear of public speaking and so on. Identify a place where lives your Aspect. Remember that when dealing with the aspect Aspect messages may appear in the form of the human voice. here we highlight aspects of the "total mass" into something quite specific. Find the actual events in which there is manifestation. bodily sensations. 5. fear of exams. undesirable behavior.

Create in your mind a situation in which this goal is realized. remember that the answer may come immediately. for example. to punish others or themselves. what purpose do you want for me to realize so that this goal was more important and higher? (An emphasis on" higher "). hatred. and feel it completely. 11. turn to their aspects and ask: "When you have fully achieved this goal. If there is 10-15 seconds of silence. If the answer is still no. Sign into this experience. Give him this time because this is a new experience for Aspect. if aspects of her claims. aggression. Wait for an answer and write it down. very good. Totally feel it. together with the dimension. Thank aspect of his appearance. Tell Aspect telepathically: "I know you want me well. desire for death. create an experience of achieving the goal. Usually. you can repeat these questions to its Aspects: "What do you want for me with this display? "What purpose do you wish for me to achieve?"(Accent on the word "GOAL"). ethical or spiritually oriented. Thank you. and ask Aspect manifest itself so strongly and completely as possible. Say "Thank You" to its aspects for the answer that he gave you. desire for revenge. He proved himself freely. " When you're ready to stay all this time able to reach the goal. as it is a part of you. and so strongly and completely as possible so that we can communicate. the way that you wanted. the next goal in the chain of goals will be positive.8. Including enacting and negative goal. but sometimes Aspect takes time out to find his target. voice. Now ask your Aspect: "What do you want for me with this manifestation (of conduct)?" "What purpose do you wish for me to achieve?" "Pay attention to everything that appears as a response: images." 9. logical. This is the second order in the chain of the . Write down the answer that Aspect will. 12. 10. He is the first goal in the chain of the Millennium. and so on. feelings and bodily sensations" If the answer comes immediately.

refractory description.Goals. until you reach the final goal in the Millennium Circuit." Repeat the question. "or" Nothing. Vacuum. That is. what purpose do you want for me to realize so that this goal was more important and higher. according to its nature.This. 16. However." "Unclearshape. will affect the previous target in the chain and how it changes this goal. get her!" Let it permeate your entire being. "How would you call this nothing? Simply Nothing. Define your own words the emptiness at the edge of where you now stand. Most often is . "then you're in the face of the Void.Whether you achieved the penultimate goal. Repeat the question and process the same way until. At this point. "Now go to the void (Nothing. a spiritual condition. 14. Although I say "final goal on a chain goals." God ". and take short breaks at each target in order to be able to integrate this experience. to the smallest atom! ". which eludes description and definition."The World" (here." I am ". you may have something the same type. tell yourself the following: "Let's see how your awareness of the Void (Nothing." "True". You will again need to thank your Aspect of the answer." and so on. When you spend some time in this void. you believe that this latter objective." "Metal Ball in stomach area radiating into infinity. because is higher than the representations and inexpressible in words. "When you have fully achieved this goal. with no end "or something similar. "" Everything is as it should. in the sense not war). which is the essence of your being. the way that you wanted. when you ask your Aspect. passing through me. and going to infinity. 13. Going down the chains of the Millennium. 15. which is a spiritual state. "" Unity. Divine Grace. 'and you reply:" There nothing more. the spiritual essence: "Light. "Full World". "Harmony with the world. or Emptiness: Vacuum: Calm: Silence: The Light: Accept any answer that indicates that it is the supreme goal." actually this is-what-to-last order." "Love. May be reminiscent of the state of occult phenomena. "true being". . Different people express this condition in different terms." "Heat. but have. "True Self. which represents a threshold of the initial state of the Void." "Golden Light. "Unity of the World. Feel and experience this original state of emptiness (from 20 seconds to a minute). and totally feel it! Identified with her. you will learn by the fact that you can say without any doubt that there is nothing further that goal.

" Useful tips Aspectics process for practice: . sometimes. put the light in the same place. You will not be able to do it! Or you can say this without any kind of emotional duplication. this restriction will disappear. Ask yourself the question: "Which one of my Facets feel resistance or oppose the fact that the previous aspect (formulates an undesirable state). But if the goal is negative. I focus on this attention. which is (say the initial restriction or lack of)?" If the technique Chains were given appropriately. or what is more common that it now seems stupid. pointless or meaningless. 19. affect and change my aspect in comparison to where I started. If such a substance. 18. you will come to the aspect or undesirable behavior. it never existed. We know that nothing. or simply will not exist at this time. then you start with a new process. When going down the chain. breathe. or that it has disappeared. the essence of my being. You will say that it has disappeared. Let him in your imagination will take the same form that had an undesirable aspect. stupid or pointless. 21. and it will be quite clear. This is usually the chest or. neither in nature nor in the human mind abhors a vacuum. Then. Just imagine a point of light in the place of his body where you feel most strongly. or that they remain the the void will affect it or change it. then you say that this goal seems unnecessary. fill it with light. It checks whether there is an opposite response. because practitioners tend to forget when undesirable aspects become integrated. or that it no longer exists.In most cases you will say that the Void enhances the status and goals. 17. the confirmation was: "I am tense when I communicate with strangers). Try to give the same negative evidence. experiencing integration with all my being?" 20. you should see . from which you started the process. An important final step: you must fill light is where the unwanted state previously stored. which is the essence of good. and therefore must be filled out. This is followed by a final test. which were positive or morally acceptable. and make this world more with every breath. Ask yourself: "As awareness of the emptiness. The next step is extremely important. So. Then. my head. or something similar. with which you gave at the beginning (in this example.

" It should be noted . "it's all work with this goal as the first in a chain. do not see the purpose of further develop this aspect (love for his wife) will not cause the disappearance of love! In this case.It is very important to clearly allocate aspect! To do this we immerse ourselves in a situation where it appeared to him a good feel. and there is quite clearly the resistance and sabotage.your goal is my physical death? If the answer is "yes" . or resistant. for example) and develop it from the beginning Aspectics. If there is a more complex aspects do not want to work. whether there is another aspect that resists integration). it should also be explored aspect of" love for his the integration aspect in you. we take a new dimension and are working on the standard method. just ask for it . is that the diametrically opposite polarity emerges herself after elaboration of the original dimension when you request a confrontation (ie. color and so forth. This process is familiar to those involved in BSFF when. Then come back to the original aspects and it may be that he was gone. Final event of this entire process . and then further process has been going quite quickly. All this serves one purpose . weight. age. the thing that you feel (resistance) to take as Aspect and work. If you have a terrible problem and you are in poor condition and can not get a clear answer from the perspective. Do not expect thunder and lightning. we need to work on the diametrically opposite things as well. In this situation it is necessary to take a new dimension (unwillingness to continue to work. you would like bump on the wall . this advice can be very useful as a mental self-sabotage them is very high (for myself I know). and it is a very delicate process. Special prone to mental masturbation and digging in the deposits of crap in my mind. It happens that the process goes "through the stump-deck." "Fuck you all with this Aspectics" "is not for me" "y I just nifiga not work "and so forth. simply be achieved more profound results than the elaboration of a single pole. In the case of best as possible and describe exactly what we're going to work. Sometimes it happens that in the process. In this case. By the way. if the original point was "a bad relationship with his wife. And then we make an important step give it a subjective characteristics such as location. after the elimination of a problem suddenly comes out new. such as" I can not. or that the angel of the Lord shall . For example. It happens that after the elaboration of a complex aspect and its integration emerge other deeper aspects.

begin to sound. making a special emphasis on "higher".not for him and for you. or the feeling when a stream flows finally into the sea. and a couple of months. Experimenting at an early stage. your goal type carried out. Elah burns! Do not change the basic words and procedure! It is clear that each is a great guru who smarter than everyone else and knows a cloud of lotions from different books. dude. " Engage all the senses. it is necessary to emphasize this . but it will not happen here just like that. in a state of objective perspective to the maximum . come next. Just as with BSFF should not wait for the result. and you'll be sweating until the end of the century. if the aspect gave you a goal that you see as tantamount to the previous one. Do not know how? Train."When you have fully achieved this goal. but it will only be equivalent purpose of the horizontal plane of the goals.unless you perfectly master the technique does not Aspectics do as it is written. It will be more like a gentle breeze. BSFFniki know what "time to integrate changes" so that they will be ready for such things. you can fill up all the work. Therefore. Well. Over time. but instead you will become one. but simply a process on a daily basis. you will understand whether you can change something. carrying them in mind. Always log in you created in the mind state of implementation of goals together with the aspect. You will no longer parts of the personality. so dive into it. and most important . in the formulation of the question of the purpose. Also.literally insist on it. Therefore. Then. and not just quickly drew his picture and said 'here. what purpose do you want for me to realize so that this goal was more important and higher. . then thank him and ask the question again." It is also very important to focus on the phrase "higher" .The fact is that if you do not. or some aspects. Aspect should survive the implementation of goals together with you! It is very important. and we must rise with every order chain up VERTICALLY this principle. but do yourself a favor . be happy. rather than leave it to look like you're there. you do not recognize myself. over fully as possible. now the error. the way that you wanted. Most of the problems in Aspectics arises from the random walk on a horizontal plane due to a lack of understanding or emphasizing this point. attention . you yourself and your surroundings will begin to notice in you and in your behavior is very big changes.whether you need it. The result of applying Aspectics for a longer time is a state of complete integration of the individual. you may Aspect slapped a million other purposes. It is important to understand that the goal aspect .

not himself.Do not invent themselves objective perspective. with an emphasis on the latter."The second is also negative.So do not breed there bodyagi type "Tell me the aspect that is the reason that I have a hatred for my mother.?". but less frequently. It sometimes happens that after the trial one feels worse than before. A possible only if somewhere shalturili. then ask him . We work with one goal and keep moving up the chain. If you get a perspective from two or more goals . The first goal in the chain is often negative. Your goal in this case is not important. This is crucial. but he did not answer. Maybe "That they all suffered for what I done" or "all died" or "everyone to understand that I am actually a cool dude. But the third and fourth and then be negative in general can not in principle. on purpose.thank aspect. In Aspectics (as in other techniques Slavinsky) emphasis on the mind of virtually zero." and so forth. not goals "to me all the love and that I was beautiful and smelled delicious . And correct. This is impossible in principle. The work is easy. and ask him to choose one thing. Sometimes. some citizens have expressed a different aspect as a goal first.and so on to the Void. no reflection. Some citizens have expressed their goals. when properly conducted process. Hence. It is important to completely turn off any mental masturbation and self-analysis. in which case we take it for processing immediately). Asked about the goal .another aspect that should be set aside in his side and then work out (unless it requires urgent attention and does not block the elaboration of the initial aspect. is not a goal! This is . And the original aspect asked to give a GOAL. instead of him! If there is a feeling that it was you yourself have come up. This is a mistake! If you jump out something like "I'm afraid that I will die" or something. asked about the next .No analysis.was the purpose . attention to aspects that the goal should be more important and higher. and pretended that survived the process of implementation of goals.. The same thing . and . we must verify the process step by step and find where it was trash.So always ask him. we work only with the aspect and with its objectives."Do I understand that the goal that you want to reach for me with this expression . Some citizens say that all targets in the chain have been negative (these are rare). or selfish. but in fact nifiga. If this happens .if after several positive goals suddenly comes carry out.

Whatever it is that pops up.write separately to bumazhechku these new aspects. and for this we must immerse themselves in a particular situation where it appeared. It is important to describe aspects of. . http://www.yet they have achieved integration. Same thing with the location dimension. and their implementation. where it is felt the most? Do not let your mind play masturbating with you in the an extremely powerful process that when properly and regular use can lead to a complete transformation of personality. Any deviation from the process. it does not matter for the work and must be was expected a higher purpose. "and he always appears. Aspectics .ru/aspektika. give the specific situation in which you can enter . Emphasize aspect at this moment at work .as in "always" dive is simply impossible. It is impossible. If you suddenly start to appear a picture of mother who yells at you or the fear of dwarfs. while working on the aspect of "I'm afraid of cats" . they moved horizontally instead of vertically to go to a higher purpose. fraught with the fact that the process stops. We only target aspect.prorabotka. be specific! Finally. and get back to work over the ground. Not suitable options such as "He's everywhere.html www. No." If you have it "everywhere". but did not say to yourself.e-puzzle.