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1 Czech
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2 Norwegian Bokmål
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3 Norwegian Nynorsk
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4 Polish
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6 Volapük
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krok m
1. step, pace

29/01/2016 7.10

g.php?heslo=krok&pocet_karet=50) in Příruční slovník jazyka českého. indefinite plural [show ▼] Derived terms krůček m krokovat Related terms kročej m kráčet External links krok ( .ujc. a hook 2.uio.wiktionary.Wiktionary 2 di 4 Declension of krok https://en.php?heslo=krok&hsubstr=no) in Slovník spisovného jazyka českého. a corner (e. 1960–1971. 1989 Norwegian Bokmål Etymology From Old Norse krókr Noun krok m (definite singular kroken. a corner (e. indefinite plural 1935–1957 krok (http://ssjc.krok . Norwegian Nynorsk Etymology From Old Norse krókr Noun krok m (definite singular kroken. definite plural krokene) 1.ujc.cgi?OPP=krok&bokmaal=+&ordbok=bokmaal) in The Bokmål Dictionary.nob-ordbok. of a room) 29/01/2016 a hook 2.cas. definite plural krokane) 1. of a room) References “krok” (http://www.

from Proto-Indo-European *ger-.krok . a type of punch 29/01/2016 7. Noun krok c 1.nob-ordbok. a fishhook 3. Polish Pronunciation audio Noun krok m inan hook.html) in Polish dictionaries at PWN Swedish Etymology From Old Norse krókr (“hook”). a rod bent into a curved shape References “krok” (http://www.cgi?OPP=krok&nynorsk=+&ordbok=nynorsk) in The Nynorsk Dictionary. from Proto-Germanic *krōkaz.uio.10 .Wiktionary 3 di 4 hook. step Declension declension of krok [hide ▲] singular plural nominative krok kroki genitive kroku kroków dative krokowi krokom accusative krok kroki instrumental krokiem krokami locative kroku krokach vocative kroku kroki External links krok (http://sjp.pwn. hook.

at 02:00.php?title=krok&oldid=36707916" Categories: Czech terms with audio links Czech lemmas Czech nouns Czech masculine nouns Norwegian Bokmål terms derived from Old Norse Norwegian Bokmål lemmas Norwegian Bokmål nouns Norwegian Nynorsk terms derived from Old Norse Norwegian Nynorsk lemmas Norwegian Nynorsk nouns Polish terms with audio links Polish lemmas Polish nouns Polish masculine nouns Swedish terms derived from Old Norse Swedish terms derived from Proto-Germanic Swedish terms derived from Proto-Indo-European Swedish lemmas Swedish nouns sv:Boxing sv:Fishing Volapük lemmas Volapük nouns vo:Flowers This page was last modified on 25 January 2016. 29/01/2016 . crocus Declension declension of krok [show ▼] Retrieved from "https://en.wiktionary.krok .org/wiki/krok Declension Inflection of krok[more ▼] Volapük Noun krok (plural kroks) 1. By using this site. you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. additional terms may apply.Wiktionary 4 di 4 https://en.wiktionary.