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GRADE: first grade


Illustrated cards with courtesy


Listen to and use everyday Greetings, farewell, and courtesy expressions.
Understand and respond to Greetings, farewell, and courtesy expressions
Familiar and community
Identify sender and intended audience.
Distinguish verbal from non-verbal language

Session 1
1.-Warm up: Hello song!
2.- Teacher will introduce some Greetings by showing students some flashcards with the phrases
written on them. Repetition drill activity.
3.- -Teacher will ask students to practice the greetings and farewells with a partner. Ss will practice
the dialogues: A: Hello B: Hi!/ A:Good-bye B: Bye.
4.-Ss will paste some greetings and farewells flashcards under the correct heading on the board.
5.- Teacher will give students a worksheet where students will have to trace some greetings in a
dialogue and color some pictures related to the dialogue.
Good bye song

5 min
5 min
5-7 min
10 min
15-20 min

3-5 min
5-7 min

Session 2

Hi! My name is ____________..-Warm up: Hello song! 2.Good morning song! 4.Warm up: Hello song! 2. worksheets. 3.Good-bye song 2 min 5 -7 min 15-20 min 15-20 min 5 min Session 3 1. MATERIALS Flashcards. morning!” / Good afternoon! / Good evening! Repetition drill activity. Then.-Ss will make a drawing and write the greetings on the notebook. Ss will complete the phrase “There are ____ letters in my name.” 4.-T will give ss a worksheet. The teacher will write the phrase on the board and she will complete it will her name as an example.. the teacher will ask “what’s your name?” randomly to some students. T will give ss some puppets and encourage some students to go to the front and 4.. 3. board..T will model a dialogue with a student: Hello! What´s your name? B: My name is _______. STAGE OF THE PRODUCT development 2-5 min 5 min 15-20 min .IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) 1..T will paste some drawings on the board representing the greeting “Good.-Teacher will introduce the phrase: Hello! My name is __________. M. ASSESSMENT LESSON PLAN FORMAT Teacher´s observation NAME: Irma Rodriguez Villanueva SCHOOL: Kohunlich T. colors. Ss will have to trace the words written. markers.

IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) PURPOSE OF THE CLASS Distinguish verbal from non-verbal language. thanks.See you later song Session 5 Warm up: Hello. what´s your name song 1.T will write the word farewell on the board. CLASS SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES Session 4 Warm up: Hello. / Respond to greeting.. I can activity book. Ss will fill in the bubbles on the dialogue with the greetings : Hello /Hi. Ss will paste it on their notebooks. Ss will listen and number some pictures. good bye. what´s your name song 1.. T will explain that a farewell is a word to say good 5 min 5-7 min . 2. farewell and courtesy expressions using non verbal language. Ss will identify words in a dialogue: Hello. 1 page 4 Yes. T will give them a worksheet. Ex. SESSIONS 4-6 TIMING 3-5 min 10-15 min 15-20 min 5 min 3. Ss will colour the picture.

4..-T will paste the flashcards on the boards. 3..T will give ss a worksheet.T will introduce the phrase see you later.See you later song 3 min 5 min 10-15 min MATERIALS Worksheets/ colors/ markers/flashcards ASSESSMENT observation 15-20 min 3 min 3 min .IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) bye.. alligator/ bye-bye butterfly. Ss will have to cut out the pictures colour and paste them on their notebooks. good morning! Song 1...T will show ss some flashcards and ss will have to say the word.Have you got…? Game. Repetition drill activity as a group and individually. 2. the teacher will take out the cards with the objects´ names.-T will paste some flashcards on the board (glue/scissors/crayon/pencil). what´s your name song 1.. 5.See you later song 15-20 min 5 min 3 min Session 6 Warm up: Hello.Ss will color and paste the worksheet on their notebooks. 2. 3. Later. 2. Ss who volunteer will go to the front and label the objects. Ss will label the objects.. 4..-see you later song 3 min 5-10 min Session7 Warm up: Hello . Repetition drill activity. 3.T will give students the same worksheet as in the previous session but this time they will fill the bubbles out with the expressions good bye/see you later.

. farewell and courtesy expressions. 5. A:Thank you! 4.Ss will model the dialogue with a student.. will complete worksheet one on page 91. Ss will color and complete the phrase: a _____.Ss will review the vocabulary 2. 3 min 5 min Session 9 3 min Warm up: good morning song 5 -7 min 15 min 15-20 min ..T will introduce the phrase Can I have a ___________.IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) STAGE OF THE PRODUCT development PURPOSE OF THE CLASS REspond to Greetings..-See you later song 3 min Session 8 Warm up: Good morning song 1. A:Can I have a pencil? B:Here you are. CLASS SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES SESSIONS 7-9 TIMING Session 7 Warm up: flashcards game 10 min 1.-T will encourage some students to act it will complete the words on page 7 of the activity book 10-15 min 2.Ss will colour the words on the pictionary on page 84 of the activity book.. 15 min 3. please? 3.

3. Ss will color .IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) 1.2. join the words from short to long ( page 9/ activity book) compare written words Ex. MATERIALS Cards/ cardboard/ worksheet. 8 page 9 of the activity book.-Ss will use the worksheet on page 93 of the activity book. Ss will trace the words. Ss will read aloud.4. ss will draw something related to the expressions (Hello/ Hi/ Good bye/ Bye/ Please/ thanks). ASSESSMENT Observation STAGE OF THE PRODUCT Closing / Add illustrations to the expressions PURPOSE OF THE CLASS Complete words by writing CLASS SEQUENCE OF ACTIVITIES SESSIONS 1012 TIMING Session 10 Warm up: good morning song 1.- Ss Ss Ss Ss will will will will read the story on page 8 of the activity book. listen to a dialogue and draw the missing item 7 min 7 min 20 min. Then.

.. 1. MATERIALS cards ASSESSMENT Quizz . (At home ss will have to paste the phrases on a piece of cardboard and bring it the following class) Session 11 Warm up: good morning song.IMPLEMENTACIÓN DE LOS PROCESOS DE ESTUDIO DE UNA SEGUNDA LENGUA (INGLÉS) the drawings.Ss will answer a quizz.In pairs. ss will play a memory game with the cards they brought to class. 2.