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Central Banking

No.TYBBI – Group 2 Submitted To Neeta Mam Group Members : Name Sakshi Bahl Prachi Jain Aayushi Kalkar Shreya Singh Nidhi Jain Akash Jangid Roll. 3 20 23 51 66 68 2 .


risk management products. such as derivatives. Deutsche Bank reported that Anshu Jain. Asia-Pacific and the emerging markets. In 2009. Deutsche Bank was the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world with a market share of 21 percent. The bank offers financial products and services for corporate and institutional clients along with private and business clients. along with its second quarter earnings report. corporate finance. head of investment banking 4 . and has a large presence in Europe. the Americas. Services include sales. and transaction banking. mergers and acquisitions (M&A). trading. research and origination of debt and equity. On 26 July 2011.BACKGROUND Deutsche Bank is a German global banking and financial services company with its headquarters in the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers in Frankfurt.000 employees in over 70 countries. It has more than 100. retail banking. wealth management. fund management.The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

The appointment of John Cryan as joint CEO was announced.2 billion ($1.and JuergenFitschen. head of the German business. although he will provide consultancy to the bank until January 2016. both offered their resignations] to the bank's supervisory board. In January 2014 Deutsche Bank reported a €1. According to the Scorpio Partnership Global Private Banking Benchmark 2014 the company 5 .6 billion) pre-tax loss for the fourth quarter of 2013. JuergenFitschen and Anshu Jain. Revenues slipped by 16% versus the prior year. the coCEOs. On 7 June 2015. effective 1 July 2015. This came after analysts had predicted a profit of nearly €600 million. would replace Josef Ackermann as coCEOs starting in 2012. Anshu Jain's resignation takes effect on 30 June 2015. JuergenFitschen will temporarily continue as joint CEO until 19 May 2016.Fears that Deutsche Bank could neglect its German roots and expand risktaking activities prompted key members of the supervisory board to opt for the dual CEO model Deutsche Bank is listed on both the Frankfurt (FWB) and New York stock exchanges (NYSE). he will become sole CEO at the end of JuergenFitschen's term. according to FactSet estimates. which resignations were accepted.

 1896-. an increase of 13.  1874  Negotiations of Deutsche Bank with the German government on issuing a silver loan for India.  1914  The Calcutta branch closed due to the beginning of World War I.1bn of assets under management. 6 .Deutsch-Asiatische Bank opened its first branch for India in Calcutta (now Kolkata). HISTORY  Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany and international markets.7% on 2013.had US$384.

 2008--Deutsche Bank launched its global alternative investment management business in India (RREEF). 7 .  1994-.  2006-.  2005-. PRODUCTS/FUNCTI ONS 1.Deutsche Bank launched its Private & Business Clients (PBC) activities in India.  1986-. 1972-.Deutsche Bank launched credit cards in India DWS started its activities in India. Corporate and Investment Bank or CIB: • Responsible for Deutsche Bank’s Capital Market Business.Deutsch-Asiatische Bank and its branches were integrated into the newly founded European Asian Bank.European Asian Bank became Deutsche Bank (Asia).Deutsche Bank opened a branch in Bangalore.  1980-.  2003  Deutsche Bank started Privated Wealth Management (PWM) in India.European Asian Bank opened its first branch for India in Bombay (now Mumbai).

equity & securities. • Medium-sized to large MNCs 3. • Corporate Lending. • Foreign exchange. • Equity & equity-linked products. • Transaction Banking. Clients • Institutions both public and private. • Corporate Finance 8 . • Corporate Advisory. • Sovereign states.• Sales and trading of debt. • Commodities. Corporate Banking & Securities: It is further sub-divided in to two divisions Markets and Corporate Finance: • Markets • Selling & trading of financial market products. 2. • Government & corporate bonds.

• Trust & Securities Services • Asset and mortgage backed securities. • Management and administration of tax-neutral and tax-advantage structures.• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) • Restructuring advisory. • Debt and equity issuance. • Financial supply chain management. 4. Global Transaction Banking (GTB): It covers Cash Management. 9 . • Risk mitigation for international trade. • Liquidity management. Trade Finance and Trust & Securities Services: • Cash Management and Trade Finance • Management and processing of domestic and cross-border payments. • Administration for hedge funds.

Private Equity.Retail 2. Private Clients and Asset Management (PCAM): • Investment management business for both private and institutional clients. • Traditional banking activities for private individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. 10 .Infrastructure.Institutional 3.Alternatives .Insurance 4. 2.Real Estate. Private Wealth Management (PWM) • It serves high net worth individuals and families. Asset Management • It comprises four major businesses. 1. 1. 3.RREEF RREEF • It consists of three businesses.5.

• Retirement pension plans. ACHIEVEMENTS 11 . • Inheritance planning. Private & Business Clients (PBC): • Full range of traditional banking products.• Wealth Management Services. • Mutual funds & securities. • Philanthropic advisory services. • Payment & Current Account. • Loan to individuals private clients.

" IFR also praised the Bank’s "fortitude and skill" in bond markets. International Financing Review (IFR) recognized Deutsche Bank as its Equity House of the Year and Bond House of the Year 2012. This is the first time the Bank has been named Equity House of the Year and the sixth time that it has won the top Bond award. saying it combined "a steady hand with solid execution to get all kinds of deals done in just about every corner of the globe. took on tough risk positions (especially in Europe) and became one of the preferred banks of the US Treasury. Deutsche Bank was named International Financing Review's Bank of the Year twice in a three-year period. Deutsche Bank was named Best Global Investment Bank in the annual Euromoney Awards for Excellence. In 2012. for the second time in three years. Highlighting the Bank's success in equities. 12 . in 2003 and 2005. IFR said: "Deutsche led major IPOs. In December 2012.The bank has been widely recognized for its transformation over the ten years between 2002 until 2012 for moving from a German-centric organization that was renowned for its retail and commercial presence to a global investment bank that is less reliant on its traditional markets for its profitability. It also won the prize in 2010. Deutsche Bank is also the only European bank to have been awarded the top Equity and Bond awards in the same year.

Deutsche Bank won a further seven IFR awards:  Commodity Derivatives House  EMEA Structured Equity House  EMEA Loan House  EMEA High-Yield Bond House  EMEA Liability Management House  SSAR Bond House  Sterling Bond House 13 .

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in 15 .db.deutschebank.REFERENCE Wikipedia www.