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Bicol Medical Center

Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City 4400, Philippines
 (054) 472- 3434
Scoring- candidates answers should be scored as follows:


No. Answer given or answer
completely irrelevant. No examples
A few good points but main issues
missing. No examples/ irrelevant
examples given.


Some points covered, not all
relevant. Some examples given.


Good answer. Relevant information. All or most
points covered. Good examples.


Some points covered. Relevant
information given. Some examples


Perfect answer. All points addressed. All points
relevant. Good examples.

Weighting- questions can be wieghted 1 (low of importance) or 2 (high importance) to reflect their overall imporatnce to the position.
Part I. Introductions

I. Cognitive
The candidate is
required to discuss &
explain the specific
academic area or

Related Question (s)
A. Knowledge on Bicol Medical Center
A.1. What is the Vision- Mission of BMC?

BMC Vision-Mission
Vision – To be the premiere medical center in Bicol
Mission – To provide high quality tertiary heath care
services and world-class training and research

A.2. What is the BMC Quality Policy?
BMC Quality Policy
“We are committed to serve our clients with the
highest standard of health care incompliance with
statutory and regulatory requirements as we aspire

3434 for excellence thru continual improvement in all our services to achieve customer satisfaction. The Supervising Nurses assist the Chief Nurse and the Assistant Chief Nurse in the administration of the nursing department. A. Philippines  (054) 472. The Supervising Nurse who has clinical and instructional functions is directly responsible to the Chief Nurse. She shares these responsibilities with the Assistant Chief Nurse who is responsible to her and who assists her in the administrative and supervisory functions of the nursing service. Discuss the organizational structure of the BMC Nursing Service.3.4. What is the Universal Health Program ( Kalusugan Pangkalahatan) of the Department of Health? The Nursing Service functions under the direction of the Chief Nurse who is directly responsible to the Chief of Hospital for the organization and administration of the nursing service in its program of activities in the care of patients. They have administrative and supervisory functions for the coordination of two or more nursing units.” A. The Chief Nurse has dual responsibilities. In addition to her administrative responsibility to the Chief of Hospital. .Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. she has the role of coordination with the professional activities of the nursing staff with those of the medical and administrative staff and the community. Naga City 4400.

Philippines  (054) 472. the 8 storey general wards.188 or the Kalusugan Pangkalahatan (KP) Execution Plan is a government mandate aiming to ensure that every Filipino shall receive affordable and quality health benefits. and benefit packages. . Identified thrusts will be attained through financial risk protection through the expansion of the National Health Insurance Program. Naga City 4400.201l.5. improved access to quality hospitals and health care facilities. 2010). KP's major thrusts which are to ensure the health system goals of financial risk protection.3434 A. What is the BMC Modernization Program? "The Aquino Health Agenda: Achieving Universal Health Care for All Filipinos" and the Department Order No. The BMC Modernization was realized as the Department of Health approved and provided the funds for the three buildings to be constructed. (Executive Summary. better health outcomes. the 5 storey emergency complex and the two storey cancer center. and attainment of the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). and a more responsive health system.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. enrolment.

Naga City 4400. An early finding in the .V.V. The nursing intervention that would be most effective in relieving the client’s chest pain would be to administer the ordered: a) Morphine sulfate 2mg I. Philippines  (054) 472. but you will still be responsible if anything happens to the patient.2. you will have to give it yourself. The staff nurse best response would be: a) “ I’ll give the medication. An electrocardiogram is ordered for a client complaining of chest pain. but if you want the medication given.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña.9 mEq/L. b) Oxygen per nasal cannula c) Nitroglycerine sublingually d) Lidocaine hydrochloride 50 mg I.1.3.3434 I. Clinical Knowledge on Common Nursing Emergencies b) “ I will not give this medication “ B. The staff nurse calls a physician regarding an order to administer digoxin ( lanoxin ) to a patient with a pulse of 55 and serum potassium level of 2. c) Elevated ST segments What is the right answer? Why? B. Cognitive Domain B.” b) “ I will not give this medication “ c) “ I think we should discuss this with the nursing supervisor “ d) “ I’m sorry. The physician says to give the medication as ordered. “ What is the right answer? Why? B.V. bolus a) Morphine sulfate 2mg I. A client who has been admitted to the cardiac care unit with a myocardial infarction complains of chest pain.

Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. Philippines  (054) 472. Naga City 4400. The nurse plans to use safety precautions in the room because oxygen : a) Is flammable b) Support combustion c) Has unstable properties d) Converts to an alternate form of matter b) Support combustion What is the right answer? Why? B.4. Oxygen by nasal cannula is prescribed for a client. On the way to an x-ray examination a client with a chest tube becomes confused and pulls the chest tube out. The nurse’s immediate action should be: a) Place the client in trendelenburg’s position b) Hold the insertion site open with a Kelly clamp c) Obtain sterile Vaseline gauze to cover the opening d) Cover the opening with the cleanest material available What is the right answer? Why? d) Cover the opening with the cleanest material available .3434 lead a) b) c) d) over an infracted area would be: Flattened T waves Absence of P waves Elevated ST segments Disappearance of Q waves What is the right answer? Why? B.5.

Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña.3434 . Philippines  (054) 472. Naga City 4400.

What are the steps in handwashing? 1. *Approximately 40-60 seconds and done within the time frame of counting 1-2-3-4-5 for each step of handwashing. 11. Source: BMC Infection Control Manual of Operations (Book III) . Use towel to turn off faucet. 4. 2. Philippines  (054) 472. Rinse hands with water.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. 5. Rub hands palm to palm. Palm to palm with fingers interlaced. 7. Right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice versa. 8. Backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked. 9. Rotational rubbing. 3. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces. Infection Cotrol. Naga City 4400. Dry hands thoroughly with a single use towel. Wet hands with water.3434 II. backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa. 10. Psychomotor Domain Describe the skills that the person will need to perform the role effectively such as the ability to work independently with minimal supervision or the ability to use initiative and be pro – active 1. Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa. 6.

6. b. Basic Life Support Your attention was called by the nursing attendant. Patient A has negative pulse and negative breathing. h. Naga City 4400. f. 1. Establish scene safety first Check for a response by tapping the victim on the shoulder and shouting at the victim Simultaneously look for no breathing or gasping Activate EMS Tap the shoulders to check for responsiveness Check pulse no more than 10 seconds If there is no pulse start CPR – Chest Compressions • Push Hard Push Fast • Rate: at least 100/min – should take 15-18 sec • Depth: at least 2 inches or 5cm for Adults • Depth: at least 1/3 of the AP diameter of . 10 a. Philippines  (054) 472. i. Be aware of potential DRUG-DRUG or DRUG-FOOD INTERACTIONS. 4.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. 2. IV Therapy What are the 10 Golden Rule for Administering Drug Safely? 3. Take a complete patient DRUG HISTORY. j. 5. e. c. • 3. g.3434 2. d. Golden Rules for Administering Drug Safely Administer RIGHT DRUG Administer right to the RIGHT PATIENT Administer RIGHT DOSE Administer the right drug by the RIGHT ROUTE Administer right drug at the RIGHT TIME DOCUMENT each drug you administer TEACH your client about the drug he is receiving. Find out if the patient has any DRUG ALLERGIES. what will be your immediate action.

3434 • • 4. Naga City 4400.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. Waste Management State the 5S Principles and explain each. Philippines  (054) 472. the chest – Infants: 1 ½ inches(4cm) – Chilldren: 2 inches(5cm) Allow complete chest recoil Minimize interruptions SORT SWEEP/SHINE SET IN ORDER STANDARDIZE/SYSTEMATIZE .

organizing and planning and team work. Philippines  (054) 472.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. resilience. Naga City 4400. The nurse should consider the technical skills specific to the position such as knowledge of nursing procedures. Competencies or behaviors commonly required in the workplace include problem-solving ability. use of initiative. . What skills are the most critical to this position? This question will identify the skills that are key to successful task performance.3434 5. adaptability.

3434 Describe to the interviewer how your experience is relevant to these requirements and how you have successfully demonstrated these skills in your previous positions.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. Philippines  (054) 472. . Naga City 4400.

Philippines  (054) 472. Refers to the attitude of the nurse when faced with certain situations in the clinical area. The appicant should describe through the process used to evaluate the situation and the criteria used to make the decision. Possible examples include a patient who is uncooperative with treatment or who resists a prescribed care regime.listening to your . Affective Domain 1. 2. Tell us about a time where you disagreed with a colleague over the management of a patient.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. Naga City 4400. explain treatments and influence their attitudes while displaying empathy. Describe a situation in which you recently had to handle a difficult and demanding patient. They are able to communicate with patients and families to understand their needs.3434 III. 3. This question focus on what the nursing professional learned from the previous experience. May answer the following questions: Are you able to work as part of a team? Do you display sufficient maturity in dealing with health care colleagues? What resources did you use to diffuse the situation. This question is used to assess the interpersonal skills and ability to resolve conflict. The nurses should show how he/she is able to rapidly assess the situation and then commit to the most appropriate action. This should highlight the nurses’ communication skills. Good nurses have excellent communication skills that include both verbal persuasiveness and strong listening skills. This nursing question is looking at the nurses’ judgment. Describe a decision you had to take quickly regarding a patient.

Naga City 4400. Nursing work often involves a number of daily frustrations. Philippines  (054) 472. What resources do you use to do this? Examples include physical fitness. reasonableness and common-sense in the face of common frustrations.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña. It also looks at the motivation to go beyond the routine of the nursing job to think about how the nurse can improve on current patient care protocols. They should prove that they are resilient and able to deal with daily frustrations. Important skills used would include attention to detail. This is designed to explore the nurse’s ability to show initiative and to assess and implement new procedures. The nurse should point out the new challenges and . critical thinking and judgment. What changes have you contributed to established practices to improve patient care? Dealing with daily frustrations is part of most jobs. 6. 5. Tell me about some of the frustrations you have dealt with recently. The examples should highlight the nurse’s ability to demonstrate perseverance. This should focus on the nurse ability to maintain emotional stability in the face of traumatic and stressful situations.3434 colleague's reasons. exercise and relaxation techniques. close observation. gathering information to make sure you had sufficient understanding of the situation? 4. How do you manage high stress situations? Give me an example.

What interests you most to be part of the BMC nursing service? experiences that they look forward to in the position and why they are qualified to handle them. Philippines  (054) 472. Naga City 4400. . This should be align in the hospital’s interests with the attributes the management are looking for in the right candidate.Bicol Medical Center Concepcion Pequeña.3434 7.