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EOT crane will be Designed, Manufactured, Inspected, Supplied, Erected







Specification:1. Type of Crane

Double Box Girder EOT crane.

2. Capacity

5 Tons.

3. Span


4. Height of lift

8 mtrs.

5. Wt. of crane

21 ton

6. Duty

Class II (M5) Heavy duty as per IS 3177 /
IS 807.

7. Service


8. Operation

Push Button Pendant Operated.

9. Speed Of Hoisting

2 M/Min. +/- 5%

10. Speed of C.T.


11.Speed of L.T.

12 Mtr./ per Min.+/-15 %

12.Rope Dia

Dia 12 mm Const. 6 x 36 UTS 180 Kg/ Ungalvanised, with fibre core to
give maximum Tensile Strength as per IS
226. ( 234 KN Br. Cap)

13. Power Supply

415 V +/-10 %, 50 ~ +/-15 %, 3 Ph-4
40° Degrees. + 10°

14. Control Voltage
15. Amb. Temperature
16. Motor

Motors are Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
with VWF Drive Crane Duty With 40 %
CDF, CLASS B,B/F Insulation, Of ABB/
Kirloskar/ Siemens/ Crompton Bharat
Bijlee Make, Depending Upon the
Motor Cross
Travel Long

16. Brakes

18. Gear Boxes

Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,

132L 90L



Main Hoist : 200 dia Thrustor Brake+EM
Brake (Shoe type)
Cross Travel: 100 dia. Thrustor Brake
Long Travel: 100 dia * 2 nos Thrustor
Main Hoist : 3 H 550
Cross Travel: 3 V 290
Long Travel: Double

0 Ton capacity double girder Electrically operated EOT crane along with 'VVVF' Drive control as per the specifications given in Annexure-A and conforming to the standards given in IS: 807/3177 and other relevant IS standards of the latest revisions as shown below complete with all taxes. There shall not be any joint except at the bracket portal.s 1 M 100 M 50 M 100 Nos 1 Nos. Kanchanbagh. Charges for testing of crane for SWL. as per relevant standards. where to be installed etc.The rates quoted for above items should be inclusive of all Taxes and duties etc as required Total: Rs. Span: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Item Description Part-I:-Supply of EOT Cranes Design. 1 Rate Amount (Rs) Note:. The joint at the portal shall be bolted with splicing plates of adequate size on both sides of the web portion of ISMB-300 Installation. Unit Qty No. The scope includes testing of hoist at 125% load at manufacturers place. insurance and other charges such as transportation to site. Bright Bar) (48.600 mtrs. loading and un loading at stores/building. Testing and Commissioning of item no 1.0. (Total ……………………………………………………………rupees only) 2 .6 mtrs (+/. overload and deflection at site including bringing up of test load are in party's scope.1mtrs (+/. movement of material to work spot including cost of painting as required. Provision of steel ladders made out of L65*65*6mm angle with 40 NB pipe at 300mm intervals to reach the gantry girder and crane platform at 8M height from floor level at Integration building.500mm) 'Supply of Gantry Rail (40 Sq.500mm) Lift: 8 m Bay: 48. duties.*2) required for item no l above Supply of DSL Shrouded Bus Bar System required for item no l above (DSL shrouded Bus bar common for the cranes) Fabrication and supply of gantry girder composite section comprising of ISMB 300 with cap channel ISMC 200 throughout the bay length on both sides.0. 2 .3 & 4 above.BILL OF QUANTITIES Supply and Erection of EOT crane-for GSD Building at BDL. S. Manufacture and supply of 5.