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Bowling Park Primarys

New Cross Street,

West Bowling, Bradford, BD5 8BT

01274 770270


Usher Street,
East Bowling, Bradford, BD4 7DS

01274 723255

Date: 29th January

For more information check out our blog - http://


This week, our Year 2 children visited

Manchester Airport as part of their topic
Knowing your times tables is a key life
Wish You Were Here. The topic helps to
skill, and one which is becoming
teach the children about travel and places
increasingly important. The Government
around the world.
has announced plans to make around
50% of the new SATs maths paper a
The classes got to sit in a real aeroplane,
test of times tables knowledge. This
learn about how planes work and watch
means that, more than ever, children
them land/take off on the run-way.
need to know all their times tables by

February half-term is just around the
corner. We will break up on Friday 12th
February 2016 for one week. School
will re-open on Monday 22nd February.

Luckily, our Maths Magician is ready to

help out! Check out all the great maths
resources on our blog at http:// On here you will find, links
to times table games, a set of printable
dominoes and even videos with songs
to help you remember your mental

On Wednesday, our teaching staff met

to plan a very exciting GEM day. We
cant reveal all the surprises just yet,
but the theme for this will be based
around careers and the future. We
want children to be prepared for what
adulthood has in store for them. With
this in mind, we will be talking about
what jobs are available, what skills
employers look for and what qualities
the children have that will help them in
the future. Children will also take part
in activities to find out about the
benefits of having a job, aside from just
a wage.

Children also practice their times tables

in class, but please ask your childs
teacher for some extra resources if you
would like to practice more at home.

It will be a very
interesting and
rewarding day,
we cant wait!


We currently have a vacancy for a
parent governor on our Governing
Body. This role is a great way to get
involved with our school, and help
make a difference to children. It is also
a very demanding role, with a
significant time commitment. Governors
are required to attend 2-3 meetings
every half-term on a Wednesday
evening, and will also be asked to take
part in additional activities during the
day, such as learning walks.

will be growing flowers and vegetables,

and our aim is to host a horticultural
show at the end of the year.

Our science lab at Usher Street has come
on in leaps and bounds, and has provided
countless opportunities for children to
access state-of-the-art science equipment
and resources.

A big thank you to all the parents who
attended our Yr2 reading sessions at
US with Mrs Wright, yesterday. These
sessions are designed to help parents
read with their children at home. Mrs
Wright gave them advice on what
questions to ask and activities they can
play. Yr2 sessions at NCS and Yr1
sessions will be taking place in the next
few weeks, so keep an eye out if you
are interested in attending.

Our outdoor science lab, at New Cross

Street, is also beginning to take shape.
Each class has its own raised grow bed
If you think you can bring a new skill
and our new chickens are now producing
set to our governing body, please get in eggs, every day! They are carefully looked
touch with me, Mrs Thompson or Mr
after by our Year 6 Chicken Chiefs, who
Langley to express your interest and
are tasked with the job of feeding and
discuss the requirements of the role.
watering the chickens, as well as collecting
Have a great weekend,
all the eggs.
As spring approaches, we will be using the Stuart Herrington
outdoor science lab even more. Classes