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Earth changes, our bodies and our mind (Part 2)

The full impact of earth changes on the body. What will be the outcome?

In order to understand some of the changes in the body that will occur in the coming years
refer to the first article:

Earth changes, our bodies and our mind.

This article is an extension of the earlier article that will describe the outcome of the changes
taking place, also outlining a few extra observations that were not detailed in the first

Even though a lot of people are trying to avoid the facts, thinking that earth changes and
global warming are all just utilized as a political ploy, leading people away from the
real issues at hand. It will become obvious that these changes are occurring, not only in
the environment, but also in the bodies, just with the naked eye and through personal
experience alone. Through personal experience it will no longer need justification. It
will not be avoidable, and in the coming times it will be seen to be proven not only
correct but also it will create a lot of fear related symptoms that will not at all contribute
to the natural order and flow of the process that will take shape.

It may not be understood by people as yet that global warming is already scientifically proven
from studies that show the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, especially in the last
years. In this article I am going to outline the impact and reason for the changes
occurring around us, and how they will play out throughout the coming years.

One thing to take note when considering the impact of global warming on the whole of life
here on earth, and also in the entire solar system, is that it is unavoidable. In all actual
fact it is a natural progression that takes place, and will not be something that we will be
able to do anything about. It is basically out of our hands, and although we at times
think that we have all the power in the world, it is actually the world that is going to be
what impacts us in the end.

If we take a look at the earth, and see how much of the environment we impact as humans, it
will most certainly open your eyes to the most simple of facts. We do not change the
earth, the earth changes, and we face the consequences:
Earth’s Diameter 12753km

Deepest drilling for oil was around

12000 meter recorded. This means
that the deepest depth the we will go
to with such production is equivalent
of the earth’s diameter at 1:1063 est.
Thepink line then is an over
exaggeration of thedepth that is
possible by thedeepest form of
mining that we haveon earth
and howit impacts it in total.
It is obvious to seethat it only
just touching thesurface.

The deepest ocean on the earth is around 11,000 meters, showing that the oceans themselves
are only but a lining on the outer crust of the earth in its full glory. You can imagine
that a human is on average but between 1.5 to 2 meters, only but a speck of dust when
viewing ourselves in relation to the whole of the earth in its full totality.

The atmosphere of the earth extends out as far as 120 km from the surface of the earth. Again
this is an over exaggerated model showing how much our atmosphere is also only but a
cover over the surface of the earth, shown by the blue line:
E a r t h ’s D i a m e t e r 1 2 7 5 3 k m

How could this be possible that the environment where we live to which we call the surface
earth is but a small layer in relation to the entirety of the planetary mass? If we wanted
to go to the centre of the earth it would take an average of 8 hours to get there if we
travelled at a consistent rate of 800 km/h. If we were able to travel at a constant 100
km/h, we would arrive there in around 64 hours. If we were to walk it would take us an
average of 67 days to get there at a pace of 4km/h.

When we view television and movies we watch how easy it is to go to the centre of the earth,
pictures showing us that the atmosphere is so big in relation to the formation of the
earth itself. We view everything within a microscope placing ourselves as huge in
relation to creation and its full potential. Just like a huge statue reaching for the sky, we
see ourselves so big when in all fact we are but small when it comes to the earth and the
full impact of creation itself.

The earth does not rely on the surface of its embodiment in order to survive, we see this with
other planets, whether they are dry and desolate they still continue to rotate around the
sun towards their final destiny and future. The reality of it is, is that we rely on the
earth in order to survive and that whatever happens to the earth, will ultimately impact
us 1000 times worse, changing the environment to which we live and depend upon.
The earth’s future will be what determines ours and when understanding how the earth
cycles, it will ultimately lead us to an understanding of our own future and what things
we will eventually have to face.

The most important question that needs to be asked firstly is why? Why is it that at this time
in the earth’s evolution that we are going to be so greatly effected?

Just as a human has stages of development, a beginning and an end to its physical
embodiment when it comes to time, the earth too goes through its own developmental
process in order to form its parameters. It does not just appear and has all the elements
to be earth, out of the thin air in one moment of time. When it comes to time and the
formation of past, present and future it does have a process that it goes through in order
to become what it is. In some ways this could be seen as evolutionary but more
multidimensional in nature. Refer to my article: Spatial Dynamics and
Multidimensional Perception.

The earth starts its journey at the outer solar system in the area of space to which we call the
Kuiper Belt. It forms from the solidifying and cooling effect of radiated matter that is
pushed out by the sun. As the radiated matter reaches the outside of the solar system its
spin rate starts to slow down because of the cooling effect and gradually over time it
starts to form back into matter, gluing itself to other matter particles to form large
floating rocks to which we call meteors. These meteors eventually grow in size and
when they reach a certain dimension they are enticed by the sun and pulled in to join the
inner world of the solar system. This is strictly based on magnetic balance and flow and
will only occur through natural order.

Pluto was at one stage but a small meteor but over time it has grown in mass to become what
is considered a dwarf planet. Once the planet reaches the inner zones of the solar
system it changes. The outer solar system as we call it with the planets Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus and Neptune are all highly chemical in nature. They have not fully formed or
solidified to be seen as an inner solar system planet. It is not until they go through their
cycle and reach the Asteroid Belt that they will start to go through another stage in their
development where they become what could be seen as an atmospheric planet, one that
can support other forms of life. One such planet that lines with Pluto is Ceres and can
be found in the Asteroid Belt ready to take its journey into the inner solar system.

These changes within the solar system do not happen overnight. They occur over billions of
years, with a planets lifespan so grand that even the human race would never be able to
see the full lifespan of each planet. Eventually a planetary journey leads them to the
sun where they are engulfed and burnt up back into the building blocks to which they
were originally formed, pushed back out into the solar system until they cool down at
the outer regions of the solar system to start their journey again.

This is the natural order and cycling of planets and can be seen not only outwardly in a third
dimensional way but also inwardly in a multidimensional way when it comes to the
formation of the planets from the core of creation itself. Not only is the planet changed
on its journey but also it evolves in its development and ability just as humans do in
their life journey. We grow, we develop, we learn and so do the planets in their own
way. This is the natural order of life seen in fourth dimension to which we call time.

When a planet reaches the sun it is broken down again into its basic building blocks, another
planet ready to take its place in the magnetic flow and balance of the solar system. It is
at this time that we are now on earth, that this is occurring, the crux point where one
planet is being engulfed by the sun. It takes years for this planet to be totally absorbed
and utilized as fuel by the sun, and at its most fuelled crux point the sun bursts out in
flames towards the outer planets, giving it greater power over all that it governs.

The sun activity increases and affects all the planets in total for a span of time that might be
within thousands of years, leading to a crux point where the sun is fully fuelled again
waiting for the next planet to arrive to refuel it again. This results in what is called a
sun pulse, it gets for a time great in energy and then for a time small and when it engulfs
a planet again it grows again, just like a pulse.

The time we are seeing now is that pulse state outwardly where the sun is now fully fuelled.
The effects of this changes the speed at which the solar system flows and will change
not only the planets and their rate of growth but also all the life within the solar system
within this time period. It is also important to know that this has been occurring for a
long time now, not just the last 20 years, but for thousands of years it has been known to
have begun and now it reaches a crux point for the human body as well, which needs to
be seen multidimensional in order to fully understand the reasoning why the body is
only now about to catch up.

Within the coming years, which could be up until 1000 to 2000 years into our future here, we
will see a great change in our development not only in our conscious awareness as
humans but also in our bodies. It is like looking at a kettle that when it reaches boiling
point it all starts to activate. This is the crux point of that time and we are starting now
to boil, literally also with the warming up of our environment. It is a crux point of
change at the ultimate level, and that is in our perception. How we view reality will be
greatly affected leading us to think in a more multidimensional way, and also from a
fifth dimensional perspective.

There are two areas that a human develops and that is physically and the other mentally
(through perception). Both will be affected in this time from the changes occurring in
the solar system through the fuelling of the sun. It warms not only the planets from
within but also the surface area creating all sorts of chemical changes. These chemical
changes trigger things within our bodies, pushing them to also change not only
physically but also conceptually.

One of these chemical changes is shown in the level of CO2 issuing out into the atmosphere.
CO2 stands for 2 parts oxygen, and one part carbon. The carbon particle is floating
around attached to the oxygen that we breathe. This is similar to the air that we breathe
out that is called Carbon Monoxide, which has one part oxygen and 1 part carbon.
When we breathe we induce the one part of oxygen from the Carbon Dioxide and then
the other part of oxygen is then released out of the body taking the carbon with it, called
Carbon Monoxide. If this would not be so, then the Carbon would start to build up in
the lungs causing all sorts of problems. This leads to breathing difficulties and lung
structural damage, for the fact that the lungs work on oxygen alone, and that carbon is a
structural element that builds up upon itself.

The reason why carbon is so prevalent on our earth is the fact that all life here is based on
Carbon in order to form its structure. Carbon is the number one structural element and
is evident in all that we see around us, whether that is in the soil, the trees, to human
bodies and other animals, it is a major building block that helps to form the structure of
all matter at every level. At much finer levels it is labelled constructional matter, to
what I call green matter (or the clay of life), or to other people dark matter (which is
really dark purple in colour, showing us the closest we come to seeing the finest degree
of matter that can be seen within our own colour spectrum). There are of course much
finer particles that are not yet realized, and we can see them at work when we see the
carbon that forms the earth and also all that is on it.
Basically we are formed from the dust of the earth, and it is the structural element that helps
all to bind together. This relates to the heating process that Carbon goes through. Each
Carbon molecule has with it four electrons that allow it to bind to other chemicals, and
in Carbon Dioxide it binds itself to 2 parts oxygen which has 2 unpaired electrons, in
order to move around in our environment. When Carbon is heated up and excited it
starts to change form. At its most heated and pressured level it turns into a crystallized
matter that we see when cooled as diamond. Carbon acts on heat because of its atomic
state and when it does its starts to bond together in order to form matter, and when we
put it under pressure it forms into a solid state when cooled. The more heat and
pressure that carbon is put under determines the solidity of the object itself, and when
hot it turns it into liquid state, to what we see when a volcano erupts, that when cooled it
turns into certain stones, diamond and other rocks when combined with other elements.
Inside the earth carbon is at its liquid state, but the further out from the core it starts to
solidify forming the outer crust that we know as the earth.

When considering global warming and the increase of CO2 in our environment most would
think that having more oxygen would not be such a bad thing, that the more we increase
CO2 levels then we will always have enough to breathe. What they do not consider is
that Carbon works differently under pressure and when there is too much it can cause
sickness in the body, leading to dizziness, headaches, and visual and hearing
dysfunction and it can lead a person to become unconscious. This comes from the
added pressure that is forming around the body. Our bodies need a certain balanced
oxygen level in order to survive in our fluid state.

What I mean by fluid state is that our bodies at present are carbon based, but at a certain level
of fluidity, combined with other chemicals and compounds. This is to some seen as
vibration related, especially when it comes to viewing light as being what forms the
structure of matter in the first place. In a more third dimensional materialistic way it is
seen as ‘carbon’, a chemical compound that we describe in our scientific journals. This
carbon is at a certain density and our bodies rely on that density to survive.

When it comes to understanding the effects of global warming and the increase of CO2 in the
atmosphere, it is from the extra warmth pushed out from the sun that the heating up
activates the particles of carbon within the soil to adjoin themselves to the oxygen.
Normally this is at a certain level when we live life here as humans, we produced this
ourselves even just by moving around. It is a natural resource of life. Carbon also
increases in the environment when heated from other sources such as volcanoes, hot
springs and also within warmer climate regions of the earth. The main place it comes
out from is the soil itself, from the effects of the warming of the earth.

Most people immediately think that the effects of global warming are coming from human
activity, but in true reality, the effects of human activity have very little effect when
weighed up against the heating effects from the sun. A human does cause certain
environmental changes especially when it comes to their own destructive behaviour, but
not to the degree that we are now seeing with concern to sun activity. The sun in the
last years has had so much activity from having been resourced with energy, that this
will affect the solar system for some time. Increasing temperature and speed in which
the planets evolve.
It changes not only Earth but all the planets within the entire solar system. The increased
radiation that comes out from the sun, takes a long time to settle back into its matter
state and will stay around for thousands of years before all planets are able to go back
into a more comfortable state of balance where they will for a time slow down in their
evolution in time.

What we have been witnessing in the last years is the highest peak of the sun when it is
sourced by new fuel. There is a greater increase of sun spot activity and solar wind
(which is basically radiation outburst from the sun). This is what creates the changes
that we are now seeing on the earth at present, when it comes to the increase of CO2 in
our environment. It is activating the carbon in our environment, and the warmer it gets
the more changed our world becomes.

How will this affect us in the coming years?

Not only will the earth be affected by these changes in the coming years but also our bodies
and our perception of reality. Refer also to my articles:

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importance of water and salt.

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our developing perception of reality.

When considering global warming and its implications it is important to consider all of the
facts. A lot of people are denoting it for the fact that they are now seeing a large degree of
cooling in the last months, thinking that maybe it is all just a lie for political gain. This is not
at all true and when considering all of the facts it will become more obvious how real the
effects of global warming are, and how it will make an impact on us in the future.

It is easy to push things aside when a person does not have an adequate knowledge of how
things work on a more basic level when it comes to environmental changes. We usually leave
all up to scientists to worry about, but in all essence it is something we must all think about
and understand. It will not only affect scientists in the coming years, but everyone on earth,
and the more information a person has about the changes that are and will go on around them
the less panic and stress they will have when coming face to face with any new challenges.

It is easy to hide ones head in the sand but when change does occur it is not something that
can be avoided, especially if you are living within the environment where the changes are
taking place. It is important to understand these changes in order to evaluate environmental
and body issues that will arise in the coming years, and to find adequate solutions to make the
journey as easy as possible. Change is always inevitable, but in our current time on earth, the
changes will be coming at a much faster rate, so we will need to take greater measures to find
certain solutions to any issues at hand. All things we will be able to adapt to if we consider all
that is available to us through technology and knowledge of our world and how it is formed.
When considering the changes going on in the last year compared to other years, and how we
are now seeing an increase in cooler climate. This is a stage that occurs after the increase of
CO2 into the atmosphere. Firstly carbon is heated up and bonds to oxygen that when warmed
up rises into the atmosphere creating a blanket around the earth. Over a certain period of
time, and depending on how much warming is occurring the carbon starts to build up in the
atmosphere creating a sort of shielding effect that changes the environment on earth itself.
This then results in an increased internal pressure weather system.

The earth is still warming up inside this blanket and when water is evaporated up into the
atmosphere it builds up into more severe weather conditions. If it builds up in areas of
warmth and then is circulated to cooler climate areas it will result in constant cloud cover
which decreases the ability for the sun to penetrate, decreasing the temperature of the
atmosphere within this region of the earth. The decrease in temperature can then results in
snow or hail when the moisture is released from the clouds. The more heating up of the
atmosphere the more extreme the weather conditions, the more moisture has to be re-released
onto the earth. Resulting in some places that are much hotter than normal, to others receiving
more rain and colder weather conditions than normal, mostly because of excessive cloud
cover. More of this can be read online, when it comes to understanding things such as the El
Nino effect.

This is why a lot more severe weather conditions have been noted over the past years and
until now have been on the rise. We are now at the secondary stage of this where the
warming has resulted in increased CO2 creating a blanket that enhances the effects within our
environment. In more severe cases as warming continues, then it will affect not only weather
conditions but also plants and animals and their natural cycles.

The only way that carbon can be brought back to a less active state, is when it is cooled or that
it is captured through the use of water activated salt. The oceans do most of this work for us
normally, but because of the warming affect it can no longer be absorbed and cleansed by the
ocean, and remains to build up in the atmosphere, from the heating itself. Hot air rises as we
know and the more heat the less chance Carbon has to drop back down to the earth’s surface.
This building up in the atmosphere results in changes not only to temperatures but also to
breathing within our bodies. As I noted earlier, it becomes harder to breath, more stuffy in the
air, resulting in pains in the chest, increase in hypertension and head pain.

When this tension reaches a certain level, the body automatically goes into shock mode and
starts to register that there is a radical change in its environment. You can read about these
first initial stages in my first article: Earth changes, our bodies and our mind. The body then
goes about trying to rectify things through its own natural methods to adapt.

Certain effects that arise from increased CO2, from increased heat, can result in many unusual
body pains, depending on the condition of the body to begin with. If someone has already
problems with breathing, such as Asthma, they will begin to see an increase in their problems,
and it is important for these people to keep a close monitor on the changes occurring in their
body and to watch their health. Also people with blood pressure or heart problems will also
have to be very careful in the coming times ahead. The people most affected will be the older
generation. The older you are the harder it will be for the body to adjust to the changes that
are going on in the environment.
There will be in the coming years an increase in fatalities to do with breathing and heart
problems that if considered early can be avoided. Health will depend on a person’s
willingness to take care of them self, and to understand that things are changing around them.

In general other people (as well as animals) will also have symptoms that will include,
increased tiredness, dizziness, hypertension, pains and aches in the body, back pain, pains in
the chest, cramps, numbness of the body, tension in the shoulders, burning in the shoulders,
joint aches, stabbing pains, tingling on the skin, hot flushes, cold flushes, coldness in the feet
and hands, trouble breathing, blood in the mouth when waking, tension and hyperactivity,
increased aggression and annoyance, pressure in the head, pain and pressure in the ears,
burning eyes, dehydration, changes in body weight, headaches and stomach problems. The
increased heating up of the environment will affect everything, including the germs that are
already in our environment, increasing their effects to make us sick. Generally there will be a
great increase in sickness all around the world. It will not matter where you are, you will feel
the effects in one way or another depending on the health level of your body and how old you

This will in the coming years result in a major increase in death around the world from
sickness and conditions to do with heart and breathing failure. Babies and children will find it
easier to cope in the coming times and will already be able to adapt fast to the changes
occurring around them. Animals will also feel the effects to an even larger degree, depending
also on their body mass. The larger the animal or person, the harder it will effect them
because of how the pressure will effect their mass, making them feel more weighed down
which means that they have to utilize more energy, resulting in an increase in overtiredness.

This will be a process that we will all go though, and although it sounds grim, we are all
going to be going through this together. There are ways to alleviate many of the symptoms to
make them more manageable, whether that is to utilize drugs at a medical level (especially for
people who have extreme medical conditions), or that it is simply that a person takes out more
time to relax and drink plenty of water, also to keep their body well cleansed and healthy.
Minimize things that increase heating in the body, and take more time to relax in order to give
the body time to adjust to the changes.

Gradually over the coming years, into the next 1000 years, there will be great changes
occurring in the body. Our bodies will naturally adapt to be able to handle the new conditions
of our changing environment. This will result in the long term future to an increase in lung
and heart size, a decrease of hair on the body, a decrease in weight of the body from increased
metabolism, a lighter feel to the body, increased mental intelligence, an increased awareness
of our multidimensional nature, a loss of emotional dependency, and a speeding up of our
perception of time. We will become not only physically different on the outside but also
mentally different on the inside, and we will view reality in a totally different light.

Many people look at these effects in a spiritual way, however because I am a very practical
person, I will explain them in my own way on a more physical level. These changes can be
however seen in any way we choose into the future.

The warming up of the body will change the construction of the formation of the body at a
DNA level. We will no longer be considered at the level of being a carbon based life form,
but we will become different in structure. This results in the body becoming more fluid in
nature, some might call this crystallized because of what happens to carbon when pressure
and heat is applied to it, however it will be in a more active and heated state. This increases
sensitivity in the body, and heightens awareness.

Some people consider this state of increase in perception to be a spiritual heightening, where
they will be closer to heaven or fifth dimension. This is accurate but when considering it on a
more practical level, people will still be attached to their physical embodiment, however there
structure will be changing along with their perception of reality. These changes are beginning
to be seen now because of the crux point and influence of the sun at this time, and also
because of the increase in our perception of reality at this time. Before this time we had no
need to even look into such things, we were not even conscious of such possibility. As we
start to get influenced by changes, we start to consider what they are doing to us, developing
our awareness of the whole of reality at the same time. Change increases the awareness that
we have of our own position within creation enhancing not only our abilities to adapt but also
our intelligence in order to find new ways to adjust.

The physical body changes begin now but will play out not within the next three years, but
more in the next 3000 years. What will change in the coming years is our perception of
reality. We will become more conscious of our world and the forming of creation. This will
make us think that there is far more going on then there really is. When a person changes
their conscious perception of reality, it makes them see life in such a different way. This will
result in an increase of information coming from the mind, the source of all information
within creation, allowing us new inspiration and ideas. We will harness information from
other levels of creation that will come easier and faster to us through our thoughts.

The important thing to realize in the whole process is that perception and physicality are two
separate things. We can think faster than we can create, and when we take information in
from our mind, it is seen that things can happen almost instantly. However our physical
reality is denser and things take time to develop. What might be 3 years in the mind could
easily result in 3000 years into the future when it comes to physicality. Changes take time to
develop within the physical world, far slower than we can dream things up, but as time speeds
up these changes will happen much faster within our perception. We will see time going
faster and thus think that all is in a stage of quickening. Time is dependant on perception and
the faster we induce information the faster we see that time flies. This also occurs naturally as
we age and our perception of reality changes and develops, time seems to speed up.

These changes are happening now, and have been occurring for some time, and will be
occurring into the future. Change will not be something we can avoid. Things will not result
in a major cataclysm of the earth, especially not when it comes to the natural order of creation
itself, but overtime things will change, not only the weather and our environment, but our
bodies, also the solar system itself, and most importantly our perception of reality.

By Stacey T Pollock
25th February 2009

Updated on the 5th of January 2009:

I would like to add a few extra changes that will be occurring around this time when people
start to go through body adjustments in the coming years. These are just a couple of things
that I did not add earlier that might be of interest to some people going through similar
The first is the changes in body temperature. That people will go from being at moments
really cold, then really warm as if there is a heat running through them that is making the
body pulsate. This is the increase in energy that is occurring at this time and what it does to
the body. With this increase the body does tend to heat up a lot more than normal, giving way
to sudden sweats and the possibility of the occurrence of more fungal body infections. This
will increase as time goes by and will effect eating habits and bring up health issues.

Through the heating up of the earth and changes to our environment it will surface new
sicknesses that have for a long time been lying dormant through lower temperatures. Some
sicknesses thrive on warmth and with the coming changes to the warming of the earth, more
and more strange sicknesses will surface as this occurs, things that seem to come out from
nowhere. Some of these sicknesses can be avoided through the use of salt on the body,
through bathing or spraying of salt water especially in the areas where there might be
infections on the skin.

The earth also uses salt as a protective layer and through the melting of the ice this allows salt
water to cover the earth in a greater quantity which helps to alleviate the suns effects on the
surface. Through the salt water which is constantly moving the light is pushed away via the
crystals that form in the water that build up in layers. Salt also helps to decrease the suns
effects on our skin. You can find more information on this in my second book, ‘The Mind
and Matter’, on how this works to alleviate conditions of the suns effects on the body.

By Stacey T Pollock