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EMAIL RECEIVED FROM VETERAN FBI AGENT JAMES WEDICK ON AUGUST 21, 2008 Below is a true and correct copy of an email note received on Aug 21, 2008 from James Wedick. By Sep 17, 2008, I have neither heard from the FBI nor from Mr Connoly, and I decided to call Mr Connoly. I deliberately called after hours, and I left him a message saying I received his name and phone number from James Wedick, and giving him my name and phone number, indicating that I would be glad to provide informationa if he called. Signed in La Verne California , Sept 17, 2008 ___________________________ Joseph Zernik

X-pair-Authenticated: From: "James J. Wedick" <> To: "'joseph zernik'" <> Subject: FBI! Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 13:30:02 -0700 X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 11 Thread-Index: AckDzKyhtQ0hC9s8QjOc5ce0LvUoWA== X-ELNK-Received-Info: spv=0; X-ELNK-AV: 0 X-ELNK-Info: sbv=0; sbrc=.0; sbf=00; sbw=000; Joseph, I just finished speaking with the FBI concerning the fraud involving your house please note I said the fraud concerning your house. Even though you have not provided any additional funds noting your retainer has been depleted, I spoke with Mr. L.J. CONNOLY [310.996.4401] on the mortgage fraud squad in Los Angels. He called looking for information so I returned his telephone call. I explained to him I though you had been victimized and if he sticks to the documents could possibly prove a fraudulently case. I said while I havent seen/read anywhere near all the documents various depositions and material suggest a fraud took place that I thought needs investigation. I cautioned you might want to talk about working other corruption cases and suggested before listening to same that he first handle the fraud involving the house to make sure he wasnt just chasing windmills. I told him you could be difficult, but were an intelligent individual whose case should be investigated because again the facts suggest a fraud took place and thats the issue. I told him the FBIs job was to pursue mortgage fraud even with difficult individuals noting thats an agents job and he agreed. I believe he said he spoke to you already and had looked at the documents and did think a fraud had taken place. Consequently, I thought he was likely to pursue an investigation. In the likely event Mr. CONNOLY calls you [because I think he will], Im going to suggest you control yourself and try NOT to get him to chase allegations suggesting Los Angeles judicial circuit is all corrupt [because its not]. Thereafter, if per chance you are lucky and he is able to get the Bureau behind an investigation, hes going to need all the help you can give him in order to convince the U.S. Attorneys office to file charges which can be very difficult. Because youre a smart man, l know you know what I mean when I say youre going to have to remain extremely FOCUSED in order for CONNOLY to be successful. Again, getting the U.S. Attorneys office to file charges can be extremely trying job not to mention formidable so do not let yourself get distracted with QUI TAMS and the like. Im giving you this information because I want you to be successful. Because I think this opportunity gives you one last bite of the apple, I suggest you have available for CONNOLYs review only those documents/information concerning the fraud so he can quickly get a CLEAR picture of what happened. He needs you to be focused so that he can open an investigation and pursue a line of inquiry. Because you dont have the funds to pay me, I told him I was no longer engaged and didnt expect to do anything further noting the distance and the fact I believe I need to examine all the documents/dispositions before I could proceed further which is probably cost prohibitive. Getting an FBI agent to pursue your case is ideal so please dont blow the opportunity by confusing them with a civil case. Remember if they think they are being used to help with a civil fraud, the FBI will close the criminal investigation. Good luck with the FBI noting I dont intend to get further involved particularly with the FBI so dont even try sending emails suggesting same. Good Luck! And Joseph Im trying to be extremely helpful here so dont try to bully me with a thousand emails.

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September 17, 2008

P.S. I hesitated to send this email, but I wanted you to understand the opportunity you have so dont blow it by trying to get them to consider working a corruption case. And this is extremely important DO NOT CALL HIM. LET HIM CALL YOU!

Respectfully, James J. Wedick 11230 Gold Express Drive Suite 310 - #0364 Gold River, CA 95670-4484 CA PI License #24057 916.638.3566 (Direct) 916.290.0999 (Fax) 916.501.2805 (Cell)

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