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Chapter 1: Return K.P.O.V I sat down on the couch in my living room thinking back over the years that have passed and how my life has come to be what it is now. The chain of events that led me to this particular path are not ones that I regret in the least. My story is a long one a lthough it only happened over the course of 6 years. I was 16 when my life changed completely for what I truly consider the better. He was my friends boyfriend and 3 years my senior. I truly loved him and thought that he loved me in return. But when my friend found out about us and found out she was pregnant he fled the scene without a word to either of us. I lost contact with my friend and ceased to live. I didn t want anything to do with the world outside the safety of my own mind until I started going out at night and drinking. Alcohol was a release and a safety net. I began drowning my sorrows. I was walking home one night when I was ambushed by 4 men. I didn t have a chance of fending them off and was highly intoxicated so I just gave up. I didn t really want to fight against them anyway. I remember thinking what was the point? I didn t have him so why even bother to try? There was nothing I could do but lye there and allow them to take me. They took they re time beating and taking advantage of me. I never once made a sound not wanting to give them the satisfaction of knowing that they were breaking me with every word they said and every touch they made. I remember being on the brink of consciousness when a loud growl ripped through the air. The man tou ching me was yanked away and I felt myself being lifted into the air by strong arms. I tried to protest, tell the stranger to let them kill me. I could feel from my injuries that I was close to death anyway so why not just let them kill me? The stranger di dn t answer. I opened my mouth to protest again until a scent hit my senses. It was the most soothing smell I had ever come across including HIS. It was late evening summer sunshine, freshly cut grass and peppermint. I was rendered speechless. I felt blood dripping down my face and into my eyes from a gash in my head where I had been bottled and fought against the urge to faint. I tried looking up and opening my mouth to talk to the man but stopped short when we passed under a streetlight and I saw his face. It was beautiful. That was the only way to describe it. He had a strong set jaw with a straight nose and chiselled cheekbones. His hair was blonde and in a disarray of curls with a high forehead. But his eyes, I remember comparing them to clear cut topa z or melted butterscotch. They were breathtaking. I heard a door opening and felt myself being carried into a house and the door being closed behind us. He walked up the stairs while I just stared at him like an idiot. We went along a balcony and into a be droom where he sat me down on the bed and observed me. I didn t know what to do so I just closed my eyes and tried not to think of the pain. Then I heard his voice as he talked to me. Can you hear me? his voice was melted honey with a masculine reverbera tion to it and a southern accent.

I nodded my head. Can you tell me your name darling? he sounded so kind and I did my best to find my voice and answer his question. K-Kathryn I sounded terrible from where one of the men had wrapped his hands around my throat. He smiled a warm and heartbreaking smile. Then a hint of sadness touched his face as he regarded me and he seemed to be considering something in his head. His eyes flashed and he had obviously made up his mind. I wanted to hear his voice again so I spoke. M-may I ask your na-name? He smiled again and answered Jasper Whitlock at your service mam I did my best to smile but it obviously didn t look right as his eyes lashed with worry. He took my hand in his and brought my wrist to his mouth. I apologise Miss.Kathryn but it would be such a waste if you died And then he bit me. I screamed out in pain but the bite was nothing compared to what came next. He had set me on fire. Spreading through my veins was a fire so pure and bright that it made me cry out for death. My eyes snapped open to see a pair of topaz ones staring into them. I began to feel drowsy and the pain became less distinguished. I was slipping out of consciousness but I managed to hear his words. I will be here for you when you w ake up and forever after that he leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead. It was then that I realised what he was. Yes I knew about the world of vampires, had done since I was 14. I didn t understand why it didn t click before but I didn t have en ough time to ponder it before I fell asleep. When I woke up the first thing I registered was a hand holding mine. Then I remembered his words. He told the truth. First guy in my life that ever had. I expected to feel threatened but all I felt was comfort. There was a warmth spreading through my hand where it was in contact with his. I opened my eyes and wasn t surprised that I could see every single dust mote in the room. I knew what had happened and I knew what to expect from my new body. I looked over to see him staring at me and I slowly sat up. I reached my hand out to touch his face and he didn t stop me. I ran my hand across his cheek and marvelled at how sofy his skin was to my hand and how he seemed so content to have me touching him. Hi not even my new delicate voice had any effect on me. He seemed startled. Hello, and do you care to explain why you are not freaking out right now darlin? he seemed confused and I couldn t help but laugh.

Because I know exactly what is going on I told him how I k new all about vampires and that I understood what had happened. He told me that he was amazed and had picked a good one to save that night. I just grinned wide. The rest is history. I stayed with him and he helped me through the new born phase and he helped me discover all my talents which will be revealed as my story goes on. There are a lot of events that will also be revealed in time but basically me and Jasper fell in love and are now married and living happily together in a small country called Wales in Britain. As I sat I considered another man who was once in my life. I had received a message from a contact of mine 3 years ago saying that he had died in a car accident. I was devastated but had Jasper to help me through it. It pained him to see me mour ning another man but being the supportive husband he is he let me deal with it and put my feelings first. Along with the message came a letter from him. I nearly threw it in the bin without reading it but decided I wanted to know what he had to say. It was the usual bullshit of how much he loved and missed me and he was sorry for leaving and hurting me but he couldn t stick around in a situation like that, apparently he thought of me everyday and regretted not being strong enough to stick by me. After reading it I did throw it away not wanting to read words that were most probably lies. I glanced at the clock. 1 am. Jazz would be home from hunting soon. I hated being without metres away the distance hurt and I had to close the gap. It sounds clingy but its just a case of not wanting to be without the one I love. And I know he feels the same way as one of my many abilities is that I am an empathy just like my husband. That was how he managed to put me to sleep throu gh my change which I was eternally grateful for. A knock on the door startled me from my thoughts and I immediately projected a shield ( power number 2 ) nobody around here knew us and if they knew us by face then they did not talk to us. I walked to the d oor and opened it a crack smelling the air outside. My nostrils flared and I was a vampire and an unfamiliar vampire at that. I growled deep in my throat but the reaction was not what I expected. A low chuckle came from the other side of the door and a voice I will never forget and missed so much graced my ears. ever the timid and cautious one Kitty If my heart was beating it would have stopped in that moment and opened the door to confirm what my memory was telling me. And sure enough on the other side of the door, there he stood bold as brass and better looking than my crappy human memories remembered. I felt tears I could never shed cloud my eyes and felt as though my dead heart was beating again as I whispered the one name I never thoug ht I would again: Stevies.....Matthew? He grinned at my old nickname for him and was consumed with happiness. Hey baby girl God was I in for a hell of a ride.

Okay I know it was short but you will have to bear with me. The only Cullen character in thi s story will be Jasper and thats just because I like him lol. It doesn t really have anything to do with twilight except for the concept of the vampires. Anyway it is a working progress but plz rate, comment review, I need to know everybodys thoughts on it pretty plz?

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