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The Crystal Mine - The Revealed secret (1.

Created by: TheStever

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- Eliminating any unit: 1 VP.

This is a objective based map/mission supporting
up to 6 players.
Without knowing where they will enter, each
player will place either, 1 container and 2 high
walls or 3 small walls on the map. Each player
will also take one additional terrain peice to
deploy during their turn any time during the first
Each player will draw a card labeled either 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, 6 which desiginates which sector they
will enter. These starting locations are not
revealed until the player is ready to take their
first turn.

Each player is allowed the same number of A.P.

to build a company. 3000 AP recommended.
(1500 Assault / 1500 Reinforcement) or (2000
Assault / 1000 Resinforcement)

See the map.

- Control point 1 :Based on Dice Roll (see Special


- Capturing a nanogenerator: 200 RP.

- Controlling a nanogenerator: 150 RP.
The Secondary Objectives are used as Drop
Points by the controlling unit. This is the only
way to bring in reinforcements.

Special Rules: Controlling the Crystals: The VP

value for controlling the Crystals is determined by
rolling a D6 during the Control Phase after
determining who is in Control. This represents
the Crystals phasing in and out of existance.
In addition, The unit(s) in control of the Cotrol
Point may get temporarily upgraded from the
Crystal's mysterious powers:
Depending on the VP roll:
5,6 - Nothing
3,4 - Increased Speed: (this unit may now
perform a rush movement as a normal movement
at no cost.
2 - Improved Range: this unit has now improved
their accuracy of direct fire weapons by 1.

The Crystal Mine - The Revealed secret (1.0)

Created by: TheStever

1 - Improved Accuracy: This unit increases it's

attack reroll by 1.
Weather: The changing weather makes
completion of the mission difficult, at the
beginning of each round, roll for new weather
conditons, using Frostbite Phase 2 weather
All Damocles and Frostbite options are available.
1. Frostbite Artillary Stats are used if Artillary is
selceted. (*NOTE* Cogs and ONI use UNA
Artillary stats)
2. Frostbite Options normally purchased with MP
in the campaign, may be purchased with equal
amount of AP)
3. There are no Damocles equivalent cards for
ONI or Cogs

Game ends at the end of turn 7. (!)

The game ends when a player reaches 15 VP.
The winner is the player with the most VP.
If no player is able to win any more VP the player
with the most points wins.

Strange equipment readings have determined a

specific Elysium Crystal field is acting rather
strange. Upon further investigation, these
crystals seem to fade in and out of existence.
The phenomenon has become an urgent issue for
your leaders, as they wish to gain the secrets of
these crystals, and to prevent it from getting into
the hands of the enemy.
The problem, this crystal field is an uncharted
remote area of Elsye. The weather conditions are
constantly changing, and there are many
passages leading to this area. This area is not
easily controllable, and surely your enemies have
also become aware of the crystals.

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