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The Capitol Hill

Roman Forum, you have
to climb the famous
Capitol steps designed
by Michelangelo to have
an idea of its extension
and what it has been
used for.
The Capitol Hill, in Latin
Capitolium, derives from
caput (head) and it is the
most famous among the
hills of Rome. Today also
called Capitoline Hill or
temple of Jupiter Capitolinus was on it, this last maximum divinity of the
It is formed by two high ground and a depression and it was called
mountain of Saturn. Upon one of these heights the temple of the Triade
Capitolina rose (Jupiter, Juno - Giunone - and Minerva) and objects precious
and great wealths were guarded. On the other summit where rises now the
church of the Aracoeli stood the fortress with the temple of Juno Moneta,
where the mint was.
Among the two tops was the Intermontium, also called Asylum, which
corresponded to the actual Capitol Square (Piazza del Campidoglio).
Toward the Forum raised the Tabularium, center of the archives in ancient
Rome still existing, and here according to the legend Romulus (Romolo)
would have fixed his center.
Various temples of every
accompanied the temple
of the Triade Capitolina
Ultor, Venus Capitolina,
the altars of the "gens
Julia"), but of them today
nothing doesn't remain

the first great work of intervention and reorganization of the irregular agglomeration Capitoline was of Michelangelo. but also during your night tour because while illuminated its romanticism is unparalleled. especially during the Middle Ages. On top of the Capitol hill you will really see how the history came and left its marks. The move of the statue of Marcus Aurelius riding a horse (coming from Saint John Lateran . the two statues of the Nile and the Tiber at the Senatorial building (Palazzo Senatorio) from each side of the base of its double staircase (1544-1554). in an effort to make it to you as much as alive as possible. The ancient Rome tour is a comprehensive description of the remains of the Eternal City and of its glorious past. and it has the offices of its Major.San Giovanni in Laterano .in 1547) and the creation of a pedestal. century after century and if you have planned to stay few days in Rome the Capitoline must be visited during the daylight for its history. Guiding you through the highest of the seven hills of Rome deserves more than several minutes of your attention because the Capitol hill is also the seat of the local government of Rome. .After a long period of neglectitude. and finally the staircase of access to the Piazza (Cordonata) conceived by Michelangelo in 1536 but built only after his death in 1582. narrating the main events that made Rome the head of the mediterranean civilization.