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The bank as a financial service provider has multiple customer touch points to support its
activities. Customer touch points is formed as a connection between bank customers to the bank
itself. Beside service office and ATM, nowadays banks should have customer touch point that
can be accessed 24 hours with no limitation of time and place means that wherever and whenever
the customers need, they can access the services provided by banks.
Internet banking is able to provide the above capabilities, of course, in addition to SMS
banking. Things that are required of course a set of advanced technological tools and knowledge
of the customer itself. Without these two things, the internet banking service may not be running.
Technology support from the bank must be frequently upgraded to avoid a variety of threats
which are growing increasingly high, both in quantity and sinister technology used.
The crime in banking sector is highly increasing. The directorate of Headquarters for
special economic crimes have uncovered embezzlement of Bank CIMB Niaga conducted by two
IT employees with a loss of 22 billion rupiah. Both employees of Bank CIMB Niaga with initials
SB and ST are in collaboration with outsiders to break into the banks from Malaysia. Brigadier
Kamil Razak said the suspects of these crimes properly designing and utilizing their expertise
during this time. They divert the money in the central bank account to its existing branch in
Pangkal Pinang. According to Kamil, SN has a role to transfer bank’s funds where he work in
with the help of ST. They agreed to do a system crack to the bank's application server MOSAIC
of CIMB Niaga. SN earned money with the amount of US $ 200,000 while the ST gets $
100,000. In addition to the two suspects, the police managed to arrest two other suspects who
have a role as a reservoir of money that has been transferred by SN. Both of them received the
result of crime with the amount of US $ 100,000. Police seized a total of US $ 536.200 and 100
million rupiah, but the other US $ 5,000 is failed to be saved because it has been used for a
vacation in Malaysia.
Another case is the embezzlement of PT Bank Permata account belong to Tjho Winarto
which is the priority customers of the Bank. Winarto suffers loss from the embezzlement in the
amount of US$ 245 million. His account is burglarized when he was travelling to Sorong August

pressure. pressure may be driven by the work stress. The last two things are included into pressure from the perspective of external parties. Pressure is a motivation of someone to commit fraud. According to Winarto. Skimming is the act of stealing customer data. generally performed at EDC and ATM machines. the pressure from top management. The man handed over a fake power of attorney and the photocopy of identity card of Winarto. Central Jakarta August 28.28. BTN. Analysis There are many kinds of crime in payment system that may occur. someone asks for making the SIM card of his mobile phone number in Grapari Telkomsel Gambir. At that time. and others. Based on triangle fraud. From both of cases above. poor financial. by installing a data recording device. a process of transfer of money from Winarto's account to the three bank accounts which are Danamon Bank. While malware is a software or code created by someone with malicious purposes. the breaker of his account is in collaboration with the data providers. and rationalization. phishing and malware. From the perspective of internal parties. this fraud may occur because of the existence of opportunity. The perpetrators have been arrested from the receiver of fake power of attorney which manage the process of the sim card until the people who break Permata Bank system. The two cases above can be included in both phishing and skimming. Phishing is the illegal act to obtain sensitive information such as user IDs and passwords. So the breaker is cooperating and sharing the profit with the data providers. This pressure may be in the form of financial such as debt and non-financial such as life style. or life style. but the internal parties may also take an important role to help setting up the crime. An autocratic management will lead to work stress and deep pressure toward internal parties (employees) which will lead to the passiveness of employees. and Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) occured. Life style is also influencing people to commit fraud because a high life style will encourage people to keep trying . those are skimming. we can analyze that every fraud may not be triggered only by external parties. He received a report from Telkomsel. After SIM Card is completed. credit card details. Winarto said that the current City Police have arrested four perpetrators who are draining money in his account. his internet banking account is cracked by a breaker to reset the password of Internet banking. 2014.

and work motivation: The environment in a company also has an important role to influence its employee’s behavior. they may count their connection in a certain organization as an opportunity to cheat for the sake of their personal interest. morale. the opportunity is usually driven by weak management. Furthermore. it will be the best reason to commit fraud. For internal parties. The fraudster may think that a little fraud will not change anything. Opportunity is a chance that allows fraud occurred. the lack of supervision and control also the weak management in an organization will create an opportunity for employees to cheat. Autocratic and non-trusting management attitude: the autocratic company will make its employee work under pressure and stress. they use their authority and ability as IT employee and in the second case they use their authority as Telkomsel data server to commit fraud. or the abuse of authority. all staffs work at company have a bad . lack of supervision and control.somehow to meet their life style. If the fraudsters are internal parties. Every fraudster has a rationalization to justify what they have done. Furthermore. it will - make the staffs feel like nobody is actually monitoring them. From the analysis of triangle fraud. it does not matter. If the company does not motivate its employee. It will make their employee loss his - or her loyalty toward company and will result in committing crime. and any formal communication will give an opportunity for someone to commit fraud because it leads to the lack of supervision and monitoring thus. the improper amount of salaries they got will be the rationalization of fraud they committed because they will think that they deserve more than what they got. there are several factors or weaknesses that may cause the fraud: - Weak internal control: the lack of internal control such as procedures. Poor organizational loyalty. if there are previous fraudsters which remain unknown and do not get any punishment for the fraud that has been committed. Another kind of pressure is a poor financial or a debt which will encourage people to struggle no matter how the way is in order to pay their debt. People may think that as long as their fraud remains unknown. Meanwhile from the perspective of external parties. segregation of duties. The company does not concern about its employee and its regulation is rather inflexible. As for the first case.

and supervise the business of company. for those who do not understand that it is a malware. or serves to check on. The staff recruited not only based on his ability. organize.Good Corporate Governance: Good corporate governance is a governance system to manage. . that will reduce the opportunity of fraud. they will click on that link and finally the computer is infected and the personal data will be cracked. Basically. It also helps company to monitor the employee. it will minimize the fraud risk. Customers who use the service of e-banking or internet banking should change . if a company has an effective internal control. but also from his personality. A company should implement the good corporate governance to enhance the supervision of several tasks and procedures. - Careful recruitment of staff: A Bank should be careful when it comes to the staff recruitment. not only for internal parties but also the external parties. intelligence. and credibility. Recommendation - Implement good internal control: if internal control of company is effective. the work of another. The existence of good corporate governance will reduce the risk to act on personal interest. suspicious link appears or the customers get a fake email which is said from the bank but it is not.morale and poor loyalty. Because the internal of company does not care about company’s interest anymore. it will influence the new employees to have such behavior and finally will lead to fraud risk. Thus. A gap in banking system and network for customers: It is like when the customers log - in to their account. there will be an adequate segregation of duties among those who perform accounting procedures or control activities and those who handle assets. . It is really important because every company has a goal to enhance its performance and this goal will not be achieved unless they are successful in recruiting staff. The division of responsibilities should be designed so that the work of one individual is either independent of.Raise the alertness from both internal and external parties: All parties should be aware of the possible fraud committed. The Human Resource Development staff should consist of experts to know and comprehend the personality of every candidate of staff.

the bank is responsible to remind the customers about how to secure their e-banking account. For an example banks have a regulation to set up the system to log out automatically every 10 minutes if there is no access from the customers to avoid the access from unauthorized party. Another way to reduce the fraud can be done by using time-out system. Customers also need to pay attention to an incoming email. . Captcha code is a code that cannot be read by machine. it's good to check the address of the sender first. if there is an incoming email and ask to reset the password.their password regularly especially when they are log in in their account to avoid the misuse of their password. because usually banks will never ask customers to change the password via email - Strengthening the internet banking system: It could be done with the use of tokens and a captcha or code in the form of numbers and letters for financial transactions such as Bank Mandiri. Furthermore. if it is not derived from the domain of the bank concerned then it is better to ignore.