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Connect the DWR-932 to your PC using the USB cable.0. 2. The default username is admin. The password is xxxxxxxxxx which you can find on your device label on the back cover . 2 DWR-932 DWR-932 3 . 2.168. LTE MOBILE Router ENGLISH CONTENTS OF PACKAGING DWR-932 USB cable MICRO A-TYPE PLUG InstallShield Wizard Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for DWR-932 USB Modem 2. and the password should be left blank. Use a web browser to go to 192. please contact your reseller. and the password should be left blank. QUICK INSTALLATION 1. as shown. Use your PC's wireless adapter to connect to the dlink_DWR932_xxxx wireless network.0. Connect the USB cable and plug it into the USB port of the power adapter or a PC to charge the battery. The default username is admin.168. Use a Web Browser to 192. ROUTER MODE QUICK INSTALLATION PRODUCT SETUP 1.1 to log in to the router's configuration interface. Insert the SIM card into the SIM card slot with the gold contact facing up.ENGLISH 4G MODE QUICK INSTALLATION contents 1. USB Power Adapter If any of these items are missing from your packaging.1 to log in to DWR-932's configuration interface.

Also. 3. Go to “Setup Wizard”. Connect to VIVA router then enter http://192. if you connect the DWR-932 to a different USB port than you originally used. Enter router’s username and password. 2. I'm having trouble using the DWR-932 on my Mac. make sure that antivirus software is not blocking your connection. 2. Why am I unable to connect to my mobile Internet service? ENGLISH Quick Installation Guide Check to make sure the SIM card is installed properly.168. 4. 4. Connect to VIVA router then enter http://192. Enter router’s username and password. Insert the desired network key in the “Pre. Go to “Applications”.4GHz” field. 5. The default user is “admin”. Click “Short SMS”. Click “Apply”.ENGLISH TROUBLESHOOTING Change WiFi name and Password SETUP AND CONFIGURATION PROBLEMS 1. and that your SIM card has 4G/3G data service. and the password should be left blank. 2.0. (Router will reboot applying the new settings). Insert the desired router name in the “Access Name Wi-Fi 2. 4 DWR-932 DWR-932 5 . 6.1 in the address bar. Check and send text SMS 1. Click “Next”.0. 1. and the password should be left blank.168.1 in the address bar.shared key” field (This key will be requested every time a user tries to access this connection for the first time). The default user is “admin”. 3. you will need to reinstall the drivers. Click “Next” 2 times. 8. 7. Due to how Mac OS handles USB ports.

WIRELESS NETWORK REMINDER Wireless Network Name (SSID) Wireless Network Password Ver.00(DI)_90x120 2014/10/03 150303-0452 . 1.