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Applied Petrophysics for Geologists and Engineers
Instructor: Eric Eslinger
EGI and The College of Saint Rose
3 – 7 June 2013
Hotel Holiday Inn Baruna, Bali
This cour se intr oduces the basics of well log analysis and petr ophysics with a focus on dir ect
field applications. Miner alogical influence on well logs and integr ation of cor e data with logs
will be str essed. Intr oductor y concepts, examples, and exer cises will be facilitated via r ealtime class use of a cr oss-platfor m lithology-based petr ophysical softwar e package (GAMLS).
Each student needs to br ing a PC laptop for class work. Installation of executables and
upload of files will be done at least one week pr ior to star t of class. Minimum computer
r equir ements: 4 GB RAM (Windows 7 & >4 GB RAM pr efer r ed) plus Excel.

Day 1 am:
Day 1 pm:
Day 2 am:
Day 2 pm:
Day 3 am:
Day 3 pm:
Day 4 am:
Day 4 pm:
Day 5 am:

Introduction to Well Logs
Logging and Sampling Logistics
Porosity, Permeability, and Water Saturation
Clay Minerals, Shales, and “Shaly Sands”
Electrofacies, Lithofacies Classification, Prediction, and Correlation
Integrating Logs, Core Data, and Core Sedimentology Description
Prediction of Core Properties in Non-Cored Wells
Gas Shales
Special Logs

Day 1 am: Introduction to Well Logs
Basic Well Logs (caliper, gamma ray, density, neutron, sonic, photoelectric, resistivity)
Review of Major Minerals and Rock Types
Quality Control
Relationship of logs to rocks and rock sequences

Day 1 pm: Logging and Sampling Logistics
Drilling Breaks, Log Runs, & Splicing Logs
Side-Wall Cores and Whole Cores
MDtoTVD Correction

Day 2 am: Porosity, Permeability, and Water Saturation
Porosity Types (free, effective, capillary, irreducible, fracture)
Porosity Measurements (lab methods & well log methods)
Permeability (measurements, ranges, anisotropy, controls)

Ph. Depositional Environments. a geologist. TOC Porosity & Permeability Well Logs Adsorbed Gas – Evaluation Day 5 am: Special Logs Spectroscopy (elemental logs) – conversion to minerals and mineral properties NMR Image ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR ERIC ESLINGER.2 Relationships between Porosity & Permeability (as function of lithofacies …) Overburden Correction Water Saturation (via Archie & Dual-Water Equations. & Classification Origin. Sequences. and Core Sedimentology Description Core-to-Log Depth Correction Reconciling Electrofacies with Core Descriptions Day 4 am: Prediction of Core Properties in Non-Cored Wells Building a Model . & Diagenesis Petrophysical Properties (Density. CEC …) Analysis Techniques & Accuracy Day 3 am: Electrofacies. Shales. Thermal Maturation. and siliciclastic diagenesis. NY. Water Resistivity. clay mineralogy. via Pc) Capillary Pressure (Pc) – Concepts & Applications Formation Water Chemistry (Diagenesis. and Correlation Electrofacies via Probabilistic Clustering of Well Logs QC. USA. Lithofacies Classification. Chemistry. His . and on-going development of the software GAMLS. Facies. sedimentary petrology.D.Forward Modeling of Well Log and Core Properties Applying a Model to Predict Petrophysical Parameters Pay and Net Pay Day 4 pm: Gas Shales Kerogen. Eslinger. and principal with EGI (Eric Geoscience. Albany. SP log) Day 2 pm: Clay Minerals. Tops Rock Typing from Electrofacies Prediction of Missing Parameters (logs. His particular interests are mineralogy-based petrophysics. porosity & permeability …) Multiwell Clustering and Correlation Day 3 pm: Integrating Logs.) a geological consulting company that focuses on issues regarding reservoir characterization and evaluation. a probabilistic multivariate clustering analysis procedure with associated downstream lithology-based routines and modules for reservoir evaluation and modeling. and “Shaly Sands” Structure. Core Data. is a Professor at The College of Saint Rose. Normalization. Inc. Salinity. Surface Area. via Core Analysis. Prediction.

1 Jl. The fee is excluded accommodation. CERTIFICATE A certificate of participation will be awarded to each person completing the course TUITION FEE Tuition fee at USD 4. Geoservices Bank Central Asia Chase Plaza Lt. 2013. and Union College (adjunct).00 + 10% VAT per delegate is due and payable upon confirmation of enrollment. Oklahoma. Sudirman . Georgia Institute of Technology (adjunct). D. early enrollment is recommended. Non payment of tuition fee does not constitute automatic cancellation of participation. CANCELLATION. Jend.964 (US$) . 2013. in geology from Case Western Reserve University. Substitution may be made at any time for those enrolled. course materials. He also spent nine years at the Cities Service/Occidental Technology Center.3 academic affiliations have included Mary Washington University. West Georgia University.3070. Late enrollment may result in course cancellation. Registration will be closed on April 26. SUBSTITUTION & REFUND The tuition fee will be refunded (less US$ 100 registration fee) only if notification of cancellation is received at least 10 days prior to the commencement. Payment should be settled at the latest on April 26. Any bank charges in connection with payment in US Dollars must be added to payment. ENROLLMENT In order to allow sufficient time for arranging travel plans. daily refreshments and full lunch. He has a Ph.Jakarta Account No: 035. Payment can be made to PT.250. Tulsa. Tuition fee includes admittance to the course.