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BOSCH PAVIRO - PVA-4R24 System Router

Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications
The system Router shall be an EN54-16 compliant and certified device in a 2 RU,
19”cabinet. The device shall extend the number of zones in a system and shall
contain all the necessary controlling and monitoring functions.
The internal supervision system shall monitor the functions and operation of both
itself and the connected devices. It shall be capable of rerouting a spare amplifier
channel and shall replace an amplifier channel that has reported a fault.
Fault conditions shall also be reported to the connected system controller for
operational control and logging purposes. A failsafe mode shall ensure that
emergency calls are passed to the loudspeakers, even if the unit itself fails.
The controller shall support single line assignment or redundant group A/B switching.
Connectivity status and fault conditions shall be displayed via LEDs on the front
panel, including a zone status LED.
It shall be possible to route up to 4 channels into eight 100V audio inputs to 24
speaker line outputs. The routers shall be divided in blocks of 6 zones. Each block of
6 zones shall allow the same or a different two-channel operation mode to ensure
continuous and/or different business music into different zone blocks.
The router shall operate as a 4x 4-2 matrix (4 channel input matrix to 2-channel per
zone output).
Zones outputs shall be able to handle a load from 2-500 Watt.
Max. 500 Watt per 6 zones shall be provided.
The Router shall be able to handle up to a 2000 Watt load.
Integrated loudspeaker supervision shall eliminate the need of amplifier power for
supervision, which shall result in very low power consumption.

watchdog. power indicator. fault output 10 to 500 kbit/s. 12x voltage free (isolated) + 12x Supervised. fault – yellow. to ensure compliancy to all different standards (like VDE0833 & NEN2575) +24 V DC (wide range tolerance: 18 V to 58 V DC) -5 C to +45 C 19”. 2 HU. 12x voltage free (isolated) + 12x Supervised  24 output contacts. network connection status)  Internal router pcb: 1x 2ch x 24zone or 2x 2ch x 12zone 4x 2ch x 6zone  12 A/B zones or 24 single zones  CAN bus between system components  Max 1000 meter distance  24V DC Input Safety: CAN: Control Port: Power supply: Operating temperature: Product dimensions (W x H x D) Color: Internal supervision. rear black . 2x RJ-45 (remote and control) 1 x 8-pin RJ connector 24 control inputs (analog 0-10 V/logic control) 24 input contacts. 24 Open Collector outputs  2 Relay switched outputs  Eight 100V input channels + 4 spare 100V channel inputs  24 zone status LED (active – green. system monitoring. standby mode.The router shall have the following specifications:  24 input contacts. alarm – red)  4 system status LED (general fault. 483 x 88 x 376 mm Black/Silver front.