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Services for Planning Offices

Tender invitatio n Why plan with KAESER? texts – o n line Efficient Planning One of the many key factors to consider when formulating an invitation to tender for a construction project is the compressed air supply. quality and energy efficiency and should do so as cost-effectively as possible. Equipped with energy-efficient SIGMA PROFILE rotors and an internal. but also has the necessary planning expertise to meet the specific needs of any industrial sector. single-source compressed air systems provider. such as KAESER KOMPRESSOREN. filters. durable and require minimal maintenance. KAESER rotary screw compressors are Product Sigma Air Manager Rotary Screw Compressors Compressed Air Treatment Rotary Blowers Reciprocating Compressors This advanced compressed air management system combines air system controlling. KAESER not only has the appropriate components for any given compressed air application. to ensure quality compressed air production in accordance with all applicable regulations. and liter ature tip s date . KAESER's 3-lobe OMEGA PROFILE rotors ensure minimal pulsation. Planning professionals are therefore glad to benefit from the decades of experience and knowledge that a leading. monitoring and auditing to ensure unrivalled cost-transparency and air system performance. the compressed air supply system should meet the very highest standards for reliability. COMPACT series blowers are the perfect choice for applications requiring low-pressure compressed air and where space is at a premium. KAESER's wide range of air treatment components includes dryers.kaeser. etc. desiccant dryers. In each case. Flexible modular design enables systems to be tailored to suit applications' specific needs. as this often has to satisfy a wide variety of requirements. KAESER offers an extensive range of online tools to help planners formulate tender invitations quickly and efficiently. Sample installat ion plan s – alwa ys up to www. KAESER reciprocating compressors provide a cost-effective solution for low volume air users who do not require a continuous supply of compressed air. Moreover. These are always up to date and can be easily downloaded to provide invaluable assistance to planning professionals. PCbased SIGMA CONTROL system. A highly qualified compressed air consultant is available as your local point of contact and experienced project engineers provide specialised support. Unit con version t ables – online Detailed installation plans Users are able to access detailed layouts and 3-D views of sample compressor stations online. has to offer. – e-mail: productinfo@kaeser. Kaeser is represented in every major industrial nation throughout the world by 38 subsidiary companies and 48 authorised Worldwide sales and service network: KAESER – Always there With over 3500 employees worldwide.1/08 Specifications are subject to change without notice Algeria Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Bahrain Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China .com Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Uruguay USA U. Vietnam P-1640ED.kaeser.www.O. Box 2143 – 96410 Coburg – GERMANY – Tel: +49 9561 640-0 – Fax: +49 9561 640130 www. Columbia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea Latvia Lithuania Luxemburg Malaysia Mauritania Mauritius Mexico Morocco Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Sweden Switzerland Serbia and Montenegro Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Spain South Africa Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand The Netherlands Tunisia KAESER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH P.E. Kaeser is one of the world’s foremost compressor manufacturers and providers of compressed air systems.A.