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The Pearl Pentacle

Transpersonal reality, Macrocosm, and Community
by Storm Faerywolf


And God is a person like myself.” —Victor Anderson

“Every man and woman is a star.” —Alistair Crowley
From apex point of sex doth flow
The gifts of love that we would know
That lures us ever toward our pride
Which shines as law and does provide
Awareness of our self’s domain;
And knowledge of all things arcane.
A move toward power stirs within
Power shared with other kin.
As waves of passion fill our souls
We grow with wisdom; life’s true goal.
By the Iron and by the Pearl
I claim my being;
I claim my world. 1
Like its Iron counterpart, the Pearl Pentacle is a major teaching tool utilized by most lines
of the F(a)eri(e) tradition. Whereas the Iron can be said to represent qualities pertaining
to the self 2, the Pearl is often thought of as extending these concepts outward and into
the transpersonal realm of community, complimenting the Iron with a type of
comparative polarity. When taken together, the Iron and the Pearl embody the divine
union that is necessary to fully awaken the awareness of our divine natures.
Where the Iron can sometimes be felt as being sharp, frantic, and hot (much as the red
hot iron in the blacksmith’s forge) the Pearl is often described as being soft, calm, and
cool; a much needed balance to the Iron’s sometimes overwhelming severity. This is, of
course, only a generalization; it should be understood that there are as many ways to
experience the pentacles as there are people who work with them.
In the style in which I was originally taught Feri, a great deal of time was spent working
first with the Iron before the Pearl was even mentioned. On one level this makes perfect
sense... if the Iron is about refining one’s personal relationship with the Self, then it
seems a sound practice to allow that work to serve as a foundation before jumping
outward into the work of building community, a particular lesson that the Pearl has to
offer. While this does make sense, it is certainly not the only valid way to approach these
tools. In fact it is reported that —on several occasions— the late Victor Anderson 3
himself would teach these two pentacles together, sometimes combined into one symbol
known as the Copper Decagram 4. Here we see yet another example of how fluid our
traditional methods really are; a perfect reminder that ours is a living tradition based on
shamanic principals, and not a one-size-fits-all system of spiritual instruction. Feri loves
paradoxes, and when considering the Iron and the Pearl pentacles we can contemplate
one of the biggest of them all: There is only one pentacle. The Iron and the Pearl are not
separate, but are instead the same pentacle as seen from different angles.
When we are focused on working internally with the self, we see the Iron in all its fiery
glory; its five points representing those qualities that all so often need to be healed in
order to claim our personal power. Modern society perpetuates some very unhealthy

Love When our focus is about taking our own energy and sharing it outward with others. If Self is the fullest awareness of one’s own limits and potentials. Love is the force of attraction that keeps that current flowing. “Every man for himself”). It is the experience of opening up to accept outside forces within ourselves so that we might merge with them in ecstasy. In this view. Knowledge The Self of Iron becomes the Knowledge of Pearl. much more than simply the physical act. For example. . It exists in opposition to a larger societal standard that would teach us either to completely subjugate the ego (“Don’t be too proud”. the state of deep emotional attraction that leads us ever onward to return —again and again— to that state of sexual union. even breathing consciously can be an act of sex. We act as mirrors for those around us so that they may then see themselves in a new light. becoming more than we were before..attitudes toward certain natural qualities and behaviors. then the usefulness of the Pearl Pentacle comes into play. The Iron Pentacle is a method to allow ourselves to achieve a true and personal balance between these two unhealthy extremes. is the generation of a current of life-force energy. It is both physical sex as well as non… it is the enlivening of the senses so that we may experience on a deeper level that which is all around us. consider how the Iron point of Sex becomes the Pearl point of Love. “Pride is a sin”) or to exalt it above all else (“You’re the most important person in the world”. Sex. we are able to learn exponentially. then Knowledge is that on a universal scale. When sharing our own fully-realized selves with one another. Take for example the Iron Pentacle’s point of Pride. and because we are products of that society we often need to “un-learn” or “re-align” ourselves in a balanced and conscious way. helping us find our own way.. And in turn we too gain new vantage points from which we may view ourselves (an Iron experience) and the world around us (a Pearl perspective). gaining new perspectives along the way. our own truth.

the natural order of all things. Passion can be felt in any number of human emotions… from love. which would account for some people being taught the Iron Pentacle before even mentioning the . Simple. in my opinion.. or coercive control. Law Iron’s Pride becomes the Pearl point of Law. when taken in the context of actually working within the tradition it begins to break-down as there are several traditional methods for working with this material. also named Power. a state that is necessary when striving toward the realization of ones personal divinity. our own ability to extend ourselves outward to cause change) morphs into the Pearlversion. there are other nuances of interpretation for this point which also have traditional “validity”. not based on the expectations of those around us (for we have purified ourselves of the egos impulse to compare ourselves to others by working with the point of Pride) but based on our own true and balanced will. Pride being the unrestrained and natural shining forth of the innocent self. The journey of the earth through its orbit… the effects of gravity… the turning of the seasons… these are manifestations of Law that we are all familiar with. The lovers whose awareness of the outside world falls away so that they see only the object of their desires… The artist whose obsession leads them to create their masterpiece… or onward to madness… The parent. Passion is the complete opening to life’s experience.. so that we may engage the fullest spectrum of human emotions. especially (though not exclusively) that put upon us by outside forces wielding power-over. They are both concerned with a release from restriction and the fostering of a healthy —and uninhibited— personal authority. In one way of viewing these pentacles 5 it is said that the Iron point of Power (representing ones power-from-within. Law is quite simply the same phenomena only on a larger scale. to hate… to joy… to fear… and everything in between. Power/Liberty Much controversy has been wrought over this next station on our beloved pearlescent pentacle and to this I must make some observations. In some lines of Feri this point on the Pearl Pentacle is named Liberty 6.. comes from the (perfectly reasonable) desire to preserve what is traditionally handed-down. only now representing the concept of power-with. who’s all encompassing love for their child leads them to experiences that they had never previously considered… Passion is a moving force toward new experiences… and the cumulative integration of these experiences —our own and those shared with others— is the embodiment of Wisdom.Wisdom The point of Iron named Passion becomes that of Wisdom when viewed on the Pearl.. It is literally the way in which the universe works. that is to say. So why the controversy? Surely in a path such as Feri where much has been said of the fiercely individual methods of working within our tradition. While this might be seen as a practical stance from a somewhat anthropological point of view. When we embody Law it is the adoption of a personal ethical code. Many of the practitioners who worked early on with him have reported that he tailored his teachings to them individually. even going back as far as Victor himself. natural. as opposed to the (perfectly valid) innovations that have been introduced later on. It is actually not difficult to see how these two interpretations actually reflect the same core understanding. While this certainly follows the previous pattern of taking the individual concepts expressed in the Iron and moving them outward into the world via the Pearl. power shared with others in concert without restriction or oppressive hierarchy. as mentioned previously. there is room for different interpretations of even core materials? Part of the issue. and to the point. and represents freedom from restraint.

is only the beginning. and many more yet to be discovered. On the path toward claiming our divinity. While working with the Iron we become strong personalities. an alchemical transformation is allowed to take place. We must be prepared to share the world with others if we are to be worthy of the powers that we would claim. while others were introduced to them for the first time together as one. Remember a time in your life when you were in love with someone or something and recall how that felt. sometimes as the aforementioned decagram. Invoke the Iron Pentacle before you. It is relatively easy for the spiritual master to become enlightened up on a mountain in solitude. The ideals of working with others should not imply that it is necessary to suffer unhealthy interactions with people should they arise. You may wish to perform whatever Iron cleansing/balancing exercises you are accustomed to. as both have a definite precedent. Feel the red fiery energy moving between each of the points. Follow the same pattern until the whole pentacle has been transmuted into the Pearl. Know that it is your birthright as a human being to feel love. Now allow this soft white glow to travel along the lines toward the Iron point of Pride where it becomes Law. but strength of ones personality does not necessarily mean that we are able to function well with others. Take your time. None of us exists in a vacuum. only seen from a different perspective. the type of strength usually achieved by working exclusively with the Iron Pentacle.Pearl. The real challenge is to do it and still be a part of the world. This revelation should put to rest once and for all that one method is more traditional than another. Be open to the subtlety of the experience. but how it is also the same. call out three times: “I invoke Love!” Imagine the point growing larger than all the others… shining its healing light deep within you. Certainly the lessons of the Iron Pentacle teach us to be powerful and to never surrender that power to anyone or to anything. That there has been controversy over the issue should be a clear indicator that more work with the Pearl Pentacle is in order. merging and blurring with each pass between them. In fact. Feel how the energy overall seems different. The Pearl has much to teach us in that regard. and yet is the same. one that strives to allow our Black Hearts to shine in harmony with others. Feel your own ability to feel deep compassion… attraction… love. When you are ready. Take your time with this. focus on the point of Sex and feel that the red energy is becoming a soft white pearlescence… feel how Sex has become Love. Feel how it is the same pentacle as the Iron. Now. Perform a Three Souls alignment. while important. focusing on the uppermost point. Part of building any healthy community is learning when to establish definite boundaries. Invoking the Pearl Pentacle Ground and center. there are many challenges that we are called to face. What follows is a basic exercise to connect with the Pearl Pentacle. Say: . when to say “no”. Feel free to adapt it for your own use. Feel how the point is now different than it was. When combined with the insights of the Pearl. There are many valid methods of working with these symbols.

Feel how the depths of your emotions have led you into life experiences that have made you who you are.“In the name of Love!” Feel yourself permeated with Love. Focus now on the point at your right hand and call out three times: “I invoke Power/Liberty!” (try mixing it up for different sessions. raised to the power of Divinity. you can assist those who need it. but at least in the beginning try to stick to one or the other for awhile to get a feel for it. Feel how the natural laws of the universe affect you and how they are no different than those laws that govern your own life. Say: “In the name of Power/Liberty!” Feel yourself filled with Power/Liberty raised to Divinity.) Imagine the point growing larger than the others… shining deep within you. Feel how liberating this experience is. Say: “In the name of Law!” Feel yourself permeated with Law. raised to the power of Divinity. Become aware of how other people’s laws have tried to sway you and what the consequences have been for either following or abandoning them. revealing the blind spots that —when left on our own— we might not notice. Focus on the point at your left hand and call out three times: “I invoke Knowledge!” Imagine the point growing larger than all the others… shining deep within you. Feel how true knowledge begins with the self and how we are all mirrors for each other. Feel how the integration of these experiences makes you strong and . Focus now on the point at your left foot and cal out three times: “I invoke Wisdom!” Imagine the point growing larger than all the others… shining within you. Feel how because of those experiences you are a unique individual with a unique point of view. raised to Divinity. Feel how true Knowledge is something that continually grows through sharing. Focus on the point at your right foot and call out three times: “I invoke Law!” Imagine the point growing larger than all the others… shining its healing light deep within you. Say: “In the name of Knowledge!” Feel yourself filled with Knowledge. but also must be nurtured and respected. When you feel powerless. you can accept help from another… and when you are powerful. Feel how Power shared freely frees you from the bonds of expectation… of always having to be “right” or “in control”.

Power. balancing your pentacle. and combining the two points of Power into one. although at the time of this writing its origin is still unclear to me. Eventually shorten your chant to just the names of the points.” Remember to keep your breathing slow and deep while you allow the energy to get faster and faster. Notice the quality of the energy… if there are any blockages between any of the points.powerful. End by saying: “By the I I claim my world!” Iron claim and by the my Pearl. Knowledge. of Faery. take three deep breaths while focusing on the entire pentacle as a whole. Law. Then with another three. “Love. *** In addition to the varied working methods already discussed. another interesting permutation of these pentacles has emerged. being. absorb the pentacle into your body. Notice if any of the points seem dim or overly bright… take note of them and notice how they feel. a nine-pointed star can be used to represent the Iron and Pearl as a combined force. When you have done this for at least several minutes. 7 When arranging the points of the two pentacles into a single geometry. This particular symbol is said to be a gateway (called “the way of night”) and reportedly can be used in meditation as a portal into the dark. Further meditations on this particular symbol have yielded some interesting bits of lore. or night-realm. Feel it move into each of your Three Souls. After awhile you might experiment with consciously directing any excess energy into the areas that seem to need it. Wisdom!” and then even abandon those and just breathe as the power moves fluidly between each of the points. Now. including a peculiar visualization [see image below] of the nine-rayed star with the gap between the two bottommost points slightly widened (as in a decagram with the bottommost point missing) and the addition of a small green dot in a blue circle (called “the stone of fire”) which represents Liberty & Freedom. Say: “In the name of Wisdom!” Feel yourself filled with Wisdom raised to Divinity. allow your awareness to flow from point. . to point. allowing it to inform and heal each cell. in the order invoked as you focus on the energies of each while calling out their names: “In the name of Love… in the name of Law… etc.

FeriTradition. www. ©2003 Storm Faerywolf. 5. although he would not have agreed with that description. we have a tremendous opportunity to claim our human birthright of recognizing our own Godhood.Yet before the pentacles can be safely used to traverse into other realms. but not all lines of the tradition work in this fashion. as they are used together as part of the same symbol. 6. it is wise to use them to discover more about our inner landscapes and both the powers and the poisons that reside there. there are many ways of working Feri authentically. Not much is generally known about the Copper Decagram outside of the Feri lineage known as Vicia. seeing himself as simply the then current mouthpiece for the survival of an ancient form of working As stated before. Victor Anderson (1917-2001) was the original Grandmaster of Feri. 3. For more information on the Iron Pentacle.faerywolf. This was true of how I was initially taught. 1. I have mentioned it here based on personal conversations that I have had with Vicia members. the lineage that worked directly with Victor prior to his passing. see my article The Iron Pentacle: Understanding the Harmonics of Consciousness. and is generally regarded as the founding member of the tradition. It is my understanding that when working with the Copper Decagram the Pearl point of Liberty is used to distinguish it from the Iron point of Power. All initiates of the Feri tradition can trace their lineage through him. The pentacles of Feri tend to first be used as a sort of ‘psychic diagnostic tool’ that enables us to see more of where we are directing our energies so that we may make informed decisions about the use of our personal power. Available from www. 4. .htm ©2000 Storm Faerywolf. A reworking of a poem published in my book The Stars Within the Earth. Between strengthening our individual selves with the processes of the Iron Pentacle. and the community building gifts of the Pearl.

. This particular bit of lore was presented to me as a part of my Feri training and so I have assumed that it finds its origins somewhere in the Bloodrose lineage of our tradition. I would be most interested to hear about the experiences of other practitioners who decide to use this.7.