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The Erotic Trinity:

The Three Souls, Sexuality, and Embodying the Blue God

By Storm Faerywolf
The F(a)eri(e) tradition has long been sexually positive. Recognizing both the power and the
sacredness of sexuality, the myths of Feri often speak of sexual longing, desire, and fulfillment.
In one Feri tale the universe itself was said to have been created from the Holy Lust of the Star
Goddess, birthed on the waves of Her Divine orgasm. Far from being shameful or a sin, Feri
sees sex as a sacred expression of our own Divine natures, and at times seeks to commune
with that nature, either for magickal ritual, or for other reasons including simply the giving and
receiving of pleasure, a magickal act in itself.
Sexual energy and spiritual energy are one and the same, or at least a part of the same
current. Likewise the energy that keeps our bodies functioning properly is sexual in nature.
When seen in the context of the Feri Three Souls, most specifically the fetch, we recognize this
as being the same energy that also allows us communion with Deities and other higher (or
deeper) powers, including our own. Traditions that work with the serpent or kundalini
energy recognize that sex and spirit are manifestations of the same force. The primal and
sexual kundalini rises from the base of the spine and undulates upward toward the crown
where it ignites the fire of divine presence within the practitioner causing them to achieve
enlightenment. Sexual energy channeled to bring about a spiritual result. In Feri terms this is
both the alignment of the Three Souls in harmony as well as the full embodiment of the Sex
point of the Iron Pentacle, which rests in the center of the forehead when invoked. Together,
along with the balancing of the remaining points of the Pentacle, leads us into that state known
in Feri as the Black Heart of Innocence.
Much of the work done in Feri practice is concerned with the generation, direction, and
purification of ones life-force energy. Many activities are said to generate this energy; eating,
exercise, breathing, and of course sex. While many mainstream religious traditions have
prohibitions against (at least some) sexual activity, Feri revels in its status as a left hand
path, utilizing those activities and behaviors that are considered undesirable or even taboo
by the larger, more orthodox paths. It is precisely the transgression of such mainstream
observances from which Feri derives much of its power. Where the more conventionally minded
might regard sex as a distraction from spiritual pursuits, the Feri sees sex as a natural and
sacred expression of the Divine itself, and so engages in sexual activity without fear that it is a
detriment to their spiritual goals. The Feri sees sex as a pathway to spiritual power, a valid and
sacred expression of God(dess)-within.
In terms of the Feri Three Souls it is easy to see that sexual energy has its place within the
fetch; that part of ourselves that is animal, primal, childlike, and innocent, but this is not the
only place within us that sex is appropriate. An interesting bit of Feri lore describes the
GodSelf in potentially sexual terms when it refers to it with the name Dian y Glas. This name
is recognizable to Feri practitioners as a name given to our Blue God; that Feri Deity who is
associated with youth, potency, and sexuality. Examining how this God can be both our own
GodSelf as well as a Deity in His own right has brought me to the idea of the Blue God as the
GodSelf of the Earth from which position he is most easily able to be dually embodied within
the highest of our Three Souls.
This idea is nothing new. It is hinted at with odd pieces of lore such as that mentioned above.
This was first communicated to me directly from Melek Taus in trance and was later
confirmed while studying variations on the myths of the Peacock Angel 1. In this particular
understanding it is the collective GodSelf of humankind that comprises this angelic presence,

making Him both personal and transpersonal at once.

This idea is also implied in the core observances of some branches of the tradition when they
expressly state that the practitioners themselves identify with the God in his aspect of child of
the Goddess. In most lines of Feri 2 the Blue God plays a major role in our mythic
understanding of the universe, and our place within it. He is the Holy Child of the Star
Goddess, and as such we identify with him when we recognize that we too are children of the
Goddess. In one Feri myth it is he who petitions the Goddess for the creation of humankind
and so it is to him that we make our initial prayers, for in doing so he is truly the God of this
world. When we recognize our own Divinity, he is present within us.
In at least some interpretations of the middle-eastern Yezidi mythos the Peacock Angel, Melek
Taus, is seen as the God of the World 3, a title which dovetails nicely with my personal take on
the Feri Blue God with whom this angelic presence is most definitely a part. Within the larger
matrix of the Divinity complex which is the Blue God, Dian y Glas exists alongside the beloved
Melek, along with others such as Eros, Krishna, Shiva, and even at times Jesus the Christ.
When we pray to our personal God-within we are making a petition to our highest (or deepest)
natures. From within this state we are able to commune with powers that exist outside
ourselves. With this in mind the Blue God becomes a sort of gatekeeper standing at the edge
of our own Divinity with the purpose of bridging the gap between the powers of the Outer
Darkness, and that of our own. We pray to Him and he opens the way an act that can be
seen as sexual in itself; we open and surrender to a power greater than our own we are then
penetrated by it and we merge, two energetic bodies writhing together in holy communion.
When I connect to the Blue God as an individual Deity I am immediately confronted by His
seductive influence. As a gay man perhaps I am perhaps predisposed to being aroused by him;
His soft, almost effeminate allure drawing me ever closer. But I often hear that even
heterosexual males who encounter him find themselves aroused by His presence. He is the
rising serpent in the well, an obvious phallic reference, and it would appear that no one is
immune to his influence. Like the Pied Piper from the fairytale, He plays his silver flute and
those who hear his music are lead down His path to be changed forever.
I was first drawn to the Feri tradition by a brief mention of the Blue God in Starhawks book
The Spiral Dance. I knew from that very moment that Feri (or as it was spelled then, Faery)
was the path for me. Something about His sensual presence was mediated through those few
words written in that text, words that described a being very different from the generic Horned
God that is usually as far as most Craft paths will go when considering the male face of Deity.
Here, finally, was a God that spoke to me; a God whose focus on sexuality was healthy, sacred,
intense, and perhaps most importantly, not limited to (or even overtly concerned with)
In some lines of the Feri tradition, the Blue God Melek Taus is described as being a
manifestation of the Divine Twins, merged together into a single being. Hints of this union are
reflected in the symbolic language that articulates the Peacock Angel, specifically the presence
of the peacock along with that of the serpent; two totems that are traditionally associated with
the Blue God. The peacock has a long and rich mythic history drawing attention to the powers
of beauty, pride, redemption, clairvoyance, and immortality. The deep rich greens and blues of
the eye feathers draw further association with the heavenly sphere, making the peacock a
totemic power of celestial proportions. The serpent, by contrast, is a terrestrial figure, living
close to the ground, as well as being phallic and sexual. Often the peacock is depicted with a
serpent coiled around his leg or feet, metaphorically grounding the otherwise heavenly bird so
that its Divine presence might be felt on the earthly sphere. Together the serpent and the

peacock represent a union of opposites normally depicted in Craft workings as a heterosexual

coupling; the marriage of God and Goddess. In Feri we are fortunate to have many more
options to choose from.
What follows is a solo sex magick exercise aimed at aligning the Three Souls using the mythic
imagery of the Blue God. Since I am a gay man it is centered on my own experience, as I
cannot speak to the many nuances of sexualities other than my own. With this in mind it can
easily be adapted to whatever gender or preference you desire.
Three candles, blue, red, and white




Begin by choosing a place where you will not be disturbed. If you have a permanent altar that
can serve for this then all the better. Strip naked and approach your altar. Begin playing your
music, if desired. Perform a grounding and centering exercise. Breathe the blue fire.
When you feel sufficiently charged, light the white candle and focus your awareness in your
head and chest in your talker. You may wish to physically touch your chest and head while
you do this. Be aware of your thoughts as you focus on your breathing. Notice that at the ends
of your breath are brief moments of stillness and silence notice what these feel like when you
reach the end of your exhale, and then the end of your inhale. After a few breaths allow these
moments to grow larger, so that they eventually meet in the center of your breath stillness
and silence becoming the backdrop upon which your breath is overlaid the Void being the
foundation of all else. Imagine your talker as a pristine sphere of white fire that exists from
your head down through your solar plexus. Feel how the Void of stillness and silence frees your
talker of distraction, making it clean and pure. Form the intent within your mind to align your
Three Souls as one. Notice what this intention feels like.
Now bring your hands down to your lower belly and allow this feeling and your awareness to
sink down into your fetch. Light the red candle. Feel your bodys energy in your guts in your
genitals. Imagine a pulsing sphere of red fire that encompasses your legs, your sex, and up
through your solar plexus and know it is an energetic anchor for the fetch. Take some time to
commune with that primal part of you. Continue to focus on your breathing.
Take a moment and then light the blue candle. Now raise your hands up above your head and
imagine a brilliant blue fire sphere of light hovering above you. Feel how your GodSelf is
guiding you and taking care of you.
After the span of a few breaths allow the image of the blue sphere to change shape becoming
that of a peacock with its tail closed. See it shining with a liquid pearlescent glow. Maintain the
visualization of the peacock for the duration of the exercise.
Return your hands to your belly, and then to your penis, drawing this pearlescent light down
within and around you. Begin to gently massage your penis and your testicles while still
maintaining a slow, deep rhythm of breath. Do this for a few moments. Now begin to gently
massage your perineum while imagining a black serpent, glowing with green fire, coiled within
it. Feel how it is a primal storehouse of power waiting to be unleashed.
Now begin to stroke yourself so that you start to become erect. (If you wish to use lubricant
you may do so do whatever feels good.) Notice how that as your stroke, pulses of energy

begin to form and build in your testicles. This is the building of life-force energy and you may
see it as the blue fire. Notice how sparks of this energy pulse through your body with each
stroke. Allow yourself to feel the pleasure you are creating as a palpable energy that rushes
through and nourishes your body.
As you become more and more aroused, imagine that the coiled snake in your perineum
begins to uncoil and slowly stretches upward through your body, your pleasure guiding it on its
path. Say,

The serpent rises from the well!

Feel that as your pleasure builds the serpent gains in strength and purpose. Make sure to keep
your breathing slow, and deep. While it travels slowly upward it remains rooted in your
perineum, which now glows with a red fire light. Keep your main focus on the path of the
serpent (you may wish to caress your body with your other hand to follow its progression) until
it reaches your crown which now burns with an electric blue light. Then, with a deep breath, it
stretches even further to reach the luminescent peacock above you. Feel how the peacock is
aroused by the serpents touch, and see its tail feathers fan open in radiant splendor as the
serpent twines around the legs of the bird. Say,

Lord of the Painted Fan!

Still focusing on your breath and your pleasure, imagine the peacock begins to turn and move
downward, glowing electric blue tinged with liquid pearlescent white. Open your self to the
Peacock Lords presence and offer your pleasure to Him; to your own GodSelf. Feel the sensual
liquid pearl light flow through your body in waves. Feel the peacock fill your body as it merges
with the serpent merges sexually with your fetch these two now made one the Blue God
filling you entirely with His presence. Every sensation every flash of pleasure you feel is an
offering unto Him. Feel your heart begin to open like a rose, in the center of which is your own
Black Heart. Feel the pearlescent light of the GodSelf/Blue God moving through you. Say,

I invoke the winged serpent!

If you wish to climax, imagine that as you do your Black Heart radiates in all the colors of the
spectrum. Say,

Behold the Living Rainbow!

Imagine that your semen is the physical manifestation of the pearlescent light of the GodSelf.
It is now a magick elixir, charged with the power of the Blue God, your Three Souls, and the
Black Heart of Innocence. If you wish you may use it to consecrate a ritual tool, or use it
toward some spell or working. You may wish to consume it with a prayer, drawing the energy
back into your body. Or you may utilize it in some other magickal way.
If your intent is to forgo orgasm, then simply stop masturbating and imagine your Black Heart
softly radiating with the rainbow light as you chant the above.
When you are finished give thanks by saying,

Blue God of the silken touches,

dancing circles
dreaming bliss,
alluring, tempting,
love-struck falling,
blessed is he

who tastes your kiss.

Feeling energized with your Three Souls aligned, extinguish the candles. It is done.

1. Pinkham, Mark Amaru, The Truth Behind the Christ Myth: The Redemption of the Peacock Angel, pg. 34. Kempton,
IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2002.
2. At the time of this writing the line of Vanthi is the only lineage of Feri that I know of that does not specifically
recognize the Blue God in their practice. They do, however, work with the concept of a GodSelf, or Aumakua, which is
in essence what role the Blue God plays. A rose by any other name
3. Pinkham, pg. 32.
4. The basis of the exercise is universal, while the specific application in this form focuses on what might be useful to
other gay men. This is not meant to exclude others from adapting it to their own needs, but rather as a celebration of my
own particular sexual spirit; something that I usually find lacking within the larger Craft community. Im sure that what
changes are needed to make this a useful exercise for straight, lesbian, and bisexual women, will be obvious to members
of those groups. Likewise with a little imagination it can be adapted to the needs of a couple or a group.