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: Year 3B


: 25

Date/ Day

: 29th Jan 2016/ Friday


: 0710am- 0810am/ 60 minutes


: World of Knowledge


: Unit 2 Being Healthy


: mixed ability

Focussed skill(s)

: Grammar

Integrated skills

: Reading Skills

Content standard

: 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use
different word classes correctly and appropriately.

Learning Standard

: 5.1.1 Able to use nouns correctly and appropriately:
(c) singular nouns
(d) plural nouns

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
i) underline 5 singular nouns appropriately.
ii) underline 5 plural nouns appropriately.
iii) complete the tree map with missing nouns.
Language content

: grammar items- singular nouns, plural nouns

Educational Emphasis: mastery learning
Moral value

: purity of mind and body, rationality


: generating ideas

Teaching aids

: concrete object

Pupils’ prior knowledge: All pupils have learnt the following words:
(banana, carrot, potato, bread)




Magdelene Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6)


Teaching aids

 Teacher asks pupils to say out  your get it done within name. down pupils nouns the appropriate Communicativ  Instruction  Teacher distributes Please take e practice worksheet to the out your (17 minutes) pupils and they pencil case. explains concrete object  table chart (Appendix 1) to pupils the rule of  plural of the object. are required to . Worksheet 1 (Appendix 3) . Teacher shows  To the say out singular picture cards to pupils. To test pupils’ understanding and ability recognize to the singular nouns and plural nouns. class 5 minutes. To get pupils say out plural nouns nouns. . Based on the to exchange their work with the Magdelene Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6) word cards (Appendix 2) appropriately.marker(s) .pencil(s)  table chart  Teacher  To introduce -nouns introduces the pupils the (singular. two object  Teacher guidance.Please write get  appropriately.pen(s) pupils.  singular  Teacher “back to basic”.cup(s)  Pupils tell the name . . Teacher uses the object teach to singular noun and plural Focused Practice (20 minutes)  word cards (content as same as the noun list in Appendix 2)  noun.Set induction (3 minutes) Presentation (15 minutes) activities  Teacher introduces To arouse pupils  object the objects to interest.  Teacher asks pupils and the date - for today. . nounone  To lead pupils explains to object read the noun pupils the rule of  plural nountable chart with singular noun. plural)  To drill pupils pupils. nouns table to nouns.

complete the  Pupils do the peers - correction.  Teacher recaps the  by emphasize on the they topic have the learnt.Emphasize (5 minutes) on the lesson singular emphasizing nouns and again plural singular nouns. their co-operation.note given. tree map peers. To motivate and plural nouns.  Teacher gives pupils back to praise on To nouns  for basic. . Please exchange your worksheet with your Closure friends. correctly. Reflection: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Magdelene Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6) .

one person singular one place one thing Nouns more than one person plural more than one place more than one thing one person singular one place one thing Nouns more than one person plural more than one place more than one thing Magdelene Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6) .

Nouns list: singular nouns. plural nouns Nouns adding –s adding –es (to words ending in –ss. and –o) change f to v and add –es (to words ending in f or fe) nouns with different plural forms nouns have the same singular and plural forms Singular nouns Plural nouns cup giraffe elephant cake carrot cups giraffes elephants cakes carrots sticker stickers bottle bottles pencil pencils desk desks window windows watch watches tomato tomatoes sandwich potato brush glass box bus sandwiches potatoes brushes glasses boxes buses wolf wife thief leaf life wolves wives thieves leaves lives child children woman women man men mouse mice tooth teeth foot feet goose geese sheep sheep deer deer series series species species Magdelene Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6) . -sh. -x. -ch.

Worksheet 1 Complete the tree map with missing nouns. woman Magdelene 5. 8. bus foot potato giraffes bottles books .leaf 11. 10. singular nouns plural nouns 1. 6. deer Chew Yah Li (PISMP TESL GSTT SEM 6) 12. 7. 9. 4. window 2. wife carrots 3.