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Issue 10


ATP 2326
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K2 .K6 R21.N20 N15. Mid (NWN-NWU) Zone Duct Ovht Flight Deck Zone Temp Cont Aux Fwd.D7 H1.2 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART A0. Servo Flt Cont Cmptr L Pwr. Low (NWA-NWV) P37. H3 P11-6 P24 P11-6 P27 P11-6 P25 P11-6 P26 P11-3 R16 K5.B15 B13 B12 R19.E18 E35. Cont P11-3 Left Pack Standby Pwr Cont P11-6 Mid Door Area/Blkt Htr R Pwr (NWA-NWV) P36 Mid Door Area/Blkt Htr R Pwr (NWW-NWZ) P36 Mid Door Area Ceiling Heaters1. Select P11-1 Cabin Altm P11-1 Cabin Diff Press Ind P11-1 Cargo Heat Cont Fwd.E36 E16 E34 F14-F16 A18 F34 D2 R12 R12 B4 H21 H3 N10.N11 N24.(ZHA-ZHC) P11-2 ACARS MU AC L (NWH-NWZ) P11-2 ACARS MU AC R (INOP) (NWA-NWG). Aft P11-6 Cargo Heat Valve Bulk (NWA-NWV) P36 Cargo Heat Valve Bulk (NWW-NWZ) P36 Cargo Vent Fan Bulk (NWA-NWV) P37 Cargo Vent Fan Bulk (NWW-NWZ) P37 Equip Cool Aft Fan 1 P33 Equip Cool Aft Fan 1 P34 Equip Cool Aft Fan 2 P36 Equip Cool Aft Fan Exh 2 P11-3 Equip Cool Ground Warn P6-1 Equip Cool Outbd Valves P11-3 Equip Cool Override P11-4 Equip Cool Supply Fan 1 P6-3 Equip Cool Supply Fan 1 P11-3 Exh Fan Fwd P11-6 Fwd Overboard Valve (NWS-NWZ) P11-1 Fwd Door Area/Blkt Heater L Pwr P36 Fwd Door Area/Blkt Heater L Pwr (NWW-NWZ) P36 Fwd Door Area Htr Cont (NWA-NWN) P11-3 Door Htr Cont (NWO-NWZ) P11-3 Fwd Door Area Htr PWR (ZAH-ZAZ) P37 Fwd Exh Equip Cool Fan P6-4 Htr Blkt P36 Left Pack Auto Pwr. DC. Aft (NWW-NWZ) P36 Cargo Heat Override Fwd.(ZHA-ZHC) P11-5 ACARS MU AC R (NWH-NWZ) P11-5 ACARS AC R P11-5 ACARS DC Pwr (INOP) P6-1 Announcement. AIR COND & PRESS Aft Door Area Fan Power R.E21 E17.R22 L1 K4 E6 F7 B1 L8 G4 P10 D6 P13 C19 H18 P11 P22 B11 A2 APU APU Altn Cont APU Eng Start ECS Discretes APU Hourmeter APU Inlet Door Actuator APU Prime Cont APU Start P11-4 P11-4 P49 P49 P49 P49 B35 B36 AUTOFLIGHT Auto Flight Warn Flt Cont Cmptr C Pwr.B2 P21 A13 A26 N17 R14 F2 F4 R23 G4 C4 N19.H6 P11-6 R24 P11-2 H2. Low (NWW-NWZ) P37 Aux Zone Cntlr P11-3 Body Duct Leak Detector P11-3 Bulk Cargo Heat Ovrd P11-6 Bulk Cargo Heat Cont. P11-6 Cab Alt Cont Auto 2 P11-6 Cabin Alt Cont Manual. Cont Stby Equip Cool Trim Air Zone Cntlr Zone Duct Ovht Aft Zone Duct Ovht Aux Fwd. Servo Mode Cont Panel L Mode Cont Panel R TMC AC. Low (NWA-NWV) P36 (NWW-NWZ) P36 Aux Heaters F/O High.B4 B3 D6 P19 H1.D5 R11 R11 N27 N26 P23 B14. Aft P11-6 Cargo Heat Cont Valve Fwd. J7 B16 H35 K1. Aux Heaters F/O High.R20 L2. Aft (NWA-NWV) P37 K6 F1 DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 2 of 9 C4 C2 C3 G6 G6 G28 G28 G28 G5 J6. Aft NWA-NWV P36 Cargo Heat Cont Valve Fwd.BRITISH AIRWAYS ELECTRICAL EQUIP. Servo Flt Cont Cmptr R Pwr. Pre-Rec’d P36 Aural Warn Spkr L P11-1 Aural Warn Spkr R P11-5 CTD Fwd. Cont Right Pack Standby Pwr. Mid Zone Temp Cont Mannual Flight Deck Zone Temp Cont Valve Close Aft Zone Temp Cont Valve Close Fwd Zone Temp Cont Valve Close Mid Zone Temp Ind P87 P11-6 P11-1 P11-4 P11-3 P11-3 P36 P36 P11-6 P37 P37 P11-6 P11-3 P11-1 P11-4 P11-3 P11-6 B1.N25 COMMUNICATIONS ACARS MU AC L (INOP) (NWA-NWG). H2 D4. Servo Yaw Damper L Yaw Damper R P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-1 P11-4 A17 E20.L (NWO-NWX) P87 Aft Door Area Heater Power (NOW-NWZ) P87 Aft Exh Fan 1 AC Available P33 Aft Fan Exh 1 P11-6 Aux Heaters Capt High.N16 B8 C33 R15 R27 P11-2 H5. L3 (NOW-NWZ) Ovht/Smoke Valve Ind Pack flow Cont L Pack flow Cont R Pack flow Ind (NWA-NWX) Recirc Fan L Recirc Fan L (NWA-NWV) Recirc Fan L (NWW-NWZ) Recirc Fan R Recirc Fan R (NWA-NWV) Recirc Fan R (NWW-NWZ) Right Pack Auto Pwr. H2 D6.

Aft (NWW-NWZ) P37 Distributed Video Sys. Aft P36 PSUD R Fwd. R. R P6-1 Ground Hdlg Bus 115V AC P34 Gnd Hdlg Bus APU Pwr Phase A.B. Aft Door Ind Entry Doors Cont Entry Doors Cont Entry Doors Mid.BRITISH AIRWAYS CTD Fwd.C B34 Ground Hdlg Bus Ext Pwr Phase A.C P11-3 Gen Cont Unit L.B. A4 J3. 1-4 (NWW-NWZ) P37 Video Cont Ctr AC (PRE TES) P37 Video Proj (PRE TES) P11-6 Voice Recorder (PRE TES) P11-5 VCC Power (POST TES) P87 ADB 1 (POST TES) P87 ADB 2 (POST TES) P87 ADB 3 (POST TES) P87 ADB 4 (POST TES) P87 ADB 5 (POST TES) P87 Main IFE Power (POST TES) P31 Seat/PC Power (POST TES) P31 J6-J7 E2 H32 G8 G35 H7 C25. APU P6-1 Gen Drive Disc L. C9004 P36 Ground Call P11-5 HF Comm Left P11-2 HF Comm Right P11-5 HF/SAT Audio Sw(INOP) (NWH-NWZ) P11-2 Interphone Altn ASP Pwr 1. 1-4 (NWA-NWV) P37 Video AC.G30 C24 J5 C22 T8 T9 A3.C26 G29. J2 G3 H8 H9 G4 C3 G31 L1-L4 J2-J5 K6 T34 H34 A8 G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 DOORS Cargo Door Cont Cargo Door Fwd. F6 T5 ELECTRICAL POWER 115V AC Bus L Sec 1 115V AC Bus L Sec 2 115V AC Bus L Sec 3 115V AC Bus L Sec 4 115V AC Bus R Sec 1 115V AC Bus R Sec 2 115V AC Bus R Sec 3 115V AC Bus R Sec 4 115V AC Left Xfr Bus 115V AC Right Xfr Bus 28V AC Bus L 28V AC Bus R 28V AC L Bus Xfr P6-3 P6-3 P6-3 P31 P6-4 P6-4 P6-4 P32 P6-3 P6-3 P6-3 P6-4 P6-3 C15 A18 A15 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART C21 A24 A21 D15 F18 J19 J25 K18 28V AC R Bus Xfr P6-4 AC Bus Sense L P11-3 AC Bus Sense R P11-6 AC Stby Bus Pwr P6-3 APU Battery Bus P49 APU Battery Charger P49 APU Battery Charger P33 APU Battery DC Volt P49 APU Battery Disch Ind Inh P49 APU Battery Ovht Prot P49 APU Battery Tie RCCB-MM P49 APU Gen Voltmeter P34 APU Ground Service Bus P34 Aux Pwr Breaker P34 Battery Bus Cont P6-2 Battery Bus Distr P6-1 Battery Bus Pwr A6-2 Battery Bus Pwr TRU P6-2 Battery Cur. J10 T33 T6 J5 F3.B. Aft P36 Selcal P11-2 SATCOM (INOP) (NWH-NWZ) P11-2 SATCOM HGA (INOP) (NWV-NWZ) P11-2 VHF Comm Ctr P11-2 VHF Comm L P11-1 VHF Comm R R11-5 Video AC.B. J4 J1. 2 P11-5 Interphone Cabin Service P11-4 Mux Tape Repro (PRE TES) P36 Pass Address P11-4 Pass Entmt/Service Cont (PRE TES) P11-3 Pre Recorded Annct P11-3 PSUD C Aft. Mon Pwr P6-1 Battery Ovht Prot P6-1 Battery Xfr Cont P6-1 BPCU Sec P11-6 Bus Pwr Cont Unit P6-1 Bus Tie Enable P6-1 C Bus Pwr P6-2 Capt Instr Xfr Altn Bus Phase A. Fwd P33 PSUD L Fwd.C P11-6 Cat III Bus Isol Battery P11-1 Cat III Bus Isol L P11-3 Cat III Bus Isol R P11-6 Center Bus AC P6-3 Center Bus DC (NWA-NWG) P6-2 Center Bus Cont P6-1 DC Bus Tie Cont P6-1 DC Standby P6-1 Extended Standby Battery Tie P11-4 Extended Standby Cont Pwr P11-4 Ext Pwr BPCU B34 Ext Pwr Ground Service Bus P34 Ext Pwr Voltmeter P34 F/O Instr Xfr Altn Bus Phase A. Fwd Flight Deck Door Lock P34 P34 P11-6 P11-3 P34 P33 P11-3 J4 J7. 2 P11-4 Interphone ASP Pwr 1.C P34 Ground Hdlg TRU P34 Ground Service Bus P32 Ground Service Bus Distr P6 P33 Ground Service Bus Sec 2 P33 Ground Service Load Cont P11-6 Ground Service Xfmr P33 Hot Battery Bus P6-2 Hyd Gen 28V DC Power P6-2 Hyd Gen contr Power P6-1 Hyd Gen Volt Sense AC P65 Hyd Gen Volt Sense DC P65 IDG Valve L Eng (NWF-NWZ)P11-2 IDG Valve R Eng (NWF-NWZ)P11-5 Inv Pwr Battery P6-2 DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 3 of 9 J24 R4 R31 J17 E3 E4 E5 B3 B2 B4 M8 B16 C11 A1 J11 D12 A4 D1 D2 T32 B4 C4 C10 S34-S36 D6 T3 T30 J18 J13 G7 A6 A2 C20 C21 M6 C10 M9 S7-S9 B1-B3 B5-B6 B19 B12-B14 D9-D11 M3 B7 D1 T29 D2 J10 G12 A7 M4 M31 J12 .

Auto Ram Air Turb Pwr Right Bus Tie Breaker Right DC Bus Sec 1. D10 A6. D10 B10. Tie L Left DC Volt Sense Left Gen Left Gen Voltmeter Left TRU Main Battery Charger Main Battery Charger Main/APU Battery Tie (NWA-NWM) Main/APU Battery Tie (NWN-NWZ) Prim Instr Bus Capt Phase A. A9 A6. DC Stdbd Pwr Cont Utility Bus Left Utility Bus Left Utility Bus Right Utility Bus Right IFE Bus (POST TES) P6-2 P6-3 P6-3 P31 P6-2 P6-2 P31 P31 P6-3 P6-2 P33 P6-2 P6-2 P6-3 P6-4 P6-1 P6-2 P32 P6-2 P6-2 P32 P32 P6-4 P11-1 P6-1 P11-3 P31 P11-6 P32 P11-3 ELECTRICAL SERVICES Cargo Hdlg Fwd. A9 D2 D2 D1 D1 D7 Service Outlet Cargo Fwd.Fwd (NWA-NWV) P37 Galley Outlet . K2 P11-6 U30 P33 A5. Tie R Right DC Volt Sense Right Gen Right Gen Voltmeter Right TRU Standby Bus AC. 2. C2 J8 G8-G10 G11 C24 D1-D2 A5 T4 T31 T8 A16.Fwd (NWW-NWZ) P36 Lav Shavers (NWA-NWX) P36 Lav Shavers (NWW-NWZ) P36 Pass Service Outlet P6-4 PDU P35 PDU P39 PDU P35 PDU P39 PDU Cont Sw P35 PDU Cont Sw P39 PDU Drive Cont P35 PDU Drive Cont P39 PDU Guides Left.C Prim Instr Bus F/O Phase A.Aft P11-3 Galley .BRITISH AIRWAYS Inv Pwr TRU Inv-Ctr Bus Isol Power Inv Volt Sense Left Bus Tie Breaker Left DC Bus Sec 2.NWV-NWZ Right Eng Bus Pwr Sense DC Right Eng T/R Cont Altn Right Eng T/R Ind Altn P11-2 P11-5 P11-4 P11-5 P11-4 M6 M33 C35 L29 C36 P11-2 P11-5 P11-1 P11-5 P11-2 P11-1 L6 L33 D13 L32 M3 D4 P11-1 P11-5 P11-4 P11-4 D5 M30 D33 D32 ENG FUEL & CONTROL EEC Auto Ch Sel Ovrd L P11-2 EEC Auto Ch Sel Ovrd R P11-2 EEC Ch Sel Ground Test L.C Ram Air Turb Manual.B. A6 ENGINE CONTROLS Eng L Idle Cont Eng R Idle Cont Eng T/L Interlock L Eng T/L Interlock R Eng T/L Interlock R Altn ENGINE EXHAUST Eng T/R Cont L Eng T/R Cont R Eng T/R Ind L Eng T/R Ind R Left Eng Bus Pwr Sense Left Eng T/R Cont Altn (NWA-NWM) Left Eng T/R Cont Altn NWN-NWU. A19 J2. Right P35 PDU Guides Left. R P34 EEC Discretes Altn R Eng P11-4 EEC Discretes L P11-1 EEC Discretes R P11-5 EEC Pwr L (NWA-NWH) P11-2 EEC Pwr L (NWI-NWZ) P11-2 EEC Pwr R P11-5 Eng Fuel Cont Valve/Reset A/Inh L P11-4 Eng Fuel Cont Valve/Reset A/Inh R P11-4 Eng L Fuel Press P11-2 Eng R Fuel Press P11-5 Eng Idle Cont P34 L1 L2 P4. Right P39 PDU Lat Guides Actuator P35 PDU Lat Guides Actuator P39 PDU Rollout Stops Ctr Guides P35 PDU Rollout Stops Ctr Guides P39 Service Outlet P33 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART D11 L15 L16 D8-D10 C12 C18 J9 E2 G13 J13 J14-J16 L20-L22 C1. Aft Service Outlet DC Service Outlet R Fwd.B. Sec 1. Aft P34 Chiller Shutdown Cont P6-1 Drive Control P35 Evac Signal P6-1 Galley . J3 B7 D10 F2 U7 U33 D4 E1 D1 D4 L24 C2-C9 C2-C9 B2-B9 B2-B9 C10 C10 B10.Fwd/Mid P11-6 Galley Outlet . Aft P34 K1. Aft P34 Cargo Hdlg Cont Fwd. P5 A29 D17 M32 K3 K3 K28 D25 D26 M7 M34 L1 ENGINE IGNITION Eng L Ign 1 Eng L Ign 2 Eng R Ign 1 Eng R Ign 2 Eng Stby Ign 1 Eng Standby Ign 2 Eng L Hi/Lo Auto Ign 1 Eng L Hi/Lo Auto Ign 2 Eng R Hi/Lo Auto Ign 1 Eng R Hi/Lo Auto Ign 2 Eng L Bus Pwr Sense DC Eng R Bus Pwr Sense P11-2 P11-5 P11-2 P11-5 P11-1 P11-1 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-2 P11-2 M1 M28 M2 M29 D7 D8 D21 D22 C28 C29 M9 M36 ENGINE INDICATING Engine Standby Ind Eng Speed Sense L1 Eng Speed Sense L2 Eng Speed Sense R1 P11-4 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 D28 D23 D15 D24 DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 4 of 9 .

R P11-5 WW Fire Detector P11-1 WW Fire Ind Test P11-4 B34 R18 B24. B21 B22. H2 H3. A4 B29. C13 K10 C11 J22 D36 D36 D35 D34 E7 L4 M20 M21 F4. 2 P11-4 Fire Detector Cargo DC P11-6 Fire Detector Fan AC P11-6 Fire Detector APU P11-5 Fire Detector Cargo P11-5 Fire Detector Eng P11-5 Fire Detector Left Eng 1. H16 H26 H11 H10 K16 G10 C5 K17 H23.G4 D2 E6 L2 M12 E3 E1 E2 E5 L3 E4 E6 .BRITISH AIRWAYS Eng Speed Sense R2 PIMU L Eng. 2 P6-1 Fire Sw Unlock P11-4 Ovht Det Altn L Eng (NWA-NWR) P11-5 Ovht Det Altn R Eng (NWA-NWR) P11-5 Smoke Detector P11-5 Smoke Detector Fwd Cargo Blower 1. R Aileron Pos L Aileron Pos R Aileron Trim Altn Flap Pwr Altn Slat Inbd Pwr Altn Slat Outbd Pwr Auto Speed Brake Elev Pos L Elev Pos R Flap Altn Cont C17. Ctr P11-1 Stick Nudger P11-2 Stick Shaker L P11-1 Stick Shaker R P11-5 FUEL CrossFeed Valve (NWA-NWR) P11-4 Crossfeed Indication (NWS-NWZ) P11-4 DC Pump Cont P11-4 DC Pump Pwr P11-4 Defuel Valves P6-1 Defuel Valves P34 Fuel Fwd Crossfeed Valve (NWS-NWZ) P11-5 Fuel Aft Crossfeed Valve (NWS-NWZ) P11-5 Fuel Jett Pump L (NWF-NWZ) P36 Fuel Jett Pump R (NWF-NWZ) P37 Fueling Panel Light (NWN-NWV) P36 Fueling Panel Light (NWW-NWZ) P36 Fuel Quantity Refuel P34 Fuel Temp P11-2 Fuel Valves APU P6-1 Fuel Valves EEC Reset B L Spar P6-1 Fuel Valves EEC Reset B R Spar P6-1 Fueling Cont P6-1 Fueling Cont P34 Fueling Quantity P6-1 Fueling Valves P6-1 DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 5 of 9 J13 J15. DC P11-5 Flt Cont Shutoff Tail L P11-2 Flt Cont Shutoff Tail R P11-5 Flt Cont Shutoff Wing L. H18 H27 H15. H24 C10 H14 A36 H20 H19 C12. B25 B26. 2 P11-4 Fire Ext APU P6-1 Fire Ext Cargo Bottle 1. 2 P11-4 Fire Detector Right Eng 1. K35 B10 B33 FLIGHT CONTROLS Aileron Lockout L.2 P35 Turb/Strut Ovht Detector L Eng 1. Outbd P11-5 Slat Pos Ind P11-1 Slat Shutoff P11-2 Stab Trim Altn (NWB-NWZ)P11-4 Stab Trim Cont R P11-5 Stab Trim Pos Ind R P11-5 Stab Trim Shutoff L. R P11-2 Flap Shutoff P11-2 Flap/Stab Pos Sensing L P11-2 Flap/Stab Pos Sensing Ctr P11-1 Flap/Stab Pos Sensing R P11-5 Flap/Slat Pos Ind P11-1 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 1 Cont P11-1 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 1 Sensor P11-1 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 2 Cont P11-2 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 2 Sensor P11-2 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 3 Cont P11-5 Flap/Slat Elec Unit 3 Sensor P11-5 Flt Cont Elec 1L AC.J16 J14 J17 C14 J26 C4 C16 C15 G16 G15 G23 G22 C6. 2 P6-1 Fire Ext Eng R Bottle 1. A2 A3. DC P11-2 Flt Cont Elec 2L AC.G7 F4. H4 B19 K34 K35 K36 A1. D5 P11-2 K1 ENGINE OIL L Eng LOP Relay L Eng Oil Press A EICAS Ref L Eng Oil Press B EICAS Ref L Eng OPSSM R Eng LOP Relay R Eng Oil Press A EICAS Ref R Eng Oil Press B EICAS Ref R Eng OPSSM P11-4 P11-2 P11-2 P11-2 P11-4 P11-5 P11-5 P11-5 ENGINE STARTING Eng Start Load Shed Reset Start/Cont L Start/Cont R P11-3 T2 P11-4 D19 P11-4 D20 D27 L8 L9 L-7 A30 L34 L35 M-35 FIRE PROTECTION APU Remote Fire Ind P11-4 Duct Body Leak Detection P11-3 Fire Detector APU 1. DC P11-1 Flt Cont Elec 2R AC. C18 K14 K23 K15 D24 D21 F24 G11 K13 K22 J24 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART P11-1 P11-2 P11-5 P11-2 P6-4 P6-4 P6-4 P11-2 P11-2 P11-5 P11-5 Flap Load Relief P11-2 Flap Pos Ind L. 2 P6-1 Fire Ext Eng L Bottle 1. 2 P11-4 Fire Detector Cargo 1. R Eng Vib Monitor P11-1 D16 P33 D4. G18 C8. B23 G1 H5. DC P11-1 Flt Cont Elec 1R AC. C9 G26. G27 H17. K31 B20. B30 B31. H6 H1. Ctr P11-2 Flt Cont Shutoff Wing R P11-5 Left Stab Trim Cont P11-2 Left Stab Trim Pos Ind P11-2 Rudder Pos P11-2 Rudder Ratio P11-2 Rudder Trim P11-1 Rudder Trim Pos P11-2 Slat Altn Cont Inbd. 2 P11-4 Turb/Strut Ovht Detector R Eng 1. 2 P11-4 Turb/Strut Ovht Detector Eng L. C7 G17.2 P35 Smoke Detector Aft Cargo Blower 1. B32 K34. B27 U35 U36 K32 K33 K30.

H1 Window Heat Test P11-3 T15 Water Line Heaters Aft 1-2(NWA-NWE) P37 J6.3(NWA-NWV) Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART P11-2 P11-5 P11-5 P11-2 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-2 P11-2 P11-5 P11-5 P11-2 P11-2 P11-5 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-6 P33 P6-3 P6-4 P6-4 P6-3 P6-4 P6-4 P11-1 P11-4 P6-3 P6-3 P6-3 P11-6 P11-3 P36 P37 L5 M13 M14 G15 F15 G24 E4 E5 M15 M24 M16 M25 C34 M19 M22 M23 G21 F21 G18 E6 E5 L15 L24 L25 L16 D31 D29 D30 L14 L10 L20 L23 L18 L17 L26 C27 C28 A31 U32 A1. K17 K24 K25 A15 A28 L17 L19 L18 T21 T12 L5 E1.1 (NWA-NWV) Window Heat Left Nos. B Pitot Heat L Aux Phase B. E2 Window Heat Right No. DC Sensor Clock Ind L Clock Ind R Clock Time Base L. C Pitiot Heat R Aux Phase B. R Dspl Main Cont EICAS Cmptr L EICAS Cmptr R EICAS Display Select EICAS Display Sw EICAS Lower Display EICAS upper Display Flight Recorder AC. 2.1 (NWA-NWV ) P37 D2 Window Heat Right Nos. B Pitot Heat F/O Phase A.BRITISH AIRWAYS Fueling Valves Left Jett Cont Left Jett Nozzle Valve L Aft Fuel Boost Pump L Fuel Ovrd Pump L Fwd Fuel Boost Pump L Tank Defuel Valve L Tank Defuel Valve Pumps L Ctr Pumps R Ctr Pumps R Fwd L Aft Pumps L Fwd R Aft Qty 1 Qty 2 Right Jett Cont Right Jett Nozzle Valve R Aft Fuel Boost Pump R Fuel Ovrd Pump R Fwd Fuel Boost Pump R Tank Defuel Valve R Tank Defuel Valve P34 (NWF-NWZ) P11-2 (NWF-NWZ) P11-2 P6-3 P6-3 P6-4 (NWW-NWZ) P36 (NWA-NWV) P36 P11-2 P11-5 P11-2 P11-5 P11-4 P11-5 (NWF-NWZ) P11-5 (NWF-NWZ) P11-5 P6-4 P6-4 P6-3 (NWA-NWV) P36 (NWW-NWZ) P36 HYDRAULICS Elec Pump Ctr 1 Elec Pump Ctr 2 Elec Pump L Elec Pump R Hyd Air Pump Hyd L Eng Pump Supply Hyd R Eng Pump Supply L Eng Pump Depress PTU Cont Qty R Eng Pump Depress System Press Ctr System Press L System Press R ICE/RAIN Anti Ice Eng L Anti Ice Eng R Anti Ice Wing Door Window Heater Drain Mast Heating Ground Flt Pitot Heat Capt Phase A. DC Printer Warn Elex A Warn Elex B P11-2 P11-1 P11-5 P6-1 P11-3 P11-2 P11-5 P11-5 P11-5 P11-5 P11-2 P11-2 P11-2 P11-5 P11-1 J4-J6 B17 J36 G3. H7 Window Heat Left No. A2 K14. G4 U9 J2 J29 J32 J31 J30 J3 J7.1 (NWW onwards) P37F4 Window Heat Right Nos.3(NWA-NWV) P36 H6.2. C Probe Heat AOA R Probe Heat Eng R Probe Heat Ind L Probe Heat Ind R Probe Heat L AOA Probe Heat L Eng Probe Heat L TAT Rain Repel L Rain Repel R (NWA-NWY) Window Heat Left No. K15 K23.1 (NWW onwards) P36 H4 Window Heat Left Nos.2. J8 J1 J34 B18 LANDING GEAR Air/Ground Sys 1 Antiskid 1-5 Altn Ext Latch rst Antiskid 4-8 Antiskid 2-6 Antiskid 3-7 Autobrakes Antiskid Test/Ind 2 Autobrakes Antiskid Test/Ind 1 Brake Press Brake Temp Landing Gear Altn Ext Motor Landing Gear Parking Brake Valve Lever Lock Position Air/Ground Sys 1 Position Air/Ground Sys 2 Position Air/Ground Sys 2 Alt Tail Skid Cont Tire Press Ind 1 Tire Press Ind 2 P11-3 P11-3 P11-3 P11-6 P11-4 P11-4 P11-6 P11-3 P11-6 P11-3 P6-1 P6-1 P11-6 P11-4 P11-6 P11-4 P11-6 P11-3 P34 U15 U18 U14 U27 C31 C32 U21 U12 U22 U16 F6 F4 U20 C30 U23 E19 U26 U17 M11 LIGHTS DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 6 of 9 . J7 Water Line Heaters Aft 3 (NWA-NWE) P37 H4 Water Line Heaters Aft 1-3(NWF-NWZ) P33 G5-G7 Water Line Heaters Fwd (NWA-NWE) P37 J1 Water Line Heaters Fwd (NWF-NWZ) P33 F1 Water Line Heaters Mid (NWA-NWE) P37 J2-J5 Water Line Heaters Mid (NWF-NWZ) P33 G1-G4 Windshield Wiper L P11-3 T13 Windshield Wiper R P11-6 T22 INSTRUMENTS ACMS AC. K22 K21. K20 K16.3 (NWW onwards) P37H7.2. H6 Window Heat Right No.3 (NWW onwards) P36 H2.

D6 D7. R P11-4 Anti coll red P11-6 Anti coll white P11-3 APU/Tail Comp Lights P34 Battery 1 Plt P6-5 Battery 1 R Side Panel P6-5 Battery 2 Plt P6-5 Battery 2 R Side Panel P6-5 Battery Plt A/B P6-5 Bulk Cargo Ext Lights P39 Bus Pwr Cont Unit P6-5 Chart P11-3 Direct ceiling Lights Fwd.(NWI-NWZ) P33 Sidewall Lights Cont (NWH-NWH) P36 Stby Off lt/Batteryt VM P6-1 Test Prox Sw P11-6 Utility P11-6 Wing Illum P11-6 NAVIGATION ADF L ADF R ADI L ADI R Air Data Cmptr L Air Data Cmptr R ADC Source select RLY-L (NWZ). N4 N5 N31 N32 P34 H1 S4 R7 R9 Lav Sys 2 Mirror P11-6 Lav Sys 2 Lights P11-6 Left Ind Lights 1. P36 K4. L6 K6 P35. Aft P33 Flt Deck Dome Lights P33 Flood Glare Shield P11-3 Flood Standby Cont P11-3 Fwd Cargo Comp Lights P34 Fwd Cargo Comp Lights A.(ZHA-ZHC) Altm L Altm R AOA Sensor L AOA Sensor R ATC Antenna Sw ATC L DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT R36 R34 R1-R3 B6 B5 B4 B7 J6. D4 D5. D9 L7 A19. D9 L1 K1 K5 L7 L2-L4 A33-A35 A32 J1 P1 P2 P28 P30 P3 P4 L29 L28 L30 L31 L32 N3. 2. B P35 Fwd Cargo Door Lights P35 Fwd Cargo Ext Lights P35 Fwd Ind Ceiling/Galley Lights P33 Fwd Sidewall/Galley Lights P33 Fwd Sidewall/Galley Lights(NWH-NWH)P36 Galley Lights P33 Indirect ceiling Lights P33 Ind Lights 1.(ZHA-ZHC) ADC Source select RLY-R (NWZ). R P11-6 Entry/Attendant Lights Fwd. J1 J2 K2 K6 K3 K7 G6 T36 P32 N35 P11-1 P11-1 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 A3 F27 E3 E24 A10 F30 P6-5 F32 P6-5 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-1 F33 E2 E23 A11 F31 F11 F7 ATP 2326 Page 7 of 9 . K5 K7 P7 P5 S10 D3. J7 L6 D7 L5 D6 P31 J5 R32 J4 N1 H3. 3 P11-6 Runway Turnoff L P11-3 Runway Turnoff R P11-6 Seat Belt Signs P33 Seat Belt/No Smoke Signs P33 Sidewall Lights Aft (NWA-NWG). D6 D7. Aft P33 Elec Equip Door Lights P33 Emer Lights L. 2. J3 P9 S28 S30 K28 K27 K29 K30 K32 R28-R30 N6 N33 H2. R P11-3 Landing Lights Wing L P11-3 Landing Wing Dim Cont P11-6 Landing Wing R P11-6 Lav Call Sys P11-6 Lav Signs P33 Lav Service Lights P34 Lav Sys Lights P11-3 Lav Sys 1 Mirror P11-3 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART S5 S2 S11 D3.(NWI-NWZ) P33 Sidewall Lights Aft (NWH-NWH) P36 Sidewall Lights Cont (NWA-NWG).BRITISH AIRWAYS 5 KVA Instr P11-3 Air cond Comp Lights P34 Aft Cargo Comp Lights P34 Aft Cargo Comp Lights A. 2. D4 D5. B P39 Aft Cargo Door Lights P39 Aft Cargo Ext Lights P39 Aft Pass Night Lights P37 Altn Emer Lights L. A20 N34 N7 S3 J26 J27 J29 J30 J31 D8 H26 P8 L5. 3 P11-4 Ind Lights Dim Cont P11 Ind Lights Test P11-4 In-Seat Reading Lights C9019 P37 Instrument & Panel Aisle Stand P11-3 Instrument & Panel Capt P11-3 Instrument & Panel F/O P11-6 Instrument & Panel Glare Shield P11-6 Instrument & Panel Ovhd P11-3 Instrument & Panel Ovhd C/B P11-3 L Plt A/B P6-5 L1 R Side Panel P6-5 L2 Plt P6-5 L2 R Side Panel P6-5 L3 Plt P6-5 Landing Lights Nose Gear L. 3 P11-3 Lights Emer Charger Portable P11-1 Lights Flood Aisle Stand P11-1 Lights Flood Main Panel P11-1 Lights Standby Instr P11-1 Logo Lights L. R P33 Logo Lights R (NWA-NWV) P37 Logo Lights R (NWW-NWZ) P37 Logo Lights L (NWA-NWV) P37 Logo Lights L (NWW-NWZ) P37 Map P11-6 Main Gear WW Service Lights P33 Night Fwd P11-6 NLG WW Service Lights P33 Nose Gear Lights Cont P11-3 No Smoke Signs P33 Pass Sign Cont P11-3 Position L P11-6 Position R P11-6 R Plt A/B P6-5 R1 R Side Panel P6-5 R2 Plt P6-5 R2 Side Panel P6-5 R3 Plt P6-5 Right Ind Lights 1.

R (INOP) (NWR-ZHC) P11-1 HSI L P11-1 HSI R P11-4 IAS Mach L P11-1 IAS Mach R P11-4 ILS C (NWA-NWZ) P11-1 ILS R P11-4 ILS L P11-1 RDMI Left (NWA-NWJ) P11-1 RDMI Left (NWM-NWM) P11-1 RDMI Right NWA-NWJ P11-4 RDMI Right(NWM-NWM) P11-4 IRS C P11-4 IRS C P6-1 IRS L P11-1 IRS L P6-1 IRS R P11-4 IRS R P6-1 MMR C (ZHA-ZHZ) P11-1 MMR L (ZHA-ZHZ) P11-1 MMR R (ZHA-ZHZ) P11-4 Metric Sel Alt Left (ZHA-ZHZ) P11-1 Metric Sel Alt Right (ZHA-ZHZ) P11-4 MLS C (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-1 MLS L (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-2 MLS R (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-5 MLS/ILS C (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-1 MLS/ILS L (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-2 MLS/ILS R (Inop) (NWA-NWN) P11-5 PVD P11-1 Rad Altm L P11-1 Rad Altm C P11-4 Rad Altm R P11-4 RBA L P11-1 RBA R P11-5 RMI L P11-1 RMI R P11-4 Issue 10 B767 CIRCUIT BREAKER LOCATION CHART F28 A12 F32 E11 E32 E4 E25 A7 D14 F10 F29 F9 F8 E8 E29 E9 E30 A7 B1 F33 F4 F18 F36 E6 E27 E1 E22 A2 E31 E10 A6 A6 F25 F25 F21 D4 F1 D3 F22 D5 A2 E10 E31 F17 F35 B2 G1 G19 B3 G2 G20 E13 F5 F20 F26 C1 G21 A4 E28 Stby Altm Vib Stby Attitude Ind Stby ILS Ind TCAS TCAS (INOP) VOR R VOR/MKR L VSI L VSI R WX Radar L WX Radar R P11-1 P11-1 P11-1 (NWS-NWZ) P11-1 (NWA-NWR) P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-1 P11-4 P11-1 P11-4 OXYGEN OxyGen Press Passenger Oxygen Cont Passenger Oxygen Ctr Passenger Oxygen L Passenger Oxygen Manual Deploy Passenger Oxygen R A8 A5 A9 F12 F12 E33 A1 E5 E26 F2 F23 P11-6 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 P11-4 U29 A24 A22 A21 A25 A23 PNEUMATIC Air Supply-R Altn Cont P11-3 Air Supply-l Altn Cont P11-6 APU Bleed Cont P11-6 APU Bleed Pwr P11-6 Duct Leak Cont P11-6 Duct Leak Wing Detector L P11-3 Duct Leak Wing Detector R P11-6 Duct Press Ind Pwr P11-3 HPC Heater Engine 1 (NWA-NWX)P36 Isol Altn Cont R P11-4 Isol Valve Cont C P11-1 Isol Valve Cont L P11-1 Isol Valve Cont R P11-6 Isol Valve Pwr C P11-3 Isol Valve Pwr L P11-3 Isol Valve Pwr R P11-3 Pneu Cont Backup L P11-4 Pneu Cont Backup R P11-1 Prim Cont L P11-3 Prim Cont R P11-6 S10 S20 S24 S23 S26 S18 S27 S17 F3 A27 S15 A14 S22 S14 S12 S21 C23 B9 S10 S19 WATER/WASTE Entry Lights Potable Water P11-6 Entry Lights Potable Water P34 Lav Sys 1 Flush Cont P11-3 Lav Sys 1 Flush Cont (NWJ-NWZ) P34 Lav Sys 1 Vacuum Blower(NWW-NWZ) Lav Sys 1 Vacuum Blower(NWA-NWV) P36 Lav Sys 1 Vac S/O Valve P11-3 Lav Sys 1 Water Heaters P36 Lav Sys 2 Flush Cont P11-6 Lav Sys 2 Flush Cont (NWJ-NWZ) P34 Lav Sys 2 Vacuum BLower P37 Lav Sys 2 Vacuum S/O Valve P11-6 Lav Sys 2 Water Heaters (NWA-NWV) P37 Lav Sys 2 Water Heaters (NWW-NWZ) P37 Water Sys Air Comppressor P33 U28 P11 R8 N10 P36 G1 F7 R6 D7.BRITISH AIRWAYS ATC R P11-4 Baro Correct L P11-1 Baro Correct R P11-4 DME L P11-1 DME R P11-1 EFIS Cont Panel L P11-1 EFIS Cont Panel R P11-4 EFIS Display Sw L P11-1 EFIS Display Sw R P11-1 EFIS Instr Cmptr P11-1 EFIS Symbol Gen R P11-4 EFIS Symbol Gen Ctr P11-1 EFIS Symbol Gen L P11-1 FMCS CDU L P11-1 FMCS CDU R P11-4 FMCS Cmptr L P11-1 FMCS Cmptr R P11-4 FMCS Data Base Loader P33 FMS Sw L P11-1 FMS Sw R P11-4 Ground Prox P11-1 GPS.E7 R35 N11 G7 R33 H7 E7 H6 DO NOT REMOVE FROM AIRCRAFT ATP 2326 Page 8 of 9 .L (INOP) (NWR-ZHC) P11-1 GPS.