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Awakening Your Inner Spirit in Whittier

Rev. Rachael has been spontaneous and communicating with Spirit from the time when she was
born. She is an alumna of Clarion University, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Education Degree, and
she had also been an Elementary Teacher for approximately 7 long years. It was in the year 1980
that she became a student of Metaphysics and was able to be called as a graduate of the Religious
Science Ministerial Course under the tutu ledge of Rev. Michael Santo and Dr. Roy Graves. In fact,
you will be surprsied to know that she continued to be a teacher &professor of Spiritual Studies in
Maine, Florida &Pennsylvania. Rev. Rachael before moving to California was the creator and the
facilitator of the Chapel of Oneness based in West Mifflin, PA.
She now runs the mental development classes, séances; past life readings; group message services;
cleansing, mental fairs; abstract workshops; reiki and confirmatory prayer curing, as well as spiritual
"Science of Mind" lessons. Rev. Rachael’s psychic readings are past, present and detailed. She is
cover almost
every aspect
family, and
insights are
amazing. So,
do you wish
to attend a
session conducted by her? Yes! What are you waiting for then! Get ready for Wednesday, 27 th of
January 2016 to be a part of “Awakening your Inner Spirit in Whittier” by Rev. Rachael Slifko. Make
yourself available at Grandmother Turtles' House at 07:00 P.M. She is a Spiritualist Minister and
practitioner for more than 35 years. She takes interest in helping the students uncover and learn
how to make use of their intuition. If you are aware of the fact that you have been given the gift of
intuition, then this class is for you. The topics can comprise of a lot of things. You can get a cab
Norwalk arranged to get you to the location of the event without any troubles.
This is going to be an event worth attending. Rev. Rachael will be imparting a small lesson on a
philosophic subject and will be operating using different tools to open our instinct or the 6th sense.
You will get to rehearse training, divining, clairaudience, aura reading, medium ship, psychometry,
extrasensory perception, automatic writing and many other practices and tools to open our intuition
and all our God given gifts. The questions will be answered and the session will be calm, enlightened

and you will ultimately have a feeling of - wow I can do that. You will be required to pay $10.00 per
class. You can also pay in advance through paypal with a credit card or in the form of cash for the
class. Let us hire a taxi Whittier for transportation to the event.Attending this class will prove to be
beneficial for you. Arrange for a taxi Huntington Park to take you to the 6516 Bright Avenue,
Whittier, California. To gather more detailed information you can also search the web.

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