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Accessibility, Coordination & Transparency (ACT)



The Problem
The most fundamental part of the job for any member of Congress is to be a good
representative of the people. At the very least, that means being present in our community
to listen to concerns and offering effective constituent services. This is currently not the
case in Pennsylvanias 10th District with Congressman Tom Marino.
Congressman Marino has not made himself available to the citizens of our district, as he
has not held a single publicly advertised open forum to allow for meaningful engagement
or conversation in over a year.1 His tele-townhalls are mostly one-way lectures, with
his staff deciding who gets to ask questions. And he largely limits himself to interviews
with friendly media outlets, while outright ignoring outlets that may ask tough questions.2
Congressman Marinos office does not sufficiently interact with local leaders on a
continued basis, nor is it adequately focused economic development an issue that is
central to the advancement of our region. Congressman Marino was sent to Washington
to work for us, but his office lacks transparency in how he is spending his time and who
has access to him and his staff.
Pennsylvanias 10th District deserves better, and we can do better.

Nicks Plan
As U.S. Representative, I will focus on providing excellent public services for all
constituents. It will be a top priority to provide expedient services through easily
accessible in-district offices.
As I work to make government more efficient and transparent, overcoming the current
problems with departments/agencies is a service that will be at the forefront of our work.
To best represent constituents, I will aim to provide an elevated standard of service by
employing the most knowledgeable, helpful, and available staff to handle constituent
requests regardless of their party affiliation.
To be an effective Congressman and liaison to a complex government structure, I will
uphold these standards:

Accessibility Coordination Transparency

These three pillars will strengthen the relationship between my office and all citizens of
Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional district.


24/7 Emergency Call-line
I understand that emergencies are sporadic and dont always occur within typical working
hours, so when an emergency happens a member of my Congressional staff will be
available to listen to concerns and provide necessary services. I will implement a 24/7
call line for emergency use that will allow constant communication with a member of my
district staff. When an emergency occurs that requires federal assistance, my
Congressional office will work to mediate those situations and provide necessary
resources without delay.
Monthly Town Hall Conferences
I believe regular, unfiltered question and answer sessions with elected leaders are
fundamental to remaining accessible. I will hold in-person town halls that will rotate
monthly, county-by-county so that I can continue to directly engage with constituents
about important issues. I will welcome all conversations because it is vital for me to
understand others viewpoints. These townhalls will be supplemented with online
streaming so citizens may participate from any location in the district. Under this plan, in
my first term, I will host a town hall meeting in every county at least once and in most
counties at least twice.
Mobile Office
Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional district is largely rural, with over 6,500 square miles
of land, which creates accessibility issues during some times of the year. To address these
challenges and provide heightened accessibility, my district staff will organize regular
mobile office events in select public locations for constituents living in rural locations. At
these events, my staff will highlight and educate constituents on beneficial programs and
bring constituent services to their doorstep.

Municipal Leaders Council
I believe mayors, bough council members, and township supervisors have the best
understanding of local issues. Our district includes 15 counties, all with varying
industries and different needs. I will work closely with my Municipal Leaders Council to
identify community needs and advocate for necessary support and resources on the
federal level. During my campaign, I have already formed the foundation for this
council; to date this support includes over two dozen elected officials from twelve
different counties. This group of local leaders already advises me on matters such as
economic development, public safety, and federal regulations, and I will continue to seek
their advice once in office. I look forward to working with these members regardless of
their party affiliation to get things done that impact the everyday lives of our fellow

Full-Time District Economic Development Coordinator

I will hire a full-time Economic Development Coordinator, who will play a vital role as
my advisor on economic development issues in the district. This staff member will work
with local businesses, municipal governments, economic development organizations, and
individuals to identify opportunities for supporting small business, attracting new
industry, and improving basic infrastructure particularly where federal resources can
be brought to bear. He or she will be a resource for local economic development
coordinators and help develop and support short-term and long-term plans for economic
growth that will create more jobs and opportunity in our district.
Essential Functions
Develop economic profiles of the district and local communities;
Promote business and organizational interests within the community;
Support the districts economic development planning processes;
Evaluate the results of economic development studies and make recommendations
to local businesses, organizations, and planning committees;
Act as a liaison when establishing economic and community development plans,
businesses, and projects;
o Provide assistance with business plans
o Provide advice on market analysis and opportunities, product
development, and identification of target markets
Research private and public sector funding opportunities to produce proposals and
secure grant funding;
Provide assistance in resolving problems encountered by local organizations,
businesses, and governments in economic development efforts

Open Visitors Log
Part of my decision to refuse special interest contributions to my campaign was to ensure
my only obligation remains with serving the people. In office, I will continue this
commitment by being fully transparent with whom me and my staff are meeting with. To
this end, on a quarterly basis, I will provide online access to my offices visitor records.
All individuals who visit any of my offices will be invited to electronically register
themselves in our guest book, which will be available online. The guest book will include
a persons name, a brief summary of why theyre visiting, and the name of any
organizations they are associated with.
Member Schedule
I will release my public schedule on a weekly basis so constituents know how I am
spending my time. I will remain fully accountable to my constituents and embrace the

mantra that sunlight is the strongest disinfectant. A complete daily schedule of official
activities will help people better understand the work I am doing for constituents.
Publish Official Reports and Correspondence
I will publish all official letters that relate to matters of public interest, online
publications of Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports, and any relevant
correspondence related to federal policy between myself and other members of Congress.
This will be done to inform the public of the happenings in Congress, but also reassure
constituents that Im focused on solutions and bipartisanship. These items will be
published on my website on a weekly basis.
Congressional Staff Members
I will make my staff members contact information readily available, alongside a list of
the issues and responsibilities they handle. This will increase efficiency in directing
questions to the appropriate person first, rather than wading through several middlemen
first. All of this information will be available on my website.

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