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Citizens throughout the district have endorsed Nick Troiano's

campaign by writing letters to the editor.

Will Hund of East Stroudsburg writes:
I often hear complaints about elected officials, but then why did nine out of 10 members of the
House get re-elected last election? It is our apathy over the limited choices we have with the
candidates presented from the two reigning parties that have allowed this to happen. I was
reaching a point of despair until I received an invitation to participate in a tele-townhall with Nick
Troiano, independent candidate for the U.S. House in Pennsylvania-10. I listened, but wanted
clarification on some issues, so the next day I emailed Mr. Troiano asking for answers. I was
impressed that he called me the next day, discussed my concerns, and answered my questions
directly. We dont agree 100 percent on all matters, but there is enough common ground for me
to support him, because we need elected officials who look out for the citizenry, not the special

Vito R. Lomonaco of Cresco writes:

I take great pride in strongly supporting Nick Troiano. Our current partisan political environment
is corroding the very foundation of our great union. Most political operatives are only concerned
about their own political aspirations and are unfortunately bound to the positions of their
respective political bases. This is due in part to a lack of participation of most voters, who tend
to be centrists. We need more candidates like Nick who can draw these voters back into the
process. Unfortunately, due to their aggressive participation, and interest in the political process,
radical factions have hijacked both major political parties.
Nick Troiano is a breath of fresh air in his honest, practical and nonpartisan approach to the
issues both nationally and locally.
As a real estate investor and business owner in northeast Pennsylvania, it is my pleasure to
fully support Nick Troiano for Congress in the 10th Congressional District.
Thomas McLaughlin of Lebanon writes:
Having been there, done that, I am uniquely qualified to comment on the candidacy of Nick
Troiano. Watching news coverage on any network or newspaper, clearly fundraising is second
only to well-planned gerrymandering when it comes to getting and keeping a seat in Congress.
Mr. Troiano, however, is proving hard work and commitment still carries weight. I now live two
hours away from the 10th District and have been unable to do little more than observe the
action. I have been impressed. Mr. Troiano has proven he understands the office far better than
most candidates, including many incumbents.
He has presented well-prepared, detailed, documented policy papers on the issues. Not the
minimalist policy statements and targeted sound bites of candidates who, if elected or reelected, will clearly just toe the party line. He has an understanding of the issues and wont just
regurgitate whatever party leaders feed him!

Mr. Troiano has proven he knows a congressman needs to represent his entire district, not just
his contributors. He has spent considerable time discussing the issues and earned the support
and endorsement of many local government officials of all political persuasions.
As an independent he will have the freedom to represent the people of the 10th District on the
basis of what is right or wrong, rather than right or left. Federal Campaign Finance Reports
indicate his significant support in the district. I urge the voters to support him on Nov. 4.
Heather Miller of Milton writes:
We live in a society where the status-quo, two-party system, has failed all Americans in a big
way. People are struggling just to make ends meet. We have a valid opportunity to change the
way "We The People" of the 10th Congressional District are represented.
Nick Troiano is an intelligent young man who sees the way career politicians have failed us.
They are looking out only for themselves and the corporations, PACs, etc. that they represent.
Nick intends to go into Congress backed by the voice of the people. He has a desire to change
the way of politics as usual and gives us hope that our young people are not blindly accepting
their fate as handed to them.
If you are also tired of politics as usual, get out there and vote for Nick Troiano on election day
and be the beginning of real hope and change.

Robert Weintraub of Hawley writes:

I have received three mailings from Representative Tom Marino so far in this election cycle.
Each of these mailings indicated that the mailing was paid for by PAGOP.
This is an indication that Representative Marino is beholden to the Republican Party of
Dont the constituents of PA-10 deserve a representative who will answer to the people of the
district, not the state Party?
We have an opportunity to elect a candidate, Nick Troiano, who is running as an Independent.
Mr. Troiano is accepting donations only from individuals, not parties, PACs, or special interest
Don't we deserve representation of the people, by the people and for the people?
The only candidate who is able to do this is Nick Troiano, Independent, a candidate who, if
elected, will truly be a Representative in Congress of the people, by the people and for the

John M. Grohl of Milford writes:

To the Editor:
As a 17-year-old in 1969, I was a college freshman. The Vietnam conflict made it easy to
engage yourself in politics.
Over the years, I found myself to be quite the optimist, if not a bit naive. With the performance,
or lack thereof, by our Congress today, I find myself to be more of a cynic. Career politicians
voting solely on party lines are slowly destroying our country. We need change, the quicker the
better. Nick Troiano represents that change.
As an Independent, he's not tied to party agendas. He's young, engaging, wise beyond his
years. Nick sees what is wrong in Washington, and hopes to help bring about necessary
changes. He does his homework, and has a well-thought-out answer to any questions
presented to him. He surrounds himself with the right people, who keep him informed and
Congress is full of dinosaurs who are puppets for the lobbyists and political parties. It's time for
youth, it's time for change. I'm voting for Nick Troiano who represents both. Help Nick make this
a better America.

Thomas J. Mizianty of Waymart writes:

The current 113 Session of Congress is regarded as one of the last productive in history. A
recent Gallup Poll states that 83 percent of American are dissatisfied with the performance of
Congress, expressing a throw the bums out attitude as well. However, voters tend to blame
other members rather than their own and tend to re-elect the same people.
The 10th District is considered by political analysts to be a safe one, meaning the incumbent,
Tom Marino, without doing anything at all with the exception of a few TV ads, is expected to
slide into victory.
The question should be, however, What has Tom Marino done for the 10th District? What the
general press had reported is not very impressive. He has voted over 40 times (I have actually
lost count) to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
No matter what one thinks of the health law, the point is that voting to repeal it has no chance of
currently getting past the Senate and the President. So all of this is pure theatre. Time spent
away from doing the job he was elected to do.
Then we have the well-publicized incident of a private yet public House floor cat fight with Nancy
Pelosi. No one knows exactly what exactly was said between the two but the whole thing
created a laughable impression.
I only mention this most recent episode because this is what I read about our Congressman.
One would hope for something more edifying.

In spite of all this, Marino expects and, usually could count on, being re-elected. I say could
but maybe not this time.
Nick Troiano, a former Republican, is running as an independent. He believes the parties in
Washington are too involved in gridlock and not serving their constituents. He believes he can
do much better.
His campaign has already overcome several challenges independent candidates face, like
turning in over 7,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot.
Nick is young (which I consider an asset since he has less people approaching him thinking he
owes them something). He is motivated and energetic.
His platform has ideas for strengthening Medicare and Social Security in their present form
rather than a voucher system that would reduce benefits to seniors. His website
( discusses them in detail.
The bottom line is whether the voters of the 10th District want a repeat of a do-nothing
candidate who considers his job his right and most likely will continue to do nothing, or an eager
young man who has already shown he is no stranger to hard work and will most likely continue
to work hard as our Congressman.
Please consider Nick Troiano for Congress representing the 10th District.

Jada Nugent of Blooming Grove writes:

To the Dispatch:
As election time quickly approaches, like everyone else, I am researching candidates and
looking to find the right one to serve our area the way it deserves to be served.
I've grown up in Milford and have attended Delaware Valley from kindergarten to my senior year.
This area is very dear to my heart. Not only is our town dear to me, but so is our state and
country and I fear the direction we seem to be heading in lately.
It's time someone gets it back on track, someone who is willing to work with members of both
parties. That's why I'm voting for independent Nick Troiano for U.S. Representative this election
year. I am ready to vote for someone who will defend what is right and who will make the right
choices for us. His upbringing, education, experience and drive is what I'm looking for in a
There's no doubt, I have all the confidence in Nick that he will be the one to start making a
difference in Washington!

Lucas Wright of Mifflin writes:

The political climate in Washington today scares me. Partisan gridlock has driven a wedge into
our national government - an institution founded on principles of balance and compromise - and

as our two parties follow special interests to the extremes of the political spectrum, it feels as if
the average American is left unrepresented.
The strength of our democracy has always been that the voters hold the power to keep the train
on the tracks by voting in fresh blood, but despite all-time low approval ratings for Congress and
incumbents, voters all over the country have no real choice in elections today. In many
congressional races the incumbent runs unopposed, and voters truly have no choice, but even
in races with a candidate from both parties running, voters are left to choose between one of
two parties that clearly are not getting it done in Washington. The two-party system simply
reinforces itself, and the gridlock grows. Because of this, we are left with the 113th U.S.
Congress, the oldest, longest serving, and most inefficient Congress in history.
This is why I am registered as an independent, and it is also why Nick Troiano is running as an
independent, citizen-funded candidate for Congress in our district this November. The central
issue of Nick's campaign, and the issue around which he has spent years working, is balancing
the federal budget and reducing the national debt. He also believes that special interest money
should have no place in our elections which is why he, unlike either of his opponents, only
accepts donations from individuals and refuses to take money from any lobbyists, corporations,
unions, or PACs. But in my opinion, the heart of Nick's campaign is that voters everywhere
deserve another option. They deserve a name on the ballot outside of the party labels and a
better option than politics as usual in Washington.
Unlike the vast majority of Americans, we in the 10th District of Pennsylvania have the amazing
opportunity this November to shake up the system. Let's send a message to the rest of the
country. Let's tell them we aren't happy and that we want politicians who represent us, not the
special interests and the party bosses. If you are happy with the direction the country is taking,
then vote for the incumbent, but if you're like me, then I encourage you to visit to find out more about Nick's campaign. Most of all, I encourage all of you
to go out and vote this November.

Erik Viker of Selinsgrove writes:

As an elected official who rejects the Democrat-versus-Republican rivalry that has so badly
damaged our nation, I have personal experience with the value of varied perspectives in
government. The career politicians demand our support, hawking their alleged wisdom and
experience, and yet government generally continues to disappoint the citizenry.
Too many voters complain about government while 90 percent of incumbents are re-elected,
because voters fail to support reasonable alternatives to the status quo.
This time around, we have a fine alternative to the same tired excuses and juvenile party
politics. Independent candidate Nick Troiano is an intelligent, dedicated, fiscally conservative
professional with considerable government reform experience. He offers a trustworthy voice in
Congress for the people of the 10th District, free of any obligations to satisfy big party bosses or
push failed partisan agendas.
Its time for more citizens to remind the business-as-usual politicians that we do vote, just not
necessarily for them. When enough of us vote to elect better representatives, we may begin to
regain our trust in government.

Nick Troiano would be an excellent representative in Congress for central Pennsylvania.

June Lewis of Milton writes:

We definitely need a tough person to represent us in Congress. However, we also need to
choose the definition of tough that is in our best interests. Tough can be strong but pliant; that
will bend, twist, etc. without tearing or breaking or displaying mental or moral firmness. Or
tough can be stubborn overly aggressive; brutal or rough. So confronting a 74 year old
woman would be tough. (Actually I believe it could be called bullying). Refusing to compromise
or even consider another party's ideas could be called tough.
Running for Congress on a shoestring, citizen funded budget without accepting money from
special interest groups, corporations, unions, etc. is an example of tough. A willingness to listen
to other people's ideas and try to form those ideas into a working plan everyone can accept is
tough. Sticking with a job until a reasonable compromise is reached is tough.
We don't need tough streetfighters in Congress. We need independent, clear thinking, levelheaded people like Nick Troiano in Congress to do the tough work of negotiating and
compromising to actually accomplish what we send our representatives to do.

Richard Pluta of New Bloomfield writes:

Something new is refreshing
After reading an article in our local paper about Nick Troiano, a gentleman running as an
independent for Congress in Pennsylvania's 10th District, I was both intrigued and amused. An
independent running a citizen-funded campaign in a system that favors incumbents within the
two parties is particularly challenging. Even accomplishing placement on the ballot is extremely
difficult. Mr. Troiano gathered over 7,000 signatures, almost double the amount needed. This
now had my attention.
His position on issues is clearly stated and detailed on his website,, which
offers links to even more detailed policy proposals, not a one-page statements made up of
sound bites. While reading through his positions, my initial thought was that Mr. Troiano seemed
to be attempting to take both sides of the issues and appeal to everyone. As I continued to read,
what became clear is that he wants to effect and accomplish much needed change.
Currently, both parties come into the room with their positions and an unwillingness to discuss
compromise. Mr. Troiano's ideas reflect that spirit of compromise and show a passion for
Recently, after being involved in an issue at the state level, I experienced the lack of
accomplishment and the unwillingness to discuss the issues with not only the "other side" but
among their own caucases [caucuses]. Someone who is willing to enter the room willing to work
with all of their colleagues toward a goal is not only refreshing, it urgently is needed. During this
experience someone reminded me that "we hire them."

Some point to Mr. Troiano's age - 25. As a master's degree recipient in American government
from Georgetown University, he has built an impressive resume of involvement and
accomplishment. His poise and confidence is clearly apparent. Former Sen. Alan Simpson, cochair of the Simpson/Bowles Commission - one of the best examples of compromise in recent
years - has supported his campaign. When you consider the approval rating of our current
congress, you are left to ponder what we have gained by retaining long-term experienced
It is time to really consider who we "hire" to represent us. We have been afforded a unique
opportunity to consider a candidate who is not the status quo; someone who will not beholden to
a party or to the special interests that helped with his election but is accountable to only us, his
Before voting just for the party's candidate, I encourage you to take some time and learn about
Mr. Troiano's commonsense beliefs and hopes for our nation and state.

John Kador of Winfield writes:

Law of incumbency
Its official. The 113th Congress is now the least productive Congress in U.S. history. And only
eight percent of people think Congress is doing a good job. So why did nine out of 10 members
of the House get re-elected in 2014? Maybe because re-election is the most bipartisan issue of
all. Every member of Congress-Republican and Democratic-agrees on getting re-elected.
In November, the voters in the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District can send a message
that we want our Representative to focus first on the important work of the people. Doing so
requires that the voters send a message that incumbency is not a right but must be earned.
We are fortunate to have a choice this term. Democratic candidate Scott Brion and Independent
candidate Nick Troiano are competing against the incumbent. There is little reason to believe
that the Democratic candidate will not quickly add to the same political gridlock. Thats why Im
impressed by Nick Troiano. I heard him speak recently and he offers a refreshing set of policies
to bear on the problem of political gridlock. I think its time we send the Ruling Class in
Washington, D.C. a message that we want a Congress more responsive to the needs of
average people. What better way is there to send such a message than by challenging the Law
of Incumbency and sending a young, new Independent Representative to Congress?

Linda Vose of Lakeville writes:

Every vote makes a difference
As a registered voter I am very concerned at the negative direction this country is taking.
I have lost faith in the American government with the country facing a crisis of poor leadership
that threatens to destroy the very foundations it was built upon.

There is so much apathy amongst voters that they feel their votes dont count and that they
dont make a difference, many people dont vote at all!
We need to get back the enthusiasm that has been lost in our political system that has been
taken over by career politicians who are pursuing policies designed to benefit themselves and
the big money contributors that donated to get them into office.
I recently met Nick Troiano at an event and was very impressed with his passion for our country.
I went to his website and viewed his videos on his platform and what he
hopes to accomplish in Washington. I was impressed as he answered questions directly rather
than giving you the runaround so many politicians do today.
I believe Americans would do better to vote for third party candidates this November or
candidates who have shown the character to put the country in front of their party affiliation.
That is why I have decided to support independent Nick Troiano, a citizen-funded candidate for
the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional district.
Nick's "America Deserves Better" campaign only accepts contributions from individuals not
PACs, corporations, unions or lobbyists. What a great idea! This allows him to represent us, the
Ameri- can citizens who need the representation and not the special interest groups.
Yes, America deserves better than the choices we have been given by our two party system. If
you have had enough with politics as usual take a look at what I believe is a viable alternative to
the status quo. Make your voice heard, vote!
Go to and get informed. We do have a choice this year!

Michael Walsh of Milford writes:

Why Nick Troiano?
To the Dispatch:
The people have to take back their voice in government, which has become a body of selfservice. In our efforts to keep our own personal lives healthy and productive there is little time
for the average citizen to make a proper informed decision for our representation in government.
So what happens? The incumbents enjoy long political careers with no term limits and very few
boundaries. They count on low voter turnout and a busy citizen to not have time to understand
what they are or are not doing. It is human nature to put self-preservation ahead of other
concerns but as a representative for the people that instinct must be curbed.
In following Nick Troiano's campaign for Congress, it is my firm belief that he has the same
frustrations and core principles as I (and a majority of people I speak to) have, that party politics
has become detrimental to America and the systemic issues that allow politicians to remain in
positions without accountability continue to degrade life for the American people while providing
comfortable careers for politicians.

Mr. Troiano's citizen funded independent party campaign is the answer to an unencumbered
representative for PA10. Mr. Troiano's mantra "America Deserves Better" is right on the money.
If we (the voters of PA District 10) miss this opportunity on Tuesday Nov. 4 to elect Nick Troiano
into the House of Representatives it will be a great loss. Please vote.

Carol Parowski of Richfield writes:

Looking for a statesman
As election time nears many people think that their vote does not count, an incumbent is a
shoe-in, why bother? I am coming to vote with a different point of view.
I plan to vote for Nick Troiano for my representative in the 10th district. Nick is a young man who
has already demonstrated his ability to make things happen with the way he has managed to
get himself on the ballot as an Independent and doing it with small donations that keeps him
independent from special interest groups or corporations. He demonstrates a refreshing openmindedness and dedication to principle that we desperately need in Washington. I think it is
worth your time to look into the candidates who are running and compare. I believe you will
agree that Nick Troiano is someone that offers the 10th District a person who will work for our
interests. I also believe that Nick has the potential to be a statesman who keeps the common
good in mind above narrow special interests. I for one am tired of politicians, and am looking for
statesmen to break up the gridlock in Congress.

Skip Mendler of Honesdale writes:

To the Editor:
I recently had the distinct pleasure of watching Nick Troiano, the independent candidate for US
Representative for the Tenth District of PA, in action before a meeting of the conservative
Patriot Connectors discussion group in Hawley. Mr. Troiano, a Pike County native, is a young
and well-educated technocrat with a Masters degree from Georgetown University. He
impressed me as more concerned with finding workable solutions to our problems, rather than
maintaining strict adherence to ideology. He handled the audiences questions with a degree of
poise and aplomb well beyond his years, and when confronted by someone who disagreed with
him, he handled the objection with respect while defending his position. Being a Green Party
member myself, I must admit that I disagree with him on several issues but nonetheless I
believe that Mr. Troiano exhibits that rare combination of open-mindedness and dedication to
principle that we desperately need in Washington.
Besides the fact that he is clearly well-qualified for the job, and will make an excellent
representative for the Tenth District, I am supporting Mr. Troianos bid for another reason as
well. As a Green Party member, I recognize the importance of breaking the duopoly the
systematic death-grip on power that is shared by the Republicans and Democrats, that shuts
out independent and third-party voices, and that has led to the most paralyzed Congress in
recent memory. Those in power have no reason to change the system, dysfunctional though it
is, because for them (and their funders and supporters) it is working just fine. To persuade them
to change, we citizens have to show in a clear and unmistakeable fashion that we reject what is
now the business-as-usual politics of the major parties and that means voting for other
alternatives. Mr. Troianos candidacy provides the disillusioned and discouraged voters of the

Tenth District, even those who may have given up on voting altogether, a perfect opportunity to
VOTE OTHER and let their displeasure be known.
PS: Information about Mr. Troianos campaign can be found at
Information about VOTE OTHER can be found at

Stephen Bickham of Wellsboro writes:

To the editor,
Nick Troiano is a young man running for Congress from our district. He is an Independent, but
dont take him lightly.
Nicks campaign is being financed completely by citizens, almost all from our district. Unlike his
two party opponents he takes no money from PACs, corporations, unions, the chambers of
commerce, etc. Yet he has a full office in Williamsport, staffed with professionals, and he has an
excellent website (, where he explains his positions on all the issues.
Nick is very strong on fiscal responsibility, but just as strong on the need to strengthen and save
Social Security and Medicare.
Now we all know that because of gerrymandering in our state, its almost impossible for a
Democrat to be elected to Congress. And since the Republican candidate is the incumbent,
there was really no choice for his renomination, even for the Republicans. Its not hard to see
how local people may have come to believe their vote doesnt matter.
Its not that the American people approve of what the present Congress has done. In a recent
national Pew Research Center poll, 69 percent didnt want to see most of the Congress
If you are down on both major parties, Nick Troiano really does offer a choice youre not used to
having. Our current Congressman, Tom Marino, doesnt seem a rational choice to me. He
seems to have voted, basically, as he was toldtold by his party superiors and by those who
run the PACs who have contributed about 64 percent of his campaign finances.
Now, if Nick Troiano were to be elected, he wouldnt have anyone in his party or in any Political
Action Committees to tell him what to do. Hed have just us, for a change.

Ida Temple of Mansfield writes:

To the editor:
This past Tuesday, Sept. 9, the Pennsylvania Tea Party held a town hall meeting for
Congressional Independent candidate Nick Troiano. He truly wants to make a difference. I for
one support this young mans efforts and will be voting for him come November.
Nick wants to fight to lower the budget, as well as prevent another government shutdown. All
contributions that Nick has received are through citizens, no money has been taken from special
interest groups or corporations. You can find out more about Nick on his website; you will find it refreshing and the strong desire to put an end to be a leader
in campaign reform, as well as the Constitution.
Like Nick was, I am still a Republican. But, being tired of politicians working for their party
bosses and their large contributors, I am recommending this young man for the simple reason
those we have in office now are for themselves, not for the citizens, Constitution nor keeping our
freedoms intact, like freedom of religion. When you cannot salute the flag, say the Pledge of
Allegiance, nor read a Bible in study class then something is wrong. Those that we have given
such a powerful opportunity seem to disregard the Constitution, flag, faith, etc. We must protect
all of the citizens of this great nation and not those who wish to destroy us, take our freedoms
away or lose our faith.

Dick Pursell of Milton writes:

Numbers that don't add up
Here are a few numbers to look at, and ponder: 535-435-100 and 233-199-3-0-53-45-2. And
these percentages: 42 percent, 31 percent and 25 percent. Separately they dont make much
sense, but when you understand the significance of each, and the total, it will be an eye opener.
The reason is very important, as you will see, for the numbers game.
The 535 is the total number in Congress, 435 is the House of Representatives, and 100
Senators. There are 233 Republicans, 199 Democrats, three vacant seats, and zero
Independents in the House. In the U.S. Senate there are 53 Democrats, 45 Republicans and
two Independents. Here is the part that doesnt compute: the make-up of the U.S. population
and political preference is 42 percent Independent, 31 percent Democrat and 25 percent
Republican. The number that, to me, makes little or no sense is 535, and only two elected
Independents, with 42 percent of preference indicated as Independent or non-partisan.
We, in the 10th Congressional District, have an opportunity to correct this in the November
election, albeit a minor correction. An energetic young man has done the nearly impossible as
an Independent he has gotten his name on the ballot to serve as our U.S. Congressman.
How often do we hear our friends and neighbors complain about our federal, state and local
elected officials? Here, finally, is our chance to put our vote where even a small wave can be
felt. The ballot will have Republican incumbent Tom Marino, Democrat Scott Brion, and, most
importantly, Independent Nick Troiano.
I got to meet Nick Troiano at the Lewisburg Arts Festival, and I came away impressed with this
young man, as we shared many of the same concerns for our country, its direction and
seemingly lack of caring by many elected politicians. To understand the obstacles Nick faced to
even get his name printed on a ballot shows a dedication unmatched by either of the other
candidates. I signed Nicks petition at the Lycoming County Fair, and have since met and talked
to him on several other occasions.
I would ask everyone with concerns about our district, and country, to take some time to
educate yourself about each of the men seeking this office as our representative, and I am sure
Nick Troiano will stand out as the best choice. I know that if Nick Troiano goes to Washington,

D.C. and takes a seat in the U.S. Congress, he will represent all of the citizens of the PA 10th
with equal vigor and determination.
I would ask each of you, no matter what your party affiliation is, to reflect on our current
representation, and take a step in taking back our country. A vote for Nick Troiano would be that
first step.

Clyde Bailey of Lewistown writes:

Troiano can provide much-needed change
To the editor:
This country is facing a crisis of leadership that threatens to destroy the very foundations of our
republic. The voting public seems to be at a loss as to what to do about the political morass we
find ourselves in. Either, we change direction or we will in all likelihood go down in flames.
American's faith in government is at such a low that many people do not vote at all. Those who
do vote, vote for either a Republican or a Democrat out of mere party loyalty regardless of the
person running for office.
I recently heard Nick Troiano speak. I was impressed with his ability to speak with a passion and
truthfulness seldom seen in any person seeking office. He answered questions directly rather
than giving you the run around so many politicians do today. He is running as an independent
candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional
Nick has spent the last decade advancing non-partisan reforms to fix our broken political system
and our unsustainable federal budget. As a leader on fiscal and political reform Nick is
concerned about where this country is heading.
Nick's "America Deserves Better campaign only accepts contributions from individuals not
PACs, corporations, unions or lobbyists. Refreshing isn't it!
Yes!, America deserves better than the choices we have been given by our two party (closed/
partisan) system. If you have had enough with politics as usual take a look at what I believe is a
viable alternative to the status quo.
Go to to obtain additional information.

Nancy Blakeslee of Rome writes:

Need a third choice
EDITOR: I have lived in Pennsylvania all my life and in Bradford County for the past five years. I
love it here but I think that Pennsylvania along with the rest of the country is being let down by
our government.

There is so much gridlock and dishonesty among our two parties that nothing can get done.
Although I am a registered Republican, I think it is time for a third party to step in.
On July 4, I met a young man named Nick Troiano at a gathering outside the Towanda Court
House where he read The Declaration of Independence. I learned that he was collecting
signatures on a petition to put his name on the ballot for US House of Representatives
Congressional 10th District as an Independent. I signed that petition because I think we need
someone like Nick in Washington. I think he would work tirelessly for his country. He has a good
following and he got more than enough signatures (7,053) to get his name put on the ballot. I
hope that everyone in the 10th District will consider voting for Nick Troiano.

Julie Foresman of Muncy writes:

As a registered Republican voter from Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional district, I am
disgusted with politics in Washington. The Republican Party has become no different than the
Democratic Party; shamelessly pursuing policies designed to generate money and power for the
party, instead of supporting the best interests of the country as a whole.
Because the two-party system is not working well together, I believe Americans would do better
to vote for third party candidates this November or candidates who have shown the character to
put the country in front of their party affiliation. That is why I have decided to support
independent Nick Troiano, a citizen-funded candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives
from Pennsylvanias 10th Congressional district.
I was introduced to Nick when I saw him On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. I found Nick
to be a breath of fresh air and was curious to find out more by going to his website, I decided that I would sign Nicks petition to get his name on the ballot
because I am sick and tired of politics as usual.
I believe we deserve better and America deserves better. Unlike most candidates, Nick Troiano
does not accept contributions from PACs, lobbyists, corporations or unions; therefore he wont
owe any favors or paybacks. Hes a motivated fiscal conservative who adheres to the core
Republican values of limited government and personal responsibility. If youre fed up with the
status quo of continued partisan gridlock and special interest corruption in Washington, Nick
Troiano is worth a lookand vote!

Randy Orso of Hawley writes:

Your View: Candidate shows promise
Nick Troiano, an independent, citizen-funded candidate for the U.S. House made history
recently when he gathered over 7,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot this November,
almost double the amount needed.

I chose to sign Nicks petition because he has a real chance of making change in Washington,
at a time when politicians from both parties have stopped working across the aisle. As an
independent, citizen-funded candidate Nick will represent voters and he has already started
reaching out to all people in the 10th district. I met Nick in person for the first time during his
Back to the Future tour, but have followed him online for some time. His weekly online chat
videos highlight issues important to the region like the Affordable Flood Insurance Act, while
also making him accessible.
Nick is engaging, intelligent, friendly and honest and after speaking with other campaign
workers I realized that this is a campaign that cares about people in our district. I volunteered to
help gather signatures, but when family concerns and health concerns meant that I could not
get as many sig- natures as I had personally hoped to gather for this campaign the staff was
understanding of my situation and supportive. I will never forget that because these leaders are
not blinded by ambition, but committed to improving the lives of those constituents with whom
they come in contact.
If they act with such integrity during a heated campaign, imagine how responsive and
concerned their constituent services office will be.
For those disheartened by politics, thinking both party is not a viable option and lacking true
cooperation and genuine voter accountability, Nick Troiano is a breath of fresh air around these
mountains. Nick Troiano is that candidate, he has earned my vote in November and I ask you
give his viable campaign the attention our region deserves.

Lincoln Davidson of Lewisburg writes:

Independent leadership
An article published in the March 29 Daily Item, Marino may face 2nd foe, reported that Nick
Troiano of Milford was thinking about running for Congress in the 10th district come November.
Im excited to point out that Nick has officially announced his candidacy.
As a millennial resident of Lewisburg concerned about the pervasive gridlock in Washington that
prevents our so-called leaders from presenting real solutions to the challenges we face as a
nation, I am confident that Nick has what it takes to represent our district in Washington by
offering solutions instead of partisanship.
I met Nick in 2009, when he was my counselor at the American Legion Keystone Boys State
civic summer camp, and in the years Ive known him he hasconsistently shown that he has the
skill to develop real political solutions, the courage to stand up to partisanship and the
compassion to faithfully represent our district in the nations capital.
Furthermore, as an independent candidate only taking money from individuals, not special
interests, Nick will be responsible only to We the People, the interest our Congressmen are
truly supposed to represent.
I encourage others to visit Nicks website ( to learn more about Nicks
experience and the independent leadership he could bring to Congress. America deserves
better; Nick Troiano can bring us that.

Jerry Kairnes of Cogan Station writes:

To the Editor:
When I was in the first grade my father left to go work on the Alaskan pipeline. In the months
that followed, he did not send back any money and my mother borrowed from family and friends
to make ends meet. My father had a gambling problem and when he returned, he was
penniless. Soon after, my parents divorced and for 18 months we lived on welfare and food
There is no doubt in my mind that without the temporary support of welfare and food stamps my
life would have turned out remarkably different and for the worst. For me, defending the social
safety net is personal.
Having said that, it is obvious to me that the biggest threat to the social safety net is the national
debt. We must get our fiscal house in order or the social programs for which I've advocated can
not continue, to the detriment of our nation's most vulnerable.
Our elected leaders have proven that they are unable to work together. In the past decade, both
parties have had majorities in Congress while their party held the presidency, and neither was
able to right our country's financial ship. The results speak for themselves, they simply can not
get the job done.
Because America deserves better I will support Nick Troiano for Congress.
Nick Troiano is an Independent, a graduate of Georgetown University with a Master's Degree in
American Government, who has championed bipartisan budget reform legislation in Congress.
He will focus on fiscal responsibility and work to restore the promise that each generation will
inherit a country better off than the one before it.
It's been a long time since I've been excited about supporting a political candidate. Nick Troiano
is the right choice for Pennsylvania's 10th district. I encourage others to check out his website

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