Imagine a life

Are we the one¶s to determine our fate?
Can you imagine a life where we all stand on common ground, facing each other with love and appreciation of what we have and all that we experience? A life where we have the ability to creatively think for ourselves, based on our own individual philosophy of life. This world would also accept the creativity of another, seen as a singular perception of life, beautiful and unique. A world that allows us daily the ability to freely participate in what we enjoy and have passion for, without the feeling of constraint away from following the path of what we desire. This world would have technology that could allow us the freedom and time to creatively enjoy life to a much larger degree. Money would µnot¶ be spent on technology based purely on destruction, instead giving us technology based on the mind to allow creative expansion of our dreams. Our day would be filled with the participation in activities that we individually accept and see as ever expanding and reaching towards possibility. Activities would be in craft that we enjoy to expand upon, whether that be from clothing to furniture, to the making of paintings and the building of houses, to the helping of others, to medicine and health, to dancing and music, to the building of vehicles and transport or to the development of technology that can make our lifestyles comfortable. We would participate in the growth of society on what we can give rather than what we can take away from another. This world is not painted through rose colored glasses. It is made possible by attitude and an acceptance of change. It comes from realizing that life is not allowing us freedom to think, explore and expand. One could choose a different life of sorrow. I life filled with pain, restriction and constraint. This world would only allow us to do what we are told, held down by rules, regulations and restraint. This world would be filled with the same daily hum drum, always the same forever with each date. A life already planned and relied on, a robotic life filled with what to do, not what to think. This life would have calendars, plan books and systems that filled every moment based on what is allowed and expected. In this world we would live as one cog in a process, a process that results in the end of us all. We would produce weapons that are used against our own people, just a warning that they must always abide and keep to rules of how to live life. We would hate our neighbors for being so different, for thinking and dreaming outside of the web. We would tell them to change or suffer the consequences, a choice that will determine their life with no end.

Which life would you live if given the choice? Would you decide for yourself, or give away your freedom to think? Would you live life based on expansion and the ability to create, knowing that life is for living and not for dying in vain? Would you choose instead a life already given, one allowing only thought through constraint? Choice is a freedom of our mind and perception, and in the end we all determine our own very fate. By Stacey T Pollock 25th November 2008