Evaluating the importance of the mind

The mind is a part of our reality, just as physical matter itself.

There is a component of life that stands in the background, continually leaning away from our own understanding and awareness. It stands as our personality, as our own very causal existence, yet it is never understood for its full value and worth. This invisible place is a very necessary component linking us all together at the core. This place is our mind, the place where all reasoning and meaning is derived into purpose. How do we evaluate the mind? When most do not even see that the mind does exist, let alone value it for its importance within the whole formation of who we are. We see the physical part of ourselves and say that it is the totality of who we are. The workings of the body and the engine we call the brain. What if we were to re-evaluate our outside view of the world and look within, to another world to which we derive all meaning to all that we do? Life would then be seen from the core of our own nature and creation state, from the inner realm of the mind, where all is made possible and meaningful. In order to see the mind for its true value we would need to first see how it works outside of the physical state of the human as we know it. The mind is an inner world to which we develop ways in order to see the physical world. The mind offers many things to us; it is the driving force behind the energy that pushes our very desire within all that we know. It gives us purpose, value, meaning, evaluation, reasoning, and most importantly a conscious understanding of the world around us to understand it on a deeper level than to what the physical world offers at its surface. The mind is creativity, forming unlimited possibility, and most importantly the very reason why we even see all that we do; it is the core of our beliefs and concepts. Without the mind there is nothing, only an eternal light that has no goal or reason to understand itself, choosing only to exist in its own set state. Almost like a robot, working without programming and any reason to develop upon itself. Can you image life without reason? This is how it might be seen without the necessary component of the mind. The mind gives us the very foundation to who we are, working with the components of matter to make us into animated existence, knowing ourselves for our own perceived nature. Understanding that it is in itself a separate component to our own physical

state is something that we are still getting accustomed to. It is hard to determine a place that has no physical understanding. To see it and say that it is fact and that it is real is like holding air in our hands and saying, here it is; can you see it? The mind has no physical relativity as much as our thoughts and our dreams. These things can also not be determinable through physical means; however we acknowledge them as important because of the fact that we all experience them. Just because it cannot be seen, does this make it irrelevant and meaningless? Our thoughts are considered very important and rational. Why should we not then acknowledge the mind as having its own creative state? That it is an existence that works along side the physical component of all as a whole. Would it be hard to reason that there are two original components to creation? One which is of a physical state and the other non-physical? Could we ever accept these two components of ourselves and the importance of their interaction? Without both components of matter and mind, life would not exist, and that is the simplicity of it all. No matter how it is seen, whether it is through philosophic or practical eyes, these foundational elements need to have a place before we can reason the core of creation and how we are to understand it for all that it has to offer. The fact that we believe we exist should be all the evidence that we need. All the answers come from within us, from our own very nature, the true source of our creative ability, that which is our mind. Written by Stacey T Pollock 21 August 2008

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