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The trust deed dated-15-01-2016 today Friday in Mau district dinanath son Shri Mahabir Prasad

Ram Yakubpur tehsil village Post Bhusuwa Muhammadabad Gohna district has been declared
by the Mau.
Who trust the actors / founder trustee will be called the founder Karta Rs 9999.00
(nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine) is the amount. That he donated to the
courage and desire to do social work. Author of a trust / founder of the amount
Shrniy Aprati is willing to build trust. Uplift the society and especially in education
will work. Because Jnshbagi Trust will be called and will act. In the brief that the
Trust would be the D 0 n 0.
Trust will be trust, managing author of a trust. That would be the next president of the Trust.
Author of a trust / Snasthapak wish he's also donated to various sources, favors, loans, grants,
the fund will receive. Property and means by which the Trust Fund and its objectives effectively
enhance the trust to be successful. Author of a trust / founder's own way 9999.00 rupees (nine
thousand nine hundred ninety nine) the amount of cash provided to the trust.
Currently the Trust's registration office Yakubpur tehsil village Post Bhusuwa Muhammadabad
Gohna District Mau (UP 0 0) remain. Convenient location to get more time on the office from
time to time will be transferred to the proper location. Author of a trust / trustee / chairman of the
Trust to cater Dharabddh Rules is declared as follows.
Jnshbagi Trust
(Operating under the Indian Trust Act, 1882, Trust)
Objectives and Niamavli1 The purpose of the Trust The Trust will work to meet these objectives.
1- without caste, religion and gender are all elementary school, junior high
school, high school, college Intrmeediatt, colleges, universities, laboratories,
our schools, ashrams Pddhdi schools, boarding schools, Anawasiy schools,
computer schools, training institutions , convent schools, Child Labour
schools, Sanskrit schools, music schools, colleges, Urd, Arabic, Persian, Hindi,
Muslim, Arabic Urd promote education for minorities and the establishment of
schools and provision of hostels for students of English medium schools ,
Nishwa colleges, Buddhist schools, Ambedkar schools, engineering and
medical colleges established the industrial, technological, technical schools,
colleges and primary level to high-level girls' schools and colleges established
naming development affiliate, captive, management, operation and fail and
need At the various councils, departments, establishments, institutions,
governance standards for accreditation,
2- libraries, reading rooms, Kridasthlon, hostels, orphanages, old age homes,
widow ashrams, Woman Niketans, the establishment of child protection
centers and operations.
3- To conduct activities by rural development agency.
4- Khadi Village Industries Board plans to conduct.

5- barren land for agricultural reform and preventing erosion, water

conservation and water protection do.
6- Develop Udyanikarn and grille.
7- Women and Child Development and Health aims to support various
8- coaching for competitive exams to institutions.
9- agriculture, music of topics related to education and the development of
10- central government departments of the Ministry of Human Resource
Development, Social Welfare Nward, CAPART, DUDA, NORAD, Suda, Dwakara,
Shipsa, Social Justice and Empowerment, Social Welfare Advisory Board,
Women Welfare, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Ministry of Sports and Youth Welfare ,
Village Development Ministry, to conduct programs of all
departments.attached, bind registered, approved, aided and get approval
11- I 0 I 0 T 0, i 0 t 0 i 0, pharmacy, nurse, Ty Ning, operations technicians, lab
technicians, physiotherapy, etc. The establishment and operation of medical
colleges and colleges to ijiniyaringa.
12-For society, the people of 12- Hospital, nasinga home, health center, medical
stores, general stores, grocery shop, photo State, taipinga, companies, firms,
banks, etc. The Law To.
13- library, reading room, newspapers, magazines, newspapers, etc. The
publication, printing, sales and price to determine.
14- blind, dumb, deaf education, medicine for needy people, housing, food and
clothing, etc. Arranging.
15- various subjects and courses and practical, experimental art, commercial,
scientific, sports, martial arts, music, technical, social, modern languages,
English, Urdu, Computer, etc. The level of professional disciplines to open a
school to provide and operate Crest To.
16- various competitions and compete in examinations for students to create a
successful and self-sufficient with their studies, teaching, books, food,
clothing, housing, etc. The provision of facilities.
17- The Government of India, the state government, district, tehsil, block and
panchayat levels of justice are being undertaken in the development of the
public to operate a special development programs.
18- cultural programs, pauna education programs, AIDS programs, conventions,
seminars and conference events, meetings, special classes, sessions,
symposia and incentive programs May.
19-sewing, embroidery, knitting, penntinga etc. system of education.
20- The individual or other Society Trust, run by schools, colleges, medical
colleges, injiniyaringa colleges, coaching institutions run by his trust in the
adjustment being able to do and teach them about the Trust.
21-. For purposes of the Trust by the various national and international
organizations, institutions, individuals being able to get help from, or being
able to provide.

22- promotion and dissemination of information to legal counsel and public

welfare can.
23 Ayurvedic drugs production, distribution, pricing and promoting them May.
24 May, and disseminate agricultural useful functions fail.May
25 trying to improve the environment and to environmental information and
seminars May.
26- to promoting awareness about AIDS can.
27 books, booklets, publications, courses, newspapers and magazines,
newspaper, etc. publish, edit, distribute, sell can.
28 services offered by the Trust / objects proper fee / price / Setting And
by correspondence teaching, learning and being able to stimulate the necessary
arrangements fail Ttsvidhik.
30 consumer rights, environmental improvement, Usr on topics such as
improving people's consciousness of social responsibility to catch up on work.
31 shrines are renovated.
32 for Welfare and implementing various programs fail May.
be various events and reasons for
33- Scholarship, Awards, Support & V Aiy assistance, souvenirs etc. fail.
34-Various /// College / engineering colleges,
privileged establishments fail and fail their privileges.
35- Trust Fund and to increase resources, national and international
governmental and non-governmental organizations / institutions donations,
donations, grants, funds, the appropriation and use of the objectives of the Trust.
36. Trust Trust will act publicly as possible Dditiy its services / goods at cost price
would look to. Trust in the public interest by road, Kdnja, creating ponds,
fisheries, animal husbandry and the like fail.
37- Trust V Aiy only will not work for profit, public welfare, and will act to
achieve the objectives of the Trust.
38- natural disaster such as drought, floods, earthquakes etc. Bnchav awareness
program and to organize relief programs.

39- Trust your overall income and profit in the course of time will be spent only
for the purpose of the trust.
40- farmers Paliclilik Utthan and development will create.
41- farmers rise and give information for the development of new seeds, fruits,
and give information about drug cultivation and production, import and export of
2. Preliminary Provisions
A- currently registered on the date of the trust deed the author of a trust and the
trust deed of Dina Nath Prasad, also the creator of the trust chairman / managing
trustee has been ensured.
B- If no other arrangement present / president / managing trustee dinanath not sure
by offering Registrar Registry Dina Nath Prasad Suppose that after the death of their
child will be a trustee of the trust Suryansh.
C -current president / managing trustee during your lifetime, whether its the same
when he is Adayitv Aradikarion can replace.
3. The Chairman / Managing Trustee position Aradikari the / HstantrnA- president / managing trustee of the obligation that he is in his life Aradikari
president / managing trustee to arrange.
B- chairman / managing trustee managing trustee post of president in our lifetime
can provide anyone.
C -any individual President / Managing Trust will acquire all of which made him the
chairman of the trust deed / managing trustees are provided.
D-president / managing trustee Aradikari announced by the failure and the system
in the event of death of the former president / managing trustee of the person
holding the private enterprises Aradikari Trust chairman / managing trustee said.
No discomfort at having the Aradikar can be guided by the provisions of the Act.
E-president / managing trustee must he Aradikari the president / managing
trustee should express in writing their signatures. President / Manenijng registered
here, by the registrar or trustee arrangement can ensure by its bequeathed. In this
context, it may also make. In this context, it is also clear that the working
president / managing trustee of his life, was bequeathed to the Aradd / wish /
order will be valid from the final.
F -it is also clear that if the working president / managing trustee office in his life he
is actually transferred to Aradikari Whenever he would not reconsider his decision.

G-serving president / managing trustee transfer Aradikari Never subject them to

consider and reconsider is free of charge as long as he is genuine and provide
Aradikari not.
J- working president / managing trustee of the charge transfer by the Aradikari will
be complete, including all rights.
4- Board TrstijA- This president / managing trustee deems fit or else to get advice on the topics
discussed and the Board of Trustees may constitute offs were `. That would be a
maximum of twenty-one members.
B -The Chairman / Managing Trustee of any person nominated trustee when his
tenure would clear. The working hours of the trustee chairman / managing trustee
depends on the will of any individual. Chairman / Managing Trustee prior to the
completion of the term of any individual without giving a reason to be replaced as
C- The Chairman / Managing Trustee offs were `Whenever appropriate, the Board of
Trustees meeting could Ayejit headed president / managing trustee will own.
D-offs were `This board of trustees will consider and make recommendations on
these subjects, whom the president / managing trustee will be ensured by.
E- The Board of Trustees gave any suggestion offs were `believe, to accept or reject
absolutely president / managing trustee depends on the will and discretion. In this
context, the Chairman / Managing valid and final decision will be taken by the Trust.
5- president / managing trustee of the office and SuvidhaanA- This president / managing trustee of the Trust with various facilities provided
Uvlbd will feature office and vehicle. These features ensure the level of president /
managing trustee of the final decision will be valid.
B -The Chairman / Managing Trustee of the Trust to pay their monthly honorarium
Ardayitv the / RT If a tax on the subway, etc. to find the chairman / managing
trustee himself had received from the income tax will pay. It would not trust the
6- CarykshetrThe scope of the Trust will be the whole of India. Social regeneration of the nation
and the world can receive individual assistance and feedback or support and give
7- president / managing trustee Biseshadikari-

Chairman / Managing Trustee under the Trust employed shall be privileged to any
officer / employee decision, approved intervention / canceled / rejected / revised
offer. Chairman / Managing Trustee of the Trust at any stage in the operation, which
could give any guidelines recognized and accepted by all concerned parties would
8- vice NiyuktiA- president / Mananjig Trust's day to day operations and to take care of a
secretary and, if needed, can appoint more than one Upascivon.
Kha Secretary / upasacivom salary, dirty lifetime, features, functions, rules,
Chairman / Managing Trustee will be earmarked by.
Ga The Secretary / Deputy Chairman / Managing Trustee's grace will work round-up
offerings. President / Managing Trustee at any time without giving any reasons
against persons employed on the terms of administrative, legal, disciplinary, or the
au pair can prasansanatmaka action nke rights and duties transferred to any other
person can provide.
9- Secretary upasacivom the niyuktih
A-Glomerulus President / Managing Trustee of the Trust's day-to-day functioning and
the need to take care to read a secretary and will be able to appoint more than one
B- Secretary / upasacivom salary, dirty lifetime, features, functions, rules,
Chairman / Managing Trustee will be earmarked by.
C- The Secretary / Deputy Chairman / Managing Trustee's grace will work round-up
offerings. President / Managing Trustee at any time without giving any reasons
against persons employed on the terms of administrative, legal, disciplinary, or the
parties may act prasansanatmaka rights and duties transferred to any other person
can provide.
10- Treasurer niyuktih
A-Glomerulus President / Managing Trustee of the Trust's income and expense for
accounting and ironed can appoint a treasurer.
B- treasurer's salary, dirty Our, facilities, working Chairman / Managing Trustee will
be earmarked by.
Treasurer ga President / Managing Trustee's grace working round up the offerings
karamege. President / Managing Trustee at any time without giving any reasons
against any person employed on the position of administrative, legal, disciplinary,
or the bravery nke prasansanatmaka can take action right and duty transferred to
any other person / can provide.

11- president / managing trustee rights and duties

yah ki is trast deed ke antargat adhyaksh/mainejing trastee ko praapt vibhinn adhikaar evan
kartabyon ke atirikt adhyaksh/mainenijang trastee ke nimn adhikaar evan kartaby bhee honge.
ka- bord oph trasteej kee baithak bulaana evan usakee adhyakshata karana.
kh- trast ke samast kaaryon ka uyaaradaayee dhang se dekh-rekh karane hetu upaadhyaksh,
sachiv, upasachivon, koshaadhyaksh kee niyukti karana.
ga- is trast deed mein ullikhit trast ke uddeshy evan niyamaavalee mein sanshodhan/parivartan
kar sakana jo ki rajistraar ke yahaan rajistreekrt hone kee dinaank se maany hoga.
gh- trast ke samast abhilekhon ko apane paas surakshit rakhana.
12- upaadhyaksh ke adhikaar evan kartabyahadhyaksh/mainejing trastee kee anupasthiti mein adhyaksh kee likhit anumati se adhyaksh dvaara
bataaye gaye vishay par vichaar-vimarsh hetu bord oph trasteej kee baithak bulaana evan
adhyakshata karana parantu upaadhyaksh bina adhyaksh kee anumati ke koee nirnay nahin le
13- sachiv ke adhikaar evan kartabyahtrast ke samast kaaryon ke lie trast ka sachiv antim roop se kaaryarat evan uyaaradaayee hai. trast
ke sachiv ke nimn kartaby evan adhikaar hainka- trast ke uddeshyon kee poorti karane hetu sabhee upaay evan kaaryavaahee karana tatha
abhilekh taiyaar karana evan unako surakshit rakhana.
kh- trast ke antargat hone vaale sabhee kaaryakalaapon evan din-pratidin kee gatividhiyon par
niyantran rakhana.
ga- trast ke antargat sanchaalit kaaryon hetu padaadhikaariyon kee niyukti, padamukt tatha unake
virooddh anushaasanaatmak, prashaasanik kaaryavaahee kar sakana.
gh- vibhinn kaaryakalaapon uddeshyon ko poorn karane hetu
koshthon/vibhaagon/kendron/sansthaon/upasansthaon ka gathan kar sakana tatha unake
sanyojakon/nideshakon/padaadhikaariyon aadi ka sanchaalan hetu aavashyakataanusaar
niyam/upaniyam bana sakana.
da- trast ko praapt kisee shikaayat kee jaanch evan nirnaayak nirnay kar sakana.
ch- ek se adhik vishesh kaaryadhikaaree niyukt hone kee sthiti mein unaka kaary vibhaajan kar
chh- prachaar, prasaar, mudran, prakaashan, vitaran, vikray kee sarvoyaat vyavastha karana.
ja- jan saamaany ke kalyaanaarth vibhinn aayojan kar sakana.
Under the Trust Deed the chairman / managing trustee receives from the various rights
and Kartbyon president / Manenijng trustee will have the right and obligation.
Wh- Board of Trustees meeting to convene and preside.

B Trust Ardayi all works properly care for the vice president, secretary, Upascivon, to
appoint the treasurer.
C The purpose of the Trust outlined in the Trust Deed and Rules amend / change the
registrar of being able to be registered here will be valid from the date.
D Trust to keep all records in its possession.
12 Vice rights and KartbyChairman / Managing Trustee chairman in the absence of written consent of the subject
specified by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees to discuss convene and preside the
meeting but can not take a decision to allow the vice president without.
13- Secretary rights and KartbyAll functions of the Secretary of the Trust for the Trust is finally working and the
Ardayi. Trust Secretary of the obligation and right are
a - Trust for the purpose of the measures and actions and record preparation and keep
them safe.
B -trust under the control of all the activities and day-to-day activities.
C -Trust operates under the appointment of office bearers for the works, and relieved
against them disciplinary, administrative proceedings can.
D -various activities to fulfill the objectives /// / May
set up and their coordinators / directors / officials etc required for the operation of the
rule / bylaw May made.
e- Trust received a complaint being able to check and decisive decision.
F In case of more than one appointed special Carydikari fail their task division.
G -propaganda, spreading, printing, publishing, distribution, after sales To provide the
h- various organizing the welfare of the general public can.
14 Powers and duties of Deputy Secretary in the absence of one authority and obligation to abide by their
B authorized in writing by the Secretary of those rights / Kartbyon Following is her writing.
C received in writing by the secretary in charge / Kartbyon follow.
15-treasurer of the rights and KartbyWh- Trust in collaboration with the secretary treasurer will record.
B Expenses account of the income of the Trust Treasurer president / managing trustee shall check.
C-Treasurer of the Trust and to the protection of movable and immovable Sump account will be and
repair, if needed, the chairman / managing trustee shall allow.
D-treasurer who also signed receipt that he will be receipts. Similar Expenses which will also keep a
record as the evidence confirming the receipt etc.
Expenses related income
D- treasurer all receipts, books, records, registers, etc., and their accounts will for their custody will.
F- all of the trust funds and the funds will account for.
Trust in a bank account will be opened. Chairman / Managing trustee himself or a person authorized by
him for the work is president / Manenijng trustee under the instructions given by the account can be
opened or operated. Trust operated or employed under any // //
Separate bank account opened in the name of the office unit and can be operated. Trust yourself in this

situation, the President of the instructions given by the authorized person within the bank account can be
opened or can be operated.
17 Legal CarywahiIf any legal action is taken on behalf of the Trust or any legal proceedings against him would allow the
secretary to the chairman of the appointed counsel and lobbying in various courts can authorize
themselves or others.
be Sump 18 Sambndhia- Trust movable / immovable in the sump be which he holds all the rights that a citizen / person
B trust the movable / immovable in respect of a decision be Sump / article deed a person can authorize
the president to make.
C Trust chairman / managing trustee of the Trust movable / immovable Sump had deed in respect of
any article for decision-making and is fully able and authorized.
D Trust movable / immovable Sump can be merchandising, may pledge, rent or can be.
e- Trust a loan, donation, gift, gift, grant, fund, honors, awards, souvenirs, etc. can receive honoraria and
can give.
F- trust funds appropriated anywhere could be safe, any bank, institution, company, etc., in a scheme
funds / Sump can be appropriated.
G-movable / immovable Sump to be guaranteed, freight, purchase, license, pledge, mortgage, can split,
or can be taken.
19 Visesha- operate under the Trust / employed in any school / college / program / unit office / institution for
undertaking operations separate rules / laws can be made, but the purpose of the trust deed and rules of
any of the Trust Jnshbagi If provisions overstep the rules / laws are void to the extent of encroachment.
B chairman / managing trustee deems fit or else any / any circumstances, any of the trust deed / any
provision / provisions can relax and provisions / provisions notwithstanding, may decide otherwise in this
respect, President / Managing Trustee Under the current system would be the ultimate discretion of the
Chairman / Manenjing action taken by the Trustee shall not be open to challenge in any court anywhere.
Jnshbagi the Trust Deed of Trust and the Trust's objectives and rules Snnhit Jnshbagi hereby enacted,
approved, declared, approved, Atmarpit and is immediately implemented.
The trust deed for reading and understanding the practices were signed in the presence of these
Sakshign1. Name: The Tiltu Dina Nath Ram Prasad Ram son Mackintosh (Advocate)
Address: Village and post-Sserpur president / Mananjing trustee / Founder
District: The Azamgarh (U.P.) Jnshbagi Trust
2. Name: The Anjul son Bisundhari offerings gram-Bhusuwa
Village schools Balchandpur post-Yakubpur
Post: The Bhojapur Tehsil-Muhammadabad Gohna
District schools Gazipur (U.P.) District-Mau (U.P.)