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Use the PC to Communicate
More Powerfully
Share, collaborate and simplify digital information

Like never before, today’s technology enables people to maximize their

potential—particularly in the way we communicate. We can also become

more productive both professionally and personally with the immediacy

and convenience of electronic communications. Best of all, advances

in today’s communications let us take advantage of exciting

new opportunities—whether they’re across the room,

down the block or around the world.

The technology that makes it happen

With an Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based PC and a broadband
connection, users gain a vast spectrum of possibilities quickly
and easily. In addition, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA),
MP3 players, digital cameras and many other innovative
devices are available to further extend the PC’s functionality.

To take full advantage of these devices, data must be synchronized

with a PC—the single most important tool that makes it possible to integrate
all these new digital devices. An Intel Pentium 4 processor-based PC is at the center of the digital
world, enabling these different electronic peripheral devices to exchange data and interact both
simultaneously and effortlessly.

E-mail, Instant Messaging, e-phone calls and beyond

E-mail is ideal for delivering time-sensitive messages and keeping lines of business and personal
communications open. But waiting for a response sometimes takes too long, depending on the
recipient’s availability, server overload and speed of transmission.

Now, with Instant Messenger services, users can take communications to the next level as they
make new friends and keep in touch with old ones all over the globe. Communicating in real time
through Instant Messaging offers immediate gratification, plus it’s fun, exciting and quick.

By simply adding a microphone, making online phone calls is a snap. And if voice transmission isn’t
enough, users can install a video camera—instantly making video conferencing a reality. Friends on
faraway continents seem like they’re right next door with a high-speed Internet connection and an
Intel Pentium 4 processor-based PC. And for adventurers, new technologies enable friends to go
online and chat real time—even while exploring interactive 3D gaming environments.
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Keeping communication flowing in the home Improved performance leads to faster

voice training and greater accuracy
Wireless technologies facilitate a free flow of communication
within the home. An Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-based PC has WebMark* 2001
the headroom to multitask, so multiple PCs can be linked to a
private network, letting the entire family use the same printer, Pentium 4
processor 1:00
share an Internet connection, and send audio and video to a 1.70 GHz Faster1
stereo or TV in another room. Pentium 4
processor 1:16
1.50 GHz
Pentium 4
Enjoying greater productivity processor 1:23
1.40 GHz
Too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Sound Pentium 4
processor 1:28
familiar? It’s a common problem. But now PC users can achieve 1.30 GHz
Pentium® III
greater productivity by using advanced technology to help them processor 1:41
1B GHz
accomplish tasks faster. Although a high-performance PC can’t
promise to speed up typing or eliminate tight deadlines, many relative
performance 0 0:30 1:00 1:30 2:00
new software applications are designed to make life easier. A shorter bar is faster

Speech recognition software, for example, takes full advantage of

the Intel Pentium 4 processor’s power and performance. Without Dragon* Naturally Speaking* Preferred 4.0
even touching the keyboard, users can open spreadsheets,
dictate memos or write letters with almost immediate hands-free
Pentium 4
processor 2:14
interaction with their computers, enabling them to carry out 1.70 GHz Faster2
myriad tasks efficiently and effortlessly. Pentium 4
processor 2:22
1.50 GHz
Operating systems are enhanced, as well. Users will find that the Pentium 4
processor 2:26
hourglass won’t completely disappear, but it won’t appear as 1.40 GHz

often or as long. Standard operating tasks get done faster— Pentium 4

processor 2:28
saving and copying files, opening saved photos and editing 1.30 GHz
Pentium® III
software, and adding attachments to e-mail. processor 2:37
1B GHz

Controlling schedules through multitasking minutes 0 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00

A shorter bar is faster
Who has the time these days to do just one thing at a time?
With an Intel Pentium 4 processor, for example, users can tackle
several tasks at once. Listen to stored MP3s or a favorite radio
station while working. Flip among multiple programs that are
open simultaneously. Or talk on a PC phone while editing a video
clip. The possibilities are virtually endless, which makes using a
high-powered, high-performance PC that much more valuable.

Source: Intel. Configuration: Pentium® III processor–Intel® Desktop Board D815EA, 128 MB PC133 CL2 SDRAM. Pentium® 4 processor–Production Intel®
Desktop Board D850GB, 128 MB PC800 RDRAM*. Creative* 3D Blaster Annihilator Pro* 2 with nVidia* GeForce*2 GTS, IBM* DTLA-307030 ATA-100 hard drive,
nVidia* Detonator* 3 v6.31 graphics driver, Intel® Ultra ATA Storage Driver v6.03, Intel® chipset INF file v2.60.001, DirectX* 8.0.
1 Microsoft* Windows* 2000, 100 Mbps LAN, Apple* QuickTime* 4.1.1, WebMark* 2001.
2 Microsoft* Windows* Millennium, 100 Mbps LAN, Apple* QuickTime* 4.1.1, Dragon* Naturally Speaking* Preferred 4.0.
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