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B.Tech. ( Sem. III) ( Mid Term I) Examination, 2013

Electrical Engg.
3EE2 Circuit Analysis I
Time : 3 Hours]

[Total Marks : 80
[ Min Passing Marks : 24

Attempt any five questions , selecting one question from each unit. All questions
carry equal marks. Schematic diagrams must be shown wherever necessary. Any
data you feel missing suitably be assumed and stated clearly.
Units of quantities used / calculated must be stated clearly.
1. (a) A 30F capacitor , when connected in series with a coil having 20
resistance , resonates at 500 Hz. Find the inductance of the coil. Also obtain
the circuit current if the applied voltage is 200 V. Also calculate the
voltage across capacitor and the coil at resonance.
( 8)
(b) For the resistive network shown below , draw the graph and tree of
thenetwork . Also develop the fundamental cut-set matrix.

1. (a) Draw the dual of the following network.

( 8)

(b) Show the cut- sets for the graph of the network shown below and develop
the fundamental cut set matrix.

2. (a)(i)Deduce the expression for quality factor of a coil L with effective
internal resistance R, connected to a sinusoidal voltage source V m Sin t
(ii) State and explain Nortons theorem?
( 4)
(b) Obtain the fundamental loop and fundamental cut set matrices for the
graph shown in fig.
( 8)

2 (a) (i) Describe the phasor diagram of a series R-L-C circuit for the
following cases:

(b) Draw the graph of the network shown in fig . Write the tie set schedule
and find the three loop currents

( 6+2+8)
3.(a) State and explain tellegens theorem.

( 8)

(b) Draw Thevenins equivalent circuit to the right of terminal ab in circuit

shown below 8

3. (a) Derive the condition for maximum power transfer and explain maximum
power transfer theorem.
(b) Find current I in the circuit shown below using superposition theorem .
( 8)

4 (a) Using Millmans theorem find current in resistor R 3 of the network
shown in fig 4

(b) Determine the value of Z L to be connected across AB in Fig for
maximum power transfer. Obtain the power absorbed by Z L (8)

4 (a) Calculate the current in 6 resistor of the circuit of fig by
Thevenins theorem
(ii) (ii) Superposition theorem

( 8+8)

5 (a) With the help of phasor diagram draw the relationship between line
voltage and phase voltage , line current and phase current for balanced 3
phase star connected load.

(b) A load of (5+j6) is connected in each phase of a delta connected

network. If a balanced 3 phase 200 volt supply is applied between lines ,
calculate line current and phase current.
5 (a) What do you mean by power triangle ? Explain active , reactive and
apparent pwer with example.
( 8)
(b) In the circuit shown below find the following
(i) Current
(ii) Voltage across each element
(iii) Power factor of the circuit
(iv) Power consumed.

( 8)