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Newsletter of the Scientific Anomaly Institute
Volume One / Issue One / Number One - Spring 2004
WELCOME to the inaugural installment of the quarterly newsletter of the
Scientific Anomaly Institute and it’s Anomaly Archives lending library. With this
publication we hope to keep members of the Anomaly Archives (and the public)
informed of events, news, expansions of the collections as well as alerting folks to
research work of the Scientific Anomaly Institute and like-minded organizations.
INSIDE this issue you’ll read, -What the Scientific Anomaly Institute and the
Anomaly Archives are all about, -Who helped make it a Reality, -When Anomaly
Archives Events are Happening, -Where Anomaly Research is Going, -Why to Get
Involved. Plus, there are Reviews of New Additions to the Library, Calendar of
Events Around the World and more!

Austin Museum of Art Donates Book by Contact Artist Paul Laffoley

An incredible book published by the Austin Museum of Art: Architectonic Thought-Forms - A Survey of the
Visionary Art of Paul Laffoley. From Paul’s online bio:
“Born into an Irish Catholic family in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1940. He spoke his first word, "Constantinople," at six
months, then remained silent until the age of four (having been diagnosed as slightly autistic), when he began to draw and paint.
In his senior year at Brown University, he was given eight electric-shock treatments. He was dismissed from the Harvard
Graduate School of Design, but managed to apprentice with the sculptor Mirko Baseldella, before going to New York to
apprentice with the visionary architect Frederick Kiesler. In 1968 he moved into an eighteen- by thirty-foot utility room to
found a one-man "think tank" and creative unit called the Boston Visionary Cell. Laffoley supports himself with a job at the
Boston Museum of Science, returning to the BVC not only to eat and sleep but to work on multimedia renderings of his visions
of alternative futures and complex realities. During a routine CAT-scan of his head in 1992, a miniature metallic implant, 3/8 of
an inch long, was discovered in the occipital lobe of his brain, near the pineal gland. Local M.U.F.O.N. investigators declared it
to be an alien nanotechnological laboratory. He has come to believe that the "implant" is extraterrestrial in origin and is the
main motivation behind his ideas and theories.” -

The Phoenix Lights by Lynne Kitei M.D. – Reviewed by Carolyn O’Steen

Phoenix Lights is, like it's name, straightforward and to the point. Although it includes many photos taken by
author Lynne Kitei of the mysterious lights witnessed by thousands in Arizona, as well as of lights which
appeared a few feet from her own home months before the mass sighting, the most credible and convincing
element of the book is the practical and candid tone set by Dr. Kitei. It
provides a thorough account of the 2 year period following the initial sighting,
during which Dr. Kitei put aside her career and personal life in pursuit of
elusive clues to the nature of the lights. The compelling tone of the book
places the reader in full sympathy with the author's frustration at the many
deterrents and obstacles engaged along the journey, and inspires respect for
the like-minded individuals she met, fellow seekers of the truth. Phoenix
Lights also does well at exposing the casual deception by the media and
military concerning explanations for the lights, while providing an excellent
frame of reference for the entire incident. Most impressively, Dr. Kitei
reveals at the end of the book a very spiritual and profoundly intimate side of
the tale, but manages not to let what must have been an overwhelming bias
creep into the description of her investigation. I would recommend this book
to anyone interested in a first-hand narrative of this remarkable UFO sighting
and its consequences.
For More Information on The Phoenix Lights Turn the

The Anomaly Archivist – Volume One / Issue One / Number One – Spring 2004
Inspiration for the Archives: In the beginning, SMiles Lewis collected book after book after book
on UFOs, Mind and all aspects of the unknown – reading all the while. Very quickly, he
noticed his collecting was outpacing his reading
and it became apparent he’d never catch-up. “What
a shame”, he thought, “to let so many fine books
languish on my shelves benefiting no one else but
me.” And Lo! SMiles Lewis had a vision of a
research institute and lending library for
researchers and the public. Inspired by such
amazing organizations as the Archives for UFO
Research in Sweden (pictured right), the
Exceptional Human Experience Network and its
PSI-Line database, the Library of the American
Society for Psychical Research in NYC (pictured
For More Info on These
Inspirational Organizations Goto:
Partnered Organizations: Human Potential Center
The Human Potential Center is a nonprofit Fitness Center for the Mind and Heart offering
programs designed to tap the creativity, the love and the playfulness of the human spirit.
The Center is based on the work of humanistic and transpersonal psychologists like Carl
Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Virginia Satir.
The Anomaly Archives would like to thank HPC Founder Bob McGarey for letting
SMiles vision become a reality headquartered within the Human Potential Campus. We
also thank the HPC board and Membership. Bob McGarey is a Board Member of the
Scientific Anomaly Institute. Check out the many fine events and workshops held daily at the HPC.

Austin MUFON – Mutual UFO Network

This local chapter has served as a model for MUFON with an active Field Investigator
Training program based on David Spencer’s phenomenal UFO Field Investigator’s Training
Guide. Over the years, this group amassed a nice little library of books. We thank them for the
opportunity to archive & access the collection.
The Anomaly Archives would like to thank State Section Director Mike DeGroff for all his hard work and help,
especially in upgrading the space the archives occupy. We also thank the Austin Mufon Membership for their
continued support. Mike DeGroff is a Board Member of the Scientific Anomaly Institute.

The Jung Society of Austin

The Jung Society of Austin is dedicated to serving as a source of education about Jungian
psychology, other depth psychologies and related topics, offering diverse classes open to the
public (though many are suitable for counseling professionals seeking continuing education). For
those seeking a place to develop psychological and spiritual ideas with intelligent and thoughtful
people, the Jung Society is the place for you. The JSA has partnered with the Archives to house
and manage its’ impressive Nisley Lending Library collection that effectively doubled our size.
The Anomaly Archives would like to thank Ray Hawkins & the board and membership of the JSA. Ray Hawkins
has accepted a position as Board Member of the Scientific Anomaly Institute. and
The Anomaly Archivist – Spring 2004
More on The Phoenix Lights by Lynne Kitei M.D.
'Dr. X' no more: Physician open about mystery lights
Richard Ruelas Republic Columnist Mar. 15, 2004
An hour away from what Dr. Lynne Kitei called her "coming-out" party, she clutched a
Styrofoam cup of chamomile tea, sipping it to try to get her voice back. She had spent the
better part of that day, and the previous one, giving interviews on her book, The Phoenix
Lights, about the V-shaped formation that moved over the city on March 13, 1997. Before this week, all Kitei
had been was a voice. When giving interviews to reporters about the mysterious orbs she'd been seeing in
the sky, Kitei called herself "Dr. X," afraid that openly talking about extraterrestrial craft would bring her

For more of this Review goto:

And from Colin Bennett's Combat Diaries #17 –
The Alternative Fortean Times:
Book Review by Geoff Richardson
At 8 P.M. on the evening of the 6th February, 1995, Dr. Lynne Kitei had just settled into a bath when her
relaxation was suddenly brought to a halt by her husband, Frank, calling from the bedroom. Dr. Lynne,
knowing her husband, a family physician, was not easily alarmed, wrapped a towel around herself and
rushed to his side to find him standing transfixed at the bedroom window, overlooking the distant skyline of
the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Frank’s frantic calls were well justified for, less that a hundred yards from the window, three sphere-shaped
objects hovered approximately 50 to 75 feet above ground level. Each of these “spheres” emanated a soft,
inner light and it was obvious that they were not resultant of some laser beam or light show.

For more of this Review goto:

And from Dr. Bruce Maccabee via the UFO UpDates eList:
This is a "nice" and rather comprehensive book on the
subject of UFOs and the Phoenx events in particular.
Although I am only briefly mentioned in her book, I
spent a lot of time, at her request, analyzing her
sightings, photos and videos, as well as videos of
others that were obtained in March, 1997 and during

My opinion of the "Phoenix Lights" videos is presented in detail at my web site*: I concluded, based on
accurate triangulation, that the lights she and others (Krzysten, Riordan) on March 13, 1997 at about 10 PM,
videotaped were many tens of miles south of Phoenix, not over Phoenix.

If I am correct in thinking that the March 13 lights she videotaped - and others photographed and taped - were actually flares, then the
ironic thing would be that non-UFO sightings spurred her to write her rather erudite book and to include mention of the real UFO
sighting which she never would have mentioned publicly had it not been for the Phoenix Lights.

Dr. Maccabee's Bio: studied physics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass (B.S. in physics) and then at The American
University, Washington, DC (M.S. and Ph. D. in physics). In 1972 commenced his long career at the Naval Surface Warfare Center,
presently headquartered at Dahlgren, Virginia. He has worked on optical data processing, generation of underwater sound with lasers
and various aspects of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) using high power lasers.

For more of this Review goto:
* The Anomaly Archivist – Spring 2004
Overview of Collections: Before the Anomaly Archives was officially founded SMiles Lewis had a
clear vision for the lending library as a place for both serious anomalies
researchers and the curious public to go for historic and cutting edge
information on all things anomalous. The main collection began with an
emphasis on UFOs and classic parapsychology texts but quickly grew to
encompass wider aspects of consciousness research including lucid
dreaming, remote viewing, altered states of consciousness induced through
use of entheogens (aka psychedelics) and even into realms of electronic
communications with the dead. The first big donation to the primordial
archives was from the publisher of a local zine called Crash Collusion. The
publisher, Wes Nations, moved away but thankfully unloaded his vast
collection of books on SMiles Lewis and
other local Kooks. It was through Crash
Collusion and zines like the Excluded
Middle that archives founder SMiles came
to network far and wide with anomaly
writers and researchers across the U.S. and
around the globe. Through the late nineties
and into the 21 Century the primordial archive collections continued to grow,
continually being expanded through the crazed purchase habits of SMiles and
the continued donations of his Kooky friends. Towards the end of 2002 and
throughout 2003, several significant personal collections were donated by “The
Adams Family”, Chris Athanas (of, Jimmy Gardner, Jim
Beal, “Shag” Matthews and others. Several other personal collections have been
pledged for donation to the Anomaly Archives. Currently the total collection
contains over two thousand book titles, hundreds of lectures
on audio cassette, hundreds of anomalous periodicals, plus
videos, paper files and much much more.

Anomaly Archives’ Basic Services:

Free In-House Browsing & Research is open to the Public. Our current hours are weekends
from Noon to 5pm. These hours will expand as we gain volunteers to help staff weekend
mornings and weekday evenings. To volunteer, contact SMiles Lewis at
Discounts on membership and services are available to volunteers.
Lending Library Membership is $30 per year for lending privileges. There is a Half Price
Discount for members of the Human Potential Center, Austin MUFON, or Jung Society of Austin. Discounts are
also available for donations of books, periodicals and magazine subscriptions – ask about our Current Wish List
(also available online through our affiliation with
Rough Collection Statistics: Over 2000 Total Books plus Hundreds of
Consciousness: 1200+ General Collection of the Jung Society of Austin.
• 1000+ Jungian Psychology books in the Nisley • 50 Parapsychology
• 15 Remote Viewing
CryptoZoology: 25 General
• 12 Astral Travel / Out of Body Experience
• 18 Bigfoot
• 10 Lucid Dreaming
• 10 Lake Monster
• 10 Hypnosis
Paranormal: 100+ General
UFO: 300+ General UFOlogy
• 23 Hauntings / Poltergeists
• 33 Abduction
• 17 Biblical / Ancient Astronaut Audio Lectures: 200+ Cassettes
• 14 Skeptical Ufology Video Documentaries: 30+ VHS tapes & DVDs

The Anomaly Archivist – Spring 2004

Recap of Recent Archives Volunteer History:
In late 2002 the Human Potential Center began negotiations to purchase the
property at 2007 Bert Avenue that would soon become known as the Human
Potential Campus. SMiles Lewis spoke with HPC founder Bob McGarey,
describing to him the vision of his life’s dream.
Bob was hooked and was determined to help
Miles make his dream a reality. So a space
within the Campus was selected as the birthing
room for the Anomaly Archives. Soon
thereafter, work began on upgrading the space and making it habitable, even
comfortable. Archives co-founder and IONS Austin founder Don Switlick
(pictured top right) found our first set of shelves while on a trip to Waco where a
shoe store was closing and getting rid of all there hand-made shelves. With help
from Austin MUFON State Section Director Mike DeGroff (pictured left) they transported the shelves from Waco
to Austin and began reconfiguring them for book storage instead of
shoe display. Special thanks go out to Don and Mike for their tireless
efforts to get the space in order.
Painting the space was accomplished with much help from Jimmy
Gardner and SMiles Lewis. Carpeting was acquired by Owen McAleer
(of the archives’ sister organization INACS - Institute for Neuroscience
And Consciousness Studies – goto and a new air-
conditioner was donated by Bob McGarey of the Human Potential
Center. Marcus Barnes (also of INACS) and Harv Howard worked on
the electricity and Harv purchased the fluorescent lighting that
illuminates the space. “Shag” Matthews helped with everything from
cataloging to painting. Technological assistance was facilitated by
James and Nyssa who, along with Don Switlick, Craig York and Jim
Beal, all contributed computer equipment including several PCs, a web
server (plus parts), and flatbed scanners.
By November of 2003 the Anomaly Archives were ready for their first Open House which coincided with the first
Art Show of the Human Potential Center. This event was a fun-filled success for the entire Human Potential
Campus. In the picture above we see Marcus, Miles, Harv and Cathy laughing it up in the middle of the library. In
the picture below we see Loel Graber (IONS Austin Member), Don Switlick (Archives), Jimmy Gardner, Marcus
Barnes (INACS), Mike DeGroff (Austin Mufon), SMiles Lewis (Archives), “Shag” Matthews, Harv Howard, and
Cathy. We made a lot of friends at this event and we look forward to many many more!
As we look to the future of the Anomaly Archives we can expect its’ activities to grow along with the collections.
Already the Archives are planning on expanding collections to include various UFO Sightings Databases, rare
Anomaly Files from researchers around the
world, and an increasing number of video
documentaries on everything from the
science of Anomalous Crop Formations to
the Mysterious Cattle Mutilations. Soon the
entire catalog of our collection will be
available online in an interactive format.
Finally, I would like to thank Archives
Volunteer Carolyn O’Steen for her hours of
cataloging that made the Jung Society
collection available so quickly. The
Archives and I owe you a debt of gratitude.
See you next issue … and at the library! The Anomaly Archivist – Spring 2004
The Anomaly Archives - Lending Library
2007 Bert Avenue
Austin, TX 78704

UpComing Anomaly Events

Anomaly Archives Presents: Austin, TX
Adam Gorightly on The Prankster & the
Conspiracy "The X-Conference"
April 13th 2004 1st Annual Exopolitics Expo
Austin, TX Washington DC April 17-18, 2004
Austin MUFON Monthly Meeting
Austin History Center @ 9th & Guadalupe McMenamins UFO Fest
April 17th / 1-4pm May 14-16,2004
McMinnville, OR
MUFON International UFO Symposium
Southern Crypto Conference July 16-18, 2004
June 26, 2004 Denver, CO
Conroe, TX
Alternate Realities Conference
Sept 24-25, 2004
Roswell UFO Festival Johnson, TN
Roswell, NM
July 1-4, 2004 4th Annual Texas Bigfoot Conference
Jefferson, TX
Ancient of Days October 23rd, 2004
Roswell NM
July 2-5, 2004

The Anomaly Archivist – Volume One / Issue One / Number One – Spring 2004