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Sport is an important thing in people`s life because it makes people stronger, healthier, more organized and disciplined in their daily activities. According to Martin Polley, an merican historian, there re rtif cts th t suggest th t the Chinese engaged is sport ctivities s early as 4000 BC, especially gymnastics. In Ancient Egypt monuments to the ph r ohs indicate th t swimming, fishing, jumping and wrestling were well developed. This suggests that sport was invented long before the beginning of the time and still exists. This article will talk about sports in UAE. People in UAE love sports and most of them play games and watch sports on TV. Sports in United Arabic Emirates can be divided in 3 categories: water sports, field sports and traditional sports. The oldest types of sports are tr ditional sports such as horse racing and camel racing. Camel-racing is extremely popul r in the Emir tes. It w s originally held t weddings or special festiv ls, but now customized tr cks have been built throughout the U E. Sheikh Zayed sponsors Zayed Gr nd Prize camel r ces, which re held at Al W thb r cetr ck to celebr te UAE National Day. This day is also famous for it is main idea to recover traditional UAE sports. There is a Camel-Racing Feder tion which is now responsible for guiding and controlling c mel-r cing events in the Emir tes nd promoting events bro d. The horse h s lways been n essential p rt of r b life. Today, ll forms of equestri n sport are enormously popul r in the U E, with the pure-bred r bi n horse still h ving pride of pl ce. It is funny how thousands ye r ago r bs used their horses to survive or to conquer, but now there re using it just to relax or to feel the adrenaline running through their veins. The Arabian horse is used nowadays for a track racing, endurance racing, and jumping. Endurance riding involves long distance racing, Arabian horses are perfect for this type of sport because of their stamina. Track racing is a professional racing on the specially prepared tracks. There are many venues and tracks across UAE; also UAE hosts the world s prestigious race - Dubai World Cup.

Other famous types of sports are the marine sports. Thanks to UAE`s location s me w ters th t once ttr cted the pe rl divers of the p st now draw a huge number of loc ls and foreigners who enjoy water sports. High temperatures all the year round and clear water makes UAE the best place for water sports. The most famous water sports are scuba diving, power boat racing and water skiing. Power Boat Racing is a popular adventure sports. It is famous in Abu Dhabi, since national team of UAE has achieved worldprominence. Abu Dhabi is the first city in the Middle East which organized the UIM Formula One Power Boat Race. Power Boat Racing is held in the month of May. Competitors from all over the world come to UAE to test their skills and knowledge. Scuba diving is also well-known in UAE, because of the ocean wildlife and crystal water. The most famous place in UAE for diving is Fujairah. Wind surfing is practiced UAE, however because of the UAE`s weather it is not as good as in other parts of the world. Important things for water skiing are waves, but in UAE there are not many winds and that s why waves a very weak, so this waves are mostly suitable for beginners. However kite surfing is very popular, there are a lot of clubs in UAE that promote and teach people to master this sport. The most important water sport in UAE is sailing. There are many types of sailing in UAE, but the oldest is a traditional boat-racing. Dhow is a wooden bo t constructed with the special technology. In past time, these Dhows were used for fishing and tr nsport tion, but s time dem nded these Dhows were reconstructed to ccommod te ll the modern menities for offshore s iling long Abu Dhabi and Dubai costs. During the period October April a special traditional sailing racings are held. Sheikh Zayed promote this type of sport in teenagers, he created an annual dhow race for teenagers which is held every June.

The most famous sport in Dubai certainly is football. Football is a team sport where everyone can play whether you are poor or rich, people love to watch it on TV because every second is an expectation to see a goal, and this is makes this sport so famous. UAE football league was established in 1973, it is Emirati`s professional league, consists of 26 teams and 150 players. There are four major football cups in UAE; the biggest of them is Super cup. It is played between previous season s UAE winners and UAE

President Cup winners. Previous year`s champion team was Al-ahli, which won national league and won Al-Ain in Super cup. This year s championship has not finished yet. Al-Ahli is currently the best team in UAE, it was established in 1970. This team has won the national league five times, it`s top players are Jamal Mubarak form UAE and Hassan Nazari from Iran. UAE national football team is not doing great these days; it has appeared in world cup in 1990, took fourth place in 1992 Asian Cup and in 2007 won Gulf Cup for the first time. However UAE national under-20 football team is doing great, in 2008 it has won the AFC champion and Ahmed Khalil was awarded as the most valuable player and top scorer. Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Khalifa are doing everything to improve people s attitude towards football and provide everything needed to achieve a higher results in this sport. Lately the two biggest stadiums have been built in Abu Dhabi, which will play host to The FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2009 in December. Manchester City is going to open academy in Abu Dhabi, in order to improve UAE`s players skills and knowledge. There are a lot of venues and sport clubs across UAE, where people can play football and improve their skills.

The reason why sport has grown in UAE so dramatically is because UAE leaders understand that sport can make their nation healthy and successful, so they sacrifice all of their resources and invest in future.

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