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FACTS: On October 22, 1983, then President Marcos created a Fact- Finding Board to
investigate the assassination of Ninoy Aquino. The minority and majority reports of the Board both
agreed that Rolando Galman was not the assassin but was merely a fall guy of the military, which
plotted the assassination itself. The minority report tags 26 persons, headed by General Ver, as
respondents to the case. Marcos rejected the reports of the Board and stuck to his claim that it
was Galman who killed Aquino. Thereafter, Sandiganbayan and Tanodbayan acquitted the
respondents of the crime charged, declaring them innocent and totally absolving them of any civil
liability. In this petition, Petitioners Saturnina Galman, wife of the late Rolando Galman, and 29
others filed the present action alleging that respondent courts committed serious irregularities
constituting mistrial and resulting in miscarriage of justice and gross violation of the constitutional
rights of the sovereign people of the Philippines to due process of law. Allegedly, then President
Marcos had ordered the respondent courts to whitewash the criminal cases against the 26
respondents accused and produce a verdict of acquittal. In his comment, the Deputy Tanodbayan
Manuel Herrera, affirmed the allegations and revealed that Malaca.ang had planned the scenario
of the trial. Respondents-accused prayed for its denial.
ISSUE: Whether or not the trial was a mock trial and that the predetermined judgment of acquittal
was unlawful and void ab initio.
HELD: Yes. The Supreme Court cannot permit such a sham trial and verdict and travesty of
justice to stand unrectified. The courts of the land under its aegis are courts of law and justice and
equity. They would have no reason to exist if they were allowed to be used as mere tools of
injustice, deception and duplicity to subvert and suppress the truth, instead of repositories of
judicial power whose judges are sworn and committed to render impartial justice to all alike who
seek the enforcement or protection of a right or the prevention or redress of a wrong, without fear
or favor and removed from the pressures of politics and prejudice. More so, in the case at bar
where the people and the world are entitled to know the truth, and the integrity of our judicial
system is at stake. In life, as an accused before the military tribunal, Ninoy had pleaded in vain
that as a civilian he was entitled to due process of law and trial in the regular civil courts before an
impartial court with an unbiased prosecutor. In death, Ninoy, as the victim of the "treacherous and
vicious assassination" and the relatives and sovereign people as the aggrieved parties plead
once more for due process of law and a retrial before an impartial court with an unbiased
prosecutor. The Court is constrained to declare the sham trial a mock trial the non-trial of the
century-and that the pre-determined judgment of acquittal was unlawful and void ab initio.