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award ribbon construction

by Nellie Durand

The quilt guild that I belong to desired to present extra fancy ribbons for the special award
categories in our quilt shows. This is the method of construction that I have devised to make
them. The rosettes are tiny quilts ... either pieced or wholecloth and each is either hand or
machine quilted. The “Best In Show”, “Judges Choice”, and “Viewers Choice” ribbons have
ruffles framing the rosette. The writing is printed on Ink Jet transfer sheets for white Tshirts.

fabric for rosette 2 1/2” w satin ribbon 2 CD discs
backing fabric 1 1/2” w gross grain ribbon Tshirt Iron-on Transfer Sheets
light weight batting ribbon for ruffle (optional) hanger back for award ribbons

- Prepare fabric for the decorative top of the award ribbon. I aimed to interpret the award.
- Place it on top of a layer of batting.
- Cut it in a circle the size of a CD disc PLUS 1/2”-3/4” seam allowance.
- Sew a line of basting stitches in the seam allowance through both layers.
- Pull the ends of the basting thread to form the fabric around the the CD disc.

Award Ribbon Construction - page 2

iron printed transfer to ribbon

After transfer has cooled, peel

* Paper away from ribbon

Use a computer text program to write out

a description for the award. Each ribbon
will require one “page”. to get vertical
words set up for “center spacing” and
Write one letter on each line.. Play with
the fonts to find an appropriate one for
each award. This must be printed back-
wards, or mirror image onto the transfer.
the setting is usually on your printer. Use pinking shears to cut the bottom edge
. after the printing is ironed onto the ribbon.

After the 1st award is printed, cut it the width of the ribbon from the large sheet.

To use the cut away transfer pieces, place each one down the center of a plain
sheet of paper. Use double-sided tape to adhere the backside of the transfer pa-
per to the leading edge of the plain paper going into the printer.

After printing cut the transfer to the width of the ribbon.

Award ribbon construction - page 3

Backing: Cover a second CD.

- Cut and glue a piece of batting
in the center. This is to fill the
space created by the gathered
fabric edges.
- Cut a circle of backing fabric
larger than the CD.
- Sew a row of basting stitches.
- Pull the thread ends to form the
fabric around the CD.
cut lengths of gross-
Attach the printed
grain ribbon. Attach ruffle:
ribbon to backside of If a ruffle is desired, make and
them to the seam allow-
the rosette front attach it at this point. Gather up
ance edge of the Rosette
a length twice as long as the cir-
cumference of the CD with two
rows of machine basting stitches.
Gather the ruffle to fit the outside
edge. Stitch it to the edge of the
Rosette front.

- Match the two covered CD’s
wrong sides together. Use a few
straight pins to hold them.
-Blind-stitch them together with a
matching thread. I like to use a
curved needle and the ladder
stitch (alternate running stitches in
each layer). A regular needle
may be used.

Attach a backing with s smear of glue on the card-

board. Either clip or weigh down the backing while it
dries. A backing can be made with cardboard and a
paperclip. Cut a slit and slide the small side of a clip to
the backside of the backing. Our ribbons hang from
large safety pins inserted into display curtains.