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POB 326 Newark Valley, NY 13811-0326

Serving the Southern Tier

Photo Bald Eagle
By Kelly Sweet
Newark Valley, NY

Dates to Remember


Groundhog Day
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary established
Chinese New Year (Year of the Monkey)
Shrove Tuesday
Mardi Gras
Ash Wednesday
Lincolns Birthday
Valentines Day
Presidents Day
Washingtons Birthday
Spay Day
International Polar Bear Day

February is: African-American History Month

Heart Month
National Blood Donor Month

Did You Knowan estimated 1 billion

Valentines Day cards are sent each year.
Women purchase approximately 85 percent of
all valentines.

February 2016


Kelly (Frederick) Sweet has lived in Newark Valley since
she was a teenager, is a graduate of NVHS and is
employed at Lockheed Martin in Owego, NY. Kelly and
her husband Gary raised two sons in Newark Valley and
love spending time outside with their dogs. They enjoy
hiking, camping and Jeepventures with their friends.
Kelly has worked in many mediums including pencil,
pastels and acrylics. Most recently she has taken up
photography and loves to photograph anything that
catches her eye but her favorites are wildlife and
landscapes. She has donated framed photos for auction
to many causes including child leukemia and Shelter
Slam as well as local fund raisers.
The cover photo was taken in Cayuga, NY near
Montezuma Wetlands where recently as many as 70
Bald Eagles have been counted. Montezuma is a
wonderful place that Kelly and her family visit several
times a year to see the different migrating birds that visit
there along their journeys. Some of the many birds she
has captured (photographed) there include Pintail Ducks,
Sandhill Cranes, Osprey and of course Bald Eagles.

valentines Day quotes

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. But if you love
and must needs have desires, let these be your
desires; to melt and be like a running brook that
sings its melody to the night, to know the pain of
too much tenderness, to be wounded by your own
understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the
fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts
~ Dorothy Parker
Love is life. All, everything that I understand, I
understand only because I love. Everything is,
everything exists, only because I love.
~ Leo Tolstoy
Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding
~- Zora Neale Hurston
The Moonlighter

Funded through
Catholic Charities
USA and the Office
of Juvenile Justice
and Delinquency

Youth Engagement Services (YES)

Mentoring is looking for volunteer
mentors like you for children and youth in
Tompkins and Tioga counties. If you are at
least 18 years old, can pass a background
check, have reliable transportation, and
would like to change the world of a child
or teen, please contact us!
*You do not have to be Catholic to be a
volunteer mentor. Training for trauma
informed mentoring
will be provided.

For more information,

contact Sonnie Siegfried.

Students facing an opportunity gap who meet regularly

with a mentor are:
55% more likely to enroll in college
78% more likely to volunteer regularly
90% are interested in becoming a mentor
130% more likely to hold leadership positions.
52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school
37% less likely to skip a class.
46% less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs
27% less likely to start drinking.

According to the Role of Risk study, the strongest and most consistent benefit of mentoring
was a reduction in depressive symptoms.

and family is just a tag put on people who live in

the same house.

Writing From My Rocker

By Hazel Goodrich

Interesting start to a brand new yearthe very first letter

I wrote on this contraption and the ink ran out! I dont
have my dandy computer person handy here, so I had to
figure out how to change the cartridge myself. The only alternative was to ask
my husband, and some of you ladies out there will understand when I say last
As you can see, I did ok; the instructions were very clear; it was my fear of
failure that kept me from wanting to venture into unfamiliar waters. Thinking
back, I can see now that I missed out on gaining knowledge and/or good fun
because of that mindset. Makes me wonderwhen does that fear set in?
Where does it come from? Can it be overcome?

I grew up thinking right was right and wrong was

wrong and I still dont understand the gray area
created by our legal system where maybe is
ok, depending on how much lawyer you can
afford. Biblical morality is ridiculed by some as
old-fashioned, and old-fashioned is made out to
be a bad thing. Trust me when I say our
ancestors knew a good thing when they heard
it; too bad we dont listen to their voices
Still missing yall. God bless!

Obviously, it can be conquered or I wouldnt have any ink, but what about more
serious things and situations?
I tend to think of the more mundane things like complicated recipes for exotic
food, but nowadays people face job changes or loss, moving to different
neighborhoods with cultural differences, downsizing sometimes an admission
of not being able to care for the big picture anymore. Standing up for beliefs in
God and country, can the fear of failure dictate our lifestyle?
Now I have wandered into fear of rejection my other damper. I am a
dinosaur in the sense that I long for the old days when things were pretty much
cut and dried. Family was the most important priority, and quality of time was a
must. Public prayer and church attendance were normal and accepted
practices. Now it seems like church attendance interferes with game schedules,
and public prayer is being banned everywhere. Money and influence are #1,
and family is just a tag put on people who live in the same house.

February 2016

The Moonlighter

3 Railroad St Whitney Point, NY 13862
Open Weds-Sun 10am-5pm; Mon & Tues by app't.


50% off glassware
Antiques /Collectibles / Linen / Lamps / Jewelry / Tools / Knives / Fishing / Buttons / Beads / Pottery
Glassware / China / Crystal / Toys / Dolls / Advertising / Postcards / Furniture

Call 607-862-9795 for appointment or contact

Indigenous People of the land who never became citizens
The Jesuit Mission
The Hurons were also deeply mystified by the sex lives of the Jesuits. A life
of celibacy was very hard for the Huron elders to fathom. They grew
suspicious of the Jesuits motives and of their basic humanity.
The Jesuits saw Huron religious beliefs as a form of primitive paganism.
Because Hurons did not vigorously defend their beliefs, the Jesuits
convinced themselves that natives did not actually hold firm beliefs. What
the priests did not realize was that direct confrontation was unthinkable to
native peoples. They strongly believed that everyone was entitled to his or
her own beliefs, provided that such beliefs were not disruptive.



Boys clothes, even designer

clothes, may cost 20% to 50% less
than similar items in the womens
department. Heres how to size
up boys wear
Womens size
Boys size
14 top, 29/30 pants
16 top, 30/31 pants
18 top, 31/32 pants
20 top, 32/33 pants

Huron spiritual beliefs and ethics were quite profound. Their fundamental
belief rested in a supreme female deity. They also believed in the duality of
the soul, which allowed for two sides to every individual, with unity being
the end objective of existence.
As soon as the Jesuits realized that Huron spiritual life was more powerful,
extensive, and deep-seated than they had imagined, they decided their
converts must be protected from the temptation of reversion. They
developed a program to separate Christian villages from pagan ones. In
some, but very few cases, this plan worked. In those Huron villages that
became Christian, the priest replaced the head of the foremost clan as
leader, seriously altering the lifestyle of the natives.
Conversion for Hurons was not usually a matter of belief, teaching, or
doctrine. Most Hurons converted for economic reasons, for it was Christian
Hurons who proved to be most active in politics and had the most to gain
from the fur trade. By adopting the trappings of the French faith, the
converts benefited from gifts, guns, and a wider trade network.
February 2016

The Moonlighter


OUR world,
Our home

Outer Banks,
No. Carolina

A normal fumarole is a vent
that protrudes from the
ground, allowing steam from
volcanoes to escape out
into the open. Of course,
arctic volcanoes have
fumaroles, too, but its so
cold that steam particles freeze upon contact with the outside
air, building up until you eventually get massive, 60-foot-high
"ice chimneys" shooting hot air out into the arctic wasteland.
Info from African
Wildlife Foundation


info from Organic Consumers Association

Less than 400,000 African elephants remain in the world. But

with poaching on the rise and ivory demand ever increasing,
up to 35,000 elephants are killed each year. In order to get
their tusks, poachers must kill elephants. Buying ivory
products feeds the poaching industry and leads directly to
elephant murder. Are pendants and bracelets really worth
losing this priceless animal? By 2020, African elephants will
be extinct.

Although it prefers small mammals, the arctic
fox is an opportunistic and resourceful feeder,
even trailing polar bears on the ice to eat their
leftovers. Temperatures in the Arctic are rising
at twice the rate of the rest of the world. The
effects of climate change need to be mitigated to ensure the
survival of the arctic fox and other species.

The emperor penguin is known as
the giant of the penguins. It is one
of a family of bird species found
primarily in the Southern
Hemisphere. Even though they are
birds, penguins have flippers
instead of wings and are expert swimmers and divers. On land
they waddle when walking upright or slide on their bellies on
the snow.
February 2016

The Bodie Island Lighthouse, (pronounced "Body") is located

just south of the town of Nags Head and Whalebone Junction,
where Highway 158, Highway 64, and NC Highway 12
intersect. Visitors travelling towards Hatteras Island can't help
but notice the black and white horizontal striped structure,
peaking out over a line of dense cedar trees on the soundside.
The grounds surrounding the Bodie Island Lighthouse, a
mixture of marshlands, maritime forest and small saltwater
ponds, are a popular destination for nature lovers and bird
watchers. Its proximity to the Pea Island Wildlife Refuge, just
across the Bonner Bridge, means that hundreds of species
pass by the Bodie Island Lighthouse on a regular basis.

Neonicotinoid pesticides specifically, and pesticides (and

herbicides) in general, should be banned from the U.S. food
system, as should most chemical fertilizers. Period. To varying
degrees, these chemicals all destroy soil health. They destroy
water quality. (The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is now the size of
Connecticut and Rhode Island, according to the latest estimate
from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and
neonics were detected in half the sampled streams in the U.S.,
according to a report released August 18, 2015, by the U.S.
Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey).
In addition to destroying soil health and polluting our water,
chemical fertilizers also directly contribute to global warming.
The bottom line is this: Unhealthy soil produces unhealthy food;
polluted waters and global warming are threats to human
health; and toxic chemicals on our food are not good for us.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that
there are traces of 29 different pesticides in the average
Americans body. The government agencies that defend the
widespread use of toxic chemicals in U.S. agriculture do so on
the basis of what they refer to as safe residues, as determined
by the regulatory agencies, often with input from corporations,
and only by looking at each chemical independently. These
agencies dont study the impact of the toxic chemical cocktails
resulting from exposure to multiple pesticides or chemicals.
According to Andre Leu, author of the Myths of Safe
Pesticides, there are, in fact, no safe limits of pesticides,
especially when it comes to children.

The Moonlighter


This is the inaugural year of

Kubotas Award of Excellence
program and it is already setting
a high standard that will pave
the way for sustained growth
and market segment
leadership, Ray Villarreal,
Kubota director of dealer
development adds. We have
built a strong reputation for top
quality on the manufacturing
level and this award recognizes
that Goodrich Implement is
delivering on the Kubota
promise before, during and after
the sale.
About Kubota Tractor
Kubota Tractor Corporation,
Torrance, Calif., is the U.S.
marketer and distributor of
Kubota-engineered and
TORRANCE, Calif. (December 21, 2015) Kubota Tractor Corporation is pleased to honor
manufactured machinery and
Goodrich Implement Inc., located in Johnson City, NY, with Kubotas Premier Award of
equipment, including a
Excellence as part of the companys prestigious dealership certification program. The certification
complete line of tractors of up
program was created by Kubotas senior leadership team in conjunction with its National Dealer
to 170 Gross hp, performanceAdvisory Board to recognize dealers around the country that are providing customers with the
matched implements, compact
ultimate Kubota experience from top quality equipment, to sales and financing, customer
and utility-class construction
satisfaction and best in class service.
equipment, consumer lawn
and garden equipment, hay
Whether it is landscapers, contractors or large property owners, todays customers expect
tools and spreaders,
equipment dealers to be top-notch, full-service partners. Kubotas Award of Excellence program
recognizes dealers that are already there, meeting and exceeding customers expectations, says commercial turf products and
utility vehicles. For product
Todd Stucke, vice president, sales, marketing and product support for Kubota. Simply put, they
literature or dealer locations,
are our very best, and theyve set the bar high. For that, we thank and applaud them.
contact: Kubota Tractor
Corporation, 3401 Del Amo
Unique to Kubotas Award of Excellence program is its designation criteria. The advisory board
Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503,
and Kubota worked together to narrow down the criteria to core elements related to customer
(888) 4-KUBOTA
sales and service support excellence, that are the absolute most critical for longevity, segment
growth and overall business success. In order to be recognized with a Kubota Premier Award of [(888) 458-2682], Ext. 900, or
Excellence a dealership must meet all requirements and achieve at least an 80 percent
compliance percentage of all the core elements.
Sale valid through February 29, 2016

Johnson City (607) 729-6161

Newark Valley (607) 642-3293

Parts - Sales - Service - Rental

Local Kubota dealer Goodrich Implement Inc.,
recognized with Kubota Premier Award of Excellence
February 2016

The Moonlighter



Put your car keys beside your bed at night. Tell
your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your
parents, your Dr.'s office, the check-out girl at
the market, everyone you run across. Put your
car keys beside your bed at night. If you hear a
noise outside your home or someone trying to
get in your house, just press the panic button for
your car. The alarm will be set off, and the horn
will continue to sound until either you turn it off
or the car battery dies.

Hand of Man
Riverow, Owego

This tip came from a neighborhood watch

coordinator. Next time you come home for the
night and you start to put your keys away, think
of this: It's a security alarm system that you
probably already have and requires no
installation. Test it. It will go off from most
everywhere inside your house and will keep
honking until your battery runs down or until you
reset it with the button on the key fob chain.
It works if you park in your driveway or garage. If your
car alarm goes off when someone is trying to break into
your house, odds are the burglar/rapist won't stick
It works if you park in your driveway or garage.
around. After a few seconds, all the neighbors will be
If your car alarm goes off when someone is trying
looking out their windows to see who is out there and
to break into your house, odds are the
sure enough the criminal won't want that. And remember
burglar/rapist won't stick around. After a few
to carry your keys while walking to your car in a parking
seconds, all the neighbors will be looking out
lot. The alarm can work the same way there. This is
their windows to see who is out there and sure
something that should really be shared with everyone.
enough the criminal won't want that. And
Maybe it could save a life or a sexual abuse crime.
remember to carry your keys while walking to
car in aalso
lot. The
can work the
be useful
for alarm
any emergency,
such as a
heart attack, where you can't reach a phone. Suggest that
be shared
it could
car keysMaybe
with them
in case one of
save afalls
life or
a sexual
cant crime.
be heard. They can activate
I amalarm
this to
I know
the car
to alert
to the
is fantastic. Would also be
useful for any emergency, such as a heart attack,
where you can't reach a phone. My Mom has
to my Up
he carry his car
Never Give
After his first audition, Sidney Poitier was told by the
hear him. He can activate the car alarm and then
casting director, Why dont you stop wasting
know there's
a problem.
time and
go out and become a dishwasher
something? It was at that moment, recalls
Poitier, that he decided to devote his life to acting.
When Lucille Ball began studying to be an actress in
1927, she was told by the head instructor of the John
Murray Anderson Drama School, Try any other
February 2016

The Moonlighter

Hair Salon
has moved to

The Styling Corner


127 Spencer Ave.

Owego, NY

194 Front St Owego, NY 13827

French and Nordic-inspired
Design for your life
We still believe in Gracious Living
Weds-Sat 11-5; Sun 12-4; Mon & Tues closed


body. We hate our attitudes, behaviors, fears, and

anger. Were depressed, claustrophobic, anorexic, and
full of anxiety. By having all these negative feelings
about ourselves, we feel like failures, and the negative
talk goes on.
Store Hours:
82 Main St.
Candor, NY 13743

Mon-Fri 8-8
Sat 8-6; Sun 8-3

Redemption Center Hours: Saturdays 8-1

By Rev. Olivia Armstrong
Love is a beingness. God said
He made man in His likeness and
image and we know God is Love. In I John 4:16, the
Bible tells us that God is love. Whoever lives in love
lives in God and God in him. Therefore, we were born
to love. But some of us have lost some of our beingness
because we dont nurture the love within us. Not
nurturing the love within us is not giving ourselves love.
The love of God is inherited. How can we love God if we
cant even love ourselves? God is within us, is part of us,
is us.
It says in the Bible that the Kingdom of Heaven is
within. Isnt God the Kingdom of Heaven? God is love,
so what does that make us if we are made in the
likeness and image of God? It makes us sons and
daughters of a loving God, and of a God who is love.
Therefore, if love is the essence of God and God is in us,
that makes us Gods love children. And Love created
everything. It is also the most powerful force in the
universe. Love can move mountains and change
negative situations. It heals the sick, feeds the hungry,
mends broken hearts, brings sanity to the insane, and
raises the dead. The power of love can do anything and
But we fall short of this power because we are not in
the spiritual flow of the love connection force. Yes, we
love our families, our children, our husbands, wives, and
our country. But all of those things are outside of
ourselves. Some of us say we love God when we cant
even love ourselves. We hate to look in a mirror. We
hate the way we look; we hate our legs, arms, face,
February 2016

Do you know every negative thing you say about

yourself depletes your love for self and also for God?
And every negative thing you do to yourself, you are
doing to God. How can that be? We all agree that God is
love and we are children of God. You must have the
awareness of who you are and whose you are, in order
to be in the spiritual flow of the love connection in the
spiritual realm. God is in us. The Kingdom of Heaven is
within. Therefore, every time we do a negative thing to
ourselves, arent we doing the same to God? This cant
hurt God physically, of course. But it does hurt Him to
see you hurting yourself. Do you know that God has
feelings? Not on the level we vibrate our feelings, but
God does feel. So if youre not loving yourself, being
good to yourself, you deplete the power of love within
you. Your love vibration is not vibrating at its highest
Can you imagine what your life would be like if you
were vibrating at even half of your love vibration?
Scientifically, it has been said that we use only onetenth of our brain. Now, I believe that if we vibrate at a
higher level of love, we will use more of our brain. Look
at Jesus. Do you think He was using only one-tenth of
His brain, or all of it? Jesus even said we will do greater
works than He didI tell you the truth, anyone who
has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will
do even greater things than these. (John 14:12)
God loves us so much that He put the Holy Spirit in us.
The Holy Spirit, as John 14:17 says, is the spirit of truth.
The spirit of truth speaks the love of God. The power of
Love is when you trust fully. You believe you were
totally protected, secure, and prosperous. There will be
no fear, doubt or shame, because you will know who
you are and whose you are.
The power of Love is within us. Its a natural state of
being. We must go within and rekindle the love that
was given to us so freely.
What a sight!
God is so powerful
He can light up the stars at night!
~ Marg Scott

The Moonlighter



By Chris Marion
In Catholic third grade we were not
allowed to use fountain pens, as our
manual dexterity was not yet sufficiently developed. Ball
point pens were considered unprofessional, so we were
issued standard #2 pencils. I found a long pencil unwieldy
and uncomfortable, so Grampa gave me a short one hed
been using for a long time. It suited my small hand and
was much better.


442 North Ave Owego, NY 13827


Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-3, Sunday Closed

Sister Corona, however, scolded me for being out of

uniform and told me to put it in my desk, take it home,
and never bring that, that THING to school again. But
Sister, Grampa gave it to me last night and I like it.
I dont care who gave it to you! she bellowed, You will
do as I say!
Yes, Sister. I put it in the desk but forgot to take it
home and, as luck would have it, the next day there was
an unannounced desk inspection, much like boot camp
bunk and locker inspection. Mine failed because the
books were not the way SHE wanted, and I was in
possession of a non-uniform pencil with intent to use.
My punishment was to write 50 times at home: I will
keep my desk uniform, and will have and use ONLY a
uniform pencil at all times.
As you might expect, I wrote that with Grampas short
pencil, and now, even at 62, Ive never completely
conformed to any UH-THOR-UH-TAY!

March 3- March 16
Please call early
for appointments.

Happy Valentines Day!

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history
not to have a full moon.



First elected to Congress in 1968, Shirley Chisholm was

the first African American woman to win a congressional
seat, and in 1972, she became the first African American
presidential candidate for a major political party. She
was also the first woman to run for the Democratic
nomination. Chisholm shattered the racial barrier, but
saw the need for continued progress toward equality,
saying, "I don't measure America by its achievement but
by its potential."
In 1992 -- the Year of the Woman -- eight African
American women were elected to the U.S. House:
Corrine Brown, Eva Clayton, Barbara-Rose Collins,
Eleanor Holmes Norton, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Cynthia
McKinney, Carrie Meek, and Maxine Waters.
February 2016


To avoid much of todays advertising mail, contact the
Direct Marketing Association. DMAs Mail Preference
Service (includes more than 500 major national
mailing houses) can get your name off many
computerized mailing lists. Visit

The Moonlighter


DINING GUIDE To area restaurants

145 Front St.

Owego, NY


Five course romantic meal!

at the Historic
Parkview Restaurant
Choice of Main Entree
Choice of Dessert
Many wonderful entres
to choose from!

The winner from the November Dining Guide drawing was Patty Sherwood of Binghamton NY.
Congratulations Patty. Enjoy! (The winner from December/January will be published in the March issue).
Happy dining!

Enter to win a $10 certificate to use at any

one of the area restaurants featured here.

Clip and mail this entry to:

The Moonlighter

PO Box 326, Newark Valley, NY 13811-0326

Entry must be received by February 29th

Winner will be notified by phone and

will be announced in the April issue
of The Moonlighter. Enjoy!
Name: ___________________________
Address: ___________________________

The best
and most
things in
the world
cannot be
seen or
They must
be felt with
the heart.

Helen Keller

Phone #: ______________________________

February 2016

Celebrating our 8 year


1551 Upper North Ave Owego, NY

687-PIZA (687-7492)
Pizza Chicken Wings Calzones
Party Packs Stromboli
Deli Subs Salads
Fresh dough made daily
100% real cheese
Only the finest ingredients
Breakfast Mon-Fri 7am

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. . . For Service, bodywork,

restorations, insurance, tires

221 Main Street

Phone: 607-687-1009
Owego, NY 13827
Fax: 607-687-0950
Auto Home Business Commercial Life


If your vehicles battery or charge indicator light comes
on, it may not be a battery problem, but a faulty
charging system. The red light is essentially a warning
that the system isnt charging the battery and you dont
have very far to drive before the battery goes dead.
Pull off the road as soon as its convenient to do so, to
prevent stalling on the road.

2784 West Creek Road

Newark Valley, NY 13811
Specializing in Antique, Classic,
and Muscle Car Restorations

Terenzis Body Shop

Quality Repairs and 24 hr. towing

1461 Union Center Maine Hgwy

Endicott, New York 13760


Jim Terenzi

NYS INSPECTIONS Towing Collision Repair Bodywork and

Rust Repair Large Panel Replacement Engine Swaps &
Detailing Tires New & Used, Mount and Balance
Oil Changes Tire Rotation, Brakes & Tune-ups Detailing
Sandblasting Mig Welding Truck Accessories Lift Kits
Spray-in-Bedliner Oil Changes 6V to 12V Conversions

Visit our Facebook Page:

Curious Origin PIN MONEY

In Tudor times and before when a merchant or
tradesman made a bargain it was the custom for
him to give some money for the other man's wife or
daughter 'for pins'. (Tudor women needed lots of
pins to hold their clothes together).

February 2016

The Moonlighter


Health & Fitness

- How much do you know? (continued)

New Product for Cracked Skin Care

HerillaFingerHydration Cream
Now Available At:
The Pharmacy
1139 Upper Front St.
Binghamton, NY
711 Main St.
Johnson City, NY

Waverly Pharmacy
Visit our website:

443 Cayuta Ave.

Waverly, NY

Health Beat


214 Main Street
Johnson City, NY 13790

Tel. 607-797-1001
Mon-Fri 9-8 Sat 10-6 Sun 10-4

Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Organic Groceries and Produce
Gluten-free Items
Local Meats
Bulk organic Coffee
Grab & Go Deli

Personalized Diet Plans

with owner Michele L. Moelder C.N.
February 2016

Why do varicose veins form in the first place?

Arteries are lined with muscles that contract and move
blood through the body. Veins don't have their own
muscles, so they rely on large skeletal muscle
movement to move blood. One-way valves keep the
blood flowing in the right direction. If the one-way
valve becomes weak, some of the blood can leak back
into the vein, collect there, and then become congested
or clogged. This congestion stretches the vein, injuring
the vein lining. The swelling results in a varicose or
spider vein. Some varicose vein facts:
Varicose veins are extremely rare in Third World
populations who sit on the floor. When these
communities become Westernized and start sitting
on chairs, however, the incidence increases.
Varicose veins are almost always found in the legs,
indicating that gravity plays a role in the human
upright position.
The incidence of varicose veins increases with age
and seems to be influenced by diet and lifestyle.
Women are three times more prone to varicose
veins than men. Female hormones may play a role.
Heredity, a low-fiber diet, weak vein walls,
malfunctioning valves in the vein and unhealthy habits
are all possible causes of varicose veins.
Info provided by Health Sciences Institute
Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia, and
is an insidious disease that sneaks up slowly, disguising
itself as normal aging and forgetfulness.
Roughly 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimers and
half of people age 85 or older have the disease already.
If you live long enough, you or a loved one is likely to
develop the disease.
The drug companies are preying on the Alzheimers
pandemic, ruthlessly turning confusion into profits. Did
you know that Aricept 23 was approved by the FDA
despite warnings from the agencys own researchers?
Aricept was devised to serve commercial aims and was
approved by the FDA despite a poor showing in
company-sponsored tests.
Side effects from Aricept 23 include slow heartbeat,
fainting, nausea, vomiting, stomach ulcers,
gastrointestinal bleeding, and seizures.

The Moonlighter



On the way to clearer nails today
PinPointe FootLaser is the first laser scientifically designed
to promote clear nails in patients who suffer from unsightly nail fungus.
Clinically proven, this is without the harmful side effects of
medications, and typically takes only 30 minutes to perform.
Put nail fungus worries behind you
My practice is the first in the region to introduce
this unique technology.
The treatment is performed in the comfort of our office, does not
require any type of anesthesia and is intended to be a one-time
treatment modality for the majority of the population.

Before & after view of nail treated

with the PinPointe Footlaser

PinPointe FootLaser
is the first laser to receive
clearance from the
Food and Drug
and the only laser
designed and built
to treat patients
with toenail fungus.


Choline is used by our brains to make the

important chemical acetylcholine, which is
required for memory. If using choline, it is
better to use choline chloride or choline
hydrochloride, rather than choline bitartrate,
as it sometimes causes diarrhea. Taking
choline may help improve your memory and
your ability to learn. You should also notice a
keener sense of mental organization.

Call for more information

or to make an appointment


400 Plaza Dr., Vestal, NY

Visit us online at


(Part 2 of 9)
Cayenne Pepper:
This hot red pepper promotes blood clotting and numbs pain,
making it one of the best remedies for stopping bleeding. The
next time you cut yourself, sprinkle some on. Cayenne is good
for stopping a nosebleed fast. Just put a tiny pinch of pepper
on your palm and sniff it into your nostril.

A memory-improving drink entails combining

half a glass of carrot juice with half a glass of
milk, daily.
Three prunes a day supposedly helps to
improve memory, along with helping to
prevent constipation. Constipation paralyzes
the thinking process.
Daily doses of fresh ginger used in cooking and
for tea may help to heighten memory.
Add four cloves to a cup of sage tea. Sage and
cloves have been said to
strengthen memory.
Drink a cup daily.
February 2016

The Moonlighter


Shanghai Adventures

(Part 1)

By Joan Fudala

NOTE: Shanghai Adventures is the diary of Joan Fudala

of Longview, TX (daughter of Karl Tiemann of Owego, NY).
She was officially a tourist while her husband Carl was on a
business trip in Shanghai.
Her diary covers the period of 10/15/15 through 11/01/15.
And the excitement begins! I did not sleep well last night. I woke
up at least four times wondering if it was time to get up and get
started. Before the alarm chimed at 5am, I was wide awake. We
made it through security without any problems and Im now
sitting in the Admirals Lounge. It is nice, but nothing compared
to what I expect when we fly on the Dream Liner, in Business
Class, of course!
During the 13-hour flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, I
enjoyed the luxury of a lie-flat seat and a personal entertainment
center. I could watch movies or television, play games, or read a
variety of magazines. About an hour and a half into the flight, the
attendant came around with a heated wash cloth followed by a
small container of heated mixed nuts (no peanuts). I was
presented with a menu featuring a three-course meal.
February 2016

The meal started with a salad/appetizer trio I chose the

spicy dressing and was pleasantly surprised how it tasted.
There were five entre selections I chose the roast duck
with mustard sauce. For dessert, I had the fruit tart. I missed
the mid-flight meal, but when I woke, I was able to fix myself a
sandwich on pita bread, a small bowl of hummus, a lemon tart
and a chocolate wafer-like cookie. About two hours before
landing, I had a plate of rice with shrimp and a fruit and yogurt
After landing in Shanghai, it took over an hour to get our
luggage and make it through customs. We drove almost
another hour for the taxi to take us from the airport to the
hotel. I had a hard time staying awake, but traffic was a
nightmare! I could not believe how many cars there were, all
traveling so close to each other. They frequently changed and
merged lanes (without using blinkers) and sometimes made
their own lanes. Red and green lights apparently are only a
suggestion. I am very surprised we didnt see any accidents.
We checked into the Marriott City Center Hotel and went to
the Executive Lounge where they had a large selection of
snacks and drinks. They have two large buffet-style counters
with every type of food/cuisine imaginable. I ate some Indian
food. After dinner, we met up with Roman, one of Carls coworkers.
~ continued next page

We walked down Nanjing Road until it ends at the Bund. The

The Moonlighter


By Kathy Ostrander
In my life lots of empty space
Forever missing that loving face
Empty spaces for the last seven years
Making for lots and lots of tears

By Kyerria Haggerty
Life is held in the eye of the beholder
Life is a beautiful thing
Life brings joy and happiness
Life is a miracle
Live means live,live,
Life is conquering

In the car with an empty passenger seat

Always makes me want to weep
Looking at the empty dining room chair
No longer seem able to eat in there
Big piece missing in my heart
Memories seem never too far
Going everywhere all alone
Then returning to an empty home

By Hal Fischbeck

As I sit and survey the yard

My eyes end up in tree
For all the seeds I planted then
Have prospered just like me.
So now the views of meadow land
The creek, the road, the sun
Have all become just branch and leaf
Because of what I've begun.


Submitted by Margaret Miller

(especially for Anto)


By Rev. Stanley L. Moody, Sr.

While leaf and tree are beautiful

And are home to squirrel and bird
The vistas I enjoyed so much
Now unseen are there I've heard.

A brand new year looms up before

With months and weeks and days galore
With hours, minutes, and seconds, too
Yes, here it comes a marching through!

I'm hemmed in by my success

They've grown and prospered too
But now to see the vistas
I must move or cut them through.

A year to spend in Gods relation

Or squander in sins degradation
Year in? year out? It does seem long
To press the truth against the wrong!

It's easy to chuck a failure

Or overcome some talent lack
When success creates our limits
It's so hard to trim them back

What others choose I cannot tell

But as for me I know full well
That when this year is past and oer
Ill be one year nearer Heavens door!

We may love the leaves and greenery

That encroach on every side
But we sure do miss the vistas
And visions they inspired.

I know a little cupboard

With a teeny tiny key
And theres a jar of lollypops
For me, me, me.
It has a little shelf, my dear
As dark as dark can be
And theres a dish of Banbury cakes
For me, me, me.
I have a small fat grandmamma
With a very slippery knee
And shes keeper of the cupboard
With the key, key, key.
And when Im very good, my dear
As good as good can be
Theres Banbury cakes and lollypops
For me, me, me.

Move on to new surroundings

Trim and hack things back
Learn to live in bounds that you created
Don't let prosperity become your lack.
February 2016

The Moonlighter



Wood stove and

coal stove glass
in stock and
ready to cut
same day



Winter may have us in

her grip, but you can
keep your Valentine
warm and toasty
if you replace broken
glass in your wood
and coal stoves.
Go on, call NOW,
you heard me!
Do it while its on
your mind.
Dont make me have to
get angry with you!

Happy Groundhog Day! Happy Valentines Day!

And stop in to wish Shelly a Happy Birthday this month!
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